(Sidnaaz) Master And His Princess

His Princess Series (Book 2) This Book is continuation of Professor And His Princess.

I’m her Hottie Master, her hottie Boyfriend and her hotties Professor, she’s my Princess and she will always remain Princess.

Part: 1 We Under The Shower

Part : 2 Challenge Accepted, Princess

Part : 3 I want you ready for me

Part: 4 Mom’s Birthday

Part: 5 Playroom And Rules

Part: 6 First Playroom Session

Part: 7 Fifty Shades Of Shukla

Part: 8A Her Master is nothing without his Princess

Part: 8B Her Master is nothing without his Princess

Part: 9A Taking Away His Stress

Part: 9B Taking Away His Stress

Part: 10A Missing Her During The Class

Part: 10B Missing Her During The Class

Part: 11A She’s My Peace

Part: 11B She’s My Peace

Part: 12A The Punishment

Part: 12B The punishment

Part: 13A The Dinner

Part: 13B The Dinner

Part: 14A Losing My Temper

Part: 14B Losing My Temper

Part: 15 The Punishment Session

Part: 16 My Angry Princess

Part: 17A His Mistress

Part: 17B His Mistress

Part: 18 My Heaven On The Earth

Part: 19A The Sweet Revenge

Part: 19B The Sweet Revenge

Part: 19C The Sweet Revenge

Part: 20 My Desperate Princess

Part: 21A The Dice Game

Part: 21B The Dice Game

Part: 22 We in the swimming Poll

Part: 23 A Painful Decision

Part: 24 The Last Kiss

Part: 25 We’ll survive this together

Part: 26 Our Last Day

Part: 27 I’m incomplete without my Princess

Part: 28

Part: 29 The Hot Video Call Session

Part: 30 Remembering About Our Old Days

Part: 31 Angry Master

Part: 32 Punishment Time

Part: 33 Nightmares

Part: 34 My worst Side

Part: 35 Sidnaaz Meet

Part: 36 The Pure Kiss

Part: 37 I’m blessed to have you

Part: 38 Loving My Princess after a month

Part: 39 Master and Princess Session after a long time

Part: 40 Teasing in Car

Part: 41 Jealous Master

Part: 42 I’m hurt

Part: 43 I’m sorry

Part: 44 Punishment in Playroom

Part: 45 Change of Plans

Part: 46 A lie

Part: 47 Shattered

Part: 48 We’re lucky

Part: 49 I need you

Part: 50 A Dance In The Rain

Part: 51 You were right

Part: 52 I shot Him

Part: 53 I’m scared

Part: 54 You’re Warrior

Part: 55 Love Me…

Part: 56 Missing My Professor

Part: 57 Back to college

Part: 58 A Date at the College’s terrace

Part: 59A The Hot Ice Cream Romance

Part: 59B The Hot Ice Cream Romance

Part: 60 Teasing My Master

Part: 61 Teasing her at the dinner

Part: 62 Doubling her Punishment

Part: 63A The Class Room Punishment

Part: 63B The Class Room Punishment

Part: 63C The Class Room Punishment

Part: 64 End Of Master and Princess Relationship?

Part: 65 Realisation

Part: 66 Pleasing My Master

Part: 67 A Invitation to the Party

Part: 68 Revelation of a big secret

Part: 69 Broken Trust

Part: 70 Is This the End?

Part: 71 Please Don’t Go

Part: 72 I’ll miss my home

Part: 73 I’m fortunate

Part: 74 Missing Her

Part: 75 My Baby Doll

Part: 76 Restlessness

Part: 77 A big Problem

Part: 78 You have to be Strong

Part: 79 Everything is fine Now

Part: 80 I missed You

Part: 81 Surprise…

Part: 82 Craving to feel you inside me

Part: 83 My Caring Boyfriend

Part: 84 A Quick Master&Princess Session

Part: 85 A different Surprise

Part: 86 My Evil Professor

Part: 87 A Surprise Punishment

Part: 88 My Cute Princess

Part: 89 His Favourite Candy

Part: 90 Truth Or Dare

Part: 91 The Secret of Anu

Part: 92 The Real Punishment

Part: 93 Rewarding My Princess

Part: 94 Anu and Cabir’s Story

Part: 95 Becoming His Naughty Princess

Part: 96 The Intense Punishment

Part: 97 The Playroom Session

Part: 98 His Unique way