Secretly Loving You (25• Ice Cream Date) Sidnaaz


She was so engrossed in him, with her eyes closed, her face buried in his jacket, and her arms firmly wrapped around him, that she didn’t come to know when he stopped the bike.

‘Honestly, I still feel like I’m in heaven because sitting on his bike and hugging him from behind is more beautiful than my dreams.’

“Sana, we have reached.” As he uttered, she returned to the earth and instantly moved away from him, sheepishly smiling.

Both of them felt the urge to embrace each other again as soon as she moved away from him.

He grinned at her after turning his face towards her. “So what do you want to have?” Her brows narrowed in confusion as she didn’t understand his question.

Being so absorbed in him, she wasn’t even aware of where he halted the bike.

“I mean, which Ice cream do you want.” He asked, pointing at the Ice cream booth, and she made an O mouth, shifting her gaze from him to the Ice cream booth.

‘I just don’t want anything right now; all I want is to see you.’ She wondered, her gaze fixed on him.

“Tell me, baby doll.” He inquired again when she did not respond.

‘Stupid, answer him, he’s waiting.’ She chided herself.

“Whatever you bring.” She hurriedly answered him.

‘Great, answer. I’m proud of you.’ She sarcastically murmured to herself.

He shook his head in disbelief and chuckled before climbing down from the bike.

He smiled at her and wondered, ‘she is looking heavenly beautiful in simple clothes as well. The way her long and silky hair is fluttering in the cold breeze is making her look even more attractive. How come I never noticed her ethereal beauty before?‘

“You sit here, I’m bringing the Ice cream.” He said, leaning down and gently tucking her few hair strands behind her ears. She just gave him a slight nod as their proximity was driving her crazy.

‘Oh god! He’s so sweet, like chocolate, and I want to eat him just like chocolate,’ she laughed at her thoughts.

She admired him with a beatific smile on her face when he was buying the Ice cream for them. She was still unable to believe that everything was actually happening. She was on cloud nine because her hottie biker was giving her his full attention.

He came back to her, holding the two Ice cream cones and grinning like a kid.

“Here we go, I have brought chocolate flavour for you as I noticed you once eating it.” As he told her, giving her a cone, her face lit up with glee.

‘Wow! I’m surprised to know that he knows my favourite flavour.’ She wondered, smiling at him.

“Stop looking at me and start eating the Ice cream because it’s melting.” As he uttered, she smiled sheepishly before starting to eat it.

‘And what about me? My heart melts every time I see you.’ Her heart asked him.

This time, he admired his baby Doll while she was eating the Ice cream adorably, licking her lips and beaming at him. ‘How cute she is looking while eating ice cream, I’m feeling like eating her up instead of eating ice cream.’

“The Ice cream was yummy.” She told him after finishing it.

The next moment her eyes widened in shock and her heart almost stopped beating for a second because he leaned down and moved closer to her face, gazing at her intensely. As his breath caressed her lips, her whole body quivered and she closed her eyes. Their proximity accelerated her heartbeat and made her breath heavy.

She had no clue what he was going to do.

‘Is he going to kiss me?’ Butterflies began fluttering inside her stomach as soon as this thought entered her mind.

He placed one hand on her face and sucked the Ice cream from the corner of her lips, taking her breath away from her and causing her to freeze.

“Now you can open your eyes, Baby Doll because I have done my work.” He said in an impish tone and she opened her eyes, blushing. She was loving so much the way he was addressing her ‘baby Doll.’ It was bringing some happiness to her heart.

“Such a cutie pie you are.” He pulled her cheeks, making her giggle.

“Let’s go now.” He settled down astride the bike and started it before donning the helmet. She was once again feeling shy to hold him.

“Do I have to remind you to hold me every time you sit with me on the bike?” He asked, looking at her over his shoulder.

She shook her head and immediately hugged him tightly, wrapping her arms around him. He chuckled at her adorableness.


As he came to a halt at the back door of her house, she moved away from her real home ‘his arms’ and pouted sadly, seeing her house because she wanted to spend more time with him.

He got off the bike and noticed her pout.

“Don’t be sad, baby doll, because we’re going to spend time together every day now.” Her eyes glowed with delight as he told her, flicking her nose.

‘I didn’t know my hottie biker is so cute. Now I’m in love with my adorable biker as well.’ She had no idea that this side of him was just reserved for his kiddo.

He extended his hand to her like a gentleman, and she stepped down from the bike, holding it with a cheerful smile on her face. He was touching her soul with the way he was treating her.

“It was one of the best moments of my life. Thank you.” She told him merrily.

“For me either.” They both beamed at each other.

“See you tomorrow.” She uttered.

Her smile widened as he sternly instructed her, “Take care and sleep well. You’re now my kiddo, so you have to look after yourself.” After hearing his words, her heart leapt with joy.

Whether he called her my baby doll or my kiddo, the word ‘my’ demonstrated that she was his only, and she was so fortunate to be his.

“Okay.” She smiled at him before turning around to leave.

She came to a halt in the middle and turned to face him with a smile on her face for the last time.

He told her he’d call her after reaching home, through the hand gesture, and she just smiled and nodded at him.

As she went inside, he too left.


She lay down on the bed with a big smile on her face, still unable to believe Sidharth had taken her for a ride and was finally showing interest in her. She felt completely ecstatic.

This became possible because she never stopped trying to get him. Even after failing so many times and losing all hope, she never gave up on him.

Her phone dinged, and she grabbed it from the side table. Her smile broadened as she saw his name flash across the screen of her phone.

My Hottie Biker: Reached home just now. I’ll call you after getting fresh.

Miss SA: I’m already missing you.

A smile flashed on his face after reading her message, and he changed her name from ‘Miss SA’ to ‘My Kiddo’ in his contact list before responding to her.

My Hot Biker: Feelings are mutual, my kiddo.

My Kiddo: Hehe. Now you get fresh, we’ll talk after that.

My Hot Biker: Okay!! I’ll be back super soon.

He went to the washroom after putting the phone on the table, and she started going through his photos to kill the time.


He lay down on the bed only in boxers as he was habitual of sleeping naked at night. Then he dialled her number.

She immediately answered the call, “hey.”

“Aren’t you feeling sleepy?” He asked her.

“When I’m overjoyed or depressed, I can’t sleep.” She told him.

“And could I know the reason why you’re overjoyed?” He asked, smiling.

He already know about the reason for her happiness but to tease her he asked her.

“The reason is you, Sidharth.” She merrily told him.

That was what he wanted to hear from her mouth, that he was the sole reason for her happiness.

“And I’m happy because of you.” As he said, her eyes glinted with glee.


“I’m serious, baby Doll. I feel so alive when I talk to you, and today I felt even more alive after spending time with you. Seriously now I wonder why I never noticed your innocence and beauty before.”

“Perhaps you would have always seen me as your friend’s sister. I was forbidden for you.” She yawned, feeling sleepy.

“That’s true.” He nodded.

“You know tonight was best for me. It was even more stunning than I had imagined. The experience will never leave my mind. I’m overjoyed to have you, Sidharth. The fact that I’m the first girl you let sit on your bike is driving me insane.”

She was merrily expressing her happiness, but stopped as he uttered, “and you’re the first girl who touched my heart.” She grinned gleefully.

Then they didn’t come to know when they fell asleep while talking to each other and spending the first night of their togetherness.

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