Secretly Loving You (24• The First Ride) Manan


The next day Nandini was discharged from the hospital. Manik stayed with her at home, but he didn’t get a chance to talk to her because Ethan was with her all day. They were just exchanging stealthy glances.

Ella attempted to converse with Nandini, but she continued to ignore her. She was punishing her for Diana’s mistake. Ella tried to contact Diana, but she wasn’t responding her. Ella couldn’t figure out why Nandini wasn’t talking to her.


At night, she received a message from Manik on the same phone number she had previously used to communicate.

My Hottie Biker: Hey, Miss Admirer.

Her eyes shimmered and a smile flashed on her face, seeing his message.

Miss SA: Now you know me, so why are you texting me on this number?

My Hottie Biker: Because I have a connection with this number, and I’ll only talk to you on this phone number for the rest of my life.

Her eyes widened in astonishment. ‘Did he just say the rest of my life?’ She murmured, smiling.

Miss SA: Okay!

My Hottie Biker: How’re you now? Everything alright?

“I’m feeling so good after talking to you.” She murmured merrily.

Miss SA: I’m absolutely fine now, because of you.

My Hottie Biker: What were you doing before talking to me?

Miss SA: I was thinking about you.

She sent this message, smiling sheepishly.

My Hottie Biker: What were you thinking about me?

She wondered, “should I tell him the truth?”

Miss SA: I was just wondering how it would feel to sit behind you on your bike.

My Hottie Biker: Hey, I have some urgent work. I’ll talk to you later on.

She pouted sadly, wishing she could talk to him more.

“I’m tempted to murder his urgent work. Why does it have to come now?” She cried out.

Later, she fell asleep while looking at his photos on her phone and missing him.

Somebody entered her room through the window, wearing a hoodie.

It was non-other than Manik Malhotra.

He took off his hoodie and a smile flashed on his face when he saw the sleeping beauty. He admired her, standing beside her bed.

“She looks like an Angel while sleeping. How come I had never noticed this Angelic beauty before?” He was completely engrossed in her.

As she felt his presence, she awoke from slumber and her eyes widened in surprise.

“Are you in my dream?” She asked him.

“Nope.” He shook his head, smiling at her.

“So what are you doing in my room because you appear in my dream only at this time? I know this is a dream, and I’m still sleeping.” He chuckled after listening to her words.

As he leaned down, her heartbeat accelerated and she just stared at him mutely. “I’m not your dream, my kiddo.” As he whispered, gently tucking her hair behind her ear, his warm breath touched her face and a shiver ran down her spine.

After hearing ‘my kiddo’ from his mouth. She was surprised because he had previously called her ‘kiddo’ only in annoyance, but this ‘my kiddo’ sounded so good to her.

‘I am now his!’ She murmured merrily and her heart leapt.

“So… what-what are you… doing here?” She asked him, stammering because their proximity and his words were making it difficult for her to speak to him. With his searingly intense gaze, he was taking her breath away.

He finally stood straight and she closed her eyes, sighing.

“I came here to fulfil your wish.” As he told her, her brows narrowed in confusion.

“Wish? What wish?” She asked him.

“Did you forget too soon? You just have told me that you want to go for a ride with me.” Her eyes sparkled with amazement after knowing that he came here at night just to fulfil her wish.

She just stared at him incredulously. ‘I just can’t believe it. I just told him that I was wondering about it, and he reached here. This is seriously my dream.’ She shook her head and pulled the comforter up over her head, convinced she was dreaming.

“Now get up, we have to leave.” He said, pulling off the comforter.

“I just can’t believe that you are not my dream.” She told him, sitting up. She just couldn’t believe that her wish was going to fulfil soon, and he was being so sweet to her.

He folded his arms across his chest and asked, raising his brow, “so how do I make you believe?”

“I don’t know.” She shrugged her shoulders.

He sat in front of her, and she shivered as he clasped her hands.

“Trust me, Nandini, I’m not your dream. I’m real.” He said, squeezing her hands and gazing into her eyes intensely.

“Did you seriously come here to take me for a bike ride?” She asked to confirm.

“Yes.” He nodded, grinning. For the first time, he was ecstatic to make someone sit on his bike behind him.

“But you told me you don’t like it when people sit on your bike.”

“Now you’re special to me, Nandini.” He leaned in and whispered, placing his hand on her face, and she closed her eyes to feel his touch, and his words directly touched her heart. Seriously, he was treating her as if she were the only woman on the earth who mattered to him.

“Now let’s go.” As he said, removing his hand from her face, she opened her eyes and nodded at him.

‘I just can’t believe it that this is happening in real. Finally, I’m going to sit on his bike behind him. I’m so excited.’ She wondered and a broad smile spread across her face.

And his next words again touched her heart.

“You look even prettier with a smile on your face, sadness doesn’t suit you.” She just beamed at him because he rendered her speechless with his words.

She had touched his heart with her selfless love, and now he was doing the same with her.

“Now get up. We have to go.” He said, getting up.

She nodded at him imperceptibly before getting up.

“Give me a minute, I have to change.” She turned to leave, but he stopped her by holding her hand.

“No need, you’re looking perfect in this nightdress.”

“Really?” She asked, glancing down at her dress. She was wearing a loose top and shorts.

You will find someone beautiful no matter what they wear or how they style their hair if you truly love them.

“I’m saying the truth. ” He blinked his eyes

“Okay, then. Let’s go.” She uttered excitedly.

As he walked towards the window, she asked him, “wait, where are you going?“

He turned towards her. “At this time if I took you out from the front door, what Ethan would think about us?“

“Oops, I completely forgot what I’ll say to Ethan. I’m such an idiot.” She chided herself, slightly hitting her head.

He chuckled and wondered, ‘so adorable she is, why didn’t I notice this before?’

Things that used to irritate him about her were now adorable to him. This was the effect of love.

“So did you come to my room through the window?” She asked him.

He smiled sheepishly and nodded, “yes.”

‘Oh my god, he’s so cute. I’m falling in love with him more.’ She wondered, gazing at him with profound love in her eyes.

“I believe you no longer want to ride with me.”

Listening to his words, she shouted, “no. When did I say this? I have been longing for this day,” she halted and palmed her mouth, making her eyes big as soon as she realised she was spitting out everything in front of him.

“My Kiddo.” He chuckled and uttered, shaking his head in disbelief. He was stealing her heart away from her every time he was addressing her as “my kiddo.”

She slowly removed her hands from her mouth and uttered, “let’s go.”

He took her hand in his and walked towards the window. First, he leapt out the window, then he held her hand as he helped her exit the room. She got lost, gazing at him like always. Then they descended from her house’s backstairs.

She couldn’t believe he was with her and had just come from the window to grant her wish. His every action was a loud declaration that she was so damn special to him.

He led her out of the house from the back door where there was no guard.

‘Today I’m certainly gonna die with happiness because my biggest dream is coming true. I’m going to sit on his bike! Yippie, I am so excited, and he is such a sweetheart, now I’m falling more and more in love with him after seeing his this side.’ She wondered and her eyes shimmered with happiness after seeing the bike, and automatically a cheerful smile spread across his face, seeing the shine in her eyes.

“How come I hadn’t noticed her beauty before? She’s ethereally beautiful from inside and outside both.’ He thought, gazing at her.

Under the sky full of stars, he was gazing at her intensely. What could be more beautiful than this?

As he settled down astride the bike, she noticed his outfit. He was decked in a blue hoodie with black jeans, looking so attractive and hot like always.

“If you’re done admiring me, then sit down.” Listening to his words, she returned to the earth.

“Sorry.” She apologised and settled down behind him on the bike with a gleeful smile on her face. She couldn’t express how happy she was to finally sit on his bike. One of her dreams had come true. However, she was too shy to hold him while he was wearing his helmet.

He said this while holding the bike’s handlebars. “Be comfortable and hold me tight, Baby Doll.”

As he called her ‘baby Doll’, her eyes widened in surprise.

“What did he just call me? Have I heard right?” She asked herself.

“Yes, you heard right, Baby Doll.” He answered and chuckled, glancing at her over his shoulder.

‘Did I say this too loud?’ She wondered, pouting at him.

‘Such a kid she is.’ He shook his head. Her adorableness was driving him insane.

He said, “now hold me firmly, Doll.”

“Okay.” She said, slowly and shyly lifting her hands and moving towards him to hold him. She timidly placed them on his waist, butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

He suddenly grabbed her both hands and swiftly wrapped them around his waist after yanking her to himself, causing her eyes to widen in shock and her heart to almost stop beating. He was constantly shocking her with his actions, and she was feeling like she would die from the shocks.

“Don’t be shy from me because now I know you had been longing to hold me like this.” As he said, she smiled shyly.

She was going crazy because of their proximity, her front body was pressed against his back and her arms were firmly wrapped around him. She couldn’t believe that she was sitting behind him, holding him like this. She was feeling as if this was a beautiful dream.

He had longed to feel her arms around him since the first time they hugged, and the way she was hugging him from behind gave him immense peace in his soul. When she was around, he felt whole.

Her heartbeat accelerated with excitement as he started the bike, and she clutched his hoodie.

Her hair was blowing in the wind as he rode the bike at a normal speed down the empty road. She was experiencing an out-of-this-world feeling and fully savouring the first best ride of her life with her man. It was a more incredible experience than she could have imagined.

She didn’t even realise it when she snuggled up to him and held him tighter. Her eyes were closed, and she was completely absorbed in him and the magical moment that was blowing her mind. She was feeling heavenly incredible and soothing. She felt as if she had found heaven on earth.

Manik was also relishing the first ride with his baby Doll. This was the first time, he had made a woman sit on his bike, and he wasn’t regretting even a bit, rather he was glad to have company on the late-night bike ride.

Feeling her arms around him gave him an overwhelming sense of peace, and the way her body was pressed against his was arousing him in a completely different way, and he could hear her breathe because her lips were close to his ears. He was smitten by the way she was breathing. He was fucking adoring everything about her.

She was completely absorbed in him, resting her head on his back and her lips were drawn up into a contented smile. The cold wind was caressing her face and sending chills down her spine, and his exquisite fragrance was driving her insane. Everything about this moment was special to her, and she could never forget her first ride with her hottie biker.

‘I’m falling in love with my hottie biker more and more. This ride with him is a dream come true moment; I’m feeling like I’m flying through the air.’ He felt so good as she gripped him tighter in joy.

‘I’m loving the bike ride with my baby doll so much that I don’t want to apply the break. She is sitting behind me, tightly embracing me; I could spend the rest of my life like this.’

He moved his hand backwards and caressed her exposed leg. When she felt his long fingers gliding up her leg, she found it difficult to breathe. She was utterly losing herself in his touch, which was sending direct shivers between her thighs and arising goosebumps all over her body. He could have stroked her skin for hours because he found it to be so smooth. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from stroking her legs from now on because it had become his addiction.

Both of them were touched by and would never forget this magical moment in their life.

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