Secretly Loving You (23• Showering her with love) Manan


Manik stepped into the Nandini’s wardroom and found Ethan, sitting beside her bed on the stool, holding her hand.

When Ethan saw Manik, he stood up and asked him to stop by showing his hand before strolling toward him because he didn’t want to disturb Nandini’s sleep.

Manik hugged him and assured him, “she will be fine.”

He was worried about her as well, but he couldn’t see his best friend in distress.

“I just can’t see her like this, Manik. I won’t leave that person who is the reason for her this condition.”

“I’m not going to leave that person.” These words escaped his mouth in a fit of rage, and Ethan’s brows narrowed. As he realised, he immediately corrected himself, “I mean, even I wouldn’t have left my sister’s culprit.”

“But Manik, who can do this to her?” Manik remained silent as Ethan inquired. Even though he knew who Nandini’s culprit was, he couldn’t tell him.

“Listen, Ethan, I’m staying with her tonight. You go home and take some rest.” He said, placing his hand on his arm.

“No, I’ll stay with her.” He denied.

“Ethan, I can understand your concerns but trust me, I’ll take care of her. You go home, you have been sitting here since morning, it’ll affect your health.” Manik explained to him.

“Okay!” He agreed.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.” He blinked his eyes.

Ethan left after kissing her forehead.

Ella couldn’t come to meet Nandini because she had gone out of state for some work.

As he reached home, he got a call from Ella.

“How’s Nandini?”

“Not fine.” He answered her in a dejected tone.

“I wish I could be there with you both. I shouldn’t have gone at this time. I’m sorry.”

“Hey, don’t be sorry. It was important, that’s why you went. I understand.”

She whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you more, and I’m missing you.”


Nandini awoke in the middle of the night to find Manik sleeping on the stool beside her bed, resting his head on the mattress and softly holding her hand.

A smile flashed on her face mechanically as he was sleeping like a baby with an open mouth and she found him so adorable. She became engrossed in him, forgetting her sorrows. Only he could make her smile in any situation. That is the magic of true love.

She coughed because of a dry throat, and he instantly woke up.

“I’m sorry.” She apologised for disturbing his sleep.

“No, I’m sorry.” As he apologised, her brows narrowed in confusion.

“Why are you saying apologising?“ She asked him, coughing because of the dry throat.

“I promised Ethan that I would look after you, and look I dozed off.” He said while filling a glass of water for her.

Her heart ached after knowing this because she assumed wrong that he was still taking care of her just because she was the sister of his best friend.

She had no idea he had begun to love her immensely, and now his life would be completely incomplete without her.

When he saw her, struggling to sit up because of weakness, he hastily placed the glass on the side table and bent down to help her.

As he securely wrapped his arm around her shoulder, her heartbeat quickened and her breath became heavy because of their proximity. She just gazed at him unblinkingly while he helped her.

As he left her shoulder, finally her heartbeat became normal. He handed her a glass of water.

As she took the glass, a shiver ran down their spine because their hands accidentally touched. For a few seconds, they locked their gazes on each other. Their mere touch was enough to drive them crazy.

She took a few sips of water and broke the silence. “Are you still doing this just because I’m your best friend’s sister?” She didn’t know from where she got the courage to ask him this question.

‘Please, say no.’ She constantly prayed, staring at him.

“No.” As he answered, her eyes sparkled. “I’m doing this because now you’re important to me, Nandini, and I genuinely care for you. I can’t put into words how I feel for you. Before we met, I meant every word I said to you, and now that I know who you are, it doesn’t change how I feel about you.”

His response brought her immense peace and was enough to magically remove all of her pain. She was overjoyed to learn that she was important to the person she had always adored, and she was relieved that he didn’t push her away after learning she was his best friend’s sister.

Her lips curved into a blissful smile and a lone tear of joy trickled down her cheek because she had been longing to hear these words.

He immediately wiped her tear with his thumb and implored, “no more tears, please.”

She shook her head with a smile on her face. “Yes, no more tears.” He also smiled at her before giving profound peace to her soul by placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

Everything she desired was in front of her, and she was experiencing great happiness and peace because of the way he was showering her with love.

He suggested, “now you should sleep.”

She nodded before lying down. He pulled the sheet over her, smiling at her affectionately. She was just gazing at him incredulously. She couldn’t believe that he was with her. Everything seemed dreamy to her.

Her heart was dancing with joy because the man she had always loved with all her heart and soul was with her and taking care of her. This was what she yearned for.

“You also sleep.” She said as he sat on the stool.

“No, I’m fine.” He denied it, shaking his head. He asked, “what if you need my help?”

She was going insane seeing how much he cared for her.

‘Fuck! He is so caring, I’m loving him more now.” She thought and smiled with delight.

‘But how will he sleep all night on the stool? I’m not going to let him sleep like this.’

“Manik, now I’m fine. Please, sleep.” She implored.

“No.” He stated obstinately.

‘Oh, God! He is as stubborn as a small child.’ She scolded him in her head.

‘Fuck! Why isn’t she understanding that she needs me and I can’t sleep? She is so stubborn, my kiddo!’ He chided her too in his mind.

“Manik, I’ll wake you up if I need something. Now, sleep for me please.” She requested, holding his hand.

“Okay.” As he finally gave up, she smiled slightly with triumph.

‘She emotional blackmailed me, and I can do anything for my love, so I have no choice but to agree with her,’ he reasoned.

“Good night.” He entwined her hand with his and placed a kiss on it, and she smiled contentedly and closed her eyes to feel the soft touch of his lips on her hand.

All of the tender kisses he was giving her were priceless to her. She couldn’t even put into words how much they meant to her.

She was completely fine after being brutally betrayed by her friend, solely because of him. She was so grateful to him for being there for her, and she was falling even more in love with him.

He stood up and strolled to the sofa. He lay down, smiling at her lovingly.

They locked their intense gazes on each other, lying on their sides, facing each other. He began to enjoy looking into her innocent eyes.

‘I can’t believe it, he’s looking at me exactly the way I’ve always wanted him to. Oh god! His brown, seductive eyes and intense gaze are driving me insane. It’s like a dream for me, he’s with me, in front of my eyes, and we’re lost in each other’s eyes, which is what my heart desired,’ she thought, engrossed in her favourite hobby of admiring him.

‘Dam! Her intoxicating eyes! I can’t take my eyes off them, and I adore the way she looks at me with such love in her eyes. Her feelings for me are as pure as her heart.” He wondered, lost in her innocent eyes.

Her eyes held everything he had always desired, and gazing at her brought immense peace to his heart and soul.

“Whatever happened in the past, doesn’t matter to me now because you’re with me. I’m getting yours and Ethan’s love is enough for me, I want nothing else. I’m not going to cry any longer because I don’t want to hurt Ethan any further. I have had enough of crying, now I’ll live happily again because I have you.” She wondered, keeping her intense gaze fixed on him, and she dozed off after making up her mind to live her life to the fullest again.

‘Nandini, you’ve been through enough. No matter what, I will not allow a single tear to fall from your eyes. You brightened my life, and now I’ll do the same for you.’ He also fell asleep, looking at her after promising himself to fill her life with immense happiness.

He was being hypnotised by Nandini’s love, therefore he was also crazily and deeply falling for her.


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