Secretly Loving You (22• Comforting Her) Sidnaaz


“There is nothing to be concerned about. She became unconscious due to the weakness.” As Doctor told Sidharth, he signed with profound relief.

“Has she been not taking proper food for a few days?” Doctor asked him.

“I think so because she was disturbed,” Sidharth told him, and his eyes were filled with pain.

“Take care of her. She needs proper food or else it can become a serious problem.”

He just gave him a slight nod in response and asked, “when will she regain consciousness?”

“She has already regained consciousness.”

“Thank you, Doctor.” He dashed into her wardroom to meet her.

When he saw her lying there, staring at the ceiling like a lifeless soul, his heart ached. He’d always seen her smiling and laughing, and seeing her like this broke his heart.

‘I swear, I’ll bring back happiness into your life.’ He vowed to bring back light in her life and strolled towards her, taking small steps.

“Sana,” he called, but she didn’t respond, which broke his heart even more.

‘Fuck! I’ve never felt such intense pain at witnessing another person’s suffering. I just can’t see her like this.’ He thought.

“Hey.” As he placed his hand on her arm, she flinched and instantly moved her sorrowful eyes to him.

Tears mechanically streamed down her cheeks as she looked at him, and after seeing her in tears, he couldn’t stop himself from shedding a tear. He began to love her with all his heart.

Crying after witnessing another person’s suffering is the epitome of pure love.

“I’m so shattered, Sidharth. I can’t believe my-my best friend be-betrayed me. I’m not liking anything.” She sobbed.

To see her in this state made him cry deep inside. Her pain was causing him so much pain that he just wanted to take all of her pain on himself.

“You’re in shock, Sana. It’s normal to feel this way, and trust me, you’ll be fine with time.” He comforted her, blinking his eyes and softly wiping her tears away with his thumb, caressing her cheeks. With his mere touch, he made her feel better.

Next moment he mechanically leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her forehead because he badly wanted to comfort her. She closed her eyes as his lips touched her skin, feeling as if he had touched her soul through this kiss. He promised her with this kiss that he would be there for her and take care of her until his last breath.

“You’ll be fine, Sana.” He whispered, wiping her tears and gazing at her intensely. They were so close to each other that they could feel each other’s warm breath on their faces.

He stood straight after pecking her forehead again. He never felt like this for any woman before what he was feeling for her. It was pure and beautiful emotion.

“Thank you for being there for me.” She took his hand in hers and thanked him from the bottom of her heart. She couldn’t put into words how much peace his presence brought her. She forgot about her sorrow when he was around.

“Now you’ll find me with you always.” These words automatically escaped his mouth and her eyes widened a bit in surprise.

She couldn’t believe her ears and just stared at him in utter disbelief. She had no clue that it was just beginning for her to be surprised by seeing his love for her.

He was drawn to her by the magic of her unwavering, pure love.

She left his hand as Ethan stepped into the room, concerns were etched into every line of his face. He rushed to her and embraced her firmly.

Sidharth had texted him after reaching the hospital that he found her lying unconscious outside of her room.

“Ethan, I’m fine.” She uttered, blinking her eyes as he pulled away from her.

“Shut up! You think I’m a fool that I can’t see that something has been bothering you for so many days but you’re not ready to share it with me.” He finally lost his temper and chided her because he could vividly see that she wasn’t fine, something was killing her from deep inside but she wasn’t ready to share it, and therefore he was upset with her.

Sana’s eyes lowered as she felt a sudden pang of guilt. She wanted to share everything with him but she had no choice. She couldn’t tell him she was hurt because she had committed the sin of falling in love with his best friend, for which God had punished her.

Her lips were drawn down in sadness, she wasn’t understanding what to say. Sidharth noticed this and uttered, “Ethan, what kind of brother are you, here your sister isn’t well and you’re berating her.”

Ethan stared at Sidharth with sorrowful eyes and then again looked back at her. “What should I do, Sidharth? I just can’t see her like this.”

‘Now either I can’t see her like this, Ethan.’ He murmured.

“Ethan, I’m sorry. It’s true something is bothering me but I can’t share it with you right now. Please, try to understand.” She implored, clasping his hand.

He sighed deeply, closing his eyes. “It’s okay. Take your time. I just want to see you fine.” He said, placing his hand on her face.

“I know. I’ll be fine because I have a brother like you with me.” She reassured him, blinking her eyes.

He leaned down and placed a tender kiss on her forehead. Sidharth just smiled, seeing their pure bond.

Ethan stayed with her all day in the hospital and didn’t leave her even for a single second. Sidharth and Sana were just stealing furtive glances, not getting the private time to talk.

Sidharth was sitting on the sofa in Sana’s wardroom and suddenly his phone rang up which was kept on the table.

When he picked up the phone and saw Diana’s name on the caller ID, he frowned and clenched the phone with uncontrollable rage.

He felt like picking up the phone and venting his all anger at her, but he restrained himself by taking a deep breath.

Sana noticed his expression and felt a sudden urge to ask him what happened.

“Ethan, I have some work. I have to leave. If you need something, just call me.” Sidharth said, standing up from the sofa.

“Sure,” Ethan answered, looking at him. He was sitting on the stool beside Sana’s bed.

“Take care, Sana.” He said to Sana before leaving.

She felt empty as he left. When he was around her she was feeling better. His presence was giving her immense peace. She didn’t want him to leave.

“Sana, are you alright?” Ethan asked her, distraught as she saw her breathing heavily.

“I’m feeling uneasy.” She told him, placing her hand on her chest to calm her down. Her heart was pounding, and she was feeling extreme pain in her chest.

He looked at her anxiously.

“Relax, let me call the doctor.” He caressed her forehead before dashing out to call Doctor.

He came out and asked a nurse to call Doctor. He returned to her room and found her condition worsening, she was sweating profusely and panting.

He rushed to her and rubbed her hand to calm her down.

“Just take a deep breath, you’ll be fine, Sweetie.” He reassured her, stroking her forehead.


Sidharth stepped into Diana’s house, yelling, “Diana, Diana…”

She immediately stepped out of the room. “What happened, Sidharth? Why are you shouting like this.” She asked him.

“Don’t dare to touch me.” He scowled at her and warned her as she lifted her hand to place it on his face. She stared at him in shock.

“Why? Why the fuck did you lie to me?” He asked in fury.

“Which lie?” She asked, acting innocent.

“Don’t be so naive. You call Sana your friend, but what you have done to her, even the enemy won’t do the same.” Her eyes dilated in horror after knowing this. She wasn’t understanding how he come to know the truth.

“Shocked? How did I come to know? I had been doubting you since the day you told me that you’re my secret admirer because I felt nothing for you. You’re such a selfish woman, Diana, you betrayed your friend.” He rebuked for lying to everyone.

“Yes, I have done this because I love you. I do this for you.” She shouted, still having no shame in her eyes, and her words ignited new fury in him.

He gave her a scornful look. “Are you even listening to yourself, Diana? How shameless you’re sounding?”

“I don’t care. I want you and I’ll get you anyhow,”

“Shut up.” He roared at her. “I’m not a thing that you will get me, Diana, and I swear that you have to pay for hurting my Sana and for keeping us apart. I’m never going to forgive you. I’ll make you shed more tears than her. You messed with a wrong man, Diana.”

Now her eyes filled with fright after listening to his words.

“For now I’m going because my Sana needs me but I’ll come back again to take my revenge, and if you try to hurt her more, I’ll make your life living hell.” He stormed out of the house after warning her.

Diana still had no regret for her deeds, she was just fuming in fury.

“Sana can never be yours, Sidharth because I won’t let this happen. If you can’t be mine, I won’t let you belong to anyone.” She muttered to herself, gritting her teeth. The greed was destroying her completely.

As Sidharth sat astride his bike, his phone rang up, it was Ethan’s call.

He composed himself before answering the call, “hello.”

“Sidharth, where are you?”

“What happened, Ethan, you’re sounding tensed. Is Sana alright?” He asked, becoming distraught for her.

“She isn’t fine, Sidharth.”

“What happened to her?” He inquired immediately, worried about her. He had no idea that his presence was the only reason she was feeling better.

“When you left the hospital, she had a panic attack. I became so worried for her because I wasn’t understanding what was happening to her.” As Ethan told him, he became numb.

‘Fuck! I’m not going to leave that bitch for causing so much pain to my girl.’ He vowed to avenge Diana, the sole cause of her condition.

“Hey, are you there?” Ethan asked when he didn’t respond to him.

“Yes! How’s Sana now?”

“Doctor gave her medicine, she is sleeping now,” Ethan answered, looking at sleeping Sana concernedly and stroking her hair.

“Ethan, don’t worry, she’ll be fine. She is a strong girl, and I’m coming to the hospital.” He reassured him.

“Okay,” Ethan said and kissed Sana’s forehead after disconnecting the call.

“I’m coming to you, Sana, and this time I won’t go anywhere leaving you.” He murmured before starting the bike and riding away.

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