(Beyond Love} Chapter: 61 (Sidnaaz)


Sana’s POV:

It’s been four days, since, Sidharth and I last met. Well, if it were on him, he would have never left to study, but I forced him and also made him promise me that he would meet me only after completing his syllabus—there will be no meeting until then! Period!

Although he was not happy with the idea, he gave in as I was not listening to him.

I even refused to allow him to have any video calls with me as I know the moment we see each other, we won’t be able to resist our urge to meet and feel each other’s warmth.

So a big fat no to video calls!

But it doesn’t mean we haven’t talked for once. Come on, my boyfriend has his ways.

He literally threatened me to talk to him twice a day otherwise…

He deliberately left the sentence incomplete.

I smiled thinking about our life. It feels so dreamy.

“Damn! Stop thinking about him and focus on your class, bitch!” My subconscious mocked me.

And I pouted.

Yes, I’m missing him. Huh!

Chucking my thoughts away I kept my focus completely on classes. My phone rang in one of the classes, earning glares from the people around me.


It’s Sidharth!

Ugh! I always like to blend with the air but I don’t know how I ended up being the centre of attraction.

Well, I think the whole credit goes to my adorably hot, Mr brown eyes guy.

I cut the call immediately and texted him.

Me: I’m in class.

Once the class got over, I came outside and gave him a call. He picked up in the first ring.

“Remember me?” He sounded pissed as today I was getting late for my class so I kind of didn’t talk to him properly on call before leaving as in the car too I was preparing for my presentation for the seminar.

“I’m sorry, I honestly forgot as I was rushing to the classes and I couldn’t pick up your call earlier, now I have some time before my next class starts, please don’t be mad.” I tried to cool him down but he was silent.

“Sidharth, are you there?” I could hear his breathing.

“Yeah, I just miss you so much.” He sighed. “I really want to see you and studying sucks.” He groaned and I chuckled at his cute whining.

“This is just for a few weeks and then we can back be normal,” I assured him. This was hard for me too, I wanted to be with him too, and I haven’t felt this way before.

We talked for a few minutes, and I told him now to concentrate on his studies as I didn’t want to distract him. He whined, telling me how unromantic I’m becoming and hung up, making me chuckle.

My baby!

I had finished all my classes and was waiting for my seminar to start, but I received a message that it was still going to take a little time, so I decided to call Anny to meet her up. It’s been really long as she was busy with her university, but a few days back she messaged me that she’s coming back here and staying at her boyfriend’s place as she has three days off from her university, so we can catch up.

“Hey, Anny!”

“Finally, you remember me. I thought you would never call me.” She said sarcastically but what’s with everyone saying the same dialogue? Huh!

“Meet me, bro!” I grinned saying this, ignoring her words.

“You such a bitch. Huh! Fine, at your place or shall I visit the cafe.”

“Cafe should be fine.” I can catch up with her during my break.

“Cool. I’ll come by at around 6?” She asked to make sure.

“That should be fine, I got to get to my seminar now. Take care, love you,” I brushed my hair from my face as I kept walking.

“Love you too Bro, bye.” I cut the call and entered the hall where the seminar is going to take place and we are supposed to present our reports.

Once my presentation was over, I went to get a much-needed coffee at the cafeteria. I found a spot near the window and sat down to drink my coffee. Well, I miss our friends too. College without Sidharth and our Friends is so boring. I have become so habitual of them. They treated me with so much love. I miss them. What would I do after they all graduate? How will I survive here without them?

Me: I miss you so much, guys. Seriously you all have spoiled me with your presence. Today, sitting here in the cafeteria feels so boring.

I texted them in our WhatsApp group.

Ashley: Awww, even we are missing you, babe. We’ll soon meet you and spoiling you with love is our favourite hobby.

Rosy: I second that! Well, I should say ruining your innocence is my favourite job.

Rosy texted with a wink emoji, making me blush.

Cabir: My partner in crime. I love you so much and missing you a lot. I wanted to do so many pranks with you on Sidharth. Once our exams get over, I will share my plans with you.

I sent him the hug emoji.

Me: Where are Jack and Sidharth?

And soon Cabir sent me the video of Sidharth teaching Jack some topic.

I found myself drooling on my man. He looks so sexy in his sweat pants and vest with specs.

My trance broke when I saw Cabir’s text.

Cabir: Seems like someone has taken an oath to complete the syllabus in halftime.

I smiled seeing his text and send him a smiling emoji.

Me: See my man is so hardworking. Learn something from him guys.

I sent the text and kept the phone aside as I know they all are going to tease me but wait, I love hyping my man. Especially when he is not around.

After finishing my coffee, I got up to leave as I got a call from Alex that he was waiting outside to drop me off at the cafe.


“Bitch! I missed you so much!” Anny squealed, engulfing me in a hug. I giggled at her energy.

What did she have in her breakfast?

“I missed you more,” I said, tightening my hold around her. Tho, I can never match her energy but still… I’m happy to see her after so long.

“Liar,” she said, breaking the hug. I pouted. “No Woman! Not at all. This pout of yours is not going to work on me.” She said, crossing her arms in front, making me pout more.

“Gawd, I’m missing my man! My pouts always work on him.” I murmured under my breath, looking up.

Talking to God is my favourite hobby!

“My man and all. Damn, you’re so whipped.” My trance broke when I saw Anny smirking.

Was I that loud?

“Yes, ‘Baby girl,” I blushed hearing her words. I know she deliberately said that.

“Aww, you look so cute while blushing.” She said, pulling my cheeks and making me giggle.

“So are you not mad at me?” I asked, looking at her. She huffed.

“Who can stay mad at you? And I wanted to know some dirty business… so,” She stopped having a teasing smirk and all I want to do was to bang my head on the wall.

“I guess you should stay mad at me. That was a pretty good option.” I said sarcastically and she grinned.

“Nope! I changed my mind,” She said, giving a tight-lipped smile to me while I shook my head in disbelief.

“Fine but first let’s settle down and have something. We will talk.” I said, pointing at the table in the corner. She nodded and we both settle down as I have already placed our snacks on the table.

We were having a normal conversation while having our snacks when suddenly my phone beeped receiving my attention.

A beatific smile spread across my face as I received another photo of Sidharth that Ashley send me privately.

My breath hitched seeing his photo. I can’t take my eyes off him. Damn! He is lying on the bed having a book in his hand, but what gained my attention is his half-naked body.


My man looks so delicious but why he is shirtless when I’m not around him?

I blushed hard, thinking about the situation of what we could have done about him being shirtless.

“Bro, you are glowing so much. What’s the reason?” Anny asked, startling me and breaking my trance.

“Wait let me guess. It’s your Mr brown eyes, isn’t it?” I blushed harder as she mentioned him.

“And now you are blushing. Damn, it seems like someone is keeping you occupied with all the sexy sex.” My eyes widened, listening to her words. Damn!

Even though the cafe is not particularly busy, I’m concerned that we might be overheard.

“Shhh… Stop it, Anny,” My face went red with embarrassment.

“What? I’m stating the fact.”

“It’s his love which is making me occupied. So shut up.”

“Same things bro..love with great sex. He must give you multiple orgasms, isn’t it?” God, she should have a sensor on her mouth and I know she is deliberately talking about sex so loudly just to tease me.

Every person in my life loves to tease me. Huh! Why??????

“You are so bad. At least don’t shout like this just to tease me.” I pouted at her and looked around, hoping we didn’t attract anyone’s attention.

“Sorry,” She giggled.

We both chit-chatted for a while. I told her about everyone. Our friends, family and my man. How they love me and how much my life changed because of Sidharth. I can never stop talking about my man. His mere mention and I started missing him.

After our conversation, I said, “Alright, I think I’m done with my break.” I started to adjust my apron and went behind the counter.

“I’m here and will give you a ride once you are done.” She said, leaning against the counter.

“Sidharth’s driver will drop me and it will be pretty late Anny,” I wiped my hands on my apron, scanning the shop to see if anyone is unattended.

“Ohh.. fancy. Now I envy you, babe.”

“You are the last one on this planet to get jealous of me,” I smiled at her.

“Aww.” She came and hugged me. “You deserve this happiness, my bestie and I’m so happy that you’re getting it.” She said, pecking my cheek, making me smile contentedly.

It’s true, some people in your life are so precious that even if you don’t talk to them for months, you’ll still get the same vibe that you had.

Anny and I are exactly the right types of best friends. Even if I had a million people in my life, her place in my heart can never be replaced.

“I love you, Anny.” You know right that you’re precious to me. ” These words automatically slipped out of my mouth. I know I didn’t need to tell her, but I just said it because that’s what I learned from my man. He taught me to say whatever I feel like, and never stop myself from expressing my love to my loved ones.

“I know, babe,” she smiled, pulling me for another hug, making me chuckle as I knew she did this to hide her teary eyes.

“Okay, I need to go now, otherwise my boyfriend will get all grumpy,” Annie said, pulling out of the hug. I smiled and nodded.

She turned to leave but stopped in the middle and called me “Bro.” I raised my brows at her, wondering what she wanted to say now as I could clearly see her grinning at me mischievously. I was about to warn her not to utter something stupid, but before that she uttered, “Next time, I want to know details about your bedroom life as well,” making my eyes widen.


She can never stop embarrassing me in public!

I immediately looked around and sighed, seeing no one there. She laughed at seeing my face.

I glared at her, trying my best to hide my flushed face. “See you later, bro,” she said with a wink as she walked away, making me blush.

Nodding my head at her, I turned around and engrossed myself in my work.


“One Caramel Latte with extra sugar.”

I turned at the sound of the familiar voice.

It’s my man! My eyes sparkled as I saw him. I’m so delighted after seeing him after four long days.

“What are you doing here?” I jumped in excitement and hugged him. God, I realised how much I missed him and his warmth. After coming into his warm arms, I seriously felt as if I got my breath back.

As we pulled apart, he immediately took my lips and I kissed him back feverishly, not caring if anybody saw us. I missed him so much, his presence, his scent, his touch, his kisses, I missed everything about him.

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