Secretly Loving You (20•Mystery) Sidnaaz


She’d been lying on her bed like a lifeless soul for two hours, staring at the ceiling with no expression on her face. She didn’t understand why Diana had betrayed her or why Sidharth had given her false hope. She was going insane, pondering about all of this. She was irreparably damaged.

She returned to earth when she heard a knock on the door. She got out of bed and lumbered towards the door.

“What happened, Barbie?” Ella inquired concernedly as she opened the door. Sana just looked at her with a deadpan expression on her face.

“Ella, I just don’t want to talk to anybody right now. Please, leave me alone.” She said it without any emotion.

“At least tell me what’s the matter, Sana. You’re terrifying me.” As Ella placed her hand on Sana’s shoulder, suddenly anger possessed her. She scowled at Ella and jerked away her hand, making her eyes widen in shock.

She snarled, “just show your fake concern somewhere else.” Ella was taken aback by her words, and she looked at her in disbelief because Sana was acting this way with her for the first time. She had no idea Diana had betrayed her trust so brutally.

“Why are you so upset with me, Sana? Did I do something wrong?” Ella asked her, distraught.

“No, you didn’t, but right now I can’t trust anyone. Everyone thinks it’s very easy to dupe me because I’m so naive.” Fresh tears streamed down her cheeks as she spoke.

“What are you saying, Sana? Is it related to Sidharth?” As Ella took Sidharth’s name, images of Sidharth and Diana hugging each other flashed through her mind, causing her to flare up and lose her mind.

“I just fucking don’t want to talk to anybody. Nobody is trustworthy in this world, just get lost from here.” She screamed and slammed the door in Ella’s face. She wasn’t feeling anything except pain, therefore she couldn’t see that she was hurting Ella without her fault.

She became hysterical and cried her heart aloud, leaning against the door after slumping down on the floor. It was hurting her so much like something was breaking inside her.

“Please, God! Just end this misery! Wake me up from this nightmare and give me everything back, especially my faith in love.” She screamed, pulling her hair in agony.

Ella, on the other hand, was still standing outside her room, stunned. She couldn’t figure out why Sana was upset with her.

“If Sidharth has done something wrong with her, I don’t understand why she is upset with me. What’s my fault?” Ella murmured, and tears streamed down her cheeks mechanically. She had no idea Sana was behaving this way with her because of Diana. She couldn’t even trust her after being cruelly betrayed by Diana. She had lost faith in everyone after this.

When she saw Ethan approaching her, she immediately turned her face away and wiped her tears, not wanting to bother him any further.

“Did you talk to her?” He asked her, anxious for his sister.

She shook her head. “No. I think we should give her some time, Ethan.” She answered him.

“I’m so worried for her.” He murmured, staring at the door of Sana’s room anxiously.

Ella placed her hand on his shoulder. “She’ll be fine, Ethan.” She reassured him, slightly squeezing his shoulder.

“I just hope so.” He murmured, his eyes filled with concern glued at the door of her room.


“No, I’m not going to cry any longer for him. It’s enough.” She stood up from the floor, wiping her tears after crying for an hour, sitting at the door.

“I’m not going to think about him at all.” She went to the washroom and splashed the water on her face.

“I’m going to start my new life without him now. It will be difficult at first, but everything will be fine in time.” She murmured, staring at herself in the mirror, but she knew deep down that she could never stop loving him because her heart had forgotten how to live without loving him. She didn’t have a choice but to love him because living without him is like having a body without a soul for her.


Sidharth came to meet Ethan when he told him that Sana wasn’t fine.

“Sidharth, I have no idea what has happened to her. She has been sequestered herself in her room since the morning.” Ethan told him.

“Was she fine before?” He inquired about her.

“No, she had been agitated for several days. Sidharth, I can feel that she is hiding something huge from me that is killing her internally. I don’t know why she isn’t telling me.” He stared straight, distressed.

“Ethan, she is growing up, you have to understand that she can’t tell you everything. Give her some time, I’m sure, she will be fine.” He comforted Ethan.

“But I want to help her, Sidharth.” Ethan stared at him, helplessness was etched on every line of his face.

“I know, but you can’t be there for her every time to resolve her problem. Some problems she has to sort herself. Don’t bother so much, she’ll be fine.” Sidharth reassured him, placing his hand on his shoulder, and he just gave Sidharth a slight nod.

Ella stepped out of the bathroom, and a frown appeared on her face, seeing Sidharth because she knew he was the reason for Sana’s pain.

But she composed herself before strolling towards them.

Sidharth stood up and said, “Ethan, I’m so sorry. I have to go now.”

“It’s fine. Ella is here with me.” Ethan said, clasping her hand and smiling slightly at her. She responded with a faint smile because only she knew how hard she was trying not to punch him.

“I’ll see you soon.” Sidharth dashed out of his room as if he was in a hurry.

He bumped into Sana and they exchanged intense stares. She looked at him with her sorrowful eyes while fighting back her tears, while he gazed at her with genuine concern in his eyes, and her hands were on his chest.

“You’ll be fine, Sana; just believe in yourself.” He said this before hurrying downstairs, and she just stared at him unblinkingly until he left the house and was no longer in his sight. With his words, he astounded her. She had no idea he was the only one who could mend her broken heart.

Fresh tears trickled down her cheeks mechanically, and she again rushed back to her room. She shut the door closed and shed silent tears, placing her forehead against the door.

“Why, God, why are you doing this to me? You brought him in front of me again when I was finally ready to move on from him. I’m so exhausted that I just want to be free of the agony of unrequited love.” She sobbed, oblivious to the fact that her life was about to change.

She returned to the earth when after a few minutes, her phone beeped the alert tone she had set for Sidharth only. Her eyes widened in shock because he messaged her after a long time.

“Now why is he messaging me?” She murmured, frowning.

She strolled towards the table and picked up her phone.

My Hottie Biker: Hey, I’m so sorry for disappearing like this.

She read his message and immediately replied in a fit of rage.

Miss SA: Now what do you want from me, Sidharth? Why are you messaging me after so many days?

My Hottie Biker: I wanna talk to you.

He replied instantly.

‘Then why did he disappear like this and slept with my friend?’ As she wondered, mechanically fresh tears slipped down her cheeks.

Every time she was recalling how they were hugging each other was wringing her heart. She couldn’t figure out why he gave her false hope and lied to him about no longer sleeping with other women.

Miss SA: I don’t want to talk to you now. I can’t let you use me again.

My Hottie Biker: I can explain to you everything. Please, believe me, I didn’t use you. I wanna meet you and explain to you everything. I beg you to please meet me as I wanna know who you’re.

She typed the message, sobbing.

My Admirer: Why do you want to meet and talk to me after so many days?

My Hottie Biker: You’ll get all your answers, just meet me, please.

She sighed.

My Admirer: Okay.

Finally, she agreed to meet with him because she was desperate to find out why he had done this to her, and she hoped for a miracle to happen deep down.

“It’s finally time to meet you and reveal who I am.” She wiped her tears and murmured with determination.

She wasn’t afraid to reveal her identity in front of him because what could be worse for her than catching him with her best friend?

It was still hurting her so much, but she was trying to be strong, and she had no idea she was about to get the biggest shock of her life after meeting Sidharth. Her life would change dramatically after that.


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