(Beyond Love) Chapter: 60 (Manan)


“What happened to him?” I asked, looking at Cabir as I saw him sitting silently, making a grumpy face.

I just came into the canteen after my class as Manik and our friends are waiting for me here. I greeted them happily and all reverted it, except Cabir as he just faintly smiled at me nothing else.

“He is being an ass, ignore him,” Manik said, giving me his sandwich.

“But still what happened?” I asked, curious.

“He loves sulking, babe,” Rosy answered, giving a boring look to Cabir.

“Apparently he thinks we enjoyed our ass out last night without him,” Manik said, throwing the tissue towards Cabir while all he does is concentrate on his burger, completely ignoring us. I stared at him keenly and sensing my gaze he looked at me. I raised my eyebrows at him but he again looked down but I could clearly see the corner of his lips curving.

Gawd, this guy is such a drama company. Now, I know why these all are friends.

“Have this, don’t give him much importance,” Manik said, eyeing me towards the sandwich. I smiled and opened my mouth as I wanted him to feed me. He pecked my lips, smiling at me before lovingly feeding me.

“Learn something, Jack!” Rosy said, glaring at Jack as he was busy having his cold coffee and finger chips.

“Come on babe, you don’t even like cold coffee or finger chips,” Jack said, in a matter-of-fact tone, giving an annoyed look.

“Oh yeah!” Rosy smiled sheepishly while we all laughed seeing Jack’s face.

“Unbelievable,” Jack murmured under his breath, before softly sucking Rosy’s lips, making her startled.

Aww! We smiled seeing them.

“Someone is sitting angry and these couples are still busy in their world,” Our trace broke when we heard Cabir murmuring under his breath.


“Well, I’m single. Still, I’m enjoying, you see,” Ashley teased, having her fries, and Manik laughed.

“Yesterday night was so much fun,” Manik teased, looking at Cabir as he glared at us.

Okay, now I’m really feeling bad for him. Everyone is teaming up against him.

Bad, very bad!

“You guys are so bad. Remind me why I’m even friends with you’ll?” Cabir scoffed while others laughed.

“Because no one can handle a jerk like you better than us,” Rosy said, smacking the back of his head, and he whined making others laugh.

He pouted, looking at me. Aww!

“Well I think you’re with us because we are lucky,” I smiled, saying this and forwarded him the cold coffee which Manik was having.

“Like?” He smiled childishly, having the drink, sending a teasing wink at Manik while my man scoffed.

“Epitome of craziness and fun you’re in our life,” I said to make him feel happy, although I know he was just having fun with us, still I told him this because I wanted him to know what I feel for him.

“Only you deserve my friendship, sweetheart,” Cabir said, taking my hand in his, placing a soft kiss on my knuckles, making me giggle. I know he deliberately did this to annoy Manik, but I saw Manik smiling at us. I’m shocked that he isn’t jealous of Cabir, kissing my hand.

“Sweetheart, is your man high on drugs?” I laughed, hearing Cabir’s words. He might too notice Manik’s expression.

“Shut up!” Manik scoffed at Cabir, taking my hands. I giggle as I saw him caressing my knuckles with his thumb as he said, “I’m just happy to see how my baby girl is mingled with you all.”

My heart flattered hearing his words.

“Sweetheart-” Cabir started, but Manik cut him off in mid.

“Nandini, her name is Nandini.” He said, glaring at him while others laughed.

But I pouted as right now he took my name in jealousy, not with love.


I’m certainly going to change my name because of my Mr brown eyes.


The next day, I woke up early and saw him sleeping like a baby. He was trapping me with his arms, making it difficult for me to release myself from his grip. I smiled at his actions.

“Such an adorable monster,” I murmured under my breath, slightly flicking his nose with my index finger. He groaned in his sleep snuggling his face in my twins making me smile at his cute little gestures.

I ruffled his hair, closing my eyes feeling his hot breath between my twins.

Agh! I need to get up. This man is so good at distracting me without even making any effort.

After a lot of struggle, I finally released myself without waking him up. He looks so peaceful and cute while sleeping. I always feel like eating him up. I giggled as this thought crossed my mind.

It seems like I always copy his dialogues unknowingly.

“I love you, my adorable creature,” I said, caressing his face lovingly and giving a soft kiss on his cheek before getting up from the bed.

As always I’m wearing his t-shirt which reached my mid-thigh without any undergarments.

Well, again I’ll add—there’s nothing to hide!

And last night he forgave me for teasing him and gave me what I was craving, an intense orgasm. I never thought that my life would be so wild.

I blushed and made my way downstairs to make some breakfast for us. I took my own sweet time, making pancakes, his favourite cheese sandwich, and of course, coffee. I’m in love with this feeling, waking up and making breakfast for someone as I always dreamt about whenever I used to read those romance novels.

It still feels like a beautiful dream as this feeling—feels so good to be true.

Earlier I didn’t like getting up early or making breakfast, I used to feel so lazy in the morning but from the moment he entered, my habit changed. I started enjoying every little thing about life so as mornings because for him, with him, this thing feels so magically beautiful.

I love doing these things for him. I love it when he praised me for my cooking skills or when he eats the food like a kid. God, I’m deeply in love with my man. I fall for him every single second a little more than always, and I would be lying if I deny that I always feel greedy for his little-little attention.

I was so lost in my sweet world that I jumped when I felt his arms around my waist.

“Jeez!” I literally had a heart attack.

How didn’t I see him sneaking up on me? He is rolling with laughter.

“You should have seen your face,” I rolled my eyes and pushed him away from me.

“Stop doing that,” I moved towards the dining table and placed the plates for both of us, ignoring his sexy face.

I always wonder how can someone look like this when they wake up? His hair is dishevelled, making him look sexier. He had a day-old stubble and I want to run my hands to feel it. It is a sin to look this hot. I wondered why he didn’t take up modelling.

“It was funny, babe, admit it, mmm you smell delicious.” He kissed my neck from behind, making me smile.

“Are you talking about the food or me?” I asked teasingly after turning towards him and wrapping my both arms around his neck.

“Well, you already know the answer.” He smirked, grabbing me by my ass and accelerating my heartbeat.

God, such a sexy move!

“Still I want to hear it from you.” I breathed, closing my eyes as I feel his hot breath falling on my twins when he sniffed it, still squeezing my ass.

“It’s..” He said, pulling his head out from my twins and looking at me intensely. I looked at him with profound desires, he kept staring at me, I saw mischievous in his eyes as he uttered, “Food.”

He left me and made me startled by his actions.


I glared at him while all he does is smirk!


I still scowled at him as I saw him innocently having his breakfast, sitting on the chair.

What the fuck? How can he eat after leaving me all hot and bothered?

“What the fuck was that?” I chided, sitting on his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck.

It’s hot too! Yes, my move was hot.

“What?” He asked, taking a bite from the sandwich which is in his hand.


I glared and shoved the toast in my mouth which was left in his hand.

“N-now tell me,” I said in a muffled voice chewing my toast as soon as I can.

He rolled his eyes and took a sip of his coffee, ravishing its aroma.

I was about to take his cup, but before I could do that he gulped it down.

I scowled at him and was about to say something to him but before that, he cut me off.

“It’s your punishment,” He said, giving me a tight-lipped smile.

“For what?” I asked instantly.

“For not letting me stay here.” He said, and all my anger flew away.

Aww! He is so cute.

Well, yesterday when Manik and I were going to sleep we got a call from the group.

And guess what?

We got to know that our exams are going to start in the next two weeks. I mean can you believe that? It’s Manik’s last year, just two weeks are left while I had my whole damn three years to go. God, what I will do without him in college? There are so many memories of us there. I’m going to miss him so much.

This thought did cross my mind but I stopped it as something more important is here to concentrate and that is to send him to his house for study as him being here is definitely not a good idea. So I was forcing him to go and study as he hardly gets time because he managed so many things at the same time. He works with his father, attends meetings and all and with this his college and stuff.

He was not happy with the idea of leaving me but I kinda forced him to do that and he finally gave in. I was sending him at night only but seeing his puppy eyes, I let him stay but now I’m not going to listen to him.

“What if I make it up to you?” I huskily asked and he immediately grabbed my waist, gazing at me with carnal desires.

“Then punishment cancel.” As he stated, I grinned at him.

I captured his lips after clasping his face and kissed him, grinding myself against his short over the bulge.

Fuck! I’m so turned on.

I hastily pulled down his shorts and positioned myself over him before taking him inside me.

“Oh God, Manik, I feel so out of the world when you’re inside me.” I hugged him, wrapping my legs around the chair and taking him deeper.

“Feelings are mutual, baby Girl.” He moaned, digging his fingers into my ass, pulling me closer to him.

My twins are pressing against his chest so tightly that even oxygen cannot be passed.

“Fuck, it feels more intoxicating when you take the lead,” He kissed me hungrily as I pulled away from him.

Then I rode on him to make it up to him.


After our quick make-out, we both had our breakfast and I told him to go to his home now as I don’t want him to waste time. He was being lazy to leave me but I didn’t give up.

I emotionally blackmailed him that if he doesn’t go and study, then I too won’t study for my exams.

After lots of kisses, and hugs, he finally went home.

Damn! Such a stubborn kid he is.

After he went, I took a bath immediately and dressed in my black jeans and a red checked shirt. I quickly threw my hair into a ponytail and wore some lipstick and mascara. After feeling satisfied with the way I looked, I texted the driver to let him know that I’m ready to go.

Alex: Already waiting outside, Ms Kapoor.

I got the response immediately and went outside with my sling bag.

“Good morning, Ms Kapoor.” Alex wished me, opening the door. I too greeted him with a polite smile on my face and settled down inside the backseat of the car.

A smile flashed on my face as my phone beeped, showing my man’s text.

Manik: Take care of yourself, baby girl. Don’t take stress about college. Text Alex as soon as your classes end as he will drop you at the cafe. Love you and already I’m missing you.

I beamed while reading his text. He can never stop showering his love on me. After clearly instructing me to don’t go without the driver, he is again messaging me about the same thing.

Me: Stop taking my tension. I’ll take care of myself with all the instructions you have given me and you have to fulfil your promise by studying hard. No phones. Keep it aside.

Manik- Ok, mommy!

I shook my head at his childishness as I can vividly imagine his annoying expression.

My adorably cute monster!

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