Secretly Loving You (15• His Touch) Sidnaaz


‘Shit! I can’t go in the same clothes. I have to change them.’ When they stepped outside, Sana realised she was wearing the same clothes that Sidharth had seen.

She stopped and said, “Ethan, wait a minute, I have to change my clothes.” He came to a halt and examined her clothes.

He raised his gaze to her face and inquired, narrowing his brows in confusion, “what is the problem with these clothes?”

“They’re sweaty and untidy. You know how hygienic I’m. I’ll be back in a minute.” She rushed into the house before he could say anything.


To see Sidharth, Ethan and Sana drove to the hospital.

“Are you all right, man?” As they entered Sidharth’s room, Ethan inquired, his tone apprehensive. Sana smiled slightly as she followed him and saw Sidharth was okay.

Ethan dashed over to him and gave him a firm hug. “When I found out you met with an accident, I was terrified.”

“I’m fine, but if you continue to hug me so firmly for a few minutes more, something will undoubtedly happen to me.” Ethan drew away from him as he chuckled.

He laughed as Ethan stated, “this demonstrated that you’re perfectly OK.”

Sana was simply beaming at them, adoring their bond.

They sat on the sofa for a while, waiting for him to be discharged.

As soon as Sidharth picked up the phone, Sana realised he was merely going to text her, so she rose to walk out. She ran to the door and collided with Doctor, knocking her file to the floor.

‘Stupid me!’ She chided herself.

“Please accept my apologies.” She apologised and knelt to retrieve the document.

Sidharth mumbled, shaking his head, “kiddo and so clumsy.”

She dashed out after handing the file to the doctor.

“Why, God, why do I always act like a child when I’m around Sidharth?” With a cute smile on her face, she asked God.

“I’m sure, after knowing that I’m his Secret Admirer, he’ll never talk to me. I’m such a dunderhead.” Her phone dinged, pulling her back to the earth as she was busy talking to herself.

She got a message from Sidharth as she expected.

My Hot Biker: I’m going to be discharged.

With a smile on her face, she responded.

Ms SA: I’m aware.

My Hot Biker: What do you mean?

Ms SA: I’m up to date on everything about you.

She grinned.

My Hot Biker: Won’t you come to meet me?

Ms SA: Without a doubt.

My Hot Biker: When are you going to do it?

Ms SA: You won’t even come to know when I come to meet you.

My Hot Biker: Do you work as a doctor or a nurse?

He had no idea the kiddo was his secret admirer.

After reading his question, she cracked a laugh.

Ms SA: I can be anyone.

My Hot Biker: Now I’m going to be suspicious of everyone I encounter today.

She burst out laughing.

Ms SA: Find me if you can.

She posed a challenge to him.

My Hot Biker: That’s interesting.

She sent him a laughing emoji.

My Hot Biker: I’ll message you later.

Ms SA: All right, see you soon.


After some time Sana returned home where Ella and Diana were already waiting for her in the hall. Ethan stayed with Sidharth at the hospital.

“Guys, Sidharth has developed feelings for me.” She squealed and dashed over to them.

“How did this happen? You told us that he was just talking to you for fun.” Diana inquired, narrowing her brows.

“Yeah! We need to know everything.” Ella said as she wrapped her arm around her.

“Of course, I’m going to tell you both everything. Let us first sit down.” As she said, they all settled down.

Sana was sitting between them and merrily telling them everything while they were listening to her with enthusiasm.

“I’m so happy for you, Barbie.” Ella embraced her.

“But what if he’s still deceiving you? How are you so certain, Sana?” Diana inquired, raising his brows.

“Today for the first time he lost the race by crashing his bike into the tree, for whom? For me, Diana. I’m important to him. Moreover, his words and voice are honest, now no matter what I’ll never distrust him.” She said the last line, nodding her head and staring straight in determination.

“I’m glad to know, and I hope you remain happy like this,” Diana said, holding her hand. She just beamed at her.

“Sidharth likes me, I’m so happy.” She whooped, wrapping her arms around their necks and making them laugh.


Ethan brought Sidharth home after he was discharged because Sidharth had pain in his leg and Ethan didn’t want to leave him alone. Sana smiled as she noticed them from her room. When they went to Ethan’s room, she closed the door to her room.

She lay down on the bed and sent him a message with a smile on her face.

Ms SA: Got Discharged?

She dozed off after a few minutes while waiting for his reply.

Someone knocked on her room door in the middle of the night, causing her to wake up.

She lazily rose from the bed while rubbing her eyes and yawning.

She lumbered towards the door and opened it. “What happened, Ethan?” She asked him in a sleepy tone, a bit irked.

“I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep. Actually, I need your help.”

“It’s okay, tell me what happened?” She asked concernedly.

“I slipped water on Sidharth’s dressing, so I want you to change it because you know how bad I am at this.” He told her, sheepishly rubbing his nape.

She smiled and immediately agreed, “sure, let’s go.”

‘Ethan, you have no idea how important Sidharth is to me; I would do anything for him, and scarifying my sleep is such a small thing.’ She wondered as she walked with Ethan to his room.

“Are you serious, Ethan, this kiddo will do my dressing?” As they entered, Sidharth inquired.

“Yes, I’m the best at this.” She replied but froze when her gaze was drawn to his bare chest because the first few buttons of his shirt were undone.

“I’m in trouble yet again.” She murmured to herself, slowly walking towards him and controlling herself from looking at his bare chest but her stupid eyes, moving toward his bare inked chest again and again.

Ethan went to the restroom after handing her the first aid kit. She knelt beside his bed and took his hand in hers. When her hand came into contact with his hand, she closed her eyes and shivered. She was struggling to open the wet bandage because he was driving her insane with his hotness and touch; she felt like butterflies were dancing in her stomach. She shifted her gaze to his bare chest and felt an overwhelming desire to caress his tattoos with her fingers.

While completely absorbed in him, she poured enormous amounts of ointment on his wound and the bed.

“What the fuck?” She returned to earth as he yelled, and when she saw what she had done, her eyes widened.

“I’m sorry.” She apologised.

“No need to apologise because I was already expecting this from a kiddo like you.” He chided her and her eyelashes moved down. She was hurt because she didn’t like it when he used to scold her.

‘Why is he scolding me? It’s all his fault, he is so hot that I always get lost in him,’ she thought.

“I’ll do it properly now, sorry.” She again apologised, looking at him through her eyelashes.

“I have no choice, do it.” He extended his hand to her, and she clasped it, trying to control her emotions because she didn’t want to be scolded by him again because it hurt her so much.

This time she did his dressing properly.

Ethan came out of the washroom when she was putting the things back in the first aid box, her lips drew down in sadness.

“So is it done?” He asked, walking towards them.

“Yes, she is great in this” Sidharth remarked sarcastically, making her feel worse.

She stood up and gave the box to Ethan. “I’m going now because I’m feeling sleeping.”

“Good night.” He leaned in and pecked her forehead.

“Good night.” She smiled faintly at him before leaving.

“Why God, why does he always shout at me. He has no clue why I always behave kiddish in front of him. I wish I could tell him.” She entered her room, talking to herself.

She picked up her phone and a smile flashed on her face, seeing his messages on her phone sent an hour ago.

My Hot Biker: Slept?

My Hot Biker: I’m missing you. I think now my nights are incomplete without you.

A broad smile flashed on her face after reading his message.

Ms SA: Yes, I had dozed off while waiting for your message and either my nights and days have been incomplete since the moment my eyes fell on you.

My Hot Biker: Anyway, when was the first time you saw me?

MR SA: When we meet, I’ll tell you everything in detail, including how crazy I am for you.

My Hot Biker: Okay! Now you sleep again. We’ll talk tomorrow as I’m with my friend.

Ms SA: Good night and take care.

My Hot Biker: Good night.

They placed their phones on the table with a smile stained on their faces. Ethan gave Sidharth a suspicious look.

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