(Beyond Love} Chapter: 58 (Manan)


Manik’s POV:

“See Neyonika. I was searching for my son at the office to discuss something important but I came to know he rushed immediately somewhere as something important came up. I was getting worried but now I came to know what was his important work.” Dad teased, moving his eyes from Nandini to me. Mom laughed.

“Such a hardworking son we have,” Mom teased us too, raising her brows.

“Mom Dad, tease us tomorrow. Right now she is drunk and I have to handle her.” I said, glancing at my baby girl over my shoulder while she is snuggling into me from behind. 

“Oh drunk romance,” Dad said, smirking at us while I nodded my head in disbelief.

They both laughed seeing my poker face and thankfully went to their room without saying anything further after giving me a look.

“Oldies!” I murmured under my breath, smiling at them.

As they walked away, I was startled to feel Nandini pull me towards her, wrapping both her arms around my neck as she walked in front of me. “Let’s continue.” My eyes widened, listening to her words.

“Oh God, baby Girl, you have become so shameless after getting Drunk,” I uttered, looking at her.

But I immediately cursed myself under my breath as the next moment, she started weeping like a kid. “You called me shameless. You’re very bad.”

“God, I have fallen in love with the kid,” I murmured under my breath.

She cried louder, “now you’re calling me immature.”

Does she get any supernatural power after getting drinking? How did she come to know what I was saying to myself? And wait, I didn’t call her immature.

“When did I say this?” I asked her.

“You called me kid, indirectly you meant that only.” She averted her eyes.

What the fuck! Handling her mood swings during her periods is much easier than handling her mood swings after she gets drunk. I will never get her drunk again.

I’ll think about all this, later on, first I have to handle her.

“Baby girl, I call you kiddo before also as you’re cute. Sometimes you also call me baby, do I cry?” I asked her, wiping her tears.

She shouted, pointing her finger at me. “Shut up. Don’t you dare brainwash me? There is a difference between them both.”

“We’re going to room and you’re sleeping,” I said, sternly giving her no room for argument.

But Drunk baby girl is so stubborn.

“Now I won’t go until you make love to me here on this sofa.” She stated, folding her arms across her chest.

I don’t think, she is going to listen to me.

“Okay, fine.” As I agreed, her eyes shimmered with happiness.

“Then let’s make love.” She squealed, encircling her arms around my neck.

She closed her eyes as I moved closer to kiss her, and then she fainted in my arms.  Shaking my head at her, I picked her up in my arms in bridal style and moved upstairs to my room.

After reaching into my room, I securely laid her on the bed and moved to my closet to bring my T-shirt as she is smelling alcohol.

I come back and looked at my little devil sleeping like a baby. I smiled at her.

I took off her dress and became aroused, seeing her body. “This little devil always makes me hard. You definitely have to pay for this tomorrow, baby girl.” I murmured under my breath, making her wear my T-shirt.

She snuggled into my arms as I tucked her into the comforter properly. I smiled, admiring her face but groaned when she unknowingly placed her one hand on my hardness.

“Fuck, such a little devil you are. She calls me a tease, what is she?” I breathed, moving her hand away and quickly moved towards the washroom for a cold shower after giving a last glance to the devil who was busy snuggling into the pillow with a bright smile on her face.

Next morning

I groaned as the sunlight hit my face through the window ruining my sleep. I moved my hand to the other side of the bed towards my baby girl so that I can snuggle into her neck.

“Baby girl,” I said, still searching for her, my eyes are closed.

I woke up with a jerk as I didn’t find her beside me.

Where did she go? The washroom light is also turned off.

I climbed down from the bed, and as my eyes fell on the open cupboard and I saw her slippers kept outside of the cupboard, my brows narrowed suspiciously.

I strolled towards the cupboard and pulled open it. As expected I found her sitting in the cupboard.

“Hey.” She waved at him, smiling.

“What are you doing in my cupboard?” I asked her, shocked.

“I’m chilling with your clothes.” She replied sarcastically and bit her lips as she saw me glaring at her. “I m-meant, I’m finding a good T-shirt for me.” She replied.

I want to confess something she is looking so adorable right now.

“Tell me the truth.” I kept my voice stern.

She huffed and as I gave her a pointed look, she gave in. “I was hiding from you, idiot.”

“You’re unbelievable.” I shook my head in disbelief and she pouted at me. “Now come outside,” I held my hand out to her, trying hard not to smile at her cuteness.

This little devil deserves punishment today for pulling that stunt on me.

What would have occurred if I hadn’t arrived at the right time? Such irresponsible behaviour.

She came down, holding my hand and keenly looking at my face, noticing my expression.

After picking up my clothes, I went towards the bathroom, without giving a single glance to her.

No morning kiss also!

“What about my morning kiss?” She asked, coming in front of me and blocking my way.

“Seriously you think after last night, I’m going to kiss you.” I rolled my eyes.

“I just got drunk last night, I didn’t murder anybody.”

“Whatever! Just move aside, I have to get ready, I’m getting late for work.” I moved her away and stepped towards the bathroom but she stopped me, grasping my hand.

She again came in front of me. “No, I won’t let you go. Talk to me. Why are you getting angry? It’s not a big deal, I got drunk earlier too.”

“I won’t mind you murdering anybody but I do mind you not taking care of yourself for God’s sake, Nandini.” As I yelled, she flinched at her place getting scared. I immediately regretted scaring her, my eyes softened, seeing her innocently taking a step back. I was about to give in but I controlled.

No Manik! She deserves this.

Giving her a last glance, I dashed inside the bathroom.


I came outside after getting ready. A shower did calm my anger, but still, I’m not going to give up on this matter that easily, it’s about her safety.

I saw her sitting on the bed. She looked at me so innocently.

“Don’t fall into the trap of this little devil, Manik,” I murmured under my breath, turning my attention towards my dressing table.

From the corner of my eyes, I can see her complaining to God, pouting.

“Come downstairs for breakfast, then we have a college to attend,” I said sternly before going out of the room.

But then I walked back to her to give her medicine as I recalled that her head must be hurting after last night.

I gave her the water and medicine, and she took it silently.

As I turned to go, this time she hugged me from behind and apologised, “I’m sorry. I can’t take your anger.”

I pulled down her hands and turned towards her. “You know why I’m angry?” I asked her.

“Because I got drunk.”

“No. I’m angry because you were completely wasted last night and anybody could have taken your advantage.” I told her.

She clasped my hand and gazed at me affectionately. “But I knew that you would protect me no matter what, that’s why I was carefree.” My heart flattered hearing her innocent confession.

“But that time I wasn’t there with you,”

“That doesn’t matter because-“ she paused.


She continued after moving closer to me, “because I know one thing is certain: nothing bad can happen to me from the moment you walked into my life until the moment you leave. I’m not sure why, and I know it may sound like an excuse to you, but trust me your presence in my life has made me the safest and happiest soul in the world.”

“But still I want you to take care of yourself. What if someday I won’t be there to protect you.” I made her understand.

“Okay.” She nodded meekly. “And I know you have enjoyed the drunk Nandini. I remember everything. I remember your expressions too and how hard it was for you to resist me.”  She teased me.

I smirked at her and asked, “so do you remember everything?”

“Yes!” She nodded.

“Then you would have also remembered that Mom and Dad had caught us last night.” As I said, she hugged me, getting embarrassed.

“Shit, Manik! What the fuck I have done. Shit! Shit! Shit! How will I face them?” I laughed out, hugging her. “I’m not going downstairs for breakfast. I’m sneakily going out. I’m not going to face them.” She said, looking at me.

“I know you will easily turn the tables, Baby Girl,” I said with full confidence.

“Yes, you’re right.” She giggled.

“Then let’s go,” I said, clasping her hand.

“Okay!!” As she nodded, we went out, hand in hand.

I’m afraid of my parents’ teasing because they always team up with my baby girl and tease me like hell.

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