Secretly Loving You (12• My Favourite Person) Manan


The next day, Nandini was getting ready to watch Manik’s race. She was combing her hair in front of the mirror.

Ethan had come to meet her in the morning, he wanted to stay with Nandini to take care of her, but Diana persuaded him to go to work despite his protests, saying that she would look after her.

Nandini kept a hat, sunglasses, and a black scarf in her bag and wondered, ‘when will I no longer have to conceal my identity from him? I wish I could summon the courage to tell him that I’m his secret admirer.’

“Thank you for helping me, Diana.” She firmly hugged Diana before leaving.

She exited through the back door so that no domestic worker would catch her.


After seeing his race and clicking his photos, she returned home with a cheerful smile.

“Oh my God, Diana, he was looking so hot and attractive today,” she exclaimed as she entered the room. “I just wanted to rush over to him and hug him. Sometimes it’s so difficult to resist him.” She pouted at Diana.

Diana smiled at her. “Nandini, I’m leaving now, I have some important work.”

“Okay, thank you once again.” She hugged her merrily.

“Nandini, I’m your bestie. Please do not thank me.” Diana stated as they pulled apart.

“All right, so I love you.” She pecked her cheek.

“Bye.” They both bid bye to each other.

She picked up her phone before sitting on the sofa.

Miss Admirer: Damn! Somebody was taking away my breath.

PS Congratulations on your victory in the race.

She messaged her hot biker with a grin on her face.

She began going through his photos while waiting for his reply.

“How come he’s so hot, God?” Her eyes sparkled as she murmured while admiring one of his photos.

A smile flashed on her face as his message popped up. She immediately opened it.

My Hot Biker: Thank you, Miss stalker.

Miss Admirer: I clicked your photos.

She told him enthusiastically.

My hot Biker: Show me.

She sent him the photos right away.

My Hot Biker: Wow! I must say you’re a great photographer, Miss Admirer.

Her lips drew up to a grin.

The joy you get when you receive a compliment from someone you love cannot be described.

Miss Admirer: Do like them?

My Hot Biker: I love them!

“And I love you.” She giggled after saying this.

Miss Admirer: I’m glad that you love them. I always click photos of yours.

My Hot Biker: Send me all.

Miss Admirer: Sure!

My Hot Biker: By the way, this isn’t fair.

Miss Admirer: What?

My Hot Biker: You can see me but I can’t see you.

He sent her the message, pouting sadly.

Miss Admirer: You wanna see me?

He instantly nodded as if she was seeing him.

My Hot Biker: Of course.

Miss Admirer: Why?

My Hot Biker: Because I’m curious to know who is my secret admirer.

She decided, ‘I’ll appear in front of you on that day when I’m certain you won’t leave me even though I’m your best friend’s sister.’

Miss Admirer: Patience has its sweet rewards.

My Hot Biker: But I’m liking talking to you.

Miss Admirer: I’m so delighted.

She went to get fresh in the washroom after keeping the phone on the bed, and when she returned, she received a message from him.

My Hot Biker: See my Instagram post.

Miss Admirer: Okay, wait.

She opened the Instagram account and a broad smile spread across her face when she saw one of his photos clicked by her in her Instagram feed.

‘I never thought he would post a photo taken by me on Instagram one day. I’m on cloud nine.’ She wondered, going crazy with joy.

She opened the photo and her smile grew bigger as she read the caption. ‘Clicked by my favourite person’

“Wow, I have become his favourite person.” She murmured merrily.

Miss Admirer: Am I your favourite person?

She messaged him.

My Hot Biker: Undoubtedly you’re my favourite person as I enjoy conversing with you. You’re unique in comparison to others. You don’t approach me because I’m famous, and I’m having a good time talking to you.

She read his message with a smile of contentment and tears of joy brimmed in her eyes.

Miss Admirer: Thank you!

My Hot Biker: No, thank you for texting me.

Then they talked for some time, and in the evening, Ethan returned home.

“Ethan, I’m fine now. I can go to college tomorrow.” She informed him.

He checked her fever, placing his hand on her forehead. “There is no fever. If you’re fine, you can go.”

She just hugged him. “I consider myself extremely fortunate to have a caring brother like you.”

“And I consider myself fortunate to have such a lovely sister as you.” He kissed her hair and embraced her.


At night Manik and Nandini were chatting, lying in their respective room, suddenly he called her, making her eyes widen in surprise.

‘Why is he calling me? What if he recognises my voice?” She wondered, biting her nails in nervousness.

After one ring, she sent him a message.

Miss Admirer: Why are you calling me?

My Hot Biker: Because I want to listen to your voice. And what if you’re a boy, I want to confirm it.

He sent a wink emoji.

She shook her head in disbelief after reading his message.

‘My throat is sore. I can’t talk.’ She typed the message, but cut it as the thought crossed her mind, ‘No, no, I shouldn’t say this or else he’ll think I’m making an excuse.’

My Hot Biker: But on a serious note, I was genuinely curious about how euphonious the voice of the girl with such a lovely heart would be.

‘Wow! I’m getting compliments after compliments; I think today is my lucky day.’ She thought, beaming.

‘Go for it, Nandini, answer his phone.’ When he called her again, her heart encouraged her.

“Hello.” She answered the call, crossing her fingers.

‘I just wish he doesn’t recognise my voice.’ She prayed.

“Thank God! You’re girl only.” He chuckled.

“And your secret admirer.” She told him cheerily.

“Umm… your voice sounds similar.” Her pupils dilated as she listened to his words.

“No, this is the first time you’re listening to my voice. You’re wrong.” She lied to him.

“Anyway, your voice is sweet, my secret admirer.” Her heart skipped a beat when she heard ‘my secret admirer’ in his sexy voice.

“Thank you.” She replied, blushing.

“By the way, you were going to send me all my photos. I haven’t got it.” As he asked, she slightly hit her head.

“Oops, I forgot. I’ll send you before falling asleep.” She promised him.

“I’m just enthused to see my photos clicked by the great photographer.” As he said, she laughed out.

“Why are you laughing? I’m serious.”

“I think I should become a photographer.” She chuckled.

“My private photographer.”

“For sure.” She agreed gladly.

After speaking with him so freely over the phone, she was in a euphoric state, and she was having the best time of her life.

“Okay, now tell me something about yourself.” He asked her curiously.

“What do you want to know?” She questioned him back.

“What do you do? What are your hobbies?”

“You already know that my job is to stalk you and my hobby is to admire you.” She answered him and a hue appeared on her face.

“You’re unbelievable. Why do you like me so much?”

“There is no reason. I just like you.” She told him genuinely while playing with a strand of her hair.

‘I just love you.’ She was longing to confess this.


She yawned and asked, “So tonight also no woman?”


She grinned. “God! You’re changing.”

“Because of you.”

She giggled. “I’m glad. Now good night, tomorrow I have to wake up early.”

“Why?“ He asked her.

‘I can’t tell him I have an exam, then he’ll get to know I’m a college student.’ She thought.

“I have some work.”

“What work?” He asked her, curious to know about his miss admirer.

“Good night, Manik.”

“Good night, Miss SA.”

“SA?” She narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“Secret Admirer.” He told her.

She laughed out. “Bye, Manik.”

“Bye.” He disconnected the call.

She kept her phone on the side table with a broad smile on her face. Happiness was etched on every line of her face after conversing with her hottie biker over the phone. It was one of the best days of her life.

“I just can’t believe today I talked to him. Thank God! He didn’t recognise my voice. I’m over the moon.” She squealed with joy, hugging the pillow close to her heart.

‘I’m enjoying every single conversation we’re having. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to talk with him, and I can see I’m changing him. Can you believe he no longer sleeps with women? This feels like a dream to me.’ She dozed off with a beatific smile on her face, thinking about him.

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