Secretly Loving You (11• Is she changing him?) Sidnaaz


After college, she texted Diana and Ella to meet her at home because she was going crazy to tell them about Sidharth.

She entered her room and her face lit up as she saw them already present there. They were sitting on the bed and engrossed in their phone.

“Diana, Ella, I’m so happy.” She squealed, running to them with overjoy.

They stood up and looked at each other narrowing their brows in puzzlement, not knowing why she was so happy.

“What happened?” They both asked her in unison.

“Can you guess why I’m so happy?” She asked them, grinning.

“It seems like Sidharth has proposed to you,” Ella said in a fun tone.

“What? Seriously? No, this can’t happen.” Diana said, making Sana laugh.

“Nowadays we’re talking regularly.” She told them, smiling merrily.

“And you’re telling us now.” Ella slightly hit her head.

“I can’t believe that he’s talking to you,” Diana said in utter disbelief tone.

“Actually, he’s talking to me, not knowing that he’s talking to me.” She told them, confusing them.

“What do you mean? Tell us properly.” Daina asked, and then Sana cheerily told them everything. She made them read their few chats only because Sidharth had shared his personal information with her and she wanted to keep it private.

“Seriously you’re melting his heart, Barbie,” Ella said and a smile flashed on her face.

‘Really? Am I melting his heart?’ She asked herself, beaming.

“No! I think he is just having fun.” Sana’s smile faded into a frown as Diana spoke.

“No! Not in my opinion. It seems from the way he is talking to Barbie that he is truly interested in his secret admirer.” Ella’s words again brought back a smile to her face.

“But don’t you think, it’s too soon to make a place in someone’s heart?” Sana asked Ella.

“I’m not sure, but I truly feel like you’re changing him. It’s a big deal, guys, that he didn’t fuck anyone at night just to talk to Sana.” Ella said, giving her hope that she was changing him.

“I hope so, Ella. But I’m so happy at least he is talking to me.” She chirped, joy was etched in every line of her face. Ella and Diana just smiled at her.


It was evening time, Ella and Diana were still with her. They were conversing and laughing while seated on the bed.

Sana’s phone suddenly dinged, and she quickly took it up from the table while grinning broadly, expecting it to be her sexy biker message.

“So it’s your future husband’s message.” Ella teased, giving her a nudge, and Diana chuckled.

“Stop it, guys. I received a message in the college group.” She chided them, opening the message.

“Shit, I have exams starting tomorrow. I almost forgot about it.” She screamed as soon as she read the message.

Diana said, “I remember, you don’t have exam phobia.”

“It’s not exam phobia, Diana?” Sana made a crying-like face.

“Then what? Why did you scream?” Ella enquired.

“Tomorrow is Sidharth’s race, guys and you both know, no matter what I can’t miss it.” She pouted dejectedly at them.

“Oh.” They both made O mouth and nodded, understanding her problem.

“Why Sidharth’s race has to be tomorrow?” She asked them in an angry tone.

Ella said, “this is a serious problem.”

“Diana has solutions to every problem.” As Diana stated, Sana’s eyes instantly shimmered and her face lit up.

“So tell us, Diana.” She asked her excitedly.

“You can miss the exam and then fill out its reappear form,” Diana suggested.

“But what I’ll say to Ethan. He knows tomorrow is my exam.” Sana asked and pouted sadly at Diana.

Diana advised, “pretend that you’re sick.”

“Wow, such a great plan. You’re my saviour, Diana.” Sana squealed cheerily before hugging her tightly.

“But it’s wrong to lie to my Ethan again and again,” Ella said, drawing their attention.

“You know, Ella, even I don’t feel good after lying to Ethan. But you know I can’t miss Sidharth’s race. It is the most important thing to me.” She explained to her.

“I know.” Ella nodded, understanding her.

“And don’t worry, you don’t have to lie to him this time, I’ll take care of everything myself.” She reassured, placing her hand on Ella’s shoulder. Then she looked at Diana and said, “But Diana, I need your help in this.”

“Of course, anything for you babes,” Diana replied.

Ella said, “and barbie, if you need my help, I’m also there.”

Sana smiled broadly at them; she considered herself fortunate to have such friends in her life.

“I love you both so much.” She hugged them together, smiling merrily.


At night when Ethan stepped into Sana’s room, she pretended that she was sick. Diana was also present with her.

“What happened, Sweetie?” Ethan asked her concernedly, sitting beside her.

Sana felt a sudden pang of guilt after seeing him so anxious for her.

‘I’m sorry, Ethan that I’m lying to you.’ She apologised to him in her mind.

“Ethan, she has a cold and severe headache. I have given her medicine after consulting with the doctor, and he asked her to take a rest.” Diana told him.

“Sana, you’re not going tomorrow to college.” As he said in a stern tone, Diana and Sana glanced at each other through the corner of their eyes, smiling slightly as their plan was working.

“But Ethan,” she coughed deliberately, “I have an exam tomorrow.”

“No exam is more important than your health, Sweetie.” As he stated, she nodded meekly and her heart was dancing with joy.

“Ethan, Sana isn’t well, so I’m staying with her tonight,” Diana told him.

“Diana, you can go home, I’m with her.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll stay with her.” Diana said.

“Okay. Take care.” Ethan left after kissing her forehead.

As he left, Diana rushed and hastily locked the door.

“Yes, now I can go to see his race tomorrow.” Sana squealed cheerily.

“I’m happy for you,” Diana said, strolling to her.

“All credit goes to you. Thank you so much.” She hugged Diana.

“But I felt so bad after lying to Ethan. I wish I could tell him everything.” She said in a sad tone, sitting on the bed.

“A lie that benefits someone is not a lie, Sana. So don’t be upset.” Diana sat next to her and took her in a side hug. She passed Diana a faint smile.


Later that night, Diana was sleeping and Sana was waiting for Sidharth’s message because when she had messaged him in the evening, he had told her that he would message her at night.

‘It’s night, he must be busy fucking a woman. He can’t change so soon.’ She wondered with a sad pout.

Finally, as her phone dinged and she saw his message, her eyes sparkled and a bright flashed on her face.

She hastily opened his message.

My Hottie Biker: Slept?

She replied to him immediately with a gleam of excitement in her eyes.

Miss Admirer: Nope! And where were you?

My Hottie Biker: I was gone out with Ethan.

She made O mouth.

Miss Admirer: So today also you aren’t with any girl?

After sending him this message, she waited for his reply, staring at the phone with her curious eyes.

My Hottie Biker: What do you think?

“Oh, God, can’t he just tell me.” She murmured, irked.

Miss Admirer: I don’t think so.

“I’m sure he ain’t with any women because if he was, he wouldn’t be talking to me.” She said to herself with utter confidence.

My Hottie Biker: You’re right. Nowadays I don’t know why I’m not feeling like to fuck a woman.

After reading his message, a broad smile flashed on her face and her eyes glistened with joy. The man who used to fuck a woman every night, without missing a single night, wasn’t in the mood to fuck any woman, which was unbelievably incredible. She couldn’t believe that she was changing him completely.

She was just adding colour to his black and white life with her hues.

Miss Admirer: I’m so delighted to know this because as you know how much it hurts me to see you sleeping with a different woman every night.

My Hottie Biker: Did you see me?

He sent the message with a laughing emoji.

‘Once I saw you and it shattered me.’ She wondered, staring at the phone with a grim look.

Miss Admirer: I mean imagining you with other women hurts me.

My Hottie Biker: Why?

‘Because I love you.’

Miss Admirer: You know the answer.

My Hottie Biker: Because you want to be naked under me, instead of them, right?

He sent a wink emoji and a red hue appeared on her face as she imagined this.

He just loved to tease her.

Miss Admirer: Sidharth, you already know that first I want to make a place for myself in your heart.

My Hottie Biker: Sorry, but it’s never going to happen because all the doors of my heart are closed.

He was unaware that she had already opened that door, stepped inside, and begun to make a place for herself in his heart.

Miss Admirer: Let me try to open them. Don’t you want someone to love and cherish you?

My Hottie Biker: Please, change the topic or else I’m sleeping.

Miss Admirer: You can’t avoid this topic every time, Sidharth.

My Hottie Biker: I just don’t want anybody to leave me like my Mom had left my dad when I was a kid.

He didn’t know that she would never leave him because he was the only source of her happiness, and she truly loved him to the point where she would die if her heart stopped loving him.

‘I won’t leave you, Sidharth. Trust me.’ She murmured.

Miss Admirer: Will you give up living because you are afraid of dying? No, right? So, why are you giving up love because you are afraid of losing it?

My Hottie Biker: I just can’t trust women.

Miss Admirer: At least give love a chance, everyone isn’t the same.

My Hottie Biker: Okay! I’ll try.

A small smile flashed on her face after knowing that at least he was ready to try.

Miss Admirer: Great! We should never stop trying, and I’m with you.

My Hottie Biker: Right now, I just want you to be present with me because I want to share everything with you.

She could feel how much he was longing for someone to be with him.

Miss Admirer: I’ll be with you soon, Sidharth.

“I’ll meet you when I’m sure that you won’t leave me even after knowing my identity.” She stated, staring straight.

My Hottie Biker: I’m glad that at least now there is someone with whom I can share anything without fear.

‘Thank you, God! I texted him, my baby is so lonely, he deserves all my love, and right now all I want to do is hug him tight and tell him that I’ll never stop loving him; my breath may stop, but my love for him will never die. All I want is to love him in every birth.’ She wished she could hug him and tell him everything.

Miss Admirer: What about Ethan? Don’t you share this with him?

My Hottie Biker: I don’t want to bother him.

‘Oh my God, after talking to him and learning more about him, my love for him is growing. He cares so much about the people who are important to him that he would do whatever it takes to ensure their happiness.’ She thought with a small smile on her face.

Miss Admirer: Okay!

My Hottie Biker: Okay, Miss Stalker. We’ll talk tomorrow as in the early morning I have a bike race.

Miss Admirer: I know. See you tomorrow, Mr Biker.

My Hottie Biker: Only you’ll see me. That’s not fair.

She laughed out.

Miss Admirer: Good night.

She sent a heart emoji too.

My Hottie Biker: Good night.

He sent a sad emoji.

She giggled and said, “he is such a baby himself and calls me kiddo,” in response to his emoji.

She had no idea she was bringing out this side of him.

“I’m counting down the days until I see you, my secret Admirer.” He murmured, his gaze fixed on the texts on his phone’s screen.

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