Secretly Loving You (10• Crazy For Him)


The Next Morning

“Wish me luck, Reyna. Today I have an important meeting.” Ethan said when she came downstairs after getting ready for college.

“All the best, Ethan! And I know you’re going to rock it like always.” She hugged him merrily, and he kissed her head.

Then they both departed for their intended destinations.

She halted the car in a mid-way as a mischievous idea to meet Cole popped into her mind. ‘What if I puncture my car tire and call Ethan? He is busy, so undoubtedly he will send Cole to pick me up.’ She wondered, smirking.

She squealed with joy, “yes! Great idea, Reyna.”

Cole had no idea how crazy she was for him that she would do this just to meet him. Nobody could love him as much as she did, she was head over heels in love with him, and his name was etched on every breath she took.

She stepped out of the car and punctured the tire with a knife she always kept in her backpack for self-defence. She grinned mischievously and called Ethan.


When he answered the call, she immediately told him, “Ethan, my car tire got punctured and I’m running late for college.”

“Don’t worry! Tell me, where are you right now.” He inquired.

“A few kilometres away from college. Near your friend’s house.” She deliberately said this and bit her lower lip.

“All right, I’ll ask Cole to drop you off at college. Wait a minute, I’ll call you back.” She grinned widely as her plan began to bear fruit.

“Thank you, Ethan.” She disconnected the call and squealed with overjoy, “yes… yes… now I’ll get some time to admire my hottie biker.”

‘Stupid! First, let him come and then get happy. What if he denies it?’ She wondered and pouted sadly.

After two minutes only, Ethan called her back and gave her the good news.

“Cole is coming to pick you up. Call me when you reach.”

“Thank you, Ethan. You’re my saviour.” She squealed merrily.

“Love you, sweetie.”

“Love you more, bro.” She hung up with a broad smile stained on her face.

She murmured, “I wish he comes on the bike.”


Her lips drew down as she saw him coming through the car.

‘Don’t be sad, Reyna. At least he comes, you should be happy.” She tried to cheer up herself.

He rolled down the glass window, and she gawped at him, getting lost in his handsome face.

His one look was enough to kill anybody. With the black shades covering his eyes, he was looking even sexier while wearing the black shirt and blue pants. Every time he made her insane and took her breath away with his attire.

“Sit inside.” He said in his sexy voice, bringing her back to the earth.

“Thank you.” She said after sitting beside him.

“Don’t thank me; I have come here for Ethan.” He gave her the usual rude response before starting the car, and her lips drew down in sadness.

‘Why does he treat me so crudely?’ She wondered, turning her face to another side and making a crying-like face.

‘Because he had caught your lie a few days back.’ Her mind reminded her.

She again looked at him and got lost in him. ‘I just can’t stop myself from admiring him. He is so fucking attractive and his lips, I just wanna kiss them hard. God! I’m utterly captivated by his hotness.’

As he moved his eyes to her, she instantly sifted her gaze from his face to the outside of the window.

He halted the car outside of her college and she pouted sadly. ‘We reached so soon!”

“Thank you, Cole.” She again thanked him, not feeling like stepping out of the car.

He suddenly asked her, “aren’t you getting late for college?” She narrowed her brows at him in confusion.


“So you should go.” He gave her a tight-lipped smile, and her face hung down.

“Okay.” She answered him blankly before stepping out of the car.

‘Why god, why does he behave like this with me? He doesn’t even know how much his behaviour hurts me.’ She wondered grimly, walking towards the college, and then she bumped into someone.

‘Fuck!.’ She cursed.

“I’m sorry.” She apologised to that person and rushed into the college after slightly hitting her head.

He noticed this. “Kiddo.” He murmured, shaking his head in disbelief before driving off.


She was in college, and during her lunch break, she excitedly messaged her hot biker. She considered herself extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to him.

Miss Admirer: Hey, Hottie Biker!

My Hot Biker: Hi, Miss Admirer.

He replied to her with a smiley emoji.

Miss Admirer: Today, I saw you going in the car with a girl.

My Hot Biker: You saw me! Seriously, you’re my real stalker.

She chuckled.

Miss Admirer: Where is your bike today?

My hot biker: You found me travelling by car today because I don’t like it if anybody sits on my bike.

‘Oh, so this explains why I never have the chance to ride on his bike.’ She nodded, understanding it.

Miss Admirer: When we meet, will you take me for a ride on your bike?

As this question popped into her mind, she just asked him and impatiently waited for his reply.

My hot biker: I’ll take you for a ride and do whatever you want, just get ready to meet me.

She laughed out hysterically after reading his message.

Miss Admirer: Anyway who was the girl with you today.

She chuckled after asking this question. “He doesn’t even know I was that girl.” She murmured and giggled.

My Hot Biker: She is my best friend’s sister. She is so annoying, clumsy like a kid and a trouble maker, therefore I call her kiddo.

She rolled her eyes after reading this.

My Secret Admirer: Okay! Leave all this and tell me how’re so free today. Aren’t you with any girl?

My Hot Biker: I had a plan but I had to drop kiddo at the college. She spoiled my all plan.

Miss Admirer: I’m glad she did this.

She grinned widely.

My Hot Biker: Could you tell me why?

Miss Admirer: Because I don’t like to see you with a different woman every day.

‘You don’t even know how much it hurts me to see you with a new woman every night.’ She wondered, making a sad pout.

My Hot Biker: You are behaving like my possessive stalker now.

She giggled.

Miss Admirer: Yes! I’m very possessive of you.

My Hot Biker: I’m liking it.

He sent the wink emoji, making her smile.

Miss Admirer: If you’re liking it, then stop going out with girls.

My Hot Biker: If you get ready to meet me, perhaps I’ll stop.

Her heart danced with joy after knowing this.

Miss Admirer: Seriously, you won’t continue doing this if I get ready to meet you?

My Hot Biker: I’ll think about this. So are you ready?

Miss Admirer: I need time.

The bell rang and the lunch break got over.

My Hot Biker: It’s okay! Take your time, there is no rush.

Miss Admirer: Thank you for understanding.

My Hot Biker: What are you doing?

She read his message before she could reply to him, Professor Raquel stepped into the classroom and she kept her phone in her bag.

On the other side, he wondered, ‘why didn’t she reply to me after seeing my message, and why did she go offline?’

He was sitting in his room on the sofa.

He called her and became anxious when she didn’t answer his call.

My Hot Biker: Hey, where did you disappear suddenly?

My Hot Biker: I hope you’re fine.

‘Stop it, Cole. She must be busy! And when she gets free, she will reply to you. Why are you getting so desperate to talk to her.’ His mind scolded him.

‘I’m worried for her because she never disappeared like this before.’ He replied to his mind.

“Fuck! Why I’m getting worried for her? What is wrong with me?” He yelled, frustrated with himself and stormed to the balcony to smoke after tossing his phone on the bed.

He was oblivious that she was gradually breaking the barriers he had built around his heart, and she would do anything to get inside of his heart. This was only the beginning; she would completely change him and his life, and he had no idea how much joy she would bring to his life.


As soon as the teacher left the classroom, she hastily took the phone out of her bag, and a smile flashed on her face after reading his messages and seeing a miss call.

‘Wow! He got so worried for me. It means I’m affecting him. Am I making a place for myself in his heart? Isn’t it so soon? But It seems like this, and I’m so so happy and feeling like dancing with joy.’ She wondered with a huge smile. Happiness was etched into every line of her doll-like face.

Miss Admirer: Sorry! I got caught up in important work. But I think someone became concerned about me.

My hot biker: Never ever do that again. After seeing my message, never disappear like this.

Miss Admirer: Is it a request or an order?

My hot biker: It’s a warning.

Her eyes widened a bit after reading this message.

Miss Admirer: I’m so scared.

She sent the laughing emoji.

My hot biker: I’m serious.

Miss Admirer: Why so serious, Mr Biker?

My hot biker: Because I’m angry.

Miss Admirer: Angry from me?

My hot biker: Yes! Because you disappeared without replying to me.

Miss Admirer: I’m sorry! I’ll never do this.

Her happiness had no bound after knowing that he was angry with her because she didn’t reply to him.

My hot biker: Good for you.

Miss Admirer: Anyway, I just wanna know, what will you do if I disappear like this in future.

My hot biker: I’ll find you anyhow and come to you. Then you will see my worst side.

Her eyes dilated in shock.

Miss Admirer: And how’ll you find me?

She smiled, having so much fun talking to her hottie biker.

My hot biker: It’s very simple for me. But I’m not finding you because for now, I like to talk to you like this only. I can find you in a flash if I want to.

Miss Admirer: Oh really? How?

My hot biker: Yes! Through your number.

‘Shit! What if he seriously finds me?’ Now she became scared and bit her nails.

Miss Admirer: Hey, please don’t find out about me. I promise I’ll reveal my identity to you when the right time comes.

My hot biker: Chill! I won’t.

Miss Admirer: I want you to promise me, please.

My hot biker: Only if you promise me that you won’t disappear like this.

Miss Admirer: Okay, I promise you that I’ll never disappear like this.

My hot biker: And I’m giving you my words that I’ll never find you until you’re ready.

Miss Admirer: Thank you!

My hot biker: Anything for you, Miss Admirer.

A smile flashed on her face after reading this message, and on the other side, he wondered bemusedly, ‘what is happening to me? Why I’m talking to her as if she is extremely important to me? What is wrong with me?’

He had no idea she had already made a place in his heart for herself, and now no one could stop him from falling in love with his secret admirer.

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