Secretly Loving You (08• Clumsy Girl) Sidnaaz


Sana’s eyes widened in surprise when she received a message from Sidharth in the middle of the night. She was overjoyed because he initiated the conversation for the first time, and a huge smile appeared on her face.

My Hottie Biker: Hey, Miss Admirer.

Miss Admirer: Hello, Mr Hottie!

My Hottie Biker: Surprised that I messaged you first?

Miss Admirer: Yes! I’m feeling as if I’m dreaming.

Her eyes were sparkling with profound happiness and a beatific smile wasn’t leaving her face.

My Hottie Biker: I thought a lot about you the whole day.

Her heart danced with joy inside her. What could be a more joyous thing for her than knowing that her hottie biker was thinking about her?

Miss Admirer: Oh, so you were thinking about me? I’m so shocked.

He was typing the message, lying bare chest on the bed, and he laughed as he read her message.

My Hottie Biker: I have made up my mind that I’ll talk to you because you’re a stranger to me and I can share everything with you without any fear.

Her eyes twinkled with joy, and her lips curved into a huge smile as she learned of his decision. She couldn’t believe she could now talk to the love of her life regularly because he wanted to talk to her as well. She was on cloud nine and felt like dancing with joy.

She began jumping on the bed like a crazy person, whooping cheerfully, “Yes, yes, I’m so happy. Finally, I can talk to him whenever I want.”

“Now no one can stop me from making you fall in love with me,”’ she whispered with determination, gazing at his photo on her phone with immense love.

Miss Admirer: I’m so glad to know this.

My Hottie Biker: Now I’m sleeping. Good night.

Miss Admirer: Good night!

She dozed off with a smile on her face, thinking about him. After a long time, she was ecstatic.


The next morning, she woke up, stretching her arms with a beautiful smile on her face. It was a new beginning for her because her hottie biker was interested in her as well. She was on cloud nine.

“Thank you so much, God for listening to my prayers. I’m so glad that he’s talking to me. Now please stay with me in this new beginning of my life.” She prayed to God before picking up the phone from the table.

Her smile grew bigger as she saw his message.

My Hottie Biker: Good morning, Miss Admirer.

“Wow! Today he messaged me again.” She squealed cheerily.

Miss Admirer: Good morning.

She replied to him with a smiley emoji and kept the phone on the table before stepping down from the bed, tying her hair in a messy bun.

She opened the curtain with a pretty smile on her face and closed her eyes as the rays of the sun fell on her.

Her eyes sparkled as she opened them and saw her hot biker, parking the bike out of her house. He was decked in a white t-shirt, a black denim jacket, and black jeans. The tattoo on his wrist and rings on his fingers fascinated her. She was captivated by everything about him. From his tattoo to his brow piercing, she was utterly smitten with him.

He took off the helmet and hung it on the handlebar of the bike before sexily setting his tousled hair by looking at himself in the rear view mirror.

She was just staring at him with her mouth open as usual. She could never resist him and he always made her breathless with just one glance.

As he raised his eyes, she quickly closed the curtains to hide from him and dropped the flower vase outside the window by accident.

“Such a clumsy girl you are, Sana. Shit! What he will think about you? Sidharth calls you by the appropriate name, seriously you’re kiddo.” She chided herself, slightly slapping her head.

As the vase fell, Sidharth glanced up at her window.

“Kiddo.” He murmured, shaking his head.

She peeked at him from behind the curtains, looking as adorable as a baby.

He got off the bike, and as he walked inside, her eyes began to long for him.

“Why he’s so hot and attractive, God?” She murmured and went to the bathroom.

She stepped out of the bathroom after taking a shower and texted him.

Sidharth, on the other hand, was sitting in Ethan’s room, scrolling Instagram while waiting for Ethan to finish his shower.

Then he received a message from his secret admirer and his eyes widened in surprise after reading it.

Miss Admirer: You’re looking so hot in a white t-shirt with a black denim jacket today, Mr Biker.

“How did she come to know that I’m wearing a white t-shirt today because I usually wear black?” He wondered, narrowing his brows bemusedly.

My Hottie Biker: Do you have any work rather than stalking me, Miss admirer? Or have you hired a detective to keep an eye on me?

She giggled after reading his message.

Miss Admirer: Wow, it’s a nice idea. I can hire a detective.

He sent a laughing emoji.

Sana: But I won’t hire it because my favourite work is to admire you. I don’t need any detective.

My Hottie Biker: You’re unbelievable.

She laughed.

Miss Admirer: I’m not unbelievable, I’m just crazy for you Mr Biker.

My Hottie Biker: I didn’t know that someone is so damn crazy for me.

Miss Admirer: You don’t know even a bit about my craziness.

My Hottie Biker: I wanna see it more.

Her eyes glinted with surprise.

Miss Admirer: You wanna see my craziness?

She asked to confirm.

My Hottie Biker: Yes, my crazy admirer.

“Wow! He wants to see my craziness. I just can’t believe it.” She merrily whooped, clapping.

She glanced at the time on her phone and thought, “oops, I got late. It’s Saturday and I have to prepare breakfast.”

Despite having so many maids in the house, she still cooked breakfast for her brother every weekend.

She hurried to the kitchen and started preparing breakfast.

As Sidharth stepped into the kitchen, her heartbeat accelerated without even knowing that he was in the kitchen.

When you can feel someone’s presence without even seeing them, that is what we call true love.

As soon as she turned to face him and saw him sipping water from the bottle, she felt her heartbeat halt. A shiver of carnal desire ran down her spine as she noticed his wet lips and a water droplet sliding down his jaw to his neck.

She bit her lower lip, gawping at him, dying to taste his luscious lips and sucking all water droplets from his body.

She was chopping the veggies while admiring her hottie Biker and cut her finger accidentally.

As she felt the pain, she came back to the earth and screamed in pain, holding her finger.

Sidharth looked at her and immediately stopped drinking the water.

“Why do you get so lost in him, Sana? Whenever he is around you, you always do something stupid.“ She scolded herself, whimpering like a kid.

Sidharth placed the bottle on the slab and rushed to her.

“What happened, Sana?” He asked her concernedly.

“I cut my finger by mistake.” She told him and thought, ‘because of you. Why are you so attractive and irresistible, Mr Shukla?’

“Show me.” Her whole body trembled as he held her wrist to see the cut on her finger, and she completely forgot about her pain because of his mere touch. He examined her cut while she fixed her intense gaze on him.

“It’s a minor cut. Where is the first aid box?” He asked her after shifting his gaze from her finger to her face.

“In my room.” She answered him, feeling no pain because he was still holding her hand.

“Then go to your room and put on the bandage. It’ll be fine.” He gave her instructions before releasing her hand.

She hissed, feeling the pain again as soon as he let go of her hand.

He turned to go but stopped as she uttered, “listen, don’t tell Ethan about this because if he finds out, he’ll never allow me to work in the kitchen again.”

He glanced at her over his shoulder and taunted her, “you’re an expert at lying to your brother, but I’m not.” Her lips drew down in sadness after listening to his curt remark.

Then he strode out of the kitchen before she could stop him.

‘I wish I could tell you that I lied to Ethan about Jack for you because I wanted to know how you felt about me.’ She thought with a sad pout, staring straight.

‘But I’m grateful, at least now I can talk to you as your Miss admirer. For now, this is more than enough for me.’ As she wondered this, a contented smile spread across her face.

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