(Beyond Love) Chapter: 57 (Manan)


Nandini’s POV:

“Hey, beautiful.” My trance broke when I heard a voice. I looked up from my phone and saw a guy flashing a smile. He looked handsome, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a t-shirt with jeans. Sober yet cool.

Before I could reply to him, he sat beside me on the bar stool. 

“Beautiful girls like you shouldn’t sit alone.” He said, passing a drink in my direction. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“From my side.” He said, glancing at the drink and then smiling at me.

“I don’t want to,” I said, turning my face towards my phone as I got to know he is trying to hit on me.


I’m drunk that doesn’t mean I’m dumb, isn’t it?


Woah! What a line.

“I will tell Manik about this,” I giggled, thinking this.

He cleared his throat for my attention. I looked at him with a ‘what’ look.

“Would you mind dancing with me?” He said, smiling at me again.

“No thanks, I’m good,” I said, smiling and keeping myself busy going through my phone.

“Umm… One dance, please,” He again said.

“I’m not interested,” I said, giving a tight-lipped smile indirectly asking him to back off.

“Okay, lady! If you don’t want to dance we can hang out together,” He laughed, raising his hands. I closed my eyes, controlling my anger as I‘m not liking his company even a bit. I’m waiting for my man, and this idiot is continuously disturbing me.

I didn’t reply to him and engrossed myself on my phone completely ignoring his presence.

“Beautiful girl like you shouldn’t stay alone. I think you should have some company, what say?” He said, placing his hand on my shoulder making me flinch. I looked at him and he winked.

Okay, now he sounded like a creepy creature.

I got it. Every guy is not like my man. Extremely good-looking yet so sweet and a gentleman.

Well, why am I even comparing him with anyone? He is one in the billion and I’m so lucky to have him.

“Is my words sound that sexy that you got lost in them?” My trance broke when I heard that guy’s words. I frowned, not understanding his words at first but soon anger empowered me as I saw him smirking.

“Listen you jerk, I have a boyfriend. So just fuck off.” I yelled standing up from my seat, gaining some attention.

Woah! I sounded bold, I guess it is the alcohol talking! Anyways, it feels good to shut some asshole’s mouth.

“So what? I don’t mind.” He smirked. I closed my eyes, controlling the urge to punch him in his face.

“Miss. Kapoor, Is he bothering you?” I turned around and looked at a tall man, standing in front of me, looking like a bodybuilder. 

Who is he?

I narrowed my brows at him, not knowing who is he.

“Who are you?” Before I could ask, that jerk asked him. Well, even I want to know this.

“Her bodyguard.” My eyes widened at his words.

Woah! I have a bodyguard. I totally forgot about it.

I smirked at that man as I saw him shivering in fear.

“I t-think I should go.” That jerk stammered with fright. I laughed, seeing him trembling as he left.

I turned toward my bodyguard and thanked him politely. Though, it is really hard for me to balance on my feet as I stumbled a bit due to alcohol.

He smiled, giving me a nod without commenting on my stumbling.

Professional! Good!

I went back to my seat and was about to have a vodka shot which was placed but stopped.

The bartender said, “Ma’am you’re already drunk. I don’t think you should have another.”

“Well, thanks for your advice but I won’t stop until your sir reach here!” I pouted and picked up the drink but as I was about to drink it, I felt a hand on my waist, taking away the drink from me.

“Hey…!” I protested and turned around furiously but my breath hitched when my eyes locked with a pair of familiar gorgeous brown eyes.

My man!

He is decked up in a navy blue button-down shirt with his tie loosely hung around his neck, and his sleeves are rolled up, his hair is tousled in a sexy way and I’m feeling like running my hands against his perfect jawline.

I don’t know for how long I took to admire him, damn.

My trance broke when he stated sternly, looking at me, “That’s enough, let’s go.” He supported my weight as I clung to him.

“Finally you’re here!” I squealed in happiness. “Why did you take so… long?” I asked, batting eyelashes at him, completely ignoring his stern face.

“I told you not to get drunk!” He uttered in a grim tone and I can vividly see him, getting angry.

“Are you getting angry at me?”  I asked, narrowing my brows.

“Of course not. You did such an amazing thing, I should make love to you right now.” He said, giving me a tight-lipped smile and I pouted. Huh!

“I don’t mind-”

“Shut up! Finger on your lips.” He scolded me as if he already knew what I was about to say. I pouted angrily while he glared at me.

“You are so m-”

I was about to reply to him but he cut me in mid and asked, “God, where are Ashley and Rosy?”

“I don’t know.” I instantly replied to him, shrugging my shoulders while he kept looking at me in disbelief.

“I mean I know but I don’t want to tell you. I want your attention.” I said sheepishly, throwing my hands around his neck. I could see a slight smile forming on the corner of his lips, making my heart beat quicken.

“I’m already giving you my attention, baby.” His gaze softened as he said, wrapping his arms around my waist more tightly.

“But I want more…” I literally sang the last word, batting my eyelashes, and moving my finger at his mole. He breathed, closing his eyes, feeling my touch and I caressed his mole more lovingly, gazing at him.

He opened his eyes as I pulled him down, placing my lips on his mole, startling him. I flashed my teeth and was about to pull him more down, eyeing his lips but before that, he moved back, leaving me and making me startled.

“If you really want my attention, then get sober soon.” He said in a stern voice, making me feel like crying.

Is he bipolar? Huh!

“Where did my sweet man vanish? I asked and pouted at him, stumbling a bit.

“ I will answer you tomorrow,” He glared, holding me tight, and I whined.

“You wait here, let me see where Rosy and Ashley are.” He said sternly, making me sit on the stool.

I was about to protest him but he glared and warned, “Not a word. Stay quiet,” making me whine more.

He turned around and was about to move but I held his hand, he looked at me and I instantly asked, “Is it better?” pacing my index finger on my lips and batting my eyelashes.

I could see him, smiling at me as his gaze again softened, he pulled my cheeks softly with one hand, and I flashed him my teeth after removing my finger from the lips.

As he glared at me again, I immediately placed my finger on my lips. He shook his head, but didn’t utter a word and turned around, making me frown. I looked at him walking away, still placing my finger on my lips.

“Manik Malhotra, I love…. you!” I shouted, standing up on the stool, gaining almost everyone’s attention. I could see him looking at me with wide eyes as he clearly wasn’t expecting this.

“Move down,” He glared, running towards me as I giggled.

“I wa..nt your lovy-dovy attention, Manik.”  I sang, clapping my hands while he glared at me, coming close. I smiled sheepishly at him and was about to say something but suddenly I stumbled a bit and closed my eyes tightly as I was about to fall, but before that Manik came at the right time and picked me up in his arms.

I smiled as he placed me on the floor.

“What should I do to you?” He asked, nodding his head in disbelief.

“Make love?” I giggled.

“God woman! Let’s go from here!”

“Manik, Ashley and Rosy are still here, let me say goodbye to them,” I said in a lazy voice, trying to stand steadily.

“Now you’re ready to share my attention?” He asked, raising his brows. I blushed, nodding at him.

He turned to William, my bodyguard, and asked him to find Ashely and Rosy while he made me sit on the stool near the bar and got me some water to drink.

“You look so sexy, Mr Malhotra, I could show you a good time.” I used the same words that the guy used on his girl. I laughed as he stared at me, widening his eyes in surprise.

“From where did you learn this?” He asked, raising his brows suspiciously.

“A guy here used this line on his girl, so I learned it.” I sheepishly told him and pulled his shirt, bringing him closer to me and kissed his cheek. He chuckled at my behaviour.

“You look mighty fine too, Ms Kapoor.” He ran his eyes all over my body, “Although, I would love to get you out of that little dress.” He whispered in my ears, making me squirm in my seat.

“I would love that too,” I said breathlessly, gazing at him.

We broke our gaze when William came over to us with Ashely, Rosy and Jack.

“Hey, Love birds!” Rosy said, stumbling a bit, holding Jack from his chest, well dude she is completely drunk.

Look who’s saying! My subconscious mocked me.

“You both are so irresponsible,” Manik exclaimed, greeting his teeth at Ashely and Rosy.

“Hey wait, even your baby girl was at fault,” Rosy said, and my eyes widened.

I immediately pouted as Manik looked at me.

“I’ll make her understand in my way,” Manik said, making me blush.

My way? Damn! I’m excited.

“Whatever!” Rosy stuck out her tongue at him, making Ashely and I giggle. Manik glared at them and then at me but I immediately make an innocent face, batting my eyelashes.

He shook his head in disbelief, turning his attention to Ashely.

“Don’t give me this look, Manik, it was all Nandini’s and Rosy’s plan,” my eyes widened hearing her.

“Traitor!” Ashely pouted as Rosy smacked her head while I too nodded my head, but immediately stopped seeing Manik’s glare.

“Okay, we all are equally responsible,” Ashely said, smiling sheepishly at Manik, making us giggle while Manik just passed us a disbelief look.

“Please don’t get mad at us,” Ashely pouted, hugging Manik. She peeked her head to look at him but he didn’t soften his gaze. She whined making him smile.

“This is the last time I’m giving up because you are my responsible sweetie, okay?” He asked lovingly after kissing her forehead and making us smile.

She nodded her head, moving away from him, giving me a wink and making me chuckle. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Manik noticing our little encounter but he didn’t utter anything as I sheepishly smiled at him.

Ignoring us, he moved his eyes to Jack, and asked, “Jack you’re here?” and before Jack could answer him, he cut him off, “Still they are utterly drunk. Come on man, how?”

“Bro, you won’t believe what the fuck happened with me,” Jack said, making faces while Rosy elbowed him, passing a gare making Ashley and I laughed. Manik narrowed his eyes at me and then at them.

“What happened?” He asked, curiously.

“My super sexy girlfriend was literally going to dig my grave,” He exclaimed dramatically looking at Rosy who in response pouted, snuggling in his arms.


“I want my man’s attention!” I said loudly drawing their attention. Manik looked at me, utterly confused.

I smiled getting up from my seat but stumbled a bit. He immediately held me from my waist, and I smiled, snuggling into him making him startled. He smiled, tightening his hold around my waist, pecking my nose making me giggle.

“Whom should I snuggle with?” Ashley asked, looking at us.

“Aww, come here b-baby.. I’ll show you a good time,” I slurred, gesturing her to come close to me, still hiding my face in Manik’s chest and Rosy did the same thing with Jack.

“What the fuck,” Manik and Jack exclaimed together with their wide eyes, making all three of us giggle.

Ashely came towards me stumbling a bit and as I forwarded my arms, she snuggled in me. Now it’s like, I’m snuggling in him as he is holding me by my waist and Ashely is snuggling into me, wrapping both arms around my stomach. Hehe.

“Although I love you, still you really need to take your hands off my girl,” Manik said, looking at Ashely which she royally ignored, making me giggle.

“I also wanted to join my girls but right now I don’t want to leave him, I’ll compensate,” Rosy exclaimed, looking at us. We gave her a thumbs up, still snuggling.

“You continue, Jack, I’ll see them when they’re sober,” Manik said, giving up and Jack giggled.

“Okay, so what happened was—I came here with my cousins. I didn’t know Rosy is here.” Jack said, looking at us, and continued, “So we were normally enjoying ourselves but damn she literally came out of nowhere and punched me as she saw me hugging my cousin.”

Poor him!

“Oo…. but I can see lipstick on your lips, so it seems you got after treatment too, mention that too,” I said, looking at Jack’s lips. I can clearly see Jack blushing, and Rosy giggled. Manik shook his head in disbelief, looking at me.

“Anyways I’ll talk to you both tomorrow. We are leaving, are you coming with us?” Manik asked Ashley as she was busy snuggling into me. I elbowed her and she looked at him.

Coming forward, She said, “I’ll be fine, Manik. I’m going to hang out with that guy,” She pointed at the Man with whom she left for a dance earlier, and continued, “Plus Rosy and Jack are here, so you don’t worry.” She smiled, giving us a quick hug while Rosy spanked her butt from behind, making her startled, making Manik and Jack’s eyes widen while we three laughed.

“I would have killed you if you ever pulled this stunt on my baby girl,” Manik said, making faces, pulling me closer to him, and I blushed.

“Well, guess what? I already did.” She smirked while I cursed her under my breath.

What was the need to tell my monster about this? Bitch!

I glared at her while she showed her tongue to me, making me pout.

But my pout never worked on anyone except my man! Huh!

I moaned when I heard his breath falling on my ear, and he huskily whispered, “I really need to have my ways with you,” biting my earlobe, squeezing my butt a bit, turning me on.

I looked at him lovingly but saw him glaring at me.

I smirked, “I don’t mind you having your ways with me, that would be a pleasure for me,” I seductively said, moving my fingers on his mole, biting my lips. He groaned, closing his eyes and making me smile.

“Fuck woman, let’s go!” Manik said, pulling me with him, entwining our hands and making me laugh.

“Wait, baby, let me say bye to my girls,” I sheepishly said, giving a quick hug to Jack and a tight hug to my girls. They laughed, reverting it. Rosy smirked at Manik, pulling me closer to her as I was between Ashely and Rosy. 

“Okay now it’s enough,” Manik groaned, pulling me away, wrapping his both arms around my waist, making all of us laugh.

“Dude, get control over you girl,” Manik said to Jack, glaring at Rosy while she just shrugged her shoulder, snuggling into Jack.

“I would like to keep my mouth shut,” Jack said, raising his hands.

“Good boy,” Rosy laughed, pulling Jack for a kiss.

“Let’s go,” Manik said, giving a disbelief look while Ashely moved to the dance floor giving us a nod.

“Yeah,” I said, looking at them as a red hue appeared on my cheeks.

“What happened?” Manik asked.

“Nothing,” I shrugged and we both took a few steps but stopped in mid when I heard rosy shouting at my back, “Get laid, girl,” gaining all the attention.

“You too,” I winked and shouted back over the music, but soon blushed as I saw Manik looking at me amusingly.

“I really need to take your classes. These girls are spoiling you,” Manik said huskily, biting my earlobe, and making me giggle. 

I stumbled a bit as I turned around to face him and said, seductively, “Well, how about I take your classes?” while softly tracing my index finger on his lips. I could clearly see his eyes darken with desire as he grabbed my ass with his hands, making me stand steadily.

“Baby girl, you’re-” He breathed on my lips, turning me on, and without thinking twice, I cut him off and immediately pulled him into a kiss, capturing his lips in mine, making him startled. I bit his lip, breaking his trance, and indirectly asking him to respond. He groaned on my lips, responding to me with equal passion and love. 

Panting heavily, we both broke the kiss, gazing at each other. I heard Roys and Jack hooting from my back as Manik held both my hands behind my back, making me startled. I looked at him amusingly, but my eyes widened as he captured my lips in his again. I moaned in his mouth as he dominated the kiss. 

Damn! I really turned on my monster! 

But I’m not complaining as I’m loving it. 

I too responded to him, trying my best to match his level of intensity, but I couldn’t as he shoved his tongue in mine, sucking it up. 

For God knows how long, we both kissed each other passionately and hungrily, ignoring all the people around us.

Finally, after getting out of breath, we broke it, looking at each other’s eyes with all our passion. 

“What are you doing to me?” He murmured on my lips, pecking them again. 

“I have already said that. I’m doing the same thing with you that you’re doing to me, my heart, and my soul, Mr Handsome,” I smiled, tracing my fingers all over his jaw.

“Gosh, you called me this after so long,” he groaned, pecking my lips, again and again, making me giggle. 

“Let’s go,” I said, getting all shy out of nowhere as I saw people still staring at us. He laughed, flicking my nose, but nodded at me. 

Then we both walked out of the club hand in hand. 

“Where is your driver?” I pouted when I saw him getting in the driver’s seat making me sit in front.

I pouted as my man literally spoiled my plans to show him a good time.


“He took my car, I’m driving you.” He replied unaware of my pout and started the car, and soon we are on our way back to his parent’s home as I forgot the keys to my house in Rosy’s handbag.

“My keys are with Rosy, how will I get them tomorrow?” I stated, looking at him, checking him out I must add.

“I’ll take care of it.” He smiled and took my hand and softly placed his lips on my knuckles, making my heartbeat accelerate.

His little gestures are the biggest turn-on for me!

“You look really hot,” I blurted out.

“Thanks love,” He smiled merrily and I smiled at him shyly.

Once we reached home, I smirked, looking mischievously at him.

“Now I’ll show him a good time,” I murdered under my breath, getting out of the car but again I stumbled, and before I could understand he picked me up in his arms, like a bridal style. I smiled, wrapping my both arms around his neck.

Coming inside the living room, he made me stand on the floor and turned around to close the door, but without thinking twice, I pushed him against the door, kissing his lips. He is taken aback but continued to respond with the same need. I started kissing and biting his neck, leaving marks.

“Woah! I think I should get you drunk more often,” he groaned, and I smiled in satisfaction.

Breaking the kiss, I pulled out his tie and tied his wrists with it, grinning.

“Now you’re under my command.” I giggled, seeing his bounded wrists.

“Really?” He said, easily freeing his hands from the tie, giving me a teasing smirk.

My eyes widened at first, and soon I felt tears rolling down my cheeks.

I can see him getting panicked but I least care.

He is such a monster, huh!

“You’re very bad. I was trying something which Rosy taught me but you ruined it.” I cried loudly, hitting on his chest.

Alcohol made things hot for me!

I moved away from him going towards the sofa, wiping my tears.

“Baby girl, please don’t cry. See.” I stopped crying when I saw him with the tie, beside me.

I smiled, wiping my tears as looking at me, he tied his hands the way I did. Aww… he is so cute.

“Okay? Now please stop crying!” He said, and I sniffled, nodding my head.

“Come on, show me what you have learned?” He said, cheering me and making me giggle.

“I’m gonna rock your world!” I said, pushing him on the couch which is placed in the living room. His eyes widened in amazement as he was not expecting this.

I smiled sheepishly at him and sat on his lap, He breathed as I bit his neck, sucking it softly. I was about to open his shirt but stopped in mid as someone cleared their throat. We both froze.

“Mom- Dad?” He exclaimed and I immediately went behind him, hiding my face in embarrassment.


Here comes the walk of shame!

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