Secretly Loving You (07• Her Hope won) Manan


Dear Diary, today’s encounter with Manik strengthened my feelings for him. What I felt for him after seeing him naked and wet was indescribable; I had never felt this way for any man before. I can only tell you that this man is driving me insane. Even now, whenever I close my eyes, his perfect buff body appears in front of my eyes, turning me on again and again, and I’m getting wet all over again thinking about him. He’s irresistible and roguishly hot. I never expected to have sexual feelings for anyone like this in my life.

At night, she was sharing her feelings with her diary while sitting in her favourite spot, the swing chair. She returned to Earth from her dream world as her phone beeped.

She usually didn’t pick up her phone while writing, but something came to mind today, and she glanced at the phone to check the sender id.

When she saw his message, Manik’s message on her new number, her eyes sparkled with joy and her lips drew up into a broad smile. She was overjoyed because she had been waiting for his response for such a long time.

“Yes…” she hooted with joy, standing up from the chair.

She opened the message with a huge smile on her face, sitting back on the chair.

Manik: Hey, Miss Admirer.

She instantly replied to him.

Nandini: Am I dreaming that you messaged me?

Manik: Just want to ask you why do you message me every day when I don’t even see your message?

“Nice question!” She murmured while typing the reply.

Nandini: Because I was hoping for a response from you someday. I never give up and see my hope won at the end. You finally messaged me, yippie!

Manik: You’re completely crazy!

Nandini: Only crazy for you, baby, and you know I know everything about you.

She laughed after sending him this message.

Manik: So you’re saying that you’re my stalker.

The huge smile wasn’t leaving her face while talking to him, and she was seriously feeling like she was dreaming.

Nandini: I’m your crazy admirer, not a stalker. I am aware of everything about you, including what you do and when you do it. I also know why you always wear black and what you eat and drink, and why you smoke.

“Finally, I got the chance to tell you this.” She murmured merrily before sending the message to him. “Thank you so much, God. I’m so grateful that I got this chance.” She was going giddy with joy.

Manik: If you know so much about me, then tell me what I’m doing right now.

He was now interested in talking with her as well, and she was overjoyed.

Nandini: You just have fucked a random woman and lying naked beside her.

Her face hung down in sadness after sending him this message because she despised it when he slept with different girls.

She knew him very well, he was seriously lying naked with a woman on his bed, looking breathtakingly seductive.

His eyes widened in shock after reading her message.

‘How did she come to know this?’ He wondered bemusedly.

“There is something in this woman.” He murmured to himself before replying to her.

Manik: I’m impressed.

“Wow! He’s impressed with me.” She grinned and sent him the smiley face emoji. She was so thrilled to chat with him that butterflies began to dance inside her stomach.

Manik: Don’t tell me you’re one of those women whom I have fucked.

“Oh, God! His only thought for girls is to fuck them.” She murmured, shaking her head in disbelief, and then replied to him.

Nandini: No, No, I’m not any of them.

Manik: So, do you want me to fuck you as well? I’m the best at it. I’ll be in your memory forever.

He sent the wink emoji.

Now her eyes dilated in shock and she blushed as she imagined herself with him. Then all of sudden she recalled how hot he was looking after the shower.

Nandini: No, I’m not that type of woman.

Manik: So what kind of woman you’re?

Nandini: I’m the woman who will only lose her virginity to the man she intends to spend the rest of her life with. Even though I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I refuse to sleep with you because you don’t want the same.

She told him the truth.

“Yes, Manik, I want you forever in my life.” She murmured, gazing at his profile photo with deep and pure love in her brown bewitching eyes.

Manik: Then you’ve come to the wrong place because I don’t make women my girlfriends, I just fuck them. I despise relationships because they all end. Every relationship has an expiry date.

Nandini: Why do you run away from the relationship?

She pouted sadly.

Manik: Don’t you know this? I thought you know everything about me.

Nandini: I don’t know, but I wanna know.

Manik: Then come to me when you have the answer to this question. It’s your homework, my secret admirer.

“Wow! He referred to me as ‘his secret admirer’ once more. I’m just waiting for the day when he refers to me as his love.” She murmured dreamingly.

He sent her a winked emoji, and she smiled. She was on cloud nine because she had been dying for this day, and now that he was talking to her, it was enough for her.

Nandini: I’m taking it as a challenge. Now I’ll message you when I have the answer. Take care!

Manik: Good luck, Miss admirer.

He smiled and kept the phone on the side table. “Interesting! This girl is something else. I like it.” He talked to himself, placing his head on his entwined hands and staring at the ceiling with a smile on his face.

Then he saved her number as ‘Miss Admirer’ before dozing off.

Nandini had no idea she had already made a place in his heart for herself.

“Now I have to find out anyhow why Manik runs away from the relationship because he has challenged me. I’ll show him that I know everything about him.” She murmured to herself and stared straight with sheer determination in her eyes.


The next morning, she stepped into Ethan’s room and found him sitting on the sofa leisurely.

“Hey, Ethan.” She greeted him, strolling toward him.

He smiled at her. “Come here, sit with me.”

As she sat beside him, he took her in a side hug before placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

‘Come on, ask him about Manik, Nandini.’ She tried to encourage herself.

She was curious to know about him, and she also wanted to win this challenge so she could impress her hottie biker.

“Ethan, I was just wondering about your friend ‘Manik’.” She finally spoke up, playing with her fingers.

“What?” He asked, narrowing his brows.

“Why does he run away from the relationship? As I have always seen him with a different woman every day.” Finally, she mustered the courage to ask him.

“Why do you want to know?”

“I’m just curious. If you don’t want to tell me, it’s fine.” She turned her face and pouted sadly.

“I think there is no harm to tell you.” As he uttered, her eyes glinted with happiness and she instantly turned her face to him.

‘Yes, I won the challenge.’ She wondered, beaming at him.

“Actually, his mother abandoned him and his father when he was a child to marry another man, so he avoids a serious relationship. He says, he can’t trust the women.” Nandini felt sorry for him after knowing this.

“It hurts me so much, Nandini, to see him ruining his life like this. I want to see him settle down in his life because he deserves love. He deserves to be loved by someone, but he won’t let it happen because love doesn’t exist for him.” Ethan told her dejectedly.

“Don’t worry, Ethan, and believe me, someone will certainly come into his life and completely change him and his perspective on the woman with her love.” She reassured him.

“I hope so, someone will change him and make him fall in love with herself as I want to see him happy.”

‘Don’t worry, Ethan. I’ll certainly change his point of view about women and make him fall in love with me.’ She thought, staring at him.


As soon as she stepped into her room, she picked up her phone from the table and messaged him with a small smile on her face.

Miss Admirer: Good morning.

She waited for his reply, gazing at his profile photo with a contented smile on her face. In the photo, he’s riding his bike. She just loved to admire him.

She murmured merrily. “My hottie biker.” As she leaned down to kiss his photo, he replied to her. She instantly moved her face up to read his message.

My Hottie Biker: Someone said that she wouldn’t message me until she has the answer to my question.

Miss Admirer: I have the answer.

His eyes widened a bit in surprise as he read her message. He was sitting on the couch, sipping his morning coffee and conversing with her.

My Hottie Biker: So tell me.

Miss Admirer: The reason is your mother. You can’t trust any woman because of her. Am I right?

‘How did she come to know?’ He wondered, narrowing his brows in confusion. He was surprised.

My Hottie Biker: Who are you?

Miss Admirer: Your admirer.

My Hottie Biker: How did you come to know?

Miss Admirer: That I can’t tell.

My Hottie Biker: But I wanna know.

Miss Admirer: Sorry.

My Hottie Biker: By the way, you’ve once again impressed Manik Malhotra.

A smile of victory flashed on her face after reading his message.

Miss Admirer: I told you I know everything about you.

My Hottie Biker: I’ll keep testing you like this.

Miss Admirer: No problem. But Manik, I wanna say something.

My Hottie Biker: What?

Miss Admirer: All girls are not the same. You should give your life a chance. You should fall in love and enjoy life because life is so short to stay in the agony of the past. You should move on.

She sent this message and wondered, ‘Is it too soon to talk to him about this?’

My Hottie Biker: Listen, you’re nobody to tell me what I should do. And all women are the same. They are untrustworthy.

She could sense his rage in this message.

My Hottie Biker: I’m sorry. I know you’re also a girl. Seriously, It’s not that easy. I just can’t trust them. You won’t understand.

After a few seconds, only he sent another message.

This time she sensed his intense pain.

My Hottie Biker: By the way why I’m even telling you this.

Miss Admirer: It’s not harmful to share your pain with a stranger. I won’t judge you and you’ll feel better.

My Hottie Biker: Thanks for your concern but I don’t want to feel better.

Miss Admirer: But I want to make you feel better. I want to see you happy.

She sent this message in the heat of the moment.

My Hottie Biker: What the fuck! Who are you?

Miss Admirer: Your secret admirer. How many times do I have to tell you this?

She giggled after sending him the message.

My Hottie Biker: I just want to know your name. Do I know as a person?

Miss Admirer: If I tell you my name, I will no longer be a stranger to you, and then you will hesitate to share things with me. It’s for the best that we’re still strangers.

My Hottie Biker: I think you’re right.

Miss Admirer: I’m always right.

My Hottie Biker: You’re so self-obsessed.

Miss Admirer: it’s called self-praise, Manik. This is something you should do as well.

My Hottie Biker: You carry on your work of stalking me, I have some work.

Miss Admirer: I’ll do that always

My Hottie Biker: You’re unbelievable!

She sent him the laughing emoji.

“I love you so much, Manik.” She confessed, gazing at his display photo before merrily placing a kiss on it.

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