(Beyond Love) Chapter: 56 (Manan)


Present Time (After three months)

“ I didn’t know that you have fond of romantic novels. Damn… You have such a huge collection.” Manik said as he watched me organising my bookshelf while sitting on the couch in just his jeans and looked incredibly sexy and seductive with his messy hair.

I blushed at him and admitted, “Well, before meeting you, I used to read so many romance novels and used to think that love just exists in fiction because it’s so beautiful to be true,” My heart fluttered when I saw him smiling beautifully at me hearing my words and I continued, “Now I don’t need to read them” I teased and then I quickly turned my attention to the books, ignoring his smirk, and got lost in organising the shelves.

I shivered as I felt his presence behind me. “Can I know the reason, why?” He whispered huskily in my ear, grabbing my waist and accelerating my heartbeat.

“About what?” I teased and leaned back.

“You know very well, baby girl,” biting my earlobe, he huskily said, and tightened his hold around my waist making me shiver as I’m only standing in his shirt, nothing else.

“You are already aware of it,” I whispered back as one of his hands slide down my honey pot, making my breath hitched and I mechanically splayed my legs for him.

God, his touch! It always feels so amazing.

“Manik.” I moaned as his fingers played with my clit.

“Answer me, Baby Girl.” He asked, rubbing me in agonisingly slow motion.

“I don’t need to read them as I already have my romance novel with me for a lifetime.” As I answered him with great difficulty, he increased the speed of his hand.

“Now it’s time for you to enjoy your lifetime novel. He said before picking one of the books from the shelf and grinding it against my crotch, driving me insane. He vigorously rubbed me with it, massaging one of my boobs with his other hand and I’m moaning insanely, leaning against him and grasping the shelves.

He turned me swiftly towards himself and captured my lips in his. I immediately cupped his face as his hands were on my waist. I deepened the kiss, leaning on him as his back was resting on the shelf.

Then it happened what it was supposed to be, we made love for hours. First, he thrust me, pinning me against the shelf, then I rode him on the chair and in the end we made love on the couch, he on top of me. We never get enough of each other, he’s becoming my addiction.

We both fell asleep naked on the couch, I woke up and smiled, seeing him sleeping like a baby with an open mouth. I closed his mouth and kissed his forehead.

As I came out of his arms, he groaned in sleep, making me chuckle.

“I’m just coming, baby,” I murmured and moved out of the sofa after placing a soft kiss on his cheek. I wore the shirt and picked up the book which I was reading before meeting him. I don’t know what got into me as I started reading it after sitting on the same couch where he is sleeping.

But I would be lying if I’ll say that nothing has changed. Yes, because something has changed.

A few months back, these books were good but now I have a man with whom I just don’t need to imagine things because he made my reality more beautiful than any imagination.

“What are you doing, baby girl?” He murmured, placing his head on my lap.

“When did you wake up?” I asked and blushed, seeing him naked lying on my lap. I kept the book aside as I ran my fingers through his messy hair, gazing at him with profound love.

“The moment you started giving attention to other things.” He yawned, pointing at my book which I kept aside. I laughed.

“Don’t laugh. You said, you don’t like reading that much as now I’m here for you, then what happened now? As soon as I slept you changed.” He said sarcastically.

Damn, he is so cute when he acts all possessive over small things.

But can you believe it, my man gets jealous of teddies, books, from all the non-living things.

“I was just seeing if I still enjoy reading the book,” I told him.

“So did you enjoy it?” He asked curiously.

“Nope.” I shook my head.

“Why?” He asked, sitting beside me, crossing his legs and placing the pillow over his crotch.

“You know why.” I smiled, looking at him. I know he wanted to listen to me but I love teasing him. Sometimes it’s good to test his patience as I don’t get this opportunity often.

“You are testing my patience baby girl,” He said, pulling me closer to him, by snaking his both arms around my waist, making me laugh.

“I want to listen to it from your mouth, so say it, love.” He whispered, slightly biting my earlobe, looking at me intensely.

“The moment you came into my life, you became my centre of the world and when you are here for me, I don’t think I need any other distraction,” I told him merrily, stroking his stubble and gazing at him intensely.

He clasped my face and kissed my lips chastely and softly in response, pouring all of his love into the kiss.


The rest of the day went pretty fast. Manik is in a meeting, so I decided to go to the club with Rosy and Ashley as it’s been so long since we girls are planning something.

Once Rosy suggested the girls’ night but definitely, my super annoyingly amazing boyfriend didn’t like the plan and whined till the time we finally cancelled it.

Such a Monster!

But mine!


I shook my head when I heard his words, “Baby girl, why do you want a girls’ night out when I’m there? Do whatever girly things you wanna do when I’m out for work, but when I’m there, I won’t compromise on my time. I can’t share your attention.”

“Seriously?” I asked in utter disbelief.

“Yes,” he immediately nodded his head, making an innocent face.

“Then I’m feeling so sorry for our kids. Because of their possessive daddy Malhotra, they won’t get their mother’s attention-“ I bit my lips when I realised what I said.

He smirked and pulled me on his lap. I blushed hard, seeing his mischief gaze and as he was about to open his mouth, I hugged him, keeping my head on his chest.

“Don’t tease me,” I murmured against his chest, feeling utterly shy and he chuckled, tightening his hold around me as I felt his chest vibrating.

Flashback over

I blushed hard when I remembered that day.

Shaking my head, I shooed the thoughts away.

Well, Jake and Cabir wanted to join us today but Rosy strictly denied them as she wanted a girls’ night out.

Her words were, ‘Manik is already busy so it’s a perfect time to have a girls’ night out, otherwise that love-sick puppy won’t allow us.’

I literally blushed to hear her words.

“Woah, you have such an amazing collection babes,” Rosy said, looking in my closet as we decided to get ready at my place.

“Well, it’s all his choice. He bought these dresses for me.” I replied and a contented smile spread across my face as I recalled him buying these dresses when he had once gone out of town for the meeting, that too for two days.

I had missed him so much! That two days were so difficult for me but I managed only because of mom and dad as they came here to surprise me and stayed with me.

They didn’t make any effort to do something extra but still, I felt good because whatever they did to make me feel better is their love and every little gesture comes so naturally to me that it filled my heart with immense joy.

My trance broke when I heard Rosy’s voice.

“God, I’m gonna kill him if next time he doesn’t buy dresses for me,” Rosy said, picking one black off-shoulder dress for herself.

I giggled, nodding at her. Well, I still wonder how did he manage to buy these things for me with his hectic schedule.

“Umm… Nandini… Are you sure… You don’t mind sharing them with us?” Ashely asked, pointing at the dresses.

“Of course not! We are friends, right? I would love to share them with both of you.” I smiled, giving one wine red dress to her. She thanked me, giving me a quick hug. Rosy also joined us and we all laughed as she slightly spanked our asses.

God, she’s way too cool!

“If Manik comes to know this, that possessive creature will definitely kill me.” Rosy laughed saying this, making me blush.

After lots of laughter and chatting, I finally decided to get ready.

I moved toward my closet and smiled, picking a shiny dress for me as I remember him saying how hot I’ll look in this.

My dress is asymmetrical style, with a v-neck which is making my boobs look more good. It’s a bodycon fit which is enhancing my curves perfectly.

I blushed after wearing it, thinking about his mesmerizing eyes when he had given me this.

Indeed, my man has good taste!

We all helped each other with our make-up and hair.

By the time it is around 7 pm, I called Manik’s driver to pick us up as I know very well my man will definitely not allow me to go out alone without the driver.

I called Manik while we are in the car but it went straight to voicemail. So I left a text, saying I’m heading to a club called ‘La ban’ and kept my phone in my purse.

We had a pretty good time. We clicked so many pictures and danced our heart out and also we tried some vodka shots and it burned down my throat.

I know that I’m bad at handling them. but I don’t know what got into me? Well, maybe my heart knows that there is someone in this world who will not let any bad thing happen to me.

I just wanted to go with the flow. Manik always says, do what you feel like, so right now all I’m feeling like is to enjoy my heart out.

Though I started to feel a bit tipsy we continued dancing for a bit when some guy asked Ashely to dance. She looked at me and rosy, and we both nodded our heads encouraging her.

Well sometimes she can have fun, isn’t it?

Rosy and I are taking a selfie but I got startled, after hearing her screaming.

“What the hell!”

“What happened?” I asked, keeping my hand on my heart. She literally gave me a heart attack.

“What the fuck Jack is doing here? And who is that girl with him? Is he cheating on me?”  She greeted her teeth, looking at the far-most corner of the bar.

“Umm-” I keenly noticed the direction where Rosy pointed out but due to my drunk state I couldn’t see them clearly. So I just nodded.

“I just come. I’m gonna kill that bastard!” She said, greeting her teeth.

“You should.” I slurred, showing her thumbs up!

“Come here baby, I can show you a good time!” My attention was diverted when I heard those words. I turned to my left and saw a couple making out, saying this.

Damn! I blushed to see them and wonder how would it feel saying these things to Manik? Would he like it? Damn, I want to try this dialogue on him!

Where is he?

I want him here!

I sat on one of the bar chairs and picked my phone out to see any message or call from Manik.

Even, I want my man’s attention now.

My lips curved into a smile as I saw his message.

Manik: Have fun babe, but don’t forget to take care of my baby girl and do not get drunk because I’m not there, okay?

I giggled reading his last line.

“I’m already drunk!” I giggled, murmuring under my breath and replied to him, ignoring his message.

Me: I’m missing you.

Well, it’s not a lie, I’m genuinely missing him because I haven’t seen him since morning.

I pouted, staring at his profile picture.

Damn! My man looks so hot!

I’m missing him more now.

I waited for his reply but didn’t get any. Even the message didn’t deliver.

What is he doing? Why he is not giving me attention? I frowned and called him.

“Hello, baby girl.” He said, although, I could hear his tired voice.

“I want attention, Manik.” I slurred, ignoring his words.


“Come here otherwise I’ll umm—” I stopped, not knowing which word to use so that I can threaten him.

“Baby girl, you are drunk?” He exclaimed.

“Come here, I don’t know what word to use so that you get scared of me. Think about that word by yourself, okay? Now come here soon, as I’m missing my boyfriend sooooooo much!” I literally sang that word, ‘Sooo’ and giggled at last.

Before he could say something, I immediately cut the call and laughed knowing very well he will certainly come here at the speed of light.

“Now I’ll show you a good time, baby!” I said and laughed hysterically.

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