Secretly Loving You (04• Devil)


She returned to the room and cried quietly, remembering Ethan and Cole’s conversations.

“Stop crying like a kid, Reyna. You already knew that he isn’t into all this.” She sobbed, wiping her tears and talking to herself.

“But still I had a hope earlier.” Fresh tears streamed down her cheeks as she murmured.

She dialled Ella and Diana’s numbers and sobbed on the phone.

“What happened, Barbie?” Ella asked in a concerned tone.

“Did Cole again do something stupid?” In a furious tone, Diana questioned.

“We can’t work on our plan, guys. Cole will never fall in love because he despises it. Just now, I overheard him stating this.” She told them, sobbing.

“Relax, Reyna. We’re sticking to our plan. Everything will be made apparent to you. So chill.” Diana explained to her.

“Diana is correct. We should stick to the plan.” Ella also attempted to persuade her.

“Okay.” She uttered with a deadpan expression.

“So, see you guys tomorrow,” Diana said before hanging up the phone.

“Reyna, are you fine?” Ella asked her concernedly.

“Better after talking to both of you.” She answered her and smiled faintly.

“And I’m just coming to meet Ethan, and after I meet him, I’ll come to meet you as well.”

“Okay, see you.” Reyna disconnected the call.

“Let’s just hope for the best, Reyna.” She tried to cheer up herself and then went to the bathroom to take a shower.


Ella stepped into Ethan’s room and found him sitting on the sofa, engrossed in his laptop.

“I find this man always working.” She muttered before strolling toward him and palming his eyes from behind.

“I know, it’s you, Ella.” As he said, she removed her hands from his eyes and came in front of him with a sad pout.

“How every time do you come to know that it’s me?” She asked him.

He yanked her to his lap by grasping her hand. “Because I know your touch and fragrance of your perfume very well.” He nuzzled her neck, making her giggle.

Next day

Cole and Ethan were chilling together and watching the cricket match in the hall. Reyna came back home from college and a smile flashed on her face as she saw him. Like always she got lost in doing her favourite work of admiring him.

He was dressed in a black colour slim-fit leather jacket with black jeans. He usually dresses in black and looks smashing hot in it, but at this moment his jacket was open and he was wearing nothing underneath.

‘Who wears nothing under their jacket?’ Leering at his body, she wondered.

She was going crazy over the tattoos that were on his muscular chest and abs. She drooled over his hot body and felt an ache in her hands to stroke it. He was captivating her with his hotness.

“Reyna, stop admiring him and focus on your plan.” She reminded herself and walked towards them.

“I’m back, Ethan.” She said cheerily, drawing their attention towards herself.

“Hey.” Ethan greeted her.

“Ethan, I want to make you meet my new special friend,” Reyna told him merrily and Cole stared at her suspiciously.

“I’m so excited to meet my sister’s new special friend. Is your new friend a boy or a girl?” He asked, suspiciously raising his brows.

“It’s a boy.” She smiled sheepishly at his brother and through the corner of her eyes, she looked at Cole’s expression. His eyes widened a bit in surprise after knowing this.

“Are you guys dating each other?” Ethan asked her.

“Not yet as before this I want you to meet him first.” Ethan smiled proudly after knowing this because his sister was taking his permission before dating anybody.

“Okay, so when he’s coming?” He enquired.

“Diana is outside with him. Let me call them.” She said and glanced at Cole. He’s looking at her dubiously.

She went out to call them.

She clasped Jake’s hand and stepped into the house after smiling at Diana excitedly.

“Ethan, meet Jake. Jake meet my brother, Ethan.” She introduced them to each other.

Cole stared at Jake, narrowing his brows bemusedly. He felt like he had seen him somewhere.

“Hello.” Ethan and Jake greeted each other and shook their hands.

“Who is he, Reyna?” Jake asked, pointing his finger at Cole.

“Jake, he’s my best friend, he is like a brother to me,” Ethan said, encircling his arm around Cole’s shoulder.

“Hello, Cole.” As Jake greeted Cole, he gave a tight-lipped smile to Jake.

They all settled down and began talking, while Cole tried to recall where he had last seen Jake.

Suddenly Cole stood up and uttered, “okay, bro. See you at night.”

“Where are you going, Cole?” Ethan asked him.

“I have important work. I’ll call you.” Cole bid bye to Ethan and left after glancing at Jake suspiciously.


“Oh Diana, I can tell Cole doesn’t like the fact that I’m with another guy.” She merrily hugged Diana after coming to her room.

“Relax, Reyna! Don’t get your hopes up; it’s only the beginning.”

“Diana, now I can’t even be happy?” She asked and pouted sadly at her.

“You can be happy, Reyna.”

“What next now?” She asked her excitedly.

“Now we have to wait for his reaction.” She told her.

“This is the most difficult task for me.”


Cole suddenly halted his bike in a mid-way. He took off his helmet and hang it on the handle of the bike with a serious expression as finally, he recalled who Jake was.

“Fuck, I have to inform about this to Ethan urgently.” He muttered before hastily putting on the helmet and leaving.

He reached Ethan’s house in no time.

“Ethan, Ethan.” He stepped into the house, shouting.

“What happened, Cole? Is everything alright?” He asked in a worried tone.

“Where is Reyna?” He asked concernedly.

“She said she’s going out with Jake.” As Ethan told him, a frown appeared on his face.

He scorned, “fuck! That bastard.”

“What happened, Cole?” Ethan asked concernedly, placing his hand over his shoulder.

“Jake is not a suitable choice for your sister. I am acquainted with him. He is the brother of a member of my team. I can’t even begin to tell you all of the things I’ve heard about him. He is not the kind of guy your sister should be dating, buddy.” He told Ethan.

“That bastard. Thank you so much, Cole for informing me about him.” Ethan hugged him, believing in his words without even questioning him, this shows how much he trusted him.

“Thank me later, first call Reyna and ask her to come back home,” Cole said as they pulled apart.

Ethan nodded. “Yeah, you’re right, I should call her.”

He hastily took out the phone from his pocket and dialled her number.

“Hello.” She answered.

“Reyna, come back home right now wherever you are.” He said as soon as she picked up the call.

“What happened? Is everything alright?” She asked concernedly.

“It’s urgent. You just reach here.”

“I’m coming.” As she said, he ended the call.

“She is coming,” Ethan told Cole and he sighed with relief.

“I have work. I’ll be back in a few hours.” Cole said and left the house.


Jake was hanging out with his friends and Cole reached there. He began beating him black and blue. After becoming terrified of him, all of his friends vanished.

No one dared to confront the devil because they knew that if they did, they would have undoubtedly perished at his hands.

“How dare you thought to date my friend’s sister?” He roared and punched him so hard with outrage that he fell to the floor.

“Stay away from Reyna. She is very important to my friend, and thus to me. If she gets hurt because of you, I’ll bury you alive.” He bent down and warned him sternly, shooting daggers at him and grabbing his collars.

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