(Beyond Love} Chapter: 55 (Manan)


One day, Manik got so angry with me because of my stupidity that I thought I lost him forever but I was a fool to think this.


“Hello baby girl, where are you?” Manik asked as I picked up his phone.

“Manik, I’m going to the library as I got the free lecture. So I’m going to catch up on the topic I missed.” I told him, walking inside the library. I searched for the place and settled down at the front table.

I want to study, and if I sit at the back table, definitely I won’t be able to study as some people use to do dirty business there.

As this thought crossed my mind, I blushed thinking about the dirty business Manik and I did. It was so exciting when he sneakily rubbed my crotch in the library a few days ago after sliding his hand into my skirt and undies when there were so many people around.

Only my man can turn me on around so many people. Even now I’m aroused just thinking about this.

I blushed hard. Thank God, he isn’t here to tease me.

“Oh, okay. But now you’re fine right?” Manik’s voice broke my trance. I nodded my head but bit my lip, realising he can’t see me.

“Yes, Manik, I’m perfectly fine. Please don’t worry about me and why are you talking to me? Wasn’t your class started?” I told him, taking the book out from my bag which I borrowed from one of my classmates. I was a little surprised that she gave me tho!

He answered, “no, the professor is still yet to come. I saw your classmates in the corridor and asked them why they aren’t in the classroom, so they told me that the lecturer is absent, so I called you to ask about your whereabouts.”

“Aww… You’re so sweet. I’m feeling like gobbling you up.” I chuckled.

“Well, you always do that.” He teased, making me laugh.

“Now stop with these dirty talks, I need to study and I’m perfectly fine so please don’t take stress about me and concentrate on your class, okay?” I asked him.

“Well, I can’t promise you that as taking care of you is my responsibility and I don’t like to run from responsibilities.” He said instantly.

“Yeah, who knows that better than me. For your responsibilities, you can sacrifice your dreams too.” I said, having a faint smile.

Earlier he said that he would think about music, but a few days back he told me that he would never pick music as his career when after one of the meetings Dad praised him for how proud he felt to be his father.

I was happy with his success, but at the same time, I was sad because I knew he didn’t want this. He is good at whatever he does, but I know his best is yet to come. Did I ever tell you how selfless my man is? I know he will never choose his happiness over his dad’s happiness, but I literally think he should talk to him once. I’m certain dad will never stop him from anything, and even Manik knows this, but still, he didn’t want to talk to dad as he didn’t want him to work alone. 

Aghh! Now, I’ll soon try to do something. 

“Manik?” I asked as I realised he hadn’t answered me anything. He went silent.

“Baby girl, take care. I’ll meet you after the class.” He replied, and hung up the phone, and I sighed. 


“Damn it. Just two days I didn’t come to college and see what happened, the whole topic is over. Fuck, now how will I understand this topic?” I murmured as I was sitting in the library for the past one hour and trying to understand the topic which I missed due to my absence as I had a fever and Manik didn’t allow me to attend college.

Well, I wasn’t in the condition to attend myself.

“Don’t worry, Nandini, I will teach you this topic.” I got startled when I heard the voice and quickly turned and saw Aryaman standing behind me.

“Hey.” I smiled, greeting him as he settled down on the chair beside me.

“You can take my notes, Nandini. I’ll make another for me, this topic is quite difficult and you won’t be able to understand it from the book directly. Miss. Ella, make us understand with her notes.” Aryaman said, keeping his notes on the table. I smiled contentedly at him. He is such a good friend and I’m so happy that I met him. He is my first friend and he is helping me too.

I don’t understand why Manik has a problem with him. I think he is jealous.

“Thank you so much, Aryaman.” I smiled, taking the notes from him.

“No need to thank me, Nandini. We are friends and friends do help each other with problems.” He said, placing his hand on mine. I smiled but soon my face fell.

“What happened?” He asked, looking at my sad face.

“This topic is a little tricky, some things are here which need someone’s guidance and I’m sure Miss. Ella will not explain me alone. What should I do?” I asked him.

“No problem, I’m here. I’ll explain you.” As he said, I squealed and hugged him.

He tightened his arms around my waist and rubbed it. I felt strange, umm, maybe because I never hugged any other guy before and after Manik.

But I shook that thought away, hugging him but soon my eyes widened as my gaze fell on the door.

“Manik,” I murmured under my breath, seeing Manik with his friends, standing at the door, staring at me with bloodshot eyes.

I shivered to see the intensity of his eyes and quickly broke the hug.

“Manik I was-” I stood up from the chair and moved towards him, but before I could approach him, he dashed from the library.

“Shit! I fucked up!”

“Nandini, go behind him,” Cabir told me, looking at me concerned.

Nodding at him, I ran behind Manik. I saw him going downstairs, I called him but he didn’t stop. I ran, trying to match his pace, shouting his name.

“Manik wait!”

“Manik listen to me.”

I panted, running behind him as we came downstairs in the corridor.

Everyone was staring at us in the corridor but I didn’t care right now as all I wanted was my man to talk to me.

“Manik, I swear to you, stop there. If you love me, please, stop.” I shouted, and he stopped. I breathed heavily and ran towards him before hugging him from behind, keeping my head on his back. I kept exhaling a long breath as I got my breath back. I could feel his body flinch feeling my presence. He clearly wasn’t expecting it.

“Leave me, Nandini.” He said slowly, without turning, taking a deep breath, trying his best to control his anger.

“No, first listen to me,” I said, gripping him tighter, not wanting him to leave.

“Leave me, Nandini.” He growled, making me flinch at my place as he harshly turned towards me before forcibly removing my hands.

I shivered at my place seeing his face. Angry is visible in every line of his face.

“Manik let me explain-” I uttered, gathering some courage, but stopped seeing his eyes.

I have never seen him this much angry before.

“I just told you one thing but you can’t even do that for me.” He said, staring at me, “and you started hiding things from me, Nandini,” he smiled faintly and I instantly shook my head.

“You’re thinking wrong, Manik!” I said, trying to touch his face but he stepped back, giving me a disbelief look.

“Manik trust me, I was alone but then he came and helped me to understand the topic and that hug was just a fri-“

“Shut the fuck up!” He suddenly roared and I flinched.

Oh God, please help me. I can’t see him like this.

“I just asked you to stay away from him. That’s it. I never stopped you from doing anything. But can’t you just do this favour to me? How many times do I need to tell you that I fucking don’t get a good vibe from him and all I want is to protect you? For me at least, you can stay away, right? But no! Why is it important to have a reason behind everything, sometimes you can listen to your partner without asking? Isn’t it? For their sake at least.” He shouted, grabbing me by my arms and staring at me darkly.

I winced at the pain.

He looked at me and then moved his eyes down to his hands.

His gaze softened, seeing the marks. I can see him, getting a little guilty but again he masked those feeling with his anger.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Nandini, so just leave me alone but yes, you did hurt me today, a lot.” saying, he left without giving another glance at me while I felt rooted to that place after hearing his harsh voice.

He never said anything like this before to me.

Tears slipped out of my eyes as I saw him going away.

I’m feeling like my heart is shattering into the pieces. I fall on the floor, crying out loud thinking about it.

Am I going to lose the most precious possession of my life?

I can feel everyone looking at me, some are sad while some are happy, seeing that.

But I don’t care.

I’m crying, clutching the bird pendant on my neck.

“Nandini, please stop crying.” I heard Rosy as she wrapped her arms around me, taking me into a hug, sitting on the floor beside me. “Show is fucking over, guys. Just get your asses out of the corridor or else you all will regret it,” she shouted, looking at other students and they started disappearing.

“Yes, Nandini, don’t cry, we’ll talk to Manik.” Cabir said, wiping my tears and I looked at them.

“Stand up, Nandini. We’ll go and talk to Manik. ” Ashely tried to make me stand but I didn’t.

“He left,” I murmured, looking at the end of the corridor from where he left.

“He will come around, Doll, please don’t cry. We will talk to him.” Jack said, stroking my head, and I cried more.

“Yes, he loves you very much. Please don’t cry.” Rosy said, wiping my tears.

“Yes, he loves me,” I murmured under my breath. “No, I can’t let him go like this.” I wiped my tears and stood up.

“Nandini, what happened?” She asked me.

“He loves me, Rosy,” I said, holding her hands.

“Yes Nandini, he loves you.” She nodded.

“I won’t let him go,” I said, shaking my head and then I ran in the direction where he went.

I can’t cry, sitting here. He always stood there for me. He always fought for our togetherness, and I’ll too do that.

I’ll stop him, no matter what.

He can’t go like this.

I saw him opening the car’s door from far and screamed, “Manik,” drawing everybody’s attention, including Manik.

I just ran to him, crying, and without thinking anything, I pulled him towards me, wrapping my arms around him firmly and burying my face in his chest. “I  love you so much, Manik. I love you,” I murmured, not letting him move. Tears are continuously falling down my eyes as he isn’t wrapping his arms around me.

But no, I won’t give up.

“I won’t let you go, Manik, I love you, only you.” I cried, looking at him, still in the hug.

“Fuck it,” he murmured under his breath, wrapping his both arms around me and pulling me closer to him, startling me. Soon a smile spread across my face as I felt him softly rubbing my back.

I sobbed, hugging him tighter as I felt like I got my breath back, feeling his warmth, feeling like home. My home, my heaven.

I cried more, tightening my hold and digging my face in his chest when I felt him breaking the hug.

“Nandini, look at me.” He said, again trying to make the distance between us but I didn’t let him.

“Please, baby.” He softly said, and I sobbed still not letting him break the hug.

“Baby girl, look at me,” My heart accelerated as I heard him softly calling me, ‘baby girl.’ God, I missed it.

Though it’s not even been a day, still I missed him calling me that.

Baby girl, Manik’s baby girl.

I looked at him after raising my head from his chest, still in the hug, not letting him make a distance between us. My vision is blurred as my eyes are all teary.

“I missed this,” I confessed honestly, and unknowingly another sob escaped my mouth.

“Don’t cry, baby girl,” he said, wiping my tears. I closed my eyes as I felt his lips on my eyes and unknowingly more tears trickled down my face.

“Hey, please don’t cry. You know that if you cry, it hurts me here,” He softly said, cupping my cheeks, wiping the tears and pointing at his heart.

“You were leaving me,” I said, ignoring his words, and cried more.

“I was hurt.” He said, looking at me.

“I had no intention to hurt you, Manik. I was just trying..” I don’t know how to explain him, I don’t want to make him angrier by talking about Aryaman.

“Nandini, it’s not jealousy, I’m trying to protect you. I’m not getting good vibes. I never got it from him. For me, for my sake, can’t you just stay away from him god dammit? Is he so important to you than me that you can’t leave him? I never stopped you for anything, and I’ll never do that until or unless you’re safe and happy but when it comes to your safety and my heart warning me for something regarding your safety, I’m sorry, Nandini but I’ll set the whole world on fire.” He finally told me what was going on in his head and I sighed.

At least, now he’s talking to me, and I can do anything for his happiness, staying away from Aryaman is such a small thing.

“I’m sorry. I promise you, I will never talk to him. Please just don’t leave me like this. I love you and I can do anything for you. I’m sorry, Manik.” I apologised, not for talking to Aryaman, I apologised for hurting him.

“You have already gone through so many things, and now all I wanted is for you to experience joy, and I fucking love you so much that the day you let me into your shell I vowed to protect you till my last breath.” I kept gazing at him, hearing his words. I shivered to feel the intensity of his love and wondered what good I did, that he is here with me.

Before I could say anything.

He pressed his lips on mine, taking me into his world of love, joy, and peace.

Tears are still trickling down my cheeks and the kiss is giving immense relief to my soul. I’m feeling he isn’t just kissing my lips, he is kissing my soul.

We came on the earth back and pulled away as we heard the laughter of our friends.

“You guys are so unbelievable. Just a moment ago you were shouting at her and now.” Ashley said, shaking her head as they all approached us coming close. I just smiled.

“Seriously, guys you scared us,” Jack said.

“Oh please. Talk about yourself, because I wasn’t scared a bit even as I know how whipped this Malhotra is for his baby girl, so I knew it that he would certainly come around before we realise.” Manik scowled at Cabir as he stated while dramatically smacking the back of his head.

“Yeah right, that’s why you were cursing Manik when he talked harshly with Nandini.” Rosy mocked, smacking his head while Manik glared at them.

“I was cursing this idiot because I was not liking the sight of her crying,” Cabir said, pouting, pointing his finger first at Manik and then at me.

“Aww! You’re so sweet, Cabir.” I said, pulling him into a hug. He smiled, rubbing my back.

“Well, I don’t know how to react. Should I get happy that you don’t like to see my girl crying or should I beat the shit out of you for calling me an idiot?” Manik mocked as we pulled out of the hug.

“Well I would like to prefer the first option,” Cabir replied, making an innocent face, making all of us laugh.

“Come here,” Manik smiled, pulling him into a hug.

“She’s too fragile and so innocent. Never let her cry, dude. She loves you a lot,” Cabir murmured into a hug, but we all heard it.

“I know and even I love her a lot.” Manik smiled, looking at me, still in the hug.

“Yeah, she made me cry. God, I hardly cry and see what she did to me.” Rosy said, wrapping her arms around my shoulder as they pulled apart.

“Manik’s baby girl, you have something very beautiful inside you,” Jack said, softly caressing the back of my head and I smiled.

God, they love me so much. How did I get so lucky to get this bunch of people, who are my buddle of joy, love and peace?

“If you ever make her cry again, Malhotra, then I’ll kick your ass so hard that you won’t be able to sleep at night,” Rosy warned Manik, still rubbing my shoulders while he smiled, seeing our bond.

“But thank God, everything is fine now,” Ashley said, hugging me. After her, everyone hugged me together, excluding my Man.

Aww! He pouted.

“Guys, let my baby girl breath.” I chuckled, hearing his words and they pulled away from me.

“Now please, don’t get jealous of us, Manik,” Rosy said and Manik glared at her, getting angry again.

I just hugged him to calm him down. I smiled as he hugged me back and kissed my forehead.

Flashback Over

Thank God, now everything is fine between us. I just can’t take his anger, and now I’ll make sure not to disappoint him ever, because I can’t afford to lose him, and I also know if he is stopping me for something it is only for my benefit.

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