(Beyond Love} Chapter: 54 (Manan)


Nandini’s POV:


One day after coming home from the cafe, I sat in my balcony chair waiting for Manik as he was coming from the office directly to pick me up for dinner but before that, we had some other plans.

Manik: Come outside, baby girl.

I grinned, seeing his text.

Manik and I were getting tattoos like he promised when I first inquired about it.

When I came outside, I noticed him in his car. I walked toward him with a smile on my face.

“Hey,” He said sweetly, nibbling my lips as I sat down. I blushed while he looked at me with an intense gaze after that.

“Stop staring at me like this,” I whispered, lightly slapping his face, turning it. He giggled.

“After so many months and our so many wild lovemaking sessions, you still manage to blush with a simple kiss. How baby girl? ” He asked in amusement, starting at me with so much affection.

“Because after so many months and our so many love-making sessions, you still touch me the way you did the first time. Your love, your admiration towards me still is the same, in fact, it has increased. Your gaze still makes me feel butterflies in my stomach because it makes me feel like I’m the only girl who rules your heart.” I confessed to him, honestly.

“I love you,” Words automatically slipped out of his mouth as a contented smile spread across his lips upon hearing my words. I could clearly see how overwhelmed he was feeling as his intense gaze was making me shiver.

“Feelings are mutual,” I said, cupping his face, softly sucking his lips.

Moving back, I saw him gazing at me with the same intensity and without saying anything he just placed his lips on my forehead indirectly telling me how much I mean to him and how much happy he is after getting me.


“So are you excited?” He asked as he pulled out of his car in front of the tattoo artist shop.

“I’m super duper excited, Manik.” I squealed with joy as this was one of the things on my bucket list which he was fulfilling.

I always wanted to get a tattoo but I never knew what should I inked on my body that can define me or what holds importance to me, but now I know it. And I want it.

He smiled, seeing my excitement, “Cutie,” He said, flicking my nose and I giggled.

We both went inside hand in hand with a smile on our faces.

“Hey, it’s Manik Malhotra. I have taken an appointment with Daniel.” Manik said to the receptionist. That girl smiled and led our way towards the room at the end.

We stepped inside and I saw that the room was filled with different designs on the wall. It looked so aesthetic. I loved it.

“Hey, Manik!” A man greeted Manik, and they both shook their hands. He must be Daniel. 

He looked at me and smiled, “Hey, mam!”

I politely said, “hey.”

“So what type of tattoo do you want?” He directly asked me as Manik had already e-mailed his design to Daniel when he was booking the appointment.

I smiled and looked at Manik before replying, “I want to engrave a name.”

“Okay, which name?” He asked me.

“Manik,” I answered, smiling at Manik. I continued, “I always wanted to get a tattoo, but I never knew who is important in my life until now, but now I know it because it’s you.” I replied, tenderly gazing at him. I could see his eyes welling up with tears as he smiled. God!

His eyes always express a level of affection for me that no one can put into words.

“I love you,” he whispered, taking my lips in his mouth and pouring out all of his love and overpowering emotions. I grinned as I moved my hands through his hair, returning his gesture with all my heart.

We both pulled apart when we heard someone clearing his throat.

Shit! We become so absorbed in each other that sometimes we lose sight of others at times.

“All right, love birds. Even though I am in a relationship, you guys are still making me feel so lonely.” Daniel laughed as he said it. I blushed as I noticed my boyfriend from the corner of my eyes smirking at him as if he had received a major compliment. I shook my head, unable to believe his foolish behaviour.

“Alright, whom shall I start first?”

Before Manik could reply anything, I instantly said, “Me,” raising my hand. They laughed at me and I smiled sheepishly at Manik.

“Your girlfriend is really cute. I must say, Indian girl has its charm.” As he complimented me, I instantly stared at Manik’s expression.

“I don’t know about Indian girl but my girl definitely has the charm,” he said, gazing at me instantly and added, “And for your kind information, she is only reserved for me,” He said possessively, wrapping his arms around my waist, passing a stern look to Daniel.

I shook my head at his possessiveness.

“Damn, Possessive Boyfriend. Sorry! But don’t plan to kill me in your mind.” Daniel laughed, raising his both arms, surrendering himself, making me blush while Manik just nodded.

Sometimes he behaves like a monster!

“But adorable one!” My subconscious added.

“Come let’s start your tattoo,” Daniel said, looking at me. I nodded and looked at Manik, still, his arm was securely wrapped around my waist. I just smiled at him.

“Where do you want a tattoo?” He asked, showing some font designs to me as I sat in front of him.

“Here,” I instantly, replied forwarding my right finger. He smiled at me and said, “Okay”.

I could feel Manik’s gaze on me but I didn’t look at him because I could clearly feel the intensity in it and if I look at him, I will find myself drowning in his eyes, forgetting about everything.

I squeezed my eyes shut as the needle pierced into my skin and he started imprinting his name on my finger as my heart.

Damn, it’s a little painful.

But my all pain vanished when my man knelt beside me and gave me a quick peck on my cheek.

I looked at him and saw him gazing at me lovingly.

“Why ring finger, baby girl?” He asked.

“Because I read somewhere that only the ring finger’s vain is directly connected to the heart. So as you already lived there, I wanted to engrave your name there too.” I honestly confessed with a smile on my face.

I felt his eyes getting a little teary, he came a little up and softly sucked my lips.

“I love you,” he murmured, sucking my lips again.

“I love you too,” I whispered, looking at him as we pulled apart.

“And it’s done.” my trance broke, hearing Daniel.

I looked at Manik and saw him giving a teasing smile to me. Then I moved my eyes to my finger and my eyes widened.

I totally forget about my tattoo.

When did this happen?

I didn’t even come to know when he inked my finger with his name.

‘In the beginning, I was feeling pain but…’ I stopped and looked at Manik and saw him giving me a beatific smile

“So you deliberately did that?” I asked, looking at him.

“Yes! Because I can’t stop you from having the tattoo but I can definitely distract you from feeling the pain as when I had promised, I would never ruin the kohl of your eyes, I meant it.” Saying this, he placed a soft kiss on my finger. I closed my eyes, feeling the pain of love.

“So Manik, Laira is coming in five minutes,” Suddenly Daniel said, bringing us on the earth back and Manik nodded at him.

“Laira who?” I asked, confused.

“The one who will make Manik’s tattoo,” Daniel replied, making me more confused.

“Why are you not making it?” I asked curiously.

“Because that style is not my cup of tea. Laira is good in that.” Before I could ask something more, I saw a tall slender girl, wearing black denim shorts and a black T-shirt, approaching us. Her whole hand was filled with different tattoos and she had pierced a different part of her body, like her eyebrows and her stomach which was visible from her crop t-shirt.

“Hey, Laira!” Daniel greeted her with a hug.

“Hey,” she gritted back while all I noticed was her eyes which were on my man. I entwined my hands with him, glaring at her.

“Who wanted a tattoo?” She asked, looking at Manik, checking him out. Daniel pointed his finger at Manik and she smirked.

“Cool, let’s start. Where do you want it? ” She asked, smirking at him.

“On my chest.” He replied and my eyes widened.

What the fuck!

“Oh, nice. Let me remove your shirt.” She said, coming towards him but before she could touch him, he stepped back.

“No need, I will do it myself.” He said, giving a tight-lipped smile to her. I took a sigh of relief. But soon a smile spread across my face when he asked me, “Would you mind doing it for me?”

I looked at him with all my love, “It’s a pleasure.” I replied, pulling him towards me with his collar, grinning.

One thing I have to admit, my man can tease me in private and in public as well, but he never makes me feel jealous of any girl. He believes that I’m so special to him that he wants others to get jealous of me, his baby girl.

I stood on my toes as my man is tall. Huh! But I like the height difference between us.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, making it hard for me to concentrate only on his buttons, not on his body.

“I made a mistake.” He breathed, slightly biting my earlobe.

I raised my brows at him, asking him what?

“You’re turning me on. Fuck!” He said, closing his eyes. I blushed hearing his words and opened the last button.

“Even you made it hard for me too,” I replied, sucking his lips before moving back.

I could see that girl giving me an irritated look while all I did was smirk, something which I have learned from my man.

“I think now we should start with a tattoo,” She said sweetly to Manik before looking at me.

He nodded and settled down on the chair.

She smirked at me and stood beside him, touching his chest with her fingers and making me frown.

“You want this here right?” She asked, still moving her fingers slowly all over his chest. Manik nodded, not liking it.

“Exactly here, right?” She asked, again caressing his chest, slowly moving her fingers.

My blood boiled seeing that and before Manik could say something, I cut him off, “Plan is changed, he’s not getting the tattoo there. Wear it.” I held out the shirt to him, glaring at him. He immediately wore it without asking anything like an obedient boyfriend.

Good! Now he is behaving like a good boyfriend.

“Make the tattoo on his hand,” I said, giving him a warning look so that he wouldn’t tease me and question me.

“Damn, these possessive love birds are cute and at the same time pain in the ass,” Daniel murmured under his breath but we both heard him and passed him a glare, asking him to shut up.

“But I think the design which Daniel had sent will look good on the chest. ” Laira said, looking at Manik.

“But my baby girl said hand, so do there only,” Manik replied sternly before glancing at me with a smile on his face.

I smiled widely with triumph and held his hand as Laira started inking his hand.

I closed my eyes tightly feeling his pain, entwining our other fingers together.

He pulled me on his lap, startling me. “Stay here.” He whispered and I nodded, closing my eyes, keeping my head on his chest while my fingers were playing with his collars.

“Open your eyes, baby girl.” His words made me open my eyes and I smiled as I looked at his tattoo, a bird tattoo.

My heartbeat accelerated, seeing it. It was so beautiful. As I looked at him, he smiled, wiping my tears which even I was unaware of.

Once, he gave me a bird pendant as he wanted me to fly high and be carefree like a bird. Today, he inked a bird in his hand too, as for him, me, his baby girl, is his free, carefree bird.


We stepped outside the shop hand in hand after paying.

As we settled down inside the car, Manik’s phone rang, flashing mom’s name.

I smiled, taking his phone from the dashboard.

“Hey, mom!” I answered the phone cheerily.

“Hey princess. How are you and where is your phone? I was trying it for so long.” She asked me.

“Mom, it was on silent. Sorry.” I replied but got startled as Manik pecked my lips making me realise I was pouting while talking. I shook my head at him while he smiled sheepishly at me.

“No problem, but when are you guys reaching here? I’m waiting.” She asked us, breaking my trance.

“Mom hardly fifteen minutes,” Manik replied as the phone was on the speaker.

“No dinner for you if you get one second late Manik, so no dirty business, come soon.” She said in a stern tone. I blushed, listening to her words.

I looked at him seeing him smirking at me.

Shameless Malhotra!


We stepped inside the house and I ran leaving Manik’s hand towards my lovely parents. I hugged Dad tightly, I was meeting them after one week.

“From now onwards I’m not letting you guys go for any business trip, leaving me,” I said, still hugging dad. He laughed.

“I missed you so much and you’re laughing at me,” I complained, still in the hug.

“Aww, I missed you too, Princess,” Dad said, pecking my forehead.

“You only missed dad, not me?” Mom asked, raising her brows at me. I pouted, hugging her.

“I missed both of you but he was a little ahead of you that’s why I hugged him first.” I justified my action but everyone knew it was a lie.

I don’t know why but I love dad, a little more than a lot.

“You never complained to me when last month I left for three days for a meeting,” Manik said, looking at me still standing at the door where I left him.

“And here comes my sulking Malhotra,” Dad murmured under his breath, making me chuckle.

“I heard it,” Manik said, giving a tight-lipped smile to dad and walking passed him, engulfing mom in his arms.

“Some people don’t have basic manners nowadays.” Dad’s voice pulled them apart.

“Yeah, look who’s talking,” Manik said, hugging him.

“I missed you,” Manik softly said as dad wrapped his hands around him, hugging him tightly.

“Same, my boy.” Dad smiled, lightly patting his back. Mom and I both smiled seeing the duo.

“What the fuck, Manik.” Mom’s angry voice pulled them apart. Even I looked at her, narrowing my brows in confusion.

“What is this?” She asked, eyeing his hand which turned little red due to the tattoo.

His tattoo was a little big so it might be hurting him more than mine.

“Last time you got saved because Raj was at fault but this time I’m not leaving you,” Mom chided him, twisting his ear.

My eyes widened, seeing her getting so angry. I instantly, placed my hands back getting scared.

“Mom what are you doing? It’s hurting me.” Manik whined, looking at mom.

“Hurting? Now it’s hurting. Where did this word disappear when you decided to have this.” Mom gritted her teeth, eyes towards his tattoo.

I looked at dad who was trying hard not to laugh.

He is so bad!

“Oldie,” Manik glared at dad and Mom twisted his ear more.

His eyes landed on me, “Mom it was baby girl’s idea and even she has one.” He said, immediately making an innocent face at mom.

Traitor! Dad did the right thing to laugh at him! Huh!

I moved my eyes lashes down nervously as Mom’s eyes landed on me.

“Princess, come here.” She sternly ordered me.

I stepped close to her, “Show me your hand,” She said sternly and I held out my hand to her and showed her my tattoo, still avoiding eye contact with her.

I waited for her response but she softly caressed my finger and after that she made me settle down on the sofa and asked Manik for the ointment which tattoo artist had given us. I nervously gave her the ointment as it was in my hand.

Taking it, she softly applied the ointment to my finger, startling me but I smirked at Manik when I saw his jaw drop.

“This is partiality. You twisted my ear and see you are applying ointment on her.” Manik whined, looking at us. I glared at him and he immediately added, “Mom, you’re doing partiality, but you’re doing this with my baby girl, so I have no problem.”

Good boyfriend!

I gave him a flying kiss while dad laughed at us and he gave us a tight-lipped smile.

“She didn’t know that I don’t like this but you knew it, Manik.” Mom said and he pouted at her.

“Now give me your hand, I have to apply ointment on your hand too.” Manik held out his hand to her and she applied ointment on his hand too. “And I’ll never do partially, my both kids are equally important to me.” She said, holding both of our hands and gazing at us with immense love.

We both leaned down and hugged her. “We love you, Mom.” We confessed in unison, smiling at each other.

God, I’m blessed to have her and this small family.

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