(Beyond Love} Chapter: 52 (Manan)


It is true that when you are happy, time passes quickly.

Three months with the love of my life went by so swiftly that it feels like we just confessed our love to each other yesterday. I’m having the best time of my life; our love is growing stronger and our relationship is becoming unbreakable.

I’m eternally grateful to God for bestowing him upon me. He is my soulmate in the truest meaning of the word because only your soul mate can inspire you to explore the world of your dreams. He never gives up on me.

He encourages me in whatever I do, and when I make a mistake, he corrects me.

Our love grew stronger with each passing day. We’re becoming addicted to each other. We can’t even go an hour without seeing each other now. If we are separated for more than an hour, we grow restless, and our passion for each other grew more with each passing day. And I should also say that in the last three months, we haven’t left a single place in college where we haven’t made love. In love, we’ve gone insane.

We’re like two souls who can’t be separated. Inseparable souls I must add.

I can’t believe that I’m living my life like this and it’s really unbelievable for me that we are doing crazy stuff like this.


One day, after our classes, we were walking along with the corridors hand in hand, simply conversing.

But suddenly he pinned me against the water cooler, grasping my arms and then he kissed me roughly with rage, making my eyes widen in shock.

He was biting my lips like he was taking out his anger on me. I wasn’t understanding what had happened to him all of sudden.

He left my arms and devoured my lips, sliding his fingers in my hair. I immediately caressed his stubble with one hand and with my other hand, I rubbed his back to calm him down. His kiss softened as I did this and I sighed with relief.

As he pulled apart, I asked him, panting, “what happened, baby?”

“I’m sorry for taking out my anger on you, I just lost my temper when I saw one of the boys in the corridor, staring at your lips with lustful eyes.” He said, caressing my lips with his thumb, softly.

“So you were jealous,” I asked, trying not to smile because he was looking so serious to me at that time.

“Yes, I was jealous. I just don’t want anybody to see my baby girl with that look.” He said in a possessive tone and I liked it.

I always have my way to calm him down and that day I calmed down him in my way very easily.

I moved closer to his ear and whispered huskily, “I need you badly because you have turned me on with this wild kiss.”

“Come with me.” He grasped my arm and led me to the empty room.

“Manik, there is the camera,” I said when he was locking the door.

“Don’t worry, it isn’t working.” Now he strode to me with a devilish smile stained on his face.

“How do you know, they aren’t working?” I asked him, raising my brows.

“Sh… we’ll talk later on. First let me satisfy you, my baby girl.” He slid his hand into my skirt, caressing up my thighs and now arousing my carnal desires.

I closed my eyes, throwing my head back and moaning with ecstasy as he slipped his hand into my skirt and rubbed my most sensitive bud vigorously before pounding his two fingers into me. Only I knew how I was balancing myself when he was fingering me in the classroom.

At last, he placed me down on the desk and thrust me hard and fast after pulling up my skirt and yanking down my undies and his jeans and boxer.

I was trying not to moan because anybody could hear our moans in the corridors.

That day we marked two spots of college with our love, the first was the corridors and the second was the classrooms. It was so mind-blowing experience.

Like this, every day we marked one or two places of college with our love.

I need to accept this. We both can’t take our hands off each other!


As he locked the door of the college’s washroom, I made myself ready for him by removing my jeans and undies because we wanted to be really quick that time as we didn’t want anybody to disturb us by knocking on the door.

“Impressive, baby girl.” He uttered, strolling toward me and I blushed.

I never feel shy to be naked in front of him because he makes me feel so beautiful with his looks and also my body is his too.

That day for the first time, he had thrust me from behind by bending me down on the washroom’s counter and grasping my wrists with one hand and yanking my hair with his other hand. Seeing him ramming into me through the mirror was satisfying me more. It was so pleasurable, seeing his looks when he was giving me a hard stroke, pinning me on the counter.


We were sitting alone in the canteen and spending time together during the lunch break as none of our friends were present in the college that day.

To be honest I was missing them but Manik, on the other hand, appeared to be overjoyed because we got alone time.

“It’s fantastic. Now during our lunch break only I’ll get your attention.” He squealed, looking at the phone when he received the message in our friends’ group. I looked at him narrowing my eyes.

“What? Why are you looking at me like this? Tomorrow I wasn’t present with you in the afternoon due to work in the office, so God has rewarded me. Woah!” He said, smirking at me, while I stared at him, speechless.

“You’re unbelievable,” I said, flicking his nose and he laughed.

My trance broke and I got startled when suddenly he started caressing my thighs over the fabric of my skirt with a smirk on his face.

“Manik, not here and not now or else I’ll get late and,” I halted as he started tapping his finger directly on my clit over the fabric of the skirt.

“I don’t care, baby. I just want to mark this place also with our love.” He winked at me before gliding his hand up my shirt, stroking my bare thigh, making me damp for me.

“Manik, please stop.” I implored.

“Do you seriously want me to stop, Baby Girl?” He asked, now caressing the middle of my thighs over the fabric of my undies, making me yearn for him.

“Not really, but after this, I will need you badly, then what?” I asked him.

“Don’t worry about that, Baby girl.” He whispered huskily in my ear, still rubbing me in agonisingly slow motion.

“Okay, then, I don’t have any problem.” As I said, a smile of victory flashed on his face.

He stood up. “Come with me.”

I got up from the chair and I followed him to the canteen’s kitchen. 

“Are we going to do that here?” I asked him in shock.

“Yes, baby if you don’t mind.” He said, gazing at me with desire in his eyes.

That look! Damn! How could I resist that look?

“Why will I mind? Either I want to mark every place with our love.” I told him boldly, coming closer to him and squeezing his hardness over the pant, making him groan.

“Sometimes you surprise me a lot, baby girl I wonder are you that same shy baby who used to be shy with only my mere touch.” He said, playing with my hair.

“You made me like this, Mr Malhotra,” I whispered huskily, sucking his lips after wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling his face a little down.

“So I must say, I did great work.” As he uttered, we both laughed.

As the bell rang, “Manik, I have to go to the class.” I said, wiggling in his arms.

“What? What about marking this place with our love.” He asked, tightening his hold around my waist.

“Some other day. I have an important lecture.” As I said, he pouted sadly like a baby, making me smile.

“So cute.” I pulled his cheeks and he rolled his eyes. “After college, we’ll meet here only. Now okay?” As I asked him and his face lit up.

“Okay.” He finally smiled at me.

“Now, bye.” I gave him a quick kiss on his lips and rushed to the classroom.

I was waiting to lecture pass quickly but I was feeling like the time had slowed down. I was going crazy to meet him and spend time with him after college. I was just wondering what he would do today.

Finally, as the bell of the last lecture rang, I shoved my stuff into my back hastily and rushed to the canteen to meet him.

I hugged him from behind as I saw him standing, facing his back to me in the canteen.

He turned around and clasped my face. “I missed you so much, baby girl.” He whispered against my lips before kissing me, pouring all his love.

“You know how much I was missing you?” I asked him.

“How much?” He asked, stroking my hair.

“That I was regretting attending the lectures,” I said, pouting at him.

“Really?” As he asked, I nodded.

“I love you so much, Manik,” I confessed, resting my head on his chest.

“I love you more.” He embraced his arms around me.

“Now let’s complete what we left in the middle.” He said as we pulled apart.

“What are we waiting for, let’s go.” I squealed with excitement.

He scooped me into his arms and took me to the kitchen. I laughed, resting my head on his chest.

We just never care about the people or what they will think about us. We don’t have time to think about them because we always stay lost in each other utterly.

He locked the door of the kitchen before pinning me against the wall and kissing me passionately. 

Then we made love in every corner of the kitchen, on the kitchen’s counter, on the floor, against the refrigerator and on the table.

“I love you so much, baby girl.” He pulled the way out just to pound himself back into me, making me scream with pleasure. He was ramming into me, pinning me against the wall, holding my legs around his waist. He was going so deep in this position and taking me to heaven with pleasure. I was just loving it and moaning insanely.

Flashbacks over

Like this, we mark every place of the college with our love, terrace, basketball ground, music room, auditorium, backstairs and of course, our favourite spot, parking lot.

But it doesn’t mean we only made love in these three months. We fought too like every other couple but we used to sort it out quickly as we can’t stay angry with each other.

I should also mention that my boyfriend can’t stand my pouts, so it’s extremely easy for me to appease him, and I can’t stand his eyes, his one glance filled with love and I’m all over him.

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