(Beyond Love} Chapter: 51 (Manan)


After our morning romance and family chit-chatting, finally, we’re going to college in his car after having breakfast with his parents.

Oh sorry! Our parents!

It feels so good to stay with them. I’m so blessed to have this small family, Mom Dad and my love, Manik.

My precious possessions!

Today also I’m wearing one of his shirts with my shorts. I love to wear his shirts. It makes me feel close to him. His fragrance always makes my moment beautiful.

“Yesterday you were feeling shy to post a pic in my shirt and today you’re going to college wearing this. Nice!” He suddenly uttered, breaking the silence and making me blush.

“I’m getting habitual of it, what to do?” I answered, shrugging my shoulders and he chuckled.

“What happened, you don’t like it?” I asked, raising my brows, though I knew the answer, still, I wanted to hear it from him.

“Like it? Babe, I love it.” He instantly answered, making me smile. “I don’t have any problem because it suits you.” He said, placing his lips on my cheeks.

“I know and you have such an amazing collection of shirts and t-shirts.” I answered smiling at him, “Be aware, because I’m going to rob your wardrobe frequently.” I teased him.

“Baby girl, it’s going be a brownie for me as you have no idea how hard you make me whenever I see you in my clothes.” My breath hitched when I heard him whispering huskily in my ears. Damn!

When did he come so close to me?

“Manik-” I moaned as he bit my earlobe, softly sucking it.

I shook my head as he moved back.

“You are such a monster. You never give me a chance to tease you.” I said, slightly punching in his stomach and he laughed.


We reached college in no time and stepped out of the car.

“Baby, I’m going to miss you so much.” He grabbed my face and said gravelly before kissing my lips chastely.

Few girls’ faces hung down, seeing him kissing me. I know they would be dying with envy.

Every girl dies on him but he’s mine. Wow!

I never thought that one day I would get so lucky.

“I don’t want to go away from you. I want to taste them after every few minutes.” He said, intensely gazing into my eyes and brushing my lips with his thumb.

I just smiled at him.

“What to do?” He asked after kissing me again.

“Then don’t go,” I said playfully, rubbing my nose against his.

“If you’re saying, so I’m not going.” He grasped my waist and yanked me to himself.

“Accept it. You really can’t take your hands off her.” We pulled out as soon as we heard rosy’s voice and saw all our friends standing there with a teasing smirk.

I feel so shy every time they tease us.

“Indeed, I can’t take my hands off my baby girl,” Manik said, placing his hands around my waist and pulling me closer.

“But it’s college, Manik,” Jack said in a matter-of-fact tone, although we could hear teasing in his voice.

“So what? She’s my baby girl and I can romance with her wherever I want.” He answered them before nuzzling my neck in front of them.

God! He’s so shameless.

They just shook their head in disbelief.

“Manik, I have to go, I’m getting late for class.” I pushed him away and he frowned.

“But-” He was going to say something but I pouted at him, making a puppy face. He smiled, giving in as he knows sometimes I feel so shy.

“Bye, Girlfriend, see you soon.” He kissed my cheek, making me blush.

“Bye, Boyfriend.” I stood on my toes and pecked his cheek before turning around.

I heard them laughing and rushed into the college building, blushing.

Oh God, he’s making me like himself. I’m not complaining.


After getting free from lectures, I called him, stepping out of the classroom.

I pouted sadly as he didn’t answer my calls.

Where is he? Huh!

I called him again and it still didn’t get answered. Then I called Rosy, walking in the corridors.

She answered, “hey, Nandini.”

“Hey. Is Manik with you?” I immediately asked her about him. I know I should greet first but what to do? I can’t control myself when it comes to him.

“Yes, he’s in front of me and playing basketball.” As she told me, I understood why he wasn’t answering my calls.

“Why don’t you come here and watch your boyfriend, playing basketball.” As she said to him ‘my boyfriend’, a red hue appeared on my face.

“Okay, I’m coming.” I disconnected the call and hurriedly reached the basketball ground.

My breath hitched as I saw him playing basketball in the vest only.

My man is so hot and attractive.

Indeed, a greek-god!

The way he’s jumping and hurling the ball in the basket is taking my breath away from me.

“This game is perfect for the tall man like him.” I giggled after saying this.

“Hey, Nandini, come,” Rosy called me and turned my gaze to her. She’s sitting with Ashley on the stairs around the ground.

I strolled to them with a smile on my face.

“I didn’t know that he plays basketball,” I said, sitting beside Rosy and my eyes glued to my hot man.

“It’s just one of his hobbies. He plays once or twice a month, therefore you don’t know.” Ashley told me and I looked at her with O mouth.

“And from the time you have come into his life, I think his favourite hobby has become to keep romancing with his baby girl.” Rosy teased, winking at me. I blush harder and they both laughed, making me giggle too.

My eyes widened as he pull up his vest to clean his sweat, revealing his hot body in front of everyone.

“What was the need of doing this in front of everyone?” I sneered. I don’t want girls to see my man like this as only I have the right to see his hot and perfect body.

“God, this guy is so hot. I hope for once he glances at me.” One of the girls, sitting in front of me, facing her back to me caught my attention.

“Yeah true and have you ever heard his voice? He sang so well, I’m with him since his high school and trust me, his voice is damn sexy and magical, just like him.” The other girl praised him who is sitting beside her. Although, I was getting angry at girls when they were staring at my man lustfully. But whenever someone praises him for his talent I feel so proud.

“Well, I don’t know about his singing but his features, damn, he looks so mouthwatering.” The other girl said, ogling at my man and they all laughed. I rolled my eyes.


As I again shifted my gaze to Manik, a wave of anger rushed over me because now he is playing, bare-chested.

I frowned at him.

Why did he has to remove his vest when so many girls are gawping at him? Idiot!

But the next moment only, a broad smile flashed on my face because finally my man noticed me and gave me a flying kiss, telling everyone that only I matter to him.

Seriously only he has the power to change my mood so instantly.

“Wow! lucky girl,” Rosy said, wrapping her arm around my neck and I just blushed.

“Man, today is my lucky day.”

“I wish one day I can touch his hot body.”

“He’s hottest my man and just with his looks, he’s arousing me.”

“I wish he had given me the flying kiss.”

I listened to the conversation of the girls and again the anger possessed me.

I know he is mine and I trust him but I don’t trust these evil girls who are leering at my man.

And it’s his fault, he gave them the reason to look at him like this.

After the match, he glanced at me with a smile on his face, picking up his vest. I kept my face stern, I’m still angry with him because all the girls are still staring at him with lust in their eyes.

I’m definitely gonna kill them! Gawd, I literally sounded so violent. What is he doing to me? It’s his fault. He is making me like this. Huh!

He went to the changing room after last time glancing at me.

“Let’s wait for him in the canteen,” Ashley said, standing up.

“Yup. Let’s go.” Rosy also stood up.

“You guys go, I have some work. I’ll meet you all there in a few minutes.” As I told them, they gave me a teasing look.

“What?” I asked, looking at them, making an innocent face as I lied to them, I don’t have any work, I’m going to meet Manik in changing room.

“We both know what ‘Work’ you and your boyfriend do nowadays,” Rosy said, smirking at me, making me blush.

“Aww, you’re so adorable,” Ashely said, pulling my cheeks and making me smile.

“Go girl, do your ‘work’ but don’t forget to come to the canteen with your boyfriend as we are waiting. Okay?” Rosy said and I nodded, trying my best to hide my flushed face.

“We won’t mind if you will share details of your work after coming back.” Ashely winked and I moved my lashes down, biting my lips.

Gawd, they too tease me so much.

They laughed at me before hugging me and then walking away after winking at me.

I blushed harder, shaking my head and as I got up, my phone beeped. I slipped my hand into my pocket and took out the phone.

Manik: What happened, baby girl, you were looking angry?

I read his message and slipped my phone back into my pocket without answering him.

“I’ll tell you everything in detail after meeting you,” I murmured in fury before walking to the changing room.


Without thinking twice I stepped into the changing room and all the boys stared at me like I’m an alien.

I never thought that I would enter the changing room full of a half-naked man like this.

God, what this man is making me do?

I found Manik, sitting on the bench and cleaning the sweat from his body with the towel.

His eyes widened in surprise as he looked at me. I know he wasn’t expecting me here. I just scowled at him.

He asked all the boys to go out through his eyes and they all went out, leaving us alone.

This is the power of my man!

“Why are you mad at me, baby girl?” He stood up and asked after placing the towel.

“Why did you take off your vest at the playground, Manik?” With my arms crossed across my chest, I asked him in an irritated tone.

“Because I wanted to wipe my sweat?” He answered, raising his brows.

“And because of your this stunt so many girls were ogling at you.”

“Baby girl, they don’t need a reason to ogle at me, your boyfriend has a charm and he is quite aware of it.” He firstly said in a matter-of-fact tone and then winked at me, making me angrier.

“But he is right, indeed he has a charm.” My subconscious said. Huh!

“But I wasn’t liking that. I was feeling like to rip their head apart.” I said, greeting my teeth.

“Oh so this is the reason, you’re jealous.” He said, moving closer to me and gliding his hand down my arm from the shoulder, sending shivers through my body.

I slightly pushed him away in fury.

“Yes, I was jealous. I wasn’t liking the way all the girls were leering at my boyfriend.” I honestly confessed, looking at him.

I don’t know why but I don’t feel shy sharing my feelings with him, anymore. With him, I always shared things which I never did with anyone. He is like a mirror to me, I don’t have to pretend or hide anything from him.

He suddenly grasped my arms and pushed me against the wall before capturing my lips and kissing me passionately, making my eyes widen.

Now I wasn’t expecting this.

My anger disappeared like magic with his passionate kiss. Only he knows how to instantly make me happy.

“Those girls will never get the chance to feel my lips on their lips because you know I’m only yours, Baby girl.” He whispered huskily, gazing into my eyes deeply after the kiss and driving me crazy with our proximity.

“I know, but still I don’t want you to flaunt your sensationally hot body like this,” I said in a stern tone.

“Okay, baby girl whatever you want.” Now he clasped my face and kissed me chastely, making my heart smile.

“Now let me wear my shirt, then we’ll go out together.” He said after the kiss, I nodded.

“I didn’t know that you play basketball so well,” I said while he is buttoning his shirts.

“It’s just a hobby, baby girl.” He answered, strolling toward me.

“God, you’re so freakin’ talented,” I said, feeling kind of proud to be his girl.

His perfect lips curved into a smile and he placed a kiss on my forehead after tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Shall we go now?” He asked, clasping my hand.

“Yes, let’s go!” I nodded, beaming at him.

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