(Beyond Love} Chapter: 50 (Manan)


“Loyal son? Don’t try to act innocent Malhotra!” Mom said, twisting his ear and then she chided him, “why did you leave yesterday without informing my princess? Do you have any idea how scared she was for you?”

I smiled widely hearing her words.

Aww, she’s taking my side. She is so cute.

“Mom, ask your daughter, it wasn’t my fault.” He whined like a baby and looked at me.

“Why are you showing your teeth? Take my side.” He said, making faces and making me giggle.

“Yes, Mom, he had left the note and even made it up to me.” I defended him. Well, he was not at fault

Isn’t it?

He had left such a sweet note for me. I felt guilty after reading it yesterday.

“Princess, don’t fall for his charm. This Malhotra duo is the same. Highly irresponsible, workaholic creatures!” Mom said, passing a glare at dad while dad looked at her in disbelief having a, ‘What was my fault?’ expression. I tried hard to control my laugh, seeing his scared face.

“Mom,” Manik poked.

“What?” She asked, irked.

“She has already fallen for me. Now it’s too late.” Saying this Manik rushed towards the dining table. My eye’s widened, hearing his words and I felt my cheeks turning red.

“So it means you didn’t scold him, Princess?” Now she asked, raising her eyebrows at me.

“Nope, she kissed me and engulfed me in her warm arms,” Manik shouted before I could answer and a sheepish smile flashed on my face.

Can he for once keep his sexy mouth shut?

“I showed my anger but it wasn’t his fault Mom. Please, don’t scold him.” I defended him again, while he is busy checking out the breakfast.


“You’re utterly smitten with him.” Mom shook her head in utter disbelief and Dad chuckled.

“He is worth it.” Unknowingly these words slipped out of my mouth. I blushed when I saw mom staring at me with a teasing smile.

Shit! He is literally rubbing off on me and making me shameless like him.

“I thought someone was angry at me. But look here my favourite breakfast. Nice.” Manik squealed, smiling at mom.

“How can a Mom stays angry with her son?” She said, strolling towards him.

“I love you so much,” Manik said, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and placing his head on her shoulder. She just smiled, ruffling his hair.

“I love you more, my life.” She replied, placing a soft kiss on his forehead.

“Did Princess show you the photo of us?” Dad asked him, taking me in a side hug. I smiled at him as he pecked my forehead.

“Yes, of course, and I felt FOMO.” He said while we all settled down. I’m sitting between Mom and Dad, and Manik is sitting beside her.

“Don’t worry, today we’ll click lots of photos.” Mom cheered him up, serving him.

“Such an attention seeker!” Dad murmured under his breath and I giggled.

When Mom served me, I thanked her, smiling. She beamed, holding my chin and placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

“And this is a small gift for you, Dad.” I finally got a chance to give him the bouquet after the drama.

The drama, which is my favourite.

“This is so beautiful, thank you, Princess.” He took me in a side hug and kissed my hair before placing the bouquet beside him on the other chair.

“Mom and this is for you.” Manik gave the bouquet to Mom and placed the butterfly in her hair, bringing a beautiful smile to her face.

“Wow, only you know how to make someone happy, Manik.” Mom said, playfully taunting Dad. He just shook his head.

“And you know what mom? You were looking so beautiful in the picture which Baby Girl showed me.” Manik said, taking a bite of the sandwich.

I blushed hard when he called me ‘baby girl’ in front of his parents too.

Although it’s not the first time he is calling me baby girl, still it always evokes the whole zoo in my stomach.

“Aww, thanks, baby.” She replied, caressing his cheeks and placing the bouquet on the table after inhaling its scent.

I admired them.

“I was the one who was supporting you yesterday. Not her.” Dad said, giving him a tight-lipped smile, making me giggle.

“Because you had sent me.” Manik instantly said, giving the same tight-lipped smile to dad.

“There is no goodness has remained in the world,” Dad said, mocking him, feeding mom the pancake from his plate. I smiled at them.

“You guys are so adorable,” I said, drawing their attention toward me. “I’m so glad to be a part of this adorable family now.”

“And we are blessed to have an angel like you in our family.” Mom said, smiling at me and Dad fed me the pancake.

“Yes, you’re the one best things my son did. And thanks to you, I’m getting extra time with my lady love. So please keep him busy with you, always.” Dad said playfully making us laugh.

“You’re so humorous, Dad,” I said, smiling.

We all laughed and finished our breakfast with chitchat. I’m so blessed to have them and feel happy from deep inside with them.

We spent the whole day with our parents and at night also, they insisted to stay with them and we couldn’t deny them.

We played games and talked so much. They both showed me his childhood photos and videos telling me about the story behind everything. I’m enjoying every moment with them. I feel so complete after getting this small family.


At night, I came into the guest room to sleep because I don’t want to sleep with Manik in his parents’ house.

What will they think?

But he isn’t understanding me.

“We’re in a relationship, Nandini, we can sleep in one room.” He tried to convince me.

“No, Manik, we can’t. What will they think? No!” I denied sternly.


“Manik, try to understand. It will not look good. Please.” I implored, looking at him with pleading eyes.

“Fine.” He stormed out of the room, banging the door.

“Shit! I made him so angry. But I’ll make it up to him tomorrow.” Saying this, I lay down on the bed.

A few minutes later

My eyes have become heavy with sleep, but still, I can’t able to fall asleep, I’m just changing my positions as I’m missing him. I want to sleep in his warm arms, listening to his soothing heartbeat.

I sat on the bed, holding my head, irked with myself for not sleeping with him.

Should I go to him or not?

I’m certain that he’ll understand me but he’ll tease me so much.

Whatever, I’m going to sleep with him and it’s my final decision.

I climbed down from the bed and dashed to his room.

His room’s door is ajar. I peeped inside and found him working on the laptop.

He always works if he isn’t with me. Work is his first girlfriend and the second is me.

I slowly opened the door and he instantly looked at me.

I lumbered towards him and he stared at me, narrowing his brows.

“Keep your laptop on the side, remove your shirt and hold me in your arms as I’m feeling sleepy,” I ordered him before lying on the other side of the bed.

I smiled as he kept the laptop on the side and took off his shirt like an obedient boyfriend.

“What about your, ‘Manik what will they think. No, we can’t sleep in the same room?’ tell me?” He asked, mimicking me, lying beside me before pulling me into his warm arms.

“Tease me tomorrow as I’m feeling so sleepy now,” I said, snuggling into him.

He chuckled, hugging me tighter and pulling me closer to himself before kissing my head and bringing a beatific smile to my face.

After coming into his magical arms, I instantly doze off in my paradise.


The next morning, I woke up and a contented smile flashed on my face as I saw Manik sleeping with an open mouth like always. I closed it and kissed his forehead.

Then my eyes fell over the collage photo frame of my family which is hanging on the side wall of his room. My eyes shimmered with happiness as there is my photo too with him.

I smiled contentedly, admiring the photo. “Now I’m the part of this family.” As I murmured, a lone tear of happiness trickled down my cheek.

Then I heard Manik’s concerned voice. “Why are you crying so early morning the morning, baby?” I instantly moved my eyes to him with a smile on my face, wiping my tear.

“This tear is of happiness,” I told him merrily.

“Who cries in happiness, Baby Girl?” He gently tucked my hair behind my ears.

“Me…” I raised my hand and chuckled, hiding my face in his chest.

He embraced me and kissed my hair. “Could I know the reason why you were crying with joy so early in the morning?” He asked as I looked at him.

I pointed at the photo frame. “This. I’m so blessed to be a part of your family.”

“Now it’s our family, Baby Girl.” As he said, I beamed at him.

“Our family,” I murmured and smiled contentedly.

“Yes, our family.” He kissed my forehead, smiling before again cuddling me in his warm arms, aka my paradise.

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