(Beyond Love} Chapter: 49 (Manan)


She stepped out of the room after getting ready in my new shirt as I ripped the one she was wearing after the bath.

“Let’s go and now no wasting time in teasing me as we’re already so damn late.” She strictly instructed me, waggling her finger at me.

“Okay, Ma’am.” I bowed to her, making her chuckle.

Then we finally left for breakfast.

I was driving the car and then I glanced at her and found her lost, staring at the phone’s screen.

“What happened, baby girl?” I asked curiously.

She pouted and showed me her phone, “see, this picture is looking so cool. But I’m not sure about posting it. I mean I want to post it and write it that my man clothes suit me better, but at the same time I’m feeling so shy about it.” She explained to me her problem innocently and I kept gazing at her. She blushed and bit her lower lip, feeling my intense gaze.

This act of her turned me on and I immediately applied the brake, halting the car. She narrowed her brows at me, having no clue what she has done to me.

“You’re going to be a death of me, baby girl.” Saying this, I yanked her to myself by grabbing her hair before pressing my lips on her plumpy lips, capturing them for a passionate kiss. Without having a second thought, she responded to me with equal passion.

I can never get over her.

I love her so much.

She came over my lap, devouring my lips and her arms wrapped around my neck. I pulled her closer to myself, holding her waist before grinding myself against her crotch, driving her insane.

Breaking the kiss, I cupped her face in my palm. We both were panting heavily due to our kiss. Our heartbeats were syncing with each other and we both are gazing at each other with the same passion.

“Damn, I love you.” I breathed on her lips, capturing it again.

She moaned as I nibbled down her neck after leaving her lips.

“MANIK MALHOTRA, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Mom’s voice from the phone startled us and I immediately pulled away.

What the fuck! Mom?

“Shit.” She instantly cut her call.

The phone is in her hand and she had picked it up by mistake.


“Baby girl, I know I just said that you’re going to be a death of me but I didn’t mean like this.” I sarcastically said, pointing my finger at her phone.

“I’m sorry.” She said, shyly moving her head down, playing with my t-shirt.

A smile came across my face, seeing her like this.

This woman has no idea how much her shyness makes me crazy for her.

“Look here,” I ordered, pulling her chin up with my index finger. She slowly lifted her gaze to me and asked, “What happened?”

“What she must be thinking Manik? It’s so embarrassing. I can’t go for breakfast. I can’t face them after this.” She said sheepishly.

“Don’t be so embarrassed, they are even more romantic than us. I caught them so many times doing things which I can’t even tell you.” I explained to her.

“You’re such a shameless Malhotra.” She giggled, hitting me playfully on my shoulder.

“Oh! I’m shameless? What about you? Here you’re the one who is sitting on my lap, baby girl.” I teased, pointing at her and she flushed and immediately went back to her seat.

Shit! I shouldn’t have teased her as I want to feel her close to me.

“Manik, but still what she would think? She must have heard my moan.” She again asked me in a worried tone.

“She would just think that her son is so happy and crazy for his girl that he’s is losing his mind.” I playfully said, flicking her nose. She blushed and I gazed at her with all my love.

I just love this girl so much! And she’s seriously driving me crazy.

“Stop looking at me like this.” She said, biting her lips.

“Then stop distracting me,” I replied, pecking her lips. She blushed harder.

“Manik, we should go as we’re already late.” She reminded me.

“Yeah! I almost forgot that we’re going. Thanx for reminding.” I said, starting the car and she laughed. I turned my face to her and got lost in her precious laughter.

“Look there now. No funny business while driving.” She teased, slightly slapping my face and making me chuckle.

It’s so difficult to concentrate on the road when the most beautiful girl is sitting beside me.


“What happened, Manik?” My baby girl asked me, looking outside as I stopped the car in front of the flower shop.

As I stopped the car where the whole road is filled with beautiful flower shops, I smiled seeing her gazing at the flowers outside with her sparkling eyes.

“Just making little efforts to make it up to my sweetheart,” I replied and opened the back seat window as I saw the shopkeeper coming towards my car with the bouquet after seeing my text.

He placed it on the back seat and I thanked him as I have already paid online.

“Sweetheart?” My baby girl asked me, confusingly, looking at the bouquet.

“Yup, my lovely sweetheart.” I teased as I saw her frowning.

“Tell me, who is she?” I got startled as she asked me, holding my collar, making my eyes widen.

Dude, where did my sweet baby girl disappear?

“You’re becoming a little violent baby girl,” I said, a little scared. She glared at me.

“I don’t care. Who is she? Tell me!” She asked, and I opened my mouth to answer her as I don’t want her to kill me.

Teasing her was definitely a bad idea!

“Actually-” I was about to open my mouth but she cut me off and continued, “and wait. How can you call someone ‘sweetheart’. I’ll complain about you to mom and dad. You just wait and watch Malhotra!” She warned, pointing her index finger at me as with her one hand she was still holding me by the collar.

“Mom.” I instantly said as I don’t want to die man!

Her hold loosened immediately and she moved back to her seat, still narrowing her eyes.

“It’s for mom because I wanted to make it up to her. She was sounding pissed off. So I ordered her favourite flower. She loves red roses and this shop is her favourite because see, in this packaging there are two butterflies. She loved them.” I told her, flicking her nose. She mouthed o and smiled.

I was about to start the car but she stopped me by placing her hand on my hand.

I raised my brows at her asking, what happened.

“Then take one for my dad too. Why are you doing partiality?” She said, pouting at me.

“Because I was out for his work. So, indirectly he is at fault. Huh. And anyway, I wanted to make it up to my lovely mom.” I said, making faces.

That oldie must be happy because now mom will give him more time than me. Huh!

“Fine, order one more because I want to give one to my dad. Please.” She said, looking at me with her puppy eyes. My heart melted, seeing her love for my dad.

Okay, I need to accept this. My dad is the best and my baby girl is no less. And seeing their bond, loving each other, what more could I ask for?

“As you say, baby,” I replied, I’m feeling very overwhelmed by her little gesture. She squealed happily and thanked me by giving a quick peck on my lips, making me smile widely.

I can do anything for this reward!!

Soon we reached my mansion and we stepped out of the car. My baby girl already picked out both the bouquets.

“Here take this.” My love said, holding out one bouquet to me. I smiled, taking the bouquet from her hands.

“Let’s go.” She smiled, moving towards the door but got startled as I suddenly pulled her, making her back banged with my chest.

“Manik, what are you doing?” She breathed due to our proximity. I can feel her raising her heartbeat.

“I love you,” I said, kissing her head and placing one flower in her hair with the help of her Bobby pin.

She smiled, turning towards me as I wrapped both my hands around her waist.

“I love you more, idiot.” She said, flicking my nose. I fake glared at her and she giggled, giving a quick peck on my lips.

“Let’s go,” I said, holding her hand in mine. She smiled.


We reached inside his home. Doors were already opened and as we stepped into the dining room, we found Mom and Dad glaring at us.

Well, we deserve that.

“You both are reaching at the time of lunch. Great!” Dad said sarcastically.

“Oh, Raj… Manik is a busy man. He must have been busy signing some deals, that’s why he came here late. We should be thankful to him that he is gracing this house with his presence.” Mom mocked, giving us a tight-lipped smile.

“Well, we both already know what important deal he was finalizing.” Dad teased, making me blush.

“Well, I learned it from you only.” Manik winked and my eyes winded.

He is so shameless!

“I’m proud of you, my son,” Dad said, smirking at him and Manik raised his imaginary collars.

I was wrong! He is not shameless… This duo is shameless.

“You’re impossible, Raj. I asked you to mock them but here you started teasing them. Traitor!” Mom said, glaring at dad.

Damn, Mom seems angry. God, please save my Manik. I’m feeling pity for him.

“That’s why I say that don’t take him in your team. I’m your loyal son.” Manik said, immediately making an innocent face.

My jaw dropped, seeing him changing his side so quickly.

Well, mom said it right, ‘like father, like son!’

Both are utterly the same, no one is less. And I love them both.

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