(Beyond Love} Chapter: 48 (Sidnaaz)


A beatific smile spread across my face when I felt his warm lips on my forehead, first thing in the morning.

Well, what more could anyone ask for early in the morning?

Smiling contentedly, I slowly opened my eyes to see the best view of the morning, my man. I blushed when I saw him stroking my hair lovingly, lying naked just beside me, looking not less than a greek-god with his messy hair and bare chest.

God, this man looks delicious just like my chocolate cupcake!

I giggled and blushed harder as soon as this thought across my mind.

“Done eye fucking me?” My eyes widened as soon as I registered his words.

How did he come to know this? Was that so evident?

“W-what are you saying?” I stammered, looking here and there as a red hue appeared on my cheeks due to our proximity.

“And here comes my shy baby girl, indeed it’s going be a good morning now.” He laughed, stroking my cheeks, making me blush harder.

“Well baby girl, I want to ask you something. Can I?” He asked, sweetly stocking his other thumb on my cheek as his one hand is in my hair.

“Of course.” I smiled, stocking his one-day stubble and making him smile at me.

I’m just utterly smitten with his charming smile.

“Well, are you bipolar or something?” He asked, looking at me with a poker face.

“Ahh?” I narrowed my brows at him, bemused.

“I mean one moment you behave all bold, like a wild cat and next moment you become all shy, like a typical teenage girl. So..” He said with a mischief look on his face.

Jeez, he can never stop teasing me. It’s evident teasing me is his favourite hobby. Huh!

A red hue appeared on my cheeks and he giggled.

“Shameless Shukla!” I whined, pulling the sheet again above my head, hiding my face from him in utter shyness.

And I didn’t come to know when I fell asleep again.

Well, don’t blame me, my man wasn’t gentle as whatever he said, he meant it.


“Love, wake up!” I felt Sidharth, nudging me and I pulled the covers again over my head, not wanting to wake up. I snuggled closer to him, feeling the warmth of his bare chest.

It’s an amazing feeling!

I was so lost in his warmth that I didn’t even come to know when he pulled down the sheets from my head. I shivered when the cold wind came in contact with my naked body and I snuggled closer to him.

My breath hitched when I felt his fingers on my hips, making circles over them.

Thank god, he is wearing his boxers otherwise… Umm… Okay, I’m not saying that.

“Wake up, baby girl!” He whispered and hovered over me, placing wet kisses on my neck to my twins. My breath hitched and all my sleep flew away.

Is he trying to wake me up? Woah! What a unique idea. I won’t mind getting woken up like this.

I tried controlling my giggle as that thought cross my mind.

Well, my sleep is a long-forgotten thing now but still, I’m not opening my eyes as I’m feeling so shy and at the same time, I want to see what more he can do.

I tried controlling my moan and pretended to sleep.

“Get up, love.” He murmured, giving wet kisses to my twins, one by one. I blushed but didn’t open my eyes. His hands went down to my belly button, drawing circles all over it.

“Wake up, baby girl otherwise I won’t stop and we will get late for breakfast.” He said, sucking one of my boobs and playing with the other.

Woah! He is obsessed with my twins but dude… It feels so amazing. I think I’m too obsessed with his little action. Hehe!

“I know you’re up, love. So open your eyes and stop pretending.” He mumbled against my bud, sucking it again. I tried hard to hide my flushed face and my moan.

But dude, it feels magical!

“If we get late, Mom will scold me.” He whined, moving his fingers on my honey pot.

Yeah… Mom will scold you but still, you are doing this.

Naughty Shukla!

“Look who is saying, even you are enjoying this.” My subconscious mocked me. Huh!

“So you being a lazy girl today. Fine don’t blame me now.” I frowned, hearing him but before I could understand, I squealed loudly as I’m already in his hands, he picked me up from the bed in his arms in a bridal style.

“Sidharth, what are you doing?” I giggled.

“Well, definitely not what you wanted.” He teased, making me blush.

“Put me down!” I said, ignoring his comment.

“I’m going to but somewhere else.” I frowned, hearing him but before I could understand, I felt water pouring on our faces and I saw him laughing at me.

When did he turn on the shower? God!

I was about to scold him but got startled as I felt him moving his hands slowly all over my body, pulling me closer to himself.

We gazed into each other eyes deeply and my breath hitched when I felt his long fingers moving sexily on my hips, turning me on.

“I would like to continue this shower with you, but I don’t want mom to kill me. So some other time,” he whispered, sucking my lips and making me blush.

“Teaser!” I murmured under my breath as I saw him going out of the bathroom, winking at me.

Poor me!


Sidharth’s POV:

We stepped out of the room after getting ready with a little bit of romance and teasing, of course. Now our life is incomplete without this.

Today also my Baby Girl is wearing one of my shirts with her denim shorts, looking so irresistibly hot.

Jeez, I’m feeling like ripping her shirt and doing all the dirty things with her.

But no, I can’t. Mom will kill me. She already called me twice in the past thirty minutes and dude she sounded so pissed off.

She’s going to give me a hard time, today. I pouted, sadly.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and I understood who is on the door.

I rushed to open the door excitedly and my baby girl followed me.

There is a huge parcel, the delivery boy kept it inside and I paid him. I looked at Sana and found her staring at the parcel suspiciously.

“What is this?” She asked, narrowing her brows at me.

“Condoms.” As I told her, grinning, her eyes widened in shock.

“Why so many?” She asked me while I took one packet out of it, grinning.

“Why not? The condom was disturbing our romance, therefore I ordered so many.” I told her.

“That’s why you brought the condom factory to my place. Great!” I chuckled after listening to her words. “You know after seeing this, I’m feeling like we’ll make love twenty-four hours.” She laughed hysterically.

But soon she bit her lips, realising her words.

Aww! God, she’s so cute.

I laughed seeing her flushed face.

I grabbed her waist and yanked her to myself. “I won’t mind doing that.” I teased, sucking her plumpy lips softly.

“So let’s begin from now only.” She played along with me, wrapping her both arms around my neck.

Great! She is learning from me.

“Are you serious, baby girl?” I asked her gravelly, grinding myself against her crotch so that now she can’t say no.

“Yes, I’m damn serious, Sidharth. Please, love me.” She pleaded, closing her eyes and throwing her head.

Fuck! Whenever she asks me to make love to her, it instantly turned me on.

“As you say, baby girl.” Saying this, I ripped all the buttons of the shirt which she is wearing. I felt so satisfied because I was dying to do this. She instantly opened her eyes and stared at me in surprise.

“Let’s begin our twenty-four hours of lovemaking, baby girl,” I whispered against her lips before capturing them and kissing her hungrily by grabbing her hair and waist.

I attacked her neck and unclasped her bra before massaging and sucking her twins. They’re so soft and perfect. I love them.

I opened the button of her shorts and slid my hand into it and her undies before vigorously rubbing her wet honeypot while chewing her nipple. She is just moaning, clutching my hair and throwing her head back.

I knelt down and hurriedly yanked down her shorts with her undies before burying my face in between her legs and eating her up, making her moan crazily.

I stood up and whispered, gazing deeply into her eyes. “Love you so much, Baby girl.”

She clasped my face and confessed, “I love you more, Sidharth.”

I captured her lips and pulled my jeans and boxer down my legs while devouring her lips hungrily. I swiftly wore the condom and pinned her hands against the wall before easing deep into her in one go, filling her and making her scream inside my mouth. I pounded into her hard and fast, kissing her neck and she moaned loudly.

As I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist, taking me deeper into her. I took her to the dining table and thrust her after making her sit on the table and widening her legs by grasping her knees.

I’m not getting satisfied. I think even making love with her for twenty-four hours won’t be enough for me. She drives me insane and takes my carnal desire to another level.

Now we’re making love on the sofa in the hall after making love in every corner of the hall, near the staircase and on the stairs, chair and the table. She is lying under me and moaning insanely, clutching my shirt.

“God, babe. I’m seriously feeling like a sex maniac.” I laughed, saying this.

“Well, I won’t mind until or unless it’s for me.” She giggled, digging her face in my chest while I slowly moved inside her.

As my phone rang, we finally came on the earth back.

“Shit! Sidharth, we forgot about the breakfast with Mom and Dad.” She shouted.

“You only wanted to make love with me twenty-four hours.” I blamed her after coming out of her.

“It’s your fault, this happened because of your parcel.” She pushed me away and stood up.

I smirked, seeing her naked body. She has the perfect toned body. I just love everything about her, from her body to her nature.

“You’re looking so sexy, baby. I still want you.” I said, roaming my eyes all over her perfect bare body and now she became red like a tomato, realising her state.

She dashed to her room and closed the door. I laughed out. She is so cute!

But dude… What about mom? She gonna kill me! Fuck!

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