(Beyond Love} Chapter: 44 (Sidnaaz)


Sana’s POV:

I woke up the next morning with a beatific smile on my face.

Well, why I won’t be happy? I just witnessed the best dream of my life, something beyond beautiful that even fairytales are nothing in front of this because I saw Sidharth and I are married and living with his family. It was such a beautiful dream. I hope this dream comes true.

I blushed hard and thanked God for sending this angel into my life.

My angel, My Sidharth!

Well, it’s so ironic. Earlier I used to think that these beautiful dreams are not meant to be fulfilled, that’s why we called them ‘Dreams’. But from the moment he walked into my life, every moment seems like a dream and it made me believe in the fact that reality can be more beautiful than any dream. Maybe my every dream is not meant to be fulfilled but his love and his care made me realise that whatever I dreamt about us will certainly be fulfilled because I know he will do it, for me, for us, for our forever.

Because when my man says forever, he meant it. I know him. It is vividly visible in his deep chocolate brown eyes and I’m sure he will stay with me forever.

Chuckling a bit at myself, I moved my hands in his direction but my smile faded as I saw the empty bed and realised, Sidharth is missing.

Where is he?

I hurriedly wrapped the white duvet around my body and rushed to check him everywhere.

I panicked as I didn’t find him anywhere.

Where did he go so early in the morning?

I hurriedly went downstairs to take out my phone from the clutch which was kept on the table.

Fear ran down my spine when I dialled his number and it went unreachable.

Why his phone is coming unreachable? Why did he leave me like this so early in the morning?

He has never done this before? Why today?

“Did he just want to spend a night with me?” As this thought came into my mind, tears brimmed in my eyes.

“Sana, what the fuck are you thinking. It’s Sidharth. Maybe something important has come, so that’s why he left.” I yelled at myself, wiping my tears.

How can I think about him like this? I really need to stop behaving like this. I can’t think negative. I’m Sidharth’s baby girl. I need to trust him before anything else. He loves me selflessly, how can I even let any ridiculous thought cross my mind?

He loves me so much. He must have some important work, that’s why he left me like this after our beautiful night.

I went upstairs to wear something, trying to think positive because my heart knows that he truly loves me.

Once I reach my room, tears started flowing out of my eyes seeing the empty bed. Flashes of last night started coming in front of my eyes. I’m missing him. This morning, I needed him with myself, in my arms. I know I’m behaving like an idiot but I can’t help it. I need him now, after yesterday’s night we got so close that I need him now as much as a heart needs its beats.

Gosh, Why did he have to leave like this after our first time? He has never done this before. Why today?

“No Sana, don’t let any stupid thought cross your mind.” Repeating this thing in my mind I went towards the cupboard and took out one of his shirts and wore it, feeling like he is hugging me.

“Where are you, my love?” I murmured, hugging myself and a lone tear trickled down my cheek mechanically.

I opened my eyes and they fell on the pills which are kept beside the side table. They are emergency contraceptive pills.

Suddenly the air around me became so heavy making more tears trickle down my face. I want to keep my mind away from all the uneasy thoughts but what should I do?

He remembered keeping the pills beside my bed but didn’t bother to leave a simple message?

I’m so mad at him!

After our beautiful night, all I wanted is his warmth, his attention, his presence and his love.

What am I supposed to do now?

Sidharth Shukla, where are you?

“I don’t want to have these pills,” I shouted in anger and hurled the pills on the floor.

“I’ll not leave you, Sidharth Shukla. I’m going to punch that sexy face of yours.” I murmured under my breath, seeing his photo on my phone.

I caressed his smile with my fingers and as always his smile did exactly what he is good at– making me feel peaceful.

“I’ll not punch your face. Just come back soon. I want to hug you so badly.” I murmured, wiping my tears with the sleeves of his shirt and pouted seeing my reflection in the mirror wearing his shirt.

I went to the washroom to wash my face and my eyes fell on the bird pendant given by Sidharth and a small smile flashed on my face, remembering the beautiful moment when he has given me the pendant. I still remember his every word. That day how effortlessly he had made me feel so special with his words and when he saw tears in my eyes how affectionately he wiped them and gave me that unique nickname.

“Don’t cry, I want you to smile for me, for yourself. Okay? My little birdie baby girl.” I smiled remembering it. His every word is engraved in my heart.

“I trust you, Sidharth. I trust your love. I’m sure there would be something important and also there would be no network. God, I trust you but I don’t trust my destiny. I trust you, Sidharth but I don’t trust my fate. I need you. I need you here because I can’t breathe if you’re breathing the same air as me. Come back soon because this is the first time, I’m waiting for someone with all my love.” I whispered, closing my eyes while placing my hand on my heart where his name is engraved.


A few hours passed, and now it is afternoon and I still have no clue about Sidharth. Every minute is feeling like an hour to me. Oh God, I’m getting so restless. I hope everything is fine? I’m getting mad at him for being so irresponsible but I know there might be a reason because he never behaves so careless toward me.

Should I call Auntie to ask about Sidharth from her? Because I won’t get relief until I get to know where is he.

I’m calling her because I can’t stay like this. I just wanted to know if he is fine or not.

Putting everything on the side, I called Auntie.

“Hello, Princess, how’re you?” In this state also, a smile flashed on my face, listening to her sweet and cheerful voice. And the way she lovingly calls me Princess it’s beyond words.

“Hey, Auntie, I hope I didn’t disturb you,” I asked and tried my best to hide my tension.

“Not at all, Princess. Is everything alright, you’re sounding tense?” Auntie asked in a concerned tone, surprising me.

How much she understands me!

“Tense? Princess are you alright?” Then I heard Uncle’s voice filled with concerns.

I’m flattered, seeing their affection towards me. They both care about me so much! Now tears of happiness welled up in my eyes.

“I don’t know where is Sidharth. I woke up this morning and he wasn’t with me. I’m calling him but he isn’t picking up my calls.” I mechanically told them everything in a crying tone and to be honest, I felt good.

“Hey, Princess, stop crying and don’t worry, he has gone out for important work and there is no network.” As Uncle told me this, I felt like I got my breath back.

“Such irresponsible behaviour. Like father, like son. I mean, what the hell is wrong with him. I won’t let him come inside my house, Raj.” Auntie chided him.

“Neyo-” Uncle cut her words.

And Auntie didn’t let him speak, “Princess, don’t let that son of Raj come inside your house. He deserves that.”

“Oh! So now he is my son? Nice. But it’s not his fault. I-”

She again cut his words. “Shut up, Raj. Stop defending him. You’re making him like you. Workaholic creatures.”


“Baby, are you fine right?” She asked me concernedly.

“Yes, auntie. Now I’m fine. I was very worried about him. So many negative thoughts were crossing my mind.” I told her.

“Princess, you don’t think all this, we’re coming there,” Uncle reassured me.

“Yes, we’re coming. You just don’t worry, I’ll scold Sidharth and he’ll never go like this again.” Auntie is so angry.

Seriously, my heart is flattered after seeing their gestures. They are coming here for me, just because they heard me crying. God, when did I get so lucky?

More tears trickled down my cheeks but this time I have a contented smile on my face too.

Wiping my tears, I hurriedly cleaned the room, and kept the clothes in the laundry after picking them from the floor.

Then I wore one of my shorts with the shirt of my love. I don’t want to remove it as I feel close to him when I wear his clothes.

His tantalising aroma feels so soothing to my soul.

God, I’m missing him so much.

My gaze fell on the mirror and I smiled seeing my reflection seeing the new me. The colour of his love is vividly appearing on my face.

With his shirt, pendant and love bites, I’m totally looking like, ‘Sidharth’s baby girl.’

My trance broke when I heard the doorbell.

Setting my clothes, I rushed out to open the door. I smiled at uncle and Auntie as I opened the door.

Auntie pulled me into a warm hug, giving me so much peace. “How’re you, Princess? My son made you cry a lot, right?” She asked me after breaking the hug.

I pouted, slightly nodding my head. Indeed he has made me cry today.

“You’ll see now how much I’m gonna scold him by twisting his ear.”

“Princess, I had called him in the morning and urgently asked him to go. I’m sorry.” Uncle apologised to me guiltily and I instantly shook my head.

“But Raj, he would have gone informing her. But no, he left my Princess without telling her. How could he?”

He cut her words, “Neyo, he left early in the morning. Princess might be sleeping that’s why he didn’t inform her and now I’m sure there was no network as that place is quite isolated and far from the city, that’s why it’s happening. Don’t get angry with him. I asked him to go as soon as possible because that was really important.” Uncle calmly explained.

“Uncle Auntie, now don’t fight. Whatever it is, I’m so happy after seeing you both here.” As I uttered cheerily, they both smiled at me.

I welcomed them, “now come inside.”

I strolled to the hall and they both followed me.

“You both settle down, I just come.” I turned to go but Auntie stopped me by holding my hand.

“You sit down with me. Raj, go and bring something to eat for our Princess. I’m sure she hasn’t eaten anything from morning.” Auntie ordered him.

“I just come.” He instantly went straight to the kitchen before I could say something.

“Auntie, you both have come to my place for the first time and,” Auntie shushed me with her words.

“No words, you’re our daughter now. So let us take care of you. Now you’re sitting or I twist your ear.” She asked, giving me a fake glare, making me giggle at her.

“I surrender,” I too played, throwing my hands in the air and we both laughed, sitting down on the sofa.

My eyes softened seeing her face. She’s so beautiful and more than her face, it’s her soul. I love her so much.

“I love you, Auntie.” these words automatically slipped out of my mouth as I placed my head on her shoulder.

She pouted angrily at me and my brows narrowed in confusion.

“I’m calling you daughter and you’re still calling me Auntie. That’s not fair.” She chided me.

“What do you want me to call you,” I asked, but I know what she meant by that. She adorably glared at me and I smiled.

“You’re the best, mom.” Her lips curved up into a blissful smile as soon as I called her, mom. I just hugged her, smiling contentedly. “I love you, Mom,” I uttered, closing my eyes. I never thought that I would ever get the privilege to experience these emotions in my life and mechanically a tear trickled down my cheek.

“God neyo, what did you say to my princess that she’s crying again?” We pulled apart, hearing Uncle’s words.

I saw Uncle marching to us, holding two mugs.

“Raj, ask yourself from her.” Mom said, sending a fake glare at me, making me smile amidst my tears.

Uncle narrowed his brows and placed the mugs on the table. Then he lovingly asked me, placing his hand on my face. “Tell me what happened.”

“I just got emotional after getting my mom, Dad.” His eyes twinkled as I called him Dad and I felt immense peace to call him Dad.

Now he hugged me, smiling broadly and kissed my hair. “I’m so happy to get my daughter.”

“And I’m so happy to have you both in my life.” I hugged them together, smiling merrily. I’m cloud nine today.

I have always yearned for my parents’ love and finally, I’m getting it from them. I’m so grateful to have them.

“I’m missing, Sidharth,” I said softly, looking at them because I want to share my biggest happiness with my love. Without him, my every happiness feels so incomplete.

“Because of him, I’m experiencing these feelings. I’m missing him because he is always there with me in my bad times, so I want him to be with me in my good times too.” I honestly confessed, clutching my pendant, and tears again welled up in my eyes.

I got startled as they suddenly kissed my cheek together and my eyes widened in surprise. Dad clicked our photo.

“I’m sending you this photo. Then tell him about this by showing him this photo.” He said and I just beamed at him.

“Well, I thought only my son is whipped but I guess it’s equal from the other end too, isn’t it?” Mom teased me and a red hue appeared on my cheeks. They laughed seeing my flushed face, making me blush harder.

“Okay, Now have coffee or else it will get cold.” He said, pointing at the coffee mug.

“Yes, Princess and don’t forget to taunt him about his work. I always do these things to Raj.” Mom laughed after saying this.

“I’m really feeling pity for my son,” Dad murmured under his breath, making me giggle.

“Did you say something Raj?” She asked, wiggling her brows and he raised both hands, nodding his head in no, making us laugh.

I don’t come to know how so quickly many hours with them passed. We had so much fun together.

We were watching the movie together when Dad’s phone rang up, breaking our moment.

“Shit, it totally slipped out of my mind,” he said, looking at the phone.

“What happened, Raj?” Mom asked.

“Umm… I forget to cancel the dinner. Wait let me just do it.” He said, rubbing his neck in nervousness.

I smiled seeing his actions and recalled Sidharth. So many things are common between them and both look super adorable doing this. Aunties said right, ‘Like father, like son.’

My trance broke as the realisation hit me. They forgot to cancel their plan? God!

“You don’t have to cancel the plan, Dad,” I uttered, catching their attention. I continued, “you both go as I’m fine now and all credit goes to both of you.”


“No buts, you both are going and that’s final,” I said in a stern tone. I don’t want them to cancel their plan. Sidharth has told me how busy dad used to be earlier and if now he is getting time to spend with mom, I can’t let them compromise it.

“Okay fine but don’t forget to teach Sidharth a lesson. Okay? Don’t forgive him easily.” Mom said, pointing her index finger at me, making her eyes big.

“Sure, Auntie.” I laughed.

“And now tomorrow you have to come for breakfast,” Dad said in a commanding tone.

I just nodded, smiling merrily.

Then they stood up and left after hugging me.

I closed the door and as I came back to the room, the doorbell rang.

It must be Sidharth. I wondered.

“Well, I’m not gonna forgive him easily. Even he gives me his sweet smile too, I’ll punch him so hard for going away without informing me.” I murmured under my breath and hied out to open the door, hiding my excitement to see him.

“I’m gonna give you a hard time, Mr Shukla,” I murmured before making a stern face.

And as soon as I opened the door, my eyes shimmered with immense happiness as I saw him after a long day. I jumped over him and hugged him after standing on my toes. He embraced me back, lifting me from the floor and after coming into his warm arms, I feel like I got my breath back.

There goes my all the preparation of giving him a hard time into the gutter!

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