Desire To Control Her (Part: 98 I adore you)


Now we’re lying naked in each other arms after spending one of the most heavenly moments of our life. I’m constantly stroking the beautiful tattoo and kissing it, lying on my front on him while he’s playing with my hair and pecking every inch of my face, his arms are firmly wrapped around my back inside the duvet.

“Today only this tattoo will get all your love, what about my handsome face?” He asked like a kid, making me chuckle.

“Yes, today my all love is for this ethereally beautiful tattoo,” I answered merrily and again placed a soft kiss there, smiling.

“I’m glad you like it.” He beamed at me.

“Like it? I’m completely smitten with this tattoo.” I chirped with joy and pecked the tattoo.

“And I’m smitten with you.” He sucked my lips chastely.

“By the way, when did you imprint this beautiful piece of art,” I asked him, raising my brows and gently stroking the tattoo.

“You won’t believe it when I inked this.”

“When?” I asked, getting curious now.

“You know I have realised that I’m in love with you a long ago.”

I asked, cutting his words, “then why didn’t you tell me?”

“When I realised that I’m in love with you, I decided to confess my feelings to you by showing this tattoo to you but you left me after seeing one of my role-play videos. After that, I decided to give us some time, and then with time I became certain that my love for you will never weaken and no matter what happens, my heart will never stop beating for you.” He confessed lovingly, bringing a blissful smile to my face.

“So why did it take you so long to say?” I asked him, caressing his stubble.

“I was waiting for your birthday to confess because I wanted to make it special but today you forced me to confess.” I laughed out after knowing this and then gazed at him with immense love in my eyes.

I can’t believe he was hiding this tattoo and his feelings from me just to make my birthday special and he says I’m unbelievable.

But today after knowing this I have fallen in love with him even more.

I’m so blessed to have him in my life.

“I adore you, baby.” I squealed, hugging him tightly and burying my face in his chest.

“I adore you more, Butterfly.” He kissed my head.

“You know it was so difficult for me to keep this tattoo hidden from you.” He told me.

“Even I’m shocked that how did you do this and why I didn’t doubt you for never being completely naked in front of me,” I uttered in a disbelief tone.

“Once I was almost being caught by you.”


“Do you remember when you had come to have a shower with me but I asked you to go out and like always you weren’t listening to me?” As he asked, I nodded my head after recalling that day. “Oh God, first, it was so hard to resist you and then convince you to go. But you helped me unknowingly that time by thinking that I was angry with you.” We both laughed out.

“I must say, you did a great job, baby.” I praised him, caressing my nose with his before squealing with joy, “wow! now I’ll get another surprise on my birthday.”

“I have already planned something.” My eyes twinkled with excitement after knowing this.


“It’s a surprise, Butterfly. Just two more days to go.” He kissed my lips, pouring his all love.

Now we lay down, cuddling each other in a different position, his face dug in my chest and I’m caressing his silky hair with a smile of utter contentment on my face.

I didn’t think that my punishment for getting drunk would be so beautiful. I’m on cloud nine.

Now I’m wondering what would be the condition of other girls?

Lara’s P.O.V.

I’m bound in the X position on a wooden table, exhausted and sore by the nonstop orgasm, I lost the count even. Still, the vibrator wand on high speed is pressed against my sensitive clit and his two fingers are jabbing in and out of me rapidly, driving me insane with unlimited pleasure.

My legs are trembling and I’m breathing heavily.

As he rubbed the vibrator vigorously against my crotch after taking his finger out, I begged frantically, “please, Master, I can’t take it more.”

He laughed evilly and asked, “will you again get drunk when I’m not with you?”

“No, Master,” I screamed, exploding and he finally removed the wand, making me sign with profound relief.

But before I could catch my breath back, he started hitting my sore crotch with the flogger which he was hanging over his shoulder.

“Oh, fuck!” I screamed, clutching my hands.

Seriously, it was such a bad idea to get drunk.

Eve’s P.O.V.

I’m tied to the bed and Dev is rubbing and thrusting me with his fingers, vibrator and his shaft vigorously, and he just stops or slows down when I’m on the brink of orgasm. I’m panting and sweating, and every muscle of my body is tensed because of not getting the orgasm.

Seriously it is torture. I’m longing for orgasm.

“Please, Master, I want to cum.” I begged, screaming as he again stopped rubbing with his fingers just before I could orgasm.

“You’re not allowed to cum, Eve. Did you forget?” He asked and shoved his hard membrane into me, making me scream. He pounded into me, rubbing my clit.

“Please Master, I want to cum.” I almost cried out.

“Cum if you want this punishment to continue for a week.” He warned me in a dominating tone before giving me a hard stroke, making me yelp in pleasure, and I tried not to cum.

Oh, Please, I want to cum.

Master’s P.O.V.

We’re still lying naked, cuddling each other, not feeling like coming out of each other’s arms because they are our real paradise.

I can’t believe that finally, I said, “I love you” to her. I’m so happy after telling her what she means to me.

“Butterfly, if you don’t want to continue our BDSM relationship, you can tell me,” I uttered, breaking the silence.

She instantly answered me, “what? No. Do you want to end our BDSM relationship?” She asked me in a shocking tone.

“No, I just want to confirm because now you’re more important to me than the BDSM relationship. I still want to control you but only if you want.” I explained to her, placing my hand on her face. She just gazed at me lovingly with a beatific smile on her face.

“Don’t worry. Now I love the way you dominate me and punish me. It excites me in a completely different way. You know I feel like now a normal relationship would be a bit boring after experiencing this.” She chuckled and continued merrily after placing her hand on my face, “moreover, I’m infatuated with my Master and now I can’t imagine my life without him. I hope you get your answer.” She explained to me, caressing my stubble with her thumb, making me happy.

I’m glad that I can dominate her and also love and cherish her immensely all my life. I can do what I want because same she wants.

I smiled at her before kissing her lips passionately by entwining her fingers with mine.

I ground myself against her crotch, kissing her hard, pinning her hands above her head against the mattress. “I love you, Butterfly.” I broke the kiss and whispered against her lips before shoving deep into her, filling her. It feels out of the world to be deep inside her, I feel so complete and contented.

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