Desire To Control (Part: 97 Soulful Love) Sidnaaz


“Do it, take it off.” He commanded me again after finding me lost.

I argued, “here I’m asking you something and you’re,”

He shushed me by placing his finger on my lips. “Just do what I’m saying and you’ll get all your answers.” He said, affectionately gazing deep into my eyes, making my heart skip a beat.

His words puzzled my mind. How will I get my answer after removing his shirt? I’m baffled now.

“Butterfly, do it if you want your answer.” His words brought me on the earth back and I nodded before holding the hem of his shirt.

“Close your eyes and open them after taking off my shirt.” He instructed, making me even more confused.

I just stared at him in confusion with my narrowed eyebrows.

“Why you don’t listen to me at one time?” As he chided me in irritation and I instantly closed my eyes before hastily pulling the shirt out of his head and tossing it on the floor.

I opened my eyes and looked at his face. He signalled me to look down through his eyes and as I swept my eyes down from his face to his chest, my eyes widened in surprise and they sparkled with amazement, seeing a beautiful tattoo inked on his chest.

A small butterfly is drawn and ‘my world’ is written below it. Seriously his tattoo gave me all the answers that what am I for him. I wasn’t expecting this. He makes me feel so damn special.

When did he imprint this tattoo on his chest? I wondered, smiling with utter contentment.

“It’s so beautiful, Sidharth.” I looked at him and murmured, caressing the tattoo. As my hand touched his chest, he literally shivered.

“On my every breath and soul, your name is imprinted like this. You’re my whole fucking world, Sana, my Butterfly. I have never been so happy before meeting you. I’m living the best day of my life with you. We fought, we misunderstood each other and we try to live without each other but in all this, our bond became stronger, deeper and unbreakable. Perhaps we’ll fight and misunderstand each other in future too, but I’m sure we’ll always find a way back to each other in the end. I’m saying truly, nothing matters to me now more than you. If you’re with me, I want nothing else. I can spend my whole life just cuddling you in my arms because,” my heartbeat raced as I know finally he is going to say those three magical words that my soul is dying to hear, and his every word has touched the core of my heart.

His eyes and his tattoo is screaming that he loves me so much but still I’m longing to listen to those three words from his mouth.

He leaned in, moving closer to my face. “Because I love you, Butterfly. I love you so fucking much that I can sacrifice anything for the sake of you, my love.” He confessed merrily, gazing into my eyes intensely, our lips are a few inches away. I can feel his warm breath caressing my lips. Listening to these words, I felt like I got my breath back. These words are truly magical, they sent a jitter down my spine.

Mechanically a lone tear of happiness trickled down my cheek and a contented smile touched my lips. I’m giddy with joy.

“I love you.” He murmured and sucked my tear before placing his lips over mine and kissing me so softly and lovingly by clasping my face as if I were a fragile doll. This kiss is one of our purest kisses and I’m feeling like he’s kissing my soul as I’m getting immense peace. I’m utterly lost in this heavenly kiss.

This moment is so precious for me that I want to freeze the time here only.

“I love you,” he purred huskily after breaking the kiss.

I beamed at him and murmured cheerily, “ I love you more, Sidharth.” I encircled my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He kissed me back harder with equal passion, clutching my waist and yanking me to himself.

I giggled as he nuzzled my neck. He started placing wet kisses all over my neck, arousing my carnal desire. I arched my back and threw my head back to give him complete access.

“Oh God, I love you so much.” He squealed with profound joy before devouring my lips like there is no tomorrow.

This is the fifth time he has confessed his love to me. Yes, I’m counting it because I’m silly.

“Let’s make love.” He chirped like a small kid, making me smile widely with immense happiness.

I’m going insane with happiness today.

“That’s what I’m waiting for, baby.” As I uttered, he swiftly lifted me into his arms and carried me to the bedroom. I laughed, resting my head on his chest and he kissed my head, murmuring, “I love you” for the sixth time.

He gently laid me down on the bed, smiling at me with overwhelming love in his captivating eyes.

“I’m so blessed to have you, my love. You don’t know but you have healed all the hidden wounds of my past like magic.” He spoke huskily after lying above me, putting his all weight on his knees which are on either side of my waist. I’m looking at him with a blissful smile on my face, breathing heavily.

“I’m glad that unknowingly I healed you,” I whispered, caressing his stubble with my thumbs and gazing into his eyes deeply.

He sucked my lips before pulling my dress out of my head and hurling it in the corner of the room. Now I’m lying under him only in my undergarments.

“I love you, Butterfly.” He said this for the seventh time and pressed my tits softly, making me moan in pleasure.

Today everything feels so different and pure like a crystal that I have no words to describe my feelings.

After that, he took off my bra and started kissing every inch of my skin and murmuring, “I love you” after each kiss, I lost the count even.

His touch is heavenly pleasurable and he is touching my soul with his every kiss.

A smile of utter contentment is glued on my face while he is loving my whole body with his soft kisses.

He pulled the last piece of cloth out of my leg before placing a soft kiss on my crotch, my whole body shivered as his lips touched there. This isn’t the first time he has kissed me here but still, it feels so fresh to feel his lips there.

He moved closer to my face, driving me insane with his intoxicating eyes. “I love you, Butterfly. You’re the purest soul and I’m so lucky to have you.” He whispered against my lips before slowly easing into me, stretching and fulling me by pinning my hands against the matters. I always feel so complete and one when he comes inside me.

He slowly moved in and out, kissing my lips softly and tenderly, taking me to another world with pleasure. This is truly lovemaking, heavenly pure and soul touching.

With every thrust, he is whispering, “I love you, Butterfly,” and I’m moaning, “I love you more, Sidharth,” digging my nails into his hands.

I came above him and placed so many kisses on his tattoo, he’s still deep inside me.

He again flipped me over my back before giving me hard strokes, shouting, “I love you so fucking much.”

Oh my God, my legs are shaking but I still don’t want him to stop.

It’s so incredible!

I love him so much.

Our love is beyond anything, it is soulful love, unconditional, pure and constant. We feel utterly contented when we’re together. He makes my soul overwhelming happy.

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