Desire To Control Her (Part: 96 Punishments) Sidnaaz


All the Masters made us sit in front of them and put all the four chits in a bowl on the table. Now they’re smiling mischievously at us.

They all are equally evil, no one is less!

Sidharth ordered, “so pick one chit.”

We girls glanced at each other nervously before picking up a chit and opening it.

I froze and my eyes dilated in horror after reading the punishment written on the chit.

It’s Wax-play.

Fuck! I’m gone.

It’ll be so painful. In childhood I was so afraid of hot wax, when the wax from the burning candle used to drop down on my finger, I used to feel immense pain.

“Now tell us your punishment as we just can’t wait to know what punishment we have to give our submissive.” Max’s words brought me on the earth back and I instantly looked at him before moving my eyes to my Master.

He’s staring at me warily.

“Forced orgasm.” Lara flushed and told her punishment, showing her chit to them.

“So Lara, are you ready to take unlimited orgasms?” He asked her in a devilish tone and gave her a mischief wink.

Her punishment is easier than mine.

I pouted sadly and moved my eyes to Sidharth. He raised his brows, asking what happened. I just shook my head.

“Butterfly, what’s your punishment?” He asked me curiously.

“Wa-wax play,” I answered, stammering and his eyes widened a bit in shock.

“That’s a tough one. All the best, Sana.” Kiara murmured, scaring me more.

I stared at Sidharth with fear in my eyes. He blinked his eyes in assurance and my all nervousness and fear vanished away like magic. We passed a diminutive smile to each other.

“What’s your punishment, Kiara?” Alex asked her, going insane with excitement.

“I’m not allowed to speak or do anything without the permission of my Master for a week,” Kiara told him and Alex gave her an evil smile.

It’s a bit difficult punishment but easier than mine.

Now we all looked at Eve. “Mine is orgasm denial.”

Her punishment is also easier than mine.

Why did I have to get the hardest one? Oh God, what sin I have committed?

“Could I exchange my chit with anyone of them, please?” I asked them pleadingly.

“No, a rule is a rule.” Max answered and then asked Sidharth, placing his hand on his shoulder, “Right, Sidharth?”

“Right.” He nodded and I pouted.

We exchanged a glance, I’m feeling like something is going on in his mind.

“All the best, girls,” Alex said, grinning.

“I think we shall leave now as I just can’t wait to punish my Lara,” Max spoke, smirking at Lara.

“Let’s go because even I can’t wait,” Dev said, standing up.

We all stood up to leave and I walked to Sidharth.

We bid bye to each other before seating in our respective cars.

“Sidharth, I’m scared of wax play,” I uttered as he started the car’s engine.

I’m sure he will never hurt me but only the thought of warm wax dribbling on my body is giving me goosebumps.

“We’ll talk about this after reaching home.” He replied in a stern tone and I gave him a slight nod.

As my phone beeped in my sling bag, I took it out.

Eve: Guys, all the best.

Kiara: I seriously need it because Alex just scolded me for even using the phone without his permission. It’s going to be difficult.

Me: I’m scared. Wax-play is not my type.

I told them.

Lara: Chill, Sana. Don’t be scared. It seems painful but it’s not, it gives you pleasure in a completely different way. Moreover, during wax play low-temperature candles are used, so don’t worry. You gonna enjoy your punishment.

I signed with profound relief after reading her message.

Me: Have you guys experienced it?

Now I became curious.

Eve: Yes. It was quite pleasurable and my condition was the same as you before experiencing it.

Kiara: Really? Now even I want to experience it.

I smiled after reading their messages. Now I’m not scared, rather I’m excited about my punishment.

Me: Thanks, guys for making me excited. Now I just can’t wait to get my punishment.

P.S. All the best.

I just can’t believe that now I’m excited about the wax play.

We reached home in no time.

“Where are you going?” I asked as he walked towards the bedroom.

He stopped and turned around. “To my room.”

“Why not to the playroom?” I asked him, raising my brows.

“Because I’m not punishing you.” My eyes widened as he told me.

“Why? It was your plan.” I strolled to him.

“Butterfly, because it might hurt you and I don’t want to hurt you like last time.” He said concernedly, placing his hand on my face and I just stared at him in utter disbelief.

I’m shocked because the person who used to find reasons to punish me, today he’s leaving the chance to punish me as he doesn’t want to hurt me.

“But I want to experience it,” I told him truly.

He instantly asked me in a surprising tone, “you were scared in the club after getting this punishment. Now, what happened?”

“Because I know you’ll never hurt me. Let’s try it.” I said, clasping his hand.

“No.” He shook his head and left my hand, shocking me.

“Why you don’t want to punish me?” I asked him, confused.

“Because I don’t want to hurt you, Butterfly, as now you matter to me more than our BDSM relationship. Now my no rule is more important than you for me. My desire to control you doesn’t matter to me anymore, the only thing that matters to me is that you’re with me. I want to stay with you for my whole life, even if you control me. Now nothing matters to me except you.” He confessed his true feelings, clasping my face and his words just made me speechless. We gazed into each other’s eyes intensely.

“But I feel like I’m not capable for you,” these words mechanically escape out of my mouth.

He chided me, “are you crazy, Butterfly? Who told you this? Have I ever made you feel like this?” He asked and I shook my head.

“But the things you like, you can’t do that with me,” I answered in a serious tone.

“Those things don’t matter to me, Butterfly. Now my favourite thing is to cuddle you.” As he said, his eyes sparkled with joy and my heart filled with immense happiness after knowing this.

“But why do I matter the most to you, Sidharth?” I asked him.

Deep inside I know that he loves me to no extent but I want to hear those three magical words from his mouth.

“Because,” he paused.

“Because, what?” I urged.

“Take off my shirt.” My eyebrows raised in shock because of his sudden order in the middle of our crucial conversation.

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