Desire To Control (Part: 95 Drunk) Manan


Master’s P.O.V.

How could Butterfly get drunk when I had warned her?

She is completely wasted and anybody could have taken advantage of her condition at the club. I never want her to get drunk without me because it’s about her safety and it’s most important for me.

I have to inform my friends about this because for them too, the safety of their girlfriend is important.

I stormed out of the room after scolding all of them and as I slipped my hand into the pocket to take out the phone, Butterfly hugged me from behind.

“Please, don’t be angry. I jus-just drank a bit.” As she utterly thickly, I removed her arms and turned towards her, keeping my face stern.

“You drank a bit? Are you kidding me?” I chided, frowning at her.

“Stop scolding me. I’m not a kid.”

I rolled my eyes. “But sometimes you behave like a kid only,” I stated.

“I behave like a kid because I love the way you pamper me.” She spoke, encircling her arms around my neck and gazing at me adorably.

God! It is so difficult to stay angry with her.

But she deserves my anger, she shouldn’t have gotten drunk. She is just so careless about herself.

“I’m angry.” I slightly pushed her away and she started crying dramatically and loudly, breaking my eardrums and irking me.

“Why the hell are you crying?” I yelled at her, frustrated.

She whined, “you pushed me and now shouted at me.”

I shook my head in disbelief.

It is utterly useless to argue with her right now because she isn’t in her senses. When she gets sober tomorrow, then I’ll talk to her and handle her.

Handle her in my way.

“Let’s go home.” As I said, grasping her hand, her eyes shimmered and a giddy smile flashed on her face.

“It means you’re forgiving me?” She grinned widely. I ignored her question and led her out of the house.

“You’re so sweet. I love you so much.” She squealed with joy, wondering, I have forgiven her.

“Sit,” I ordered, opening the door of the car.

First, she gave me a quick tight hug and then settled inside. I mechanically smiled before sitting in the car.

We reached home and she was talking nonstop in the car. She talks even more when she gets drunk and I fall for her more.

I carried her directly to the bedroom, laid her down on the bed and took off her heels before pulling the blanket over her.

She signalled me to come close to her with her hand. As I leaned in, she placed a kiss on my cheek. “I love you.” She confessed, gazing at me with profound love in her eyes.

I smiled and tucked her hair strands behind her ear before placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

“I’m just coming after changing.” I turned to go but she stopped me by holding my hand. I looked at her over my shoulder.

“I want you in my arms right now, please.” She requested, spreading her arms and I couldn’t deny her like always.

I climbed on the bed and lay down, cuddling her.

I love her so much that I have no words to describe it. I feel truly happy from deep inside when I’m with her. She’s my solace and now my life revolves around her only. Nothing matters to me except her and I can do anything for her happiness because her smiling face is my real peace.

“Manik, I want to ask you something.” She uttered after a few seconds of silence, playing with the button of my shirt while I’m caressing her hair.


“Why don’t you say I love you to me?” As she asked, my eyes widened in ambush.

“How do you know that I love you?” I asked, raising my brows and an impish smile spread across my face.

She slightly hit my head, “stupid, it is vividly visible in your eyes, and the way you take care of me is proof that you love me. Now tell me, why don’t you say it.” She demanded to answer her.

Now how do I tell her that I want to make her birthday special by confessing my feelings to her?

“Butterfly, sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow.” I ordered her in a stern tone.

“I won’t sleep until I get my answer.” She said stubbornly.

“If you don’t sleep now, I’ll go from here.” I grinned with triumph after saying this and her mouth opened in shock.

I know very well how to control my Butterfly.

“How? I mean how do you always manage to control me?” She asked me and I laughed evilly.

“Because I’m your Master, Butterfly,” I answered her, smiling and she pouted adorably. “Now are you sleeping or do you want me to go?” I asked, raising my brows.

She curled up her lips and unwillingly rested her head on my chest to sleep. I embraced her in my arms and kissed her head.

“But I seriously wanna know why,”

“Butterfly, sleep,” I commanded, cutting her words as I know what she wants to know.

“You’re very bad, you always have ways to make me do what you want.” She fell asleep, murmuring.

She is so unbelievable.

I picked up my phone and dropped a message in the group.

Me: I caught all of our submissive completely wasted today.

They replied instantly.

Dev: What? Where are they now?

Max: It’s not safe for them to get drunk, anybody would have taken advantage of their state. Are they alright?

Alex: Kiara has never done this before. I’m so disappointed.

Me: Guys, relax. They are at Lara’s house and they’re fine.

Alex: Manik, this time don’t stop me from punishing Kiara.

Me: It’s about her safety, don’t worry I won’t stop you.

Max: I’m going to bring her back.

Me: It’s useless to talk to them right now and I have something in my mind for all of them.

Dev: What?

I told them my plan.

Alex: Great plan, Bro!

Max: I like this idea.

Dev: The plan is mind-blowing and they seriously need a lesson this time because it’s about their safety.

Alex: True!

Max: Agreed.

Me: Yes, her safety matters the most to me.

After sending this message and I glanced at my Butterfly who is sleeping peacefully in my arms, not aware of what I’m planning for her.

I’m doing this for her only because I never want her to put herself into trouble after getting drunk as I won’t be always there to protect her.

Me: See you tomorrow, guys.

I kissed her hair before sending the last message and keeping my phone on the side table.

I hugged her firmly and murmured, “I love you,” before raising my head from the pillow and planting a tender kiss on her forehead.

I’m desperately waiting for the day to confess my love to her.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I woke up the next morning, holding my head as it is throbbing with immense pain. I drank so much last night that I barely remember anything.

“Good morning.” Manik stepped into the room with a glass of lemon juice.

“My head is bursting.” I cried out, pulling my hair.

“Then go and drink more.” He said sarcastically.

I pouted at him. “I’m sorry.”

“You’ll be sorry. Now have this.” He held out the glass of juice to me.

I took it and drank it in one go. I gave him back the empty glass and he kept it on the side table.

“Will you punish me?” I asked him.

He restored, “of course, you broke this rule for the second time, moreover, you lied to me.”

Did I lie to him? I don’t remember.

“I was drunk. I don’t know.”

“Why were you drunk, Butterfly?”

“I swear, I didn’t want to drink but they forced me.” I tried to justify myself.

“It doesn’t matter who forced you. You all broke the rule and now you all will be punished.” He stated sternly and I didn’t argue because it is useless as he has already made up his mind to punish us.

“Now you get fresh, breakfast is ready.” As he said, I lazily moved out of the bed. I’m feeling so exhausted and weak.

He lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bathroom like my loving boyfriend.

He is angry but still, he never stops caring for me and that’s what I love the most about him.


After breakfast, we reached the club as he is going to tell me my punishment here.

I don’t know what is going on in his mind.

My eyebrows raised in surprise as already all his friends are present in the club with their submissive.

We ambled to them and settled down with them. We girls passed a small smile to each other.

There is a deadly silence.

All the Masters blinked at each other before taking out a chit from their pocket.

“We have written our punishment on this chit. Now you have to pick one of them and this will decide what punishment you’ll get. It can be anything.” Manik instructed us and my mouth opened in shock.

I’m nervous because Manik knows what punishment I can take but they didn’t.

“Could I ask something?” I said, raising my hand.

“Go ahead.” Manik gave a slight nod to me.

“Whose idea it was?” I asked them.

They all pointed at my Master and he smirked with self-pride, looking so attractive and sexy that I felt like kissing him hard.

But from where does he get these ideas? I wondered, narrowing brows bemusedly.

I just hope, I pick up his chit only.

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