Desire To Control (Part: 94 A Trouble)


“Okay.” As I agreed, a big bright smile flashed on their faces.

“It will be so much fun.” They squealed and gave high five to each other.

But still, I’m wondering whether I should drink or not.

They ordered the snacks and drinks.

“Please God, save me from my Master.” I prayed before having the first sip of alcohol.

After that I couldn’t control myself and drink non-stop, forgetting my promise and everything.

They’re also drinking and laughing hysterically.

“You know, my Master is a hulk. He stays angry all the time. Now he has to face my anger.” Lara is getting over angry after drinking.

“Don’t forget to spank him.” I laughed out after saying this.

“Even I want to spank my hottie’s perfect ass like this.” Eve whooped, beating her hands on the table and guffawed, throwing her head back.

“Spank, spank…” we all shouted in unison, hitting the table and laughing boisterously like insane women.

We are completely intoxicated after drinking alcohol.

I took out the phone from my sling back because it is continuously ringing.

My eyes widened as I saw the caller id. It’s Ethan’s call.

Shit! He will come to know that I’m drunk with my voice only, now I’m scared.

“Guys, look,” I shouted and showed them the phone as they looked at me. They also looked at each other like a scaredy-cat.

“We planned to see what they would do if we got drunk but now I’m afraid because we drank too much,” Kiara uttered timidly.

“I was saying that we shouldn’t drink. This happened because of you all. Now we all are gone.” I chided them.

“Guys, I have a plan. Let’s go to my place and then we all will message our Dom that we came to my place for a night’s stay.” Lara gave an idea.

My Master: I’m going to pick you up.

As I read his message, I yelled, “guys, Ethan is coming to pick me up.”

“If he comes here, we all will be in big trouble. We have to think something. Dev won’t leave me.” Eve cried out.

“You have to think this before drinking, Eve.” I scolded her grumpily.

Kiara suggested, “message him that we’re at Lara’s house and staying there.”

“What if he asks for my live location?” I whined, the alcohol has scrambled my brain, right now no idea is coming into my mind.

“First, we should reach there and then we should message our Dom.” As Kiara advised, we all nodded.

We decided to book a cab because nobody is in the condition to drive.

As soon as we reached Lara’s house, I immediately messaged him.

Me: Don’t come to the club because now I’m at Lara’s house, tonight we all will stay there.

As he read my message, he called me up.

Fuck! I’m gone.

“He’s again calling me, guys. What I should do?” I asked them, biting my nails nervously and the key slipped on the floor from Lara’s hand as she was unlocking the door.

“Just take a deep breath and answer the call.” Kiara encouraged me, placing her hand on my shoulder.

I finally mustered up the courage and answered the call, “hello,” after putting it on speaker.

Please! God save me from this monster.

“I just reached the club, Butterfly, why didn’t you inform me if you were going to Lara’s place?” He asked me.

“I, I was busy with them,” I replied timidly.

“Now I’m coming there to pick you up.” Everyone’s eyes widened in horror after listening to his words.

He’ll kill me for sure.

“No,” I yelled, cutting his words. “Don’t come here. I’ll stay here tonight.”

“Okay.” He disconnected the call after saying this and I narrowed my brows bemusedly.

I murmured, “I’m shocked that he agreed so easily.”

Lara whooped, “it’s great that he isn’t coming here. Now we aren’t in trouble anymore. We’ll enjoy the whole night,”

I cut her words and added, “and drink more.” I winked at them and we all burst into laughter.

First, Lara picked up the key and unlocked the door, and then we stepped inside and settled down in the hall.

They also messaged their Masters. Thank God, they didn’t create any drama.

We are blabbering and laughing crazily, but suddenly the sound of the doorbell startled us. We stared at each other in utter shock.

“Did you invite somebody?” I asked Lara in low voice.

She whispered, “no, why will I invite someone at late night?”

“Then who is on the door?” Kiara asked, pointing at the door.

“Wait, from my room window, I can see who is on the door.” Lara dashed upstairs to check while the doorbell is constantly ringing.

“It’s Ethan.” Lara mouthed, climbing downstairs.

I closed my eyes and cried out, “why did he come?”

“Now what we’ll do?” Eve asked us.

Now my phone beeped, I know it is Ethan.


“Come to my room, we’ll pretend that we’re sleeping,” Lara told the plan in a whispering tone and we all nodded.

Eve asked, “but wait why do we have to pretend? We can just sit here and wait for him to go back.”

“Because he’s Ethan Scott, he will do anything to enter this house,” I told them.

“You have a point. Let’s go.” Everyone agreed, and then we hied to the room.

As we stepped into her room, we heard the sound of the opening of the main door. Our eyes glinted with fear and we stared at each other.

As expected he opened the door.

We hurriedly jumped on the bed and lay down on one bed, covering ourselves with the duvet, including our faces.

“Butterfly.” We heard his voice from downstairs.

Eve asked confusingly, “how did he open the door?”

“I always keep a spare key under the doormat. Perhaps he would have found it.” Lara assumed while I’m just feeling like crying.

“Why, Lara? Why do you keep the key under the doormat.” Eve cried out.

He is calling me continuously and my heartbeat is racing.

“Sh… he’s coming upstairs.” Kiara shushed them.

As I heard his footsteps approaching the room, my heart almost stopped beating.

He switched on the lights and we remained still.

“I know you all aren’t sleeping because I had heard your voices when I was standing outside. So stop pretending and uncover your face.” As he ordered us, I shivered.

He marched towards the bed and took off the duvet from above us.

I squeezed my eyes shut before opening them slowly. He is standing beside the bed and shooting daggers at me, my heart is pounding.

I’m gone!

“Would you care to tell me why weren’t you opening the door and pretending to sleep?” He asked in a deadly calm tone.

I stammered, “I-I”

“Because you are drunk.” As he answered, my eyes widened in shock.

How did he come to know?

He asked, raising his brows, “right?” I nodded, moving my eyelashes down.

“I can’t believe, Butterfly that you again got drunk.” He shook his head in disappointment and I pouted at him.

“They all forced me.” I pointed at all the other girls who are lying beside me.

He retorted, “you’re not a kid, Butterfly.”

“Stop scolding me in front of them.” I implored after sitting up.

He shook his head. “Whatever! Now I’m calling all of your Masters. They should also come to know that you all broke the rule. Then we’ll decide what we have to do.” He told us in a serious tone and we stared at each other silently.

He left the room after slamming the door, making me flinch.

“What they gonna do, guys?” Kiara asked in a worried tone and we shook our heads, having no clue.

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