Desire To Control (Part: 92 Testing Her Limits)


The next day, I walked to the balcony to have breakfast with my Master after getting ready.

I smiled, seeing him arranging the breakfast on the table.

He’s so sweet!

As he settled down, I rushed to him and sat down on his lap before hugging him tightly.

“I love you,” I confessed, gazing into his eyes deeply after breaking the hug.

He placed a soft kiss on my forehead in response, making me smile contentedly.

He uttered, “now let’s have breakfast because I’m starving.”

“What’s in the breakfast?” I asked, sitting beside him.

“Bread toast and garlic broccoli.” As he told me, my mouth became watery.

He served me breakfast and I pecked his cheek, bringing a smile to his face. Then we started eating broccoli with the fork.

“You know I’m impressed.” He suddenly spoke up and I looked at him, narrowing my brows bemusedly.

“Why?” I asked, raising my brows.

“The way you took your yesterday’s punishment. I’m surprised that you enjoyed it. I thought you would use your safe word.” As he told this, I don’t know why but I feel proud to impress my Master.

“Now I want the reward.” I winked at him.

He ignored my words and continued, “I don’t know your limits and what level of punishment you can take. I want to know your limits, Butterfly.”

“Even I don’t know what are my limits as all these things are new to me but surprisingly I’m enjoying everything about BDSM relationships until now,” I told him everything truly after eating one bite of toast.

I asked him curiously after a few seconds of silence, “how will you come to know my limits?”

“That I’ll see, you don’t have to worry about it.” He tucked my hair strands behind my ear, I just beamed at him.

After breakfast, we went to our respective work. First, he dropped me at the cafe and then went to the club.

I sent a message to the girls’ gang group after completing my work.

Me: Let’s do a girls’ party someday.

Lara: Great plan, I’m in.

Eve: Wow! I’m also in.

Kiara: When?

Me: You guys tell.

Lara: Tomorrow? Today I’m busy with my Master.

Me: Okay! Tomorrow, done.

Everybody sent thumbs-up emoji and I smiled broadly.

Gee, It will so much fun!

Then I received a message from my Master.

My Master: Tonight, I’m gonna test your limits, Butterfly. So be prepared, I’m coming to pick you up.

I grinned and my eyes twinkled with excitement.

Me: I just can’t wait. Come fast.

My Master: I’m just coming. Count till hundred.

“One, two, three,” I started counting.

Me: I’m counting.

“Four, five, six,” I continued counting.

My Master: Keep counting, I’m just reaching.

I sent him the smiley emoji while still counting merrily.

“Eighty-five, eighty-six,” I paused, and like always my lips drew up to a huge smile and my eyes twinkled as I saw him entering the cafe, his eyes searching for me.

Wow! He reached before the time. Impressive.

I hied to him and hugged him tightly after standing on my toes. He embraced me back in his protective arms and kissed my head.

As we pulled apart, he kissed my lips merrily, clasping my face after leaning down.

“I missed you.” He breathed against my lips, touching his forehead with mine, our eyes are still closed and our lips are drawn up to a beatific smile.

“More.” I opened my eyes and murmured, smiling at him.

He placed a soft kiss on my forehead before again pulling me into his warm arms.


After that, we reached home in no time and he directly led me to the playroom and ordered me, “strip.”

I instantly complied and stood utterly naked in front of him, not shying a bit even.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as he cupped my crotch. “Today, I’m not going to test the limit of this.” He removed his hand from there and clasped my tits, my nipples hardened with his touch. “Rather I’m going to test the limit of these.” A moan escaped my mouth as he pinched both of my nipples together.

His touch is heaven!

“Lie down there.” He commanded, pointing at a bench.

I strolled to it and lie down, my breath is becoming heavy and my heartbeat is accelerating because of the excitement.

What he is going to do? How he is going to test the limits of my nipples? What are my limits? These are the questions going on in my mind.

He walked to one of the shelves and opened the drawer. I tried to see what he is taking out after sitting.

“I asked you to lie down, Butterfly.” He said sternly in such a dominating tone that I instantly lay down without any question.

His voice holds so much power.

He sauntered to me with a smirk on his face, hiding the thing behind his back. I’m just staring at him in anticipation.

“You know that you can use your safe word.” He reminded me, showing me the thing which he is holding. There are two clips attached with a chain.

My lips parted and my eyes glinted with horror as I recalled the stage show when he had told me that they are nipples clamps.

What? Is he going to use them on me?

No! I don’t like it.

I stared at the clamps with fear in my eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’m just testing your limits. If it hurts or gets unbearable, you can use the safe word. I’ll immediately take them off.” As he reassured me, my all fear vanished like magic.

“I don’t want to do anything which hurts my Butterfly.” A smile flashed on my face, listening to his words.

He leaned down and placed a soft and tender kiss on my forehead as a silent promise to my soul that he will never do something which hurts me.

“And if you aren’t comfortable using them, I won’t use them.” He stated.

Aww! My sweet master.

“Now I’m comfortable.” I smiled at him, blinking my eyes. He leaned in and kissed my lips lovingly.

“So let’s begin.” As he said after standing straight, I gave him a slight nod.

Now I’m not scared a bit even after his assurance.

He put the clamps beside me and attacked my nipples after leaning down. He’s sucking one of them while pinching the other one. I’m just moaning in pleasure, moving my hands through his silky hair. He makes me feel out of the world.

After getting satisfied, he picked up the clamps and asked me, “are you ready?”

I took a deep breath and nodded, “yes.”

Now I’m excited. The BDSM relationship is so thrilling, I don’t know why I used to hate it, maybe because I didn’t have a loving Master like him. I wondered, gazing at him affectionately.

“You’re distracting me with your looks, Butterfly.” He complained like a baby, making me chuckle.

“What is my mistake? You have such a handsome face.” He tittered at my words.

“Now take a deep breath and exhale it when I say.” He instructed me before putting the clamp on one of my nipples, it squeezed my nipple so brutally that it hurts like hell.

“Now you can,”

I cut his words and cried out, “it’s hurting me.” I tried to take it off by pulling it but yelled louder in extreme pain as it hurts even more.

“Butterfly, stop. You’re hurting yourself.” He stopped me by holding my wrist.

“Just take it off,” I growled at him.

As he instantly removed it, I sighed with profound relief, closing my eyes.

I didn’t think that it would hurt me so much.

I spoiled everything!

I opened my eyes and instantly sat up worriedly when I found him nowhere in the room.

Did I upset him?

Oh! God.

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