Desire To Control Her (Part: 90 Showing Her My Strictest side)


Butterfly’s P.O.V.

It’s so much fun to tease him. No matter what he does, I’ll never stop teasing him.

He shut the laptop and strode to me, scowling at me.

He roughly turned me around with a swift motion and pinned my front body against the wall by holding my neck. He spanked my butts hard, making me moan, pressing my body against the wall. An electric current passed through my entire body with his spank.

“You have to pay for doing this with me during the meeting.” He stated in a stern tone, grinding his hardness between my butts and pulling my head back by grasping my hair, burning my whole body and arousing me.

I just love it when he gets rough with me, it takes my desires to another level.

I never thought that I would ever like this, but I’m loving this.

“You want to know how I was in past, right? Now I won’t tell you.” As he whispered in my ear, my lips drew down in sadness. “Because now I’ll show you.” He added and my eyes glinted with excitement.

The next moment, he pulled down his jeans and fucked me hard from behind by roughly grabbing my hair with one hand and hitting my butts with his other hand.

That’s fucking so intense.

I’m just moaning uncontrollably, placing my hand on the wall, utterly lost in the pleasure that he is giving to me.

I just love his wildness and roughness.

“Turn around.” He left me and ordered me in an utter serious tone.

I immediately turned around, breathing heavily. He’s staring at me darkly.

“Spread your legs as much as possible.” He commanded me and I complied.

Seriously, this man has the power to control anybody!

“Stay still and your legs shouldn’t be closed.” He warned me before hitting my dampened crotch hard nonstop. It’s getting difficult for me to stay still and keep my legs wide-open as he’s directly hitting my most sensitive part. My whole body is on fire and my core is throbbing but he isn’t stopping. I’m moaning loudly like an insane woman, clutching my hands.

“Stop…” as I yelled, he started pinching my nipples, not stopping hitting my crotch.

I couldn’t control myself anymore and squeezed my legs shut to control the extreme sensation between my thighs, panting.

He smirked at me devilishly, forcefully moving my legs apart.

“Will you ever tease me again, Butterfly?” He asked me, rubbing my sensitive crotch, gazing at me intensely.

I stayed silent as I’m lost in his touch.

“Answer me.” He smacked me again and I instantly closed my legs.

“No,” I shouted, squeezing my thighs.

I’ll tease him in future also but I can’t say this to him now because I can’t take more spanks right now.

“Good girl.” He leaned in and kissed me passionately before pulling up his jeans and going to the balcony with his laptop to complete his meeting.

This punishment was unbelievably incredible!


I am sitting on the sofa in his shirt, waiting for him. He came back to the room after the meeting with a mischief smile on his face.

Now, what’s going on in his mind?

“Your punishment isn’t over yet, Butterfly because I know, that punishment wouldn’t be enough for you. You’ll again tease me and I want to make sure you won’t repeat it.” He said, putting the laptop on the table.

He knows me so well!

But still, I’m going to tease him whatever he does.

“Stand up and take off your shirt.” He ordered in a pure dominating tone and I instantly complied by standing up and removing my shirt.

I have no clue now what he’s planning to do with me but I’m sure I’m certainly going to enjoy it.

He is gazing at my crotch and it twitched just by his intense look.

“I think you can take more spanks.” He uttered after taking out a wooden ruler from the drawer, making my eyes widen in shock.

Fuck! He’s going to spank me again at the same spot and that too with the ruler.

Can I take it more?

It’s getting tougher for me.

“You have a choice. Ten spanks at the same spot or forty spanks at the butts.” He gave me a choice, marching towards me.

But it’s not a choice at all. Of course, I’ll choose the first option.

“Ten spanks,” I answered.

“Are you sure, you can take there more?” He glanced at my wet and sensitive crotch and asked me, raising his brows with a smirk on his face.

“Yes,” I answered him with full confidence.

I know he wouldn’t do something which hurt me.

“On your fours now.” He ordered, pointing at the bed.

I strolled to the bed and do what he asked me.

Shit! It will be difficult for me to maintain this position when he spanks me. I’m breathing heavily with anticipation and my heartbeat is accelerating.

“If you aren’t able to maintain this position, I’ll add three more spanks on your other hole.” My heart almost skipped beating after listening to his words.

Seriously today he is showing his strictest side to me which I have never seen before and it’s mind-blowing.

He sat on the bed behind me and came above me from behind before pressing my face into the mattress by holding my hair.

He roughly rubbed the ruler against my sensitive crotch, turning me on before giving the first spank. It wasn’t so hard but it was so intense that my legs quivered.

He hit slightly two more times before swatting the ruler hard five times in a row that it hurts me a bit, but it’s immense pleasurable. My legs are shaking and my core is throbbing profusely.

Only I know how I’m maintaining this position, it’s hard but I don’t want him to hit me there.

“Last two are going to be hard. Can you take it, Butterfly?” He asked me, stroking the ruler back and forth against my crotch.

“Yes, I can,” I answered him confidently but I’m not sure.

I felt a sudden sharp pain and yelled, clutching the bed-sheet as he gave me two hardest spanks in the last. I fell on my stomach, straightening my legs, and pressing my sore and throbbing crotch against the mattress.

My inner thigh is burning like hell and my body is on fire.

Fuck! I can’t believe, I let him do this with me and also I never thought that this type of spanking can also be so pleasurable.

I like it. I’m liking the BDSM relationship, I can’t believe it.

I’m liking his roughness and strictest side also, it’s unbelievable to me.

I love pain and pleasure and that’s what BDSM is.

My eyes dilated in shock as he uttered, “I’m still not satisfied.”

Oh God, what has happened to him? Maybe by asking about his past, again and again, I have reminded him about those days when he was strictest.

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