Desire To Control Her (Part: 89 Going Wild at Restaurant) Sidnaaz


As he yanked me toward himself from behind, my back touched his front and it sent chills down my spine. He placed my hair over one side of my shoulders and I can feel his warm breath on my neck. Our hearts are pounding because of our proximity and as his lips touched my neck, a shiver ran through my entire body.

He took my skin between his teeth and left a hickey on my neck, taking my breath away from me and a soft moan filled with pleasure escaped out of my mouth mechanically.

Now he turned me around to himself, we are facing each other. My hand moved back of his head and I took off the blindfold by opening its knot. Now we gazed into each other deeply, he has some magic in his bewitching black eyes that I always get lost in them.

We slowly moved closer to each other while our eyes and our hearts are having their private conversation. He took my lips into his mouth slowly and kissed me so softly and lovingly, I closed my eyes and got lost in him, my lips automatically started moving in rhythm. He slipped one of his hands into my dress, caressing my thigh before lifting my leg and wrapping it around my waist by grabbing my thigh. He squeezed my thigh roughly, kissing me wildly and hungry, pressing his hardness against my crotch before moving up and down, driving me insane.

As his tongue tangled with mine, my body quivered under his touch. I am dripping wet against his hardness.

Oh, God, I need him badly!

I hastily took off his tie and blazer and tossed them, devouring his lips but as I started opening his shirt buttons, he instantly stopped me by grasping my both hands with his hand and as soon as his lips left mine, they craved for his lips.

He bent down and picked up his tie from the floor. Then intensely gazing into my eyes, he bound my wrists together with his tie, taking my excitement to the next level.

Suddenly he pushed me onto the soft sofa, making me bounce vaguely before coming over me and straddling me.

“It’s time to set the restaurant on fire in real.” He stated, placing my hands above my head and making me grin with anticipation.

“I just can’t wait anymore.” As I whispered huskily, he hurriedly and roughly yanked my dress up and pulled my undies down before unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down, gazing at my private part with deep desires in his eyes, making me wetter and wetter.

Then he stroked his hardness against my dampened honeypot before shoving himself deep into me, filling and stretching me by pressing my hands against the soft sofa. He thrust me hard and fast by folding my legs and pressing my knees against my busts, devouring my lips, making me bounce and taking me to heaven by giving me profound pleasure.

It’s incredible! I’m so fucking dead.

I’m so lost in him and in the immense pleasure which he is giving to me that I didn’t even come to know when he bent me over the table and started thrusting me hard from behind, tying my wrists behind my back and spanking my butts, and also I didn’t come to know when he carried me to the cash counter and started giving me hard stroke by holding my legs over his shoulders after making me sit on it.

Oh God, he’s making me insane!

We’re marking every corner of this restaurant with our wild love.

It was such a great idea to vacant this restaurant and do this.

My Master is the best!

Seriously it’s a different kind of fun to make love everywhere in this restaurant because it’s unique and everyone can’t do this.


We reached back home and lay down in each other arms on the bed after changing our clothes. I’m in one of his shirts and he’s in his shorts and vest. Our legs are entangled and we’re playing with each other’s hands.

I’m feeling sleepy but I don’t want to sleep because I want to know about his past that how dominant he was.

“Now start telling me,” I asked, yawning.

“No.” As he denied it, I pouted angrily at him.

“Why?” I asked, frowning at him.

“Because you should sleep now.” He said in a stern tone.

“But I want to know,”

He stated, cutting my words, “no buts, you’re sleeping and that’s final.”

I made a puppy face.

“This face also won’t work today.” He spoke in a serious tone.

“But I’m curious to know.”

“Butterfly, I’ll tell you everything tomorrow as you’re feeling sleepy and I can’t compromise with your sleep.” Now he explained to me in a loving tone, gently tucking my hair behind my ears before placing a soft kiss on my forehead, bringing a beatific smile to my face.

“I love you,” I confessed and kissed his lips chastely before digging my face in his chest and falling fast asleep because I was exhausted after a wild make-out at the restaurant.

I woke up early the next morning and found my baby still sleeping peacefully and snoring softly with a slightly open mouth. I can admire him like this for hours without getting bored. He looks so innocent while sleeping.

I smiled contentedly at him before raising my head from his chest and kissing his forehead.

After admiring him for more than an hour, as I came out of his arms, creases appeared on his forehead and he cried like a baby, making me giggle.

“I’m just coming.” As I whispered, caressing his hair lovingly, the lines instantly disappeared from his forehead.

I smiled widely and went to get fresh after kissing every inch of his face.

I walked out and found him still sleeping. I sat on the sofa after picking up my phone from the table.

I saw so many messages on the lock screen from the ‘Girls Gang’ group.

I unlocked the phone and opened the messages.

Kiara: Shit! Our Dom came to know the tips you have given us, Sana.

Eve: Yes! What did Alex say to you?

Kiara: He said he likes me the way I’m and warned me to never follow these tips.

Eve: And Dev said to me that even if I follow these tips, he will certainly find ways to control me.

Kiara: Thank God! They didn’t burst out at us.

They have no clue that their masters didn’t burst out on them because I put the brains in their heads.

Lara: Max was angry at me and he also hid my phone but I became double angry with him for reading my private messages. At last, he has to apologise. Your tips are great, Sana! It worked on my Dom.

A broad smile flashed on my face after reading Lara’s message.

Wow! My tips are working, yippee.

Kiara: Great!

Eve: Sana, where are you?

Lara: She must be busy with her Master.

Lara sent a wink emoji with this message.

This was their last night’s conversation. She said right, last night I was seriously busy making love with my Master at the restaurant.

I laughed.

Me: Good morning, Guys.

Me: You know, yesterday your Doms were so angry at me for giving those tips to you and they were also poisoning my Sidharth’s ears but I made them understand in my way.

Me: and I’m cloud on nine to know that one of my tips worked.

I replied to them before placing my phone back on the table as my stomach is growling because of hunger, I have to eat something.

I stood up. “When he’ll wake up?” I murmured, staring at my sleeping baby.

I desperately want him to wake up because I want to take shower and have breakfast with him and also I want to know his past.


After eating something, as I stepped into the room, he woke up and sat on the bed, stretching his arms.

“Good morning.” I wished him cheerily, strolling to him.

“When did you wake up?” He asked me as I sat down beside him, smiling at him before stroking his hair. He clasped my hand and kissed it.

I answered him, “an hour ago. Now get fresh fast because you have to tell me something. Remember?” I raised my brows.

“Oh, yes. I just come.” He hurried to the washroom after planting a soft kiss on my lips.


“Butterfly, I have an urgent online meeting now. So we’ll talk later.” As he told me after coming out of the washroom, my face hung down in sadness.


“Did you have breakfast?” He asked me concernedly.

“Yes, I did,” I answered him in a dull and sad tone.

“Don’t be so sad, Butterfly. It’s just a matter of only half an hour.” He reassured me, caressing my cheek with his thumb.

“Okay!” I gave him a faint smile and he went to get ready after placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

Master’s P.O.V.

I’m engrossed in the meeting but suddenly my eyes fell on the Butterfly and I gasped in astonishment as I saw her sexily opening the buttons of her shirt, exposing her tits and hard nipples, giving her sexiest smile to me.

What the hell she’s doing?

I glared at her, nodding my head, warning her to stop through my eyes but she gave me a mischief wink, sensuously biting her lower lip, driving me crazy.

Seriously! She loves to tease me like this.

She is playing with the fire and she knows it, but then also she does this things.

That’s why she is my challenging butterfly!

I frowned at her before again looking back at the laptop but it’s hard to resist her when she is doing a striptease.

What to do, I can’t take my eyes from my sexy butterfly.

I glanced at her again and regretted it terribly because now she erotically took off the shirt and stood utterly naked in front of me with a naughty smile on her face.

Oh God, I’m getting hard, seeing her like this.

Shit, now how will I concentrate on the meeting?

She has to pay for doing this. I’m not going to leave her for teasing me.

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