Desire To Control Her (Part: 88 A True Blessing) Manan


We came to a restaurant for dinner and he said that he is going to tell me here how strict he was.

I’m so curious and excited.

I desperately want to know how much I have changed my master.

We ordered the dinner and as the waitress left, I asked in an excited tone, “so start telling.”

“So basically what do you want to know?” He asked, placing his hands on the table. We’re sitting in front of each other.

“I want to know why everybody calls you the strictest Dom,” I told him.

“You know earlier for me my rules were everything for me. I used to become extremely furious when anybody broke it,”

“And now?” I cut his words and asked, raising my brows and my eyes glinted with excitement.

“And now you’re most important to me. My no rule matters to me in front of you. You’re everything to me, Butterfly.” He confessed his genuine feelings, holding my hand and gazing at me intensely.

I’m just speechless!

This confession of him is more than enough for me!

Rather, it is more precious than those three magical words.

“I know.” I kissed his hand with glee before smiling at him contentedly.

Then a waitress came with our dinner and wine.

“Manik, I also want to know how did you come to know about this BDSM relationship,” I said after taking a sip of red wine.

“I came to know about this relationship through Dad. Earlier I wasn’t interested in this, but when Amelia cheated on me, I decided to have my first submissive to get over the pain.” He told me, I held his hand and vaguely squeezed to assure him that now I’m with him.

He blinked his eyes and said, holding my hand, “don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt me anymore because now I have you. Thank you for healing me.” He kissed my knuckles, bringing a beatific smile to my face.

He continued, “you know earlier my rules were different from the rules I gave to you. I never let any of my subs kiss, hug and not even let them touch me.”

I grinned after knowing because he let me do all these things as I’m special to him.

This makes me feel so contented!

“Why?” I asked curiously after keeping my spoon on the plate because I want to know what he will say.

He ate his salad and answered, “because they meant nothing to me, I was just taking out my frustration and pain on them but then you came and everything changed gradually.” We beamed at each other.

“So what were the rules for your other submissive,” I asked, having my dinner.

He cleared his throat and asked, “seriously you want to know Butterfly?”

“Yes, please.” I implored.

He looked around and spoke, “I think this isn’t the right place to talk about all this, we will go home and then continue our this conversation.”

“Cool!” I smiled at him.

While I took a sip of red wine, a drop of it came out of the corner of my mouth and slid down my jaw to my neck. I saw him gazing at my lips and that droplet with deep desire in his eyes. His searingly intense gaze is enough to arouse me and twitch my dampened pelvis. I squeezed my thighs to control the profound sensation, I’m feeling like he is sucking the droplet through his eyes right now.

He stood up and sat beside me on the sofa, still driving me crazy with his look.

The next moment he attacked my neck and sucked the wine after sliding his fingers into my hair, I mechanically threw my head back to give him complete access to my neck and moaned, clutching his shirt.

Oh, God! This man makes me feel so heavenly hot, my body is on fire.

I shivered as he glided his hand up my thigh into my dress. I automatically splayed my legs and as he stroked his hand on my wet crotch over my undies, I bit my lower lip, feeling out of the world.

But I came on the earth back as I saw a waitress approaching us and I realised we are not alone here. I immediately looked around and found everyone’s eyes glued to us. I almost forgot that we are in the public right now.

Shit! He makes me forget about the whole world.

Seriously he has some magical power.

“Manik, we need to stop here. Everyone is seeing us.” I reminded him.

Master’s P.O.V.

I can’t control myself anymore after seeing the way the red wine dropped down from her sensuous lips to her neck, it’s so sexy man. It aroused my carnal desires and made me harder.

Fuck, she is so irresistible!

I hastily stood up and sat beside her.

Now I’m utterly lost in sucking her neck like my life is dependent on this only, forgetting about everything that we’re in public.

She fucking drives me insane.

I can’t wait to have her now.

I have to do something.

I planned something in my mind and stood up.

“Where are you going, Manik?” She asked me, narrowing her brows in confusion.

“I just come.” I dashed from there.

I came to the counter and asked the manager to vacant this restaurant and turn off the cameras also.

“Sir, this can’t be possible. Costumers are having dinner,” he paused abruptly as I placed the blank cheque on the counter and his eyes swept to it.

“Keep this and just do my work,” I ordered him sternly.

“Your work will be done, sir. Don’t worry.” He merrily answered me, slipping the cheque into his pocket.

I smirked before strolling back to my Butterfly.

This is the power of money and my mastermind.

“Did you go to the washroom?” She asked me as I reached her table.

I just nodded my head in response, hiding my grin.

Suddenly the fire alarm started ringing, startling everyone present there except me.

Everyone panicked and started sprinting out of the restaurant to rescue themselves.

Butterfly also instantly stood up and grasped my hand to rush out but when I didn’t move, she stared at me in utter confusion. I’m just smiling at her.

“Manik, the fire alarm is ringing, we should escape from here.” She uttered anxiously, completely unaware that this has been planned by me.

“I thought you love to play with the fire, now what happened, Butterfly,” I asked after yanking her to myself by holding her waist. I’m moving closer to her, racing her heartbeat.

People around us are still rushing out to protect themselves, not knowing this is a false alarm.

“Manik, this is not the time to do this. We should save ourselves. Can’t you hear the fire alarm?” She asked me, baffled and afraid.

“Where is the fire, Butterfly?” I asked her, raising my brows, moving more and more closer to her.

“It can be in the kitchen.” She answered me.

Everyone evacuated the restaurant and now I’m left alone here with my Butterfly.


“Manik, let’s go,” I shushed her by placing my finger on her lips.

“There is no fire, Butterfly,” I told her and her eyes widened in surprise.

“It means you did this?” She asked me in an excited tone.

“Yes, I did.” I nodded, beaming at her.

“Wow! It means we can do anything here.” She chirped, clapping her hands.

Such a kid she is!

“Kiddo!” I leaned in and pecked her lips.

“You know I always wanted to jump on this bouncy sofa and now I can do it.” She squealed before standing on the sofa, flinging her heels and started jumping with joy like a kid.

I just shook my head in disbelief.

What she is doing? I didn’t vacant the whole restaurant for this!

I wanted to bounce her on this sofa while fucking her hard and fast.

She spoiled my all plan!

But still seeing her so optimistic is making me happy from deep inside. I gaze at her with love in my eyes. Her smiling face is giving me some kind of peace.

She is such a lively woman! I always feel so happy and positive around her.

“Come on, join me.” She held out her hand to me.

“You carry on, I’m fine here,” I replied to her.

“Please, my sweetie Master.” She implored, making a puppy face.

How can anybody deny her?

“Okay!” I agreed and stood with her on the sofa after removing my shoes.

“Jump.” She asked me to jump, holding my hands, jumping.

“Okay!” I jumped with her, feeling so weird.

But soon even I started enjoying with her. We’re laughing, jumping and dancing on the sofa. The music is playing in the background is like the cherry on the cake. It’s so much fun.

I can’t believe I evacuated the restaurant after planning so much to do this with her.

But whatever, I’m enjoying this moment to the fullest with my Butterfly. I have never enjoyed it so much in my life before. Meeting her is a true blessing for me.

She suddenly jumped off the sofa clumsily. “Careful, Butterfly.” I chided her, still standing on the sofa.

“Where are you going, Butterfly?” I asked her.

“I’m hiding. You have to find me.” She told me, going somewhere.

“What! I’m not a kid, Butterfly who will play hide and seek.” I denied, sitting on the sofa to wear my shoes.

“You have to play. You have no option.” She stated and as I looked up after wearing my shoes, she disappeared.

This Woman!

“Butterfly, I’m not playing this. Please come out wherever you’re hiding.” I shouted, standing up.

But she didn’t come out and I left with no option except to find her.

I’m bending down and looking for her under the table.

I can’t believe that I’m doing this. She can make me do anything.

“Bhow…” suddenly she yelled from behind me and laughed out, startling me. Before I could say or do something, she blindfolded me with a piece of cloth, standing behind me.

“Now what is this, Butterfly?” I asked irritably.

“One more game, please. Promise, after this I’ll do whatever you say.”

“Okay, what do I have to do?” I asked, having no option.

“You have to catch me, listening to my voice and footsteps.” She instructed me.

“It’s so simple, I’ll catch you by the exquisite scent of your body,” I said confidently.

“So catch me, baby.” I went in the direction from where her voice came up.

I caught her hand and immediately yanked her to myself as I felt her running, passing by me. As my front body collided with her back, it burned with desires and sent a shiver down my spine. I snaked my arms around her from behind, her heart is pounding because of our proximity.

Finally, I’ll do what I wanted to do with her in this empty restaurant. We gonna set this restaurant on fire in real.

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