Desire To Control Her (Part: 87 This is my Man! ) Sidnaaz


My Master: I got busy. You go back home.

I narrowed my brows bemusedly after reading his sudden message.

I don’t know why but my sixth sense is saying to me that there is something fishy.

Me: A minute ago, you were coming to pick me up, now what happened?

He saw my message but he didn’t reply, that’s why I became even more suspicious.

I instantly called him.

“Don’t you understand, I’m busy? I’ll meet you at night.” He answered the call curtly.

It hurts when he talks to me like this.

“Why are you getting angry?” I asked in a dejected tone.

“Because I’m busy.” He disconnected the call, making me feel like crying.

Why is he behaving so rude to me all of sudden?

I have mood swings in periods only for a week in a month but this person has serious mood swings every day.

I shook my head in disbelief before leaving to meet him at the club.


I entered the pain and pleasure club, my eyes are desperately searching for him.

After coming here so many times, I’m still not comfortable seeing all this. People walking around naked, fucking each other and masters punishment their subs in different ways.

Fuck! I can never get comfortable seeing all this.

I should find Sidharth.

“He must be in his private cabin,” I murmured to myself and dashed to his cabin.

Max, Alex and Dev are also present there.

Why did he lie to me that he is busy with important work? I wondered, staring at them confusingly.

“You have to control Sana, Sidharth. She can’t spoil our subs.” My eyes widened in shock as Max uttered.

“That’s true. You have to do something.” Now Dev seconded him, nodding. Sidharth is standing facing his back to us.

I scowled at them.

What the fuck? They both are poising the ears of my Master against me. I won’t leave them.

“What’s going on?” I asked, entering inside, catching their attention. They all looked at me and Sidharth also turned around instantly to look at me.

“What are you doing here? I told you we’ll meet at night.” He strode to me and asked, grasping one of my arms and glaring at me.

“Why are you behaving like this with me, Sidharth?” I questioned him, baffled.

“Because I told him that you’re giving some kind of tips to our subs.” As Max answered, my eyes swept to him.

Shit! How did he come to know about this?

Now I’m in serious trouble.

“Sana, you’re challenging, we’re not saying you to get changed but don’t spoil our subs,” Dev uttered, strolling toward me.

“You’re not doing right, Sana?” Now Alex spoke up.

“Mend your ways, Sana or I have to take some strict action,” Max warned me sternly, waggling his finger at me.

But what have I done wrong? I was just having fun with my friends. It was our private conversation.

Most importantly how can they read our conversation? This isn’t right.

I think Max read those chats because when I was sending the messages, there were blue ticks which means everyone read the messages but Lara didn’t reply.

I opened my mouth to say something but before I could say, Sidharth shouted, “Guys, stop it.” Now we all looked at him.

“And Max, Butterfly is my submissive, I’ll handle her. You have no right to talk to her like this. You all just stop blaming her. Your subs aren’t kids that whatever she says and they will do.” He berated him.

I’m so amazed after seeing the way he took my stand in front of his friends and rebuked them. I’m just staring at him with my eyes and mouth widened in astonishment.

This is my Man!

He was angry with me but still, he took my side and fought with his friends for me when they were pointing their fingers at me.

“No, Sidharth, you can’t justify her like this. She is wrong.” Max uttered, shaking his head.

“Max, perhaps I would be wrong but you are also wrong. You can’t read our private chats like this, it’s not right.” I finally spoke up.

“Who the hell are you to talk to me like this? I have the right to read my submissive’s messages. You’re no one to stop me.” Max growled at me.

“I just can’t believe this.” I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms around my chest.

“Max, I know you’re angry. But don’t forget that she is my Butterfly and nobody has the right to talk to my girl like this.” Sidharth again said, supporting me.

I’m on cloud nine, right now.

The way he said, ‘My girl’ and ‘My butterfly’ my heart is dancing with joy.

I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

“But, Sidharth,”

I uttered, cutting Max’s words. “Max, tell me one thing, will you like it if I read your conversation with your friends in which you’re talking about us? Now don’t say that she is your submissive and you’re her master, therefore you can read her private chats but she can’t. Whatever the relationship you’re with her, you should give her some private space, Max.” I tried to explain calmly to him in my best way.

A smile flashed on my face as Alex said, “I agree with you on this, Sana. It’s not right to read chats like this.”

“Me too.” As Dev uttered, my smile grew bigger.

“Whatever,” Max muttered and stormed out.

“Guys, listen. I’m sorry. Promise now I won’t give them any tips but please don’t behave rudely with me. I don’t like it when someone is angry at me or behaves rudely with me.” I apologised to them.

Dev said, “it’s okay. Now I’m feeling like we overreacted. Sidharth said right, our subs aren’t kids that whatever you say, they will do.”

“But please, Sana, don’t give Kaira those tips. Sidharth can handle the challenging submissive like you but I like my Kiara the way she is.” He pleaded dramatically.

I chuckled. “Now I’ll give her extra tips.” I showed my tongue to him.

“You’re such a badass woman, Sana.” He shook his head in disbelief.

Dev suddenly uttered, “I think, we shall also leave now.”

Alex nodded at him. We bid bye to each other and they walked out, leaving me alone with my Sidharth.

I rushed to him and attacked him by capturing his lips and throwing my legs and arms around him like a wild cat. He is taken aback and balanced himself but after a few seconds only he kissed me back with equal passion by grabbing my butts and fondling them, driving me insane.

We broke the kiss, panting and I stood on my feet.

“I just love the way you supported me, Sidharth. Thank you so much.” I spoke merrily as soon as I caught my breath back after the intense kiss.

I continued, “although you were angry with me, you still supported me and didn’t scold me in front of them. I love you so much and I’m so grateful to have you.” I stood on my toes and hugged him tightly, smiling with glee.

“But Butterfly, I told you to don’t tell our private things to anyone.” He said disappointedly as we pulled apart.

“What did I tell?” I asked, raising my brows.

“You told them that you spanked me. You’re spoiling my strictest Dom image, Butterfly.” He complained like a baby.

So cute!

My baby!

“Everybody knows that you have changed now and become my sweet baby.” I pulled his cheeks.

“You never listen to me, Butterfly.” Now he complained like a grumpy kid, averting his eyes.

“Okay! I won’t tell our things to them, don’t worry and also I won’t spoil your so-called strictest Dom image more,” I said, bending my index fingers.

“We’ll see.” He rolled his eyes.

“Anyway, Sidharth, I wanted to ask you something,” I asked him in a serious tone.


I excitedly asked him, “everyone says you were the strictest Dom. I’m just pretty curious to know how strict you were.”

“It was my past, Butterfly and by the way, you are still not ready to know this.” He said in a strict tone.

“Why? I want to know. I want to know everything about you.” I pouted, staring at him pleadingly.

“I don’t want to scare you, Butterfly.” He said, clasping my face.

“Don’t worry, I won’t get scared because now I know you have changed. Please, please, tell me.” I implored, joining my hands in front of him.

“You’re seriously unbelievable, Sana.” He shook his head.

“Yes, I’m. Now tell me.” Now I demanded.

“Fine!” As he agreed to tell me, my lips drew up to a huge smile and my eyes glinted with anticipation. He added, “but don’t leave me after knowing this.”

I can’t even imagine my life without him now. So how can I leave him?

“No matter what I won’t leave you. Even if you want, I won’t leave you.” I stated in a serious tone, gazing into his eyes intensely.

He kissed me chastely, slightly lifting me from the floor by securely snacking his arms around my waist. I kissed him back lovingly, encircling my arms around his neck.

I love this man so much!

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