Desire To Control Her (Part: 85 The Girls Gang)


I woke up the next morning and a smile flashed on my face as I found my Butterfly gazing at me intensely with immense love in her pretty eyes. It’s giving some kind of peace to my heart.

I fall in love with her a bit more every day.

“Good morning, Butterfly.” I kissed her lips chastely.

Fuck! I had been dying to taste them since last night.

With her, I punish myself too.

“Is my punishment over?” She asked as I pulled apart.

“Yes! Baby.” I smiled and again kissed her softly.

“So give me what I want.” She demanded and as she grinned, her eyes sparkled.

Only she has the right to demand me like this.

“But not before you tell me something,” I uttered.

“What?” She asked, raising her brows.

“You have to tell me where I had taken you last night,” I asked, gently tucking her hair behind her ears.

“How do I tell? I was blindfolded.” She replied innocently and I chuckled.

When she acts innocent, she looks so damn adorable that I felt like eating her up.

“You have to guess it and you will only get me if you answer me right. This is the part of your punishment, this was the only reason, I had blindfolded you last night.” I told her and smirked.

“But you said a minute ago that my punishment is over.” She sadly pouted at me.

“Just tell me the answer if you want me?” I smirked at her.

“I was drunk, it’s difficult.” She made a sad pout.

“So go and drink more,” I said sarcastically.

“Stop punishing me.” She cried out, hitting my chest.

“Aww! You’re looking cute with this face, Butterfly.” I made a puppy face like her to tease her.

She chuckled, “you’re also looking adorable like me now.” She pulled my cheeks.

“You want me or not?” Now I asked her in a stern tone.

“I’m craving for you.” She whispered after coming close to my lips and placing her hands on my face.

“So tell me, where we went last night.” I raised my brows.

“What if I tell wrong?” She asked me.

“Then you won’t get me today also. This is the part of the punishment.” Her face hung down after listening to this.

“Okay, let me think.” She started wondering after placing her forefinger over her cheek and tilting her face.

She’s damn cute!

“I heard the sound of waves last night. It can be the beach or something?” She answered me like she is questioning me.

I must say my girl is intelligent after being drunk also last night, she gave the correct answer.

I didn’t answer her, just clasped her face and kissed her passionately after coming over her.

I broke the kiss for a second and hastily pulled the nightgown over her head before capturing her lips again and devouring them.

As she held the hem of my vest to remove it, I instantly grasped her wrists and pinned them against the mattress as I don’t want to show her my tattoo right now.

After a few days, it’s her birthday and I have planned to confess my love and show my tattoo to her on that day as I want to make her birthday special and unforgettable for her. It’s difficult to hide my tattoo from her but I’ll try my best to save it for her special day.

My dominating side will help me to hide this from her.

I swiftly fastened her wrists above her head with her dress to the bedpost before kissing and nibbling down her neck while massaging her tits. She moaned with profound pleasure, throwing her head and arching her back as if in ecstasy.

I sucked, chewed one of her tits, kneading the other one before trailing wet kisses down her belly, making her shiver with the touch of my lips.

I hastily ripped her undies, and with my eyes filled with desires, I gazed at her honeypot which is glistering with her honey before devouring it like I have been hungry for ages. She is moaning loudly as I’m driving her insane with massive pleasure.

I pulled down my shorts and rubbed my hardness against her wet and sensitive crotch after coming over her.

“You drove me crazy, Butterfly,” I whispered against her lips, gazing into her eyes intensely, still grinding myself against her.

“You drove me double crazy, baby. Please, now don’t make me wait anymore.” She begged and the next moment only I pushed myself deep into her in one go, making her scream.

I gave her hard shots, groaning with incredible pleasure. It feels so out of the world to be inside my Butterfly. It’s heavenly pleasurable and satisfying.

Now I’m ramming into her rapidly, her legs are wide-open and tightly encircled around my waist.

“I love you…” she is moaning crazily and her sexy moans are arousing me more, making me thrust her harder and harder like there is no tomorrow.


She went to the washroom and then only my phone started beeping non-stop. I narrowed my brows confusedly and picked it up from the side table, wondering, who he is sending me so many messages?

I saw 10+ messages from our WhatsApp friend group on Lock Screen.

I unlocked the phone before opening the messages.

Max: Guys, come on ask Ethan.

Alex: Yes!

Alex: Did Anna spank you?

Fuck! I had completely forgotten about this.

Max: And also did she punish you?

Dev: Guys, it’s his personal life. Don’t bother him so much.

Dev is my bestie!

Max: Don’t tell us that you don’t want to know.

Alex: Ignoring you, Dev.

Alex: Ethan, which statement was wrong? We wanna know.

Dev: Guys, stop it.

Alex: You shut up, Dev. We wanna know.

Max: Yes, tell us.

They’re not going to leave me until I tell them the truth.

Alex: Where are you Ethan?

I read all the messages of them and shook my head.

Why Butterfly, why did you do this to me?

If I tell them the truth, they gonna tease me so much.

What to do?

But they’re my friends and I shouldn’t be ashamed to tell them that I’m changed now.

I took a deep breath before starting typing the message.

Me: Guys, both statements were right.

As I sent the message, they replied instantly.

Max: You mean Anna spanked you?

Alex: I knew it!

Max: I can’t believe you let her spank and punish you.

How they will believe it because I was the strictest Dom but with her, I become her sweetest dom.

I chuckled at myself.

Me: Because I deserved it and I can do anything for my Butterfly.

Dev: You are completely infatuated with Anna.

Max: You’re hopelessly in love with your Butterfly. Am I right, Ethan?

Yes! I am madly in love with my Butterfly.

Alex: Of course, Max. You’re right.

Me: Yes, You all are right! I’m in love with her.

I replied to them with a smile on my face.

I’m blessed to fall in love with her because she filled my life with joy and made me feel alive.

I can do anything for my Butterfly as now no rule is more important than her happiness to me. She is my number one priority.

Me: Guys, but listen Anna shouldn’t come to know about this as I’m going to confess my love to her on her birthday. So don’t tell your girlfriends also.

Max: Okay! Your secret is saved with us.

Alex: Cool!

Dev: Anything for you, bro.

I smiled, reading their messages.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I came out of the washroom, wearing one of his white shirts and stared at Ethan dubiously as I saw him doing something on his phone with a smile on his face.

I tiptoed to him and sneakily tried to see what he is doing after standing beside him.

“When did you come?” He immediately unlocked the phone as he saw me, making me more suspicious.

“Why did you hide your phone like this after seeing me?” I asked, raising my brows and folding my arms across my chest.

“I was just talking in a group with Dev, Max and Alex.” As he told me, I made O mouth.

I trust him that he won’t lie to me.

“You know they’re teasing me so much.”

“Why?” I asked, narrowing my brows bemusedly.

“Because you spit out all our secrets yesterday that you spanked me.” He told me in a serious tone.

“Oh, that.” I giggled and he glared at me.

I told everyone that I spanked the strictest Dom.

He suddenly grasped my hand and tugged me, I fell over him.

We gazed into each other intensely. He gently tucked my hair behind my ears, brushing my cheeks with his thumbs, making me shiver with his touch.

“If you again reveal our secrets like this, I’ll tease you like yesterday for a week.” He gave me a warning.

No! I can’t bear that torture again, that also for a week. No, never. It was so frustrating.

“I won’t repeat, I promise.” I kissed his lips lovingly.

He placed a soft kiss on my forehead before picking up his phone as it was constantly beeping.

“They’re still messaging me.” He showed me the notification on phone before reading their messages.

Suddenly an idea popped into my mind and I grinned. I’ll also make a group of all the girls like them.

Wow! Great idea, Anna!

I stood up and went to the other side of the bed. I created the group on WhatsApp, smiling with excitement after sitting beside him.

‘Girls Gang’ I kept the name of the group this and added, Eve, Lara and Kiara.

Me: Hey, guys, welcome to this group.

Eve: Wow!!

Lara: Hey, so happy that you created this group.

Kaira: Girls gang rocks!

I smiled broadly after reading their messages.

Me: Love you, guys!

Eve: Love you more!!

Kiara: By the way why all of sudden you made this group?

P.S. We love you more, Anna.

Me: When I found Ethan chatting in the group with his friends, I thought why don’t I make the group.

Lara: You made the group at right time. I’m a bit upset.

What happened to her? I wondered, pouting.

Eve: What happened?

Lara: You all know Max doesn’t like to spank me but I liked it a lot when he used to spank me.

Me: But why he doesn’t like to spank you?

I instantly asked her.

Lara: Because he is guilty of punishing me harshly in past.

I made an O mouth after reading this.

I remember that day and I can never forget it as I met my Master, the love of my life for the first. That day Max had punished her in front of me, it was so horrible.

Eve: Maybe with time he would come out of the guilt.

Kiara: I second Eve. Don’t worry, Lara, give him some time.

I smiled widely as an idea struck my mind.

Me: Lara, you start breaking the rules deliberately, force him to spank you. Make him that much angry that in anger, he forgets about his guilt and spanks you.

Lara: No, this won’t work. If I break any rule, he’ll give me other punishment.

Eve: She is correct.

Me: So why don’t you start spanking him.

I chuckled after sending this message.

Lara: It’s impossible, what’re you saying? Spanking Max. I can’t even imagine. He is my Dom.

Eve: Fuck! You spanked, Ethan?

Kaira: My doubt cleared today. Seriously you spanked my brother. It’s unbelievably shocking for all of us.

Me: Guys, you have no idea, it is so much fun to spank your dom.

I grinned merrily.

Lara: I still can’t believe that he let you do this. I can’t even tell you how strict Ethan was before meeting you.

Me: He’s sweetest now but I want to know how strict he was in past.

I glanced at him with a smile on my face, he is also busy with his phone.

Kiara: I’m out of this.

Me: You’re cute, Kiara.

Kiara: Look, who is saying this.

Eve: Ask yourself from Ethan as we can’t take the risk to tell you about his past or else he would get angry like last time.

Lara: And we don’t want to scare you.

Me: Okay, I’ll ask him. But Lara you think about my idea. If he isn’t spanking you, you start spanking him.

Lara: Ethan has become sweet but Max will kill me if I spank him.

Kiara: Guys, even I’m a bit sad.

Now, what happened to her? Why all are upset today?

Me: Why? Why?

Kiara: Alex is angry with me because I kissed a stranger and now he is ignoring me.

Me: But it was your past, why it’s bothering him so much.

Lara: Right.

Me: Let me talk to him, I’ll scold him for ignoring you.

Kiara: Guys, he is angry because I didn’t tell him.

Eve: Oh! You hid this from him, then it’s your fault.

Me: Stupid, Eve! He can punish her, but why he is ignoring an innocent soul like her?

Eve: Ignoring her is also a punishment.

Lara: This punishment is horrible! I can’t take Max’s ignorance, it hurts. I can understand, Kiara, what you’re going through.

Eve: That’s true.

Me: I have an idea. You also get angry with him as he is overreacting and then he has to pacify you.

Lara: Anna, your ideas are out of the world.

I laughed after reading this and caught Ethan’s attention.

“Now with whom you’re talking and laughing?” As he asked, I looked at him. He raised his brows.

“I also made the girls group like you.” I showed him my tongue.

“Copy cat.” He said teasingly.

“Your copycat.” I kissed his cheek and he beamed at me before kissing my lips hard, clasping my face.

“Now I’m going to have a shower.” He suddenly stood up.

“I would have joined you but I’m busy.” I pointed at my phone.

“No problem, you talk to them.” He leaned down and sucked my lips before going to the bathroom.

I picked up the phone and read unread messages.

Kiara: Let’s see if her ideas work or not.

Eve: You’re giving ideas to everyone, I also need it because my Master is also angry with me.

Today everyone needs my advice, seriously I created the group at right time.

Me: Now why Dev is angry?

Eve: Because I told him that I already knew about Kiara and Alex and now he is angry why didn’t I tell him.

Me: Seriously, Dom needs a reason to get angry with innocent submissives like us.

Everybody sent the laughing emoji after this.

Kiara: Why did you tell him that you had known it before.

Eve: I spit out, what to do I can’t hide anything from him.

Me: Eve, make him understand that I asked you to don’t tell him. You didn’t tell him because of me. Tell him that I forced you.

Eve: He isn’t ready to listen to me.

Me: If your Dom doesn’t understand you, go on strike, don’t follow any of their orders. I think I have to teach you all that how to handle your Dom.

Kiara: True, we need it as we can see how well you’re handling Ethan.

Lara: Yeah, we need tips.

I laughed after reading their messages.

Me: I’ll certainly make the list of tips and send it here.

Me: Now bye. I have some important work.

I sent this message as I felt a sudden urge to go to the bathroom and have a shower with Ethan after listening to the sound of water from the bathroom.

I stood up and excitedly rushed to the bathroom after hurling my phone on the bed.

The door of the bathroom is ajar. I opened it and admired my naked Master from behind. He’s looking so fucking hot right now. The water is cascading down his perfect ass and back, arousing me. I’m dripping wet after seeing him like this and I squeezed my legs to control my throbbing core for him.

Fuck! His seductive body is making me insane. I can’t control myself anymore.

I want to suck all the droplets of water from his body.

I hurriedly opened all the buttons of my shirt and ran to him after tossing it on the floor.

I encircled my arms around him from behind and sucked the water from his neck hungrily.

I’m kissing and nibbling his neck and my hands are going down and down.

But before I could hold him, he stopped me by holding my hands.

“Go out.” He ordered, looking at me over his shoulder and shocking me.

What happened to him all of sudden?

“Why?” I asked him.

“I can’t tell you, just go.” He uttered sternly.

“I won’t go until you tell me,” I said stubbornly.

“If you don’t listen to me, I’ll tease you like yesterday tonight also. So go.” He warned me, shocking me more. Why he is behaving like this?

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