Desire To Control Her (Part: 84 Her Punishment)


“Take off your undies, Butterfly!” As I ordered her before starting my car, she stared at me, narrowing her brows in confusion.

“Here?” She asked, looking out of the car, there are few people.

“Just do what I’m saying,” I said sternly before concentrating on the road.

I know she is drunk but I can’t wait to punish her.

Next moment she obeyed me like a good submissive by sliding down her panty and slipping it out of her legs. She gave it to me, smiling shyly and a grin appeared on my face.

I love the way she utterly trusts me and obeys me without any question.

I fucking love her for giving me a chance and filling my life with profound joy.

I inhaled the fragrance of her panty, closing my eyes before keeping it on the side.

“Tie this around your eyes.” I gave her my handkerchief after taking it out of my pocket, concentrating on the road.

“Why?” As she asked, I glanced at her.

“Just do what I’m saying, no question,” I instructed her in a grim tone and she nodded meekly at me before blindfolding herself with my white handkerchief.

“Now raise your dress and be ready for me by splaying your legs because I’m just stopping the car at my private place where nobody can see us,” I commanded her, glancing at her. She is looking so sexy with the blindfold also.

I just can’t wait to punish her and have fun.

After a minute I stopped the car at my private beach and looked at Butterfly. She is sitting, holding up her dress, splaying her legs with blindfolded eyes, utterly ready for me.

I just love seeing her in this position!

I gazed at her with desire in my eyes before placing my hand over her bare and wet crotch, making her shiver. Her sexy lips parted as she took a deep breath.

I wanna kiss them badly but I can’t.

I rubbed her sensitive bud with my thumb slowly and she moaned, mechanically grinding herself fast against my hand and clutching her dress.

She is so fucking desperate for me! I like it.

But this is her punishment, not pleasure. I want to make her crave pleasure today.

“Don’t move, stay still,” I ordered in a stern tone, slightly hitting her crotch and she instantly closed her legs in response, screaming.

“Keep them open, Butterfly.” Now I commanded, hitting her bare inner thighs with my both palms.

“If you hit me, how will I keep them open, Master?” She asked innocently.

“You have to learn to keep them open and steady whatever I do,” I stated, pulling them apart myself by grasping her thighs.

“Now if you shut them, I’ll spank you hard twenty times here,” I warned her, again slightly hitting her crotch.

This time she moaned and kept her legs open.


“So you’re already learning. Good!” I praised her and again started rubbing her clit slowly to tease her.

She again rubbed herself against my hand quickly because I’m rubbing her extremely slow.

“I asked you to keep still, Butterfly.” I shrieked, hitting her crotch four times in a row, harder this time.

She moaned loudly and surprisingly she kept her legs open this time also.

I smiled, impressed with her before again started rubbing her at the same pace.

“Why are you rubbing me so slow?” She complained in irritation.

“Because this is your punishment, not pleasure, Butterfly,” I smirked before pinching her bud, making her scream.

“This is so frustrating!” She cried out and I smiled evilly.

“When you don’t listen to me, you also frustrate me,” I told her, rubbing her slowly with my thumb.

I can see now she is trying hard to stay steady because she wants something to rub against herself faster.

But today, I’m not in a mood to give her pleasure because she had made me so angry at the club today by drinking and then hugging someone else.

“Master… please. I’m sorry.” She whined like a baby.

I snickered and asked in an innocent tone, “what please Butterfly?”

“You know what I want right now.”

“No, I don’t know. Tell me what do you want, Butterfly?” I asked her, touching my thumb over her crotch very lightly to irk her more.

“Don’t do this.” She screeched.

“What, Butterfly?” I asked, acting naive.

“Stop rubbing me so slow.” She yelled, getting angry now.

“Okay as you say.” I stopped rubbing her, moved back and sat, leaning against the seat.

“Where did you go?” She asked, crying.

“You only asked me to stop, so I stopped,” I answered her and smiled mischievously, shrugging my shoulder.

“Fuck off.” She gritted her teeth and sat over my lap, astride me with a swift motion, surprising me.

“Don’t try to remove it,” I warned her sternly as she moved her hands behind her head to untie the blindfold. She instantly halted, listening to my words.

“Now keep them behind,” I ordered her grimly, gliding my hands up her hips.

I squeezed them, making her moan before slowly grinding my hardness again her crotch.

I placed wet kisses down her neck, fondling her butts and slowly rubbing myself against her, giving her sweet torture.

She mechanically moved up and down rapidly against my crotch.

“You can’t stay still, right?” I asked after spanking her butts, making her jump over me.

“No. It happens automatically.” She shrieked, shaking her head.

“But you have to stay still as this is your punishment and you have to learn how to control this,” I whispered against her lips and instantly moved back before she could capture my lips and kiss me.

I badly want to kiss her and taste her luscious lips but I won’t kiss her, today I plan to tease her. No pleasure, no enjoyment, nothing that she wants because it’s her punishment for disobeying her Master. I want to teach her a lesson so that she will think a thousand times before getting drunk in her life again.

“Sit back at your seat and take off your dress,” I commanded her, she pouted at me dejectedly and reluctantly complied.

Now she is sitting utterly naked on the seat beside me, looking profoundly attractive that I wanna fuck her hard right now after taking her out and bending on the car’s bonnet, but not today.

I took a small vibrator from the dashboard with an evil smile on my face.

It’s time to level up and tease her more.

I turned it on and placed it over her nipples, making her breathe heavily and hardening her nipples. As she splayed her legs for the vibrator, my lips curved into an devilish smile.

She has no clue that today I’m going to do nothing that she is craving.

I slowly skimmed the vibrator down her belly and she arched her back in response. I moved it around her belly button and just above her crotch to tease her. I can see her core is profoundly throbbing for this.

Just for a few seconds, I placed the vibrator over her bud and removed it instantly.

I repeated this, teasing her like hell. She’s breathing heavily and yearning for pleasure. This punishment she will remember forever, I’m sure.

“Stop teasing me.” She cried out.

“Start listening to me and I won’t punish you like this,” I stated, still teasing her with the vibrator by placing it over her crotch for a second and removing it.

“I’m sorry. I’ll always listen to you. Now please, stop teasing me.” As she screamed, I finally stopped and turned off the vibrator.

I know very well how to control my Butterfly!

She sighed deeply, resting her head against the seat.

“Don’t dare to get drunk again and hug somebody else,” I warned her after coming closer to her lips.

“I won’t, I promise. Now please give me what I want.” She pleaded but I moved away from her again as she moved closer to kiss me.

She cried out.

I chuckled. “You seriously think, I’ll give you what you want, Butterfly?”

She pouted at me sadly and I couldn’t stop myself from pecking her lips.

She complained adorably, “you’re so bad.”

“You force me to treat you like this by becoming bad, Butterfly. So it’s your fault.” I said, making her wear the dress.

“Are we going back?” She asked, listening to the sound of the car’s engine as I started the car.


“So I can remove the blindfold?” She asked me.

“After reaching home, you can remove it.” I smiled naughtily as I have planned something for her.

“Why?” She questioned.

“You’ll come to know tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” She murmured bemusedly and I just smiled, glancing at her.

Even she disobeys me, teases me, irks me, I still fucking love her so much! Whatever she does, I can never stop loving my Butterfly.

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