Desire To Control Her (Part: 82 Completely Wasted)


Butterfly’s P.O.V.

We all are sitting at the club, I, Ethan, Alex, Eve, Dev, Max and Lara, and now Alex is finally going to make everyone meet his secret submissive/girlfriend. I’m so excited to see everybody’s reaction and expression.

“So here comes the love of my life.” As Alex disclosed, pointing at the door, Kiara stepped inside with a cheerful smile on her face and her face is glowing with happiness. She is strolling towards us, looking so gorgeous in a black dress.

I looked at everybody and saw Dev, Max and Lara staring at Ethan in utter shock, they must be wondering why he is sitting so normally after knowing that his sister is Alex’s secret submissive because they have no clue, we already knew it.

Alex stood up and gently kissed her cheek, bringing a smile to her face before pulling out the chair for her like a gentleman. She sat down, beaming at him.

“This was unexpected,” Dev uttered in a disbelief tone, catching our attention.

“I’m more shocked seeing why Ethan didn’t react until yet,” Lara spoke, looking at Ethan dubiously, narrowing her brows.

“Even I’m shocked. Is this silence before the storm?” Max asked him, raising his brows. I’m controlling myself from laughing, covering my mouth.

Ethan chuckled, making their eyes widen in shock.

“Ethan, you knew about this? You knew that your sister, Kiara is Alex’s submissive.” Dev asked in a complete incredulous tone.

Ethan nodded with a captivating smile on his face. My man looks so perfect with a smile on his face.

“What? And you didn’t tell this to your best friend?” Dev freaked out.

“Dev, I came to know yesterday only.” As Ethan told this, Dev made O mouth.

He continued, “and as expected I had freaked out yesterday after knowing this but my butterfly,” he clasped my hand, smiling at me before turning his face to his friends, “made me understand everything and now I have no issue if Alex is in a relationship with my sister.”

“Wow! Anna, we all are highly impressed with you, you changed him so much.” Max uttered and I grinned widely.

“Yes, she has changed me,” Ethan said to him before placing a soft kiss on my knuckles, making me smile with glee. He added, “and I’m glad that someone is there to make me understand when I go on the wrong path. I’m so blessed to have her in my life.”

He filled my heart with joy and brought a huge smile to my face through his words. I just softly kissed his cheek. He gave me a sweet smile, taking my heart away from me.

I just couldn’t control myself from pulling his cheeks after seeing his cute smile. He just glared at me.

He can’t stop me from doing anything tonight. Wow!

“Kiara, welcome to our group,” Eve uttered, catching our attention.

“I’m still in a shock,” Lara uttered, shaking her head.

Then our drinks arrived, yippie today I’ll drink unlimited. I smiled mischievously at him, picking up the glass of scotch.

He just glared at me as today he can’t do anything except this. It’s so much fun.

I’m having drink after drink while laughing and talking with his friends. I’m looking at Ethan through the corner of my eyes and he’s killing me with his looks, fuming.

Poor my Master! Today he is so helpless.

Haha. And I’m taking full advantage of his helplessness.

I’m so evil!

He grasped my hand to stop me as I moved my hand to grab another glass of scotch. I turned my face to him, he nodded his head, warning me through his scorching eyes.

Master’s P.O.V.

Seriously, Butterfly is taking undue advantage of my punishment. She knows, today I can’t stop her, so she is drinking nonstop.

But it’s enough, I won’t let her drink more no matter what.

As I held her hand to stop her, she shrieked, “Hww… Ethan, you’re stopping me? Do you want me to punish you?”

“Shut up.” I palmed her mouth and looked around before sighing with relief seeing everyone busy.

Thank God, they didn’t hear Butterfly’s words or else what if anybody comes to know that she punishes me?

“Ouch…” I screamed, catching everybody’s attention as suddenly she bit my palm.

“What happened, Ethan?” Dev asked me.

“Nothing.” I shook my head.

“He shouted because I bit him.” Butterfly told them and smiled with self-pride before laughing loudly.

Fuck! She is completely wasted. Now how am I gonna handle her in front of my friends?

Suddenly she squealed, “let’s play the game.”

“No, games, we’re going,” I stated sternly, holding her hand.

Kiara implored, “What? No, Ethan. Let’s play, please.”

“Don’t worry, Kiara. We’ll stay and play.” Butterfly answered her with full confidence and I just scowled at her.

“You can’t stop me today. Did you forget?” She asked me in my ear.

She’s playing so well with me.

I must say my girl is so smart woman!

“Okay, we’ll play.” I agreed reluctantly, having no other option. She smiled with triumph, showing her all teeth.

“So sweet.” She pulled my cheeks, making everybody laugh.

“What’s the game?” Lara asked her.

“Today we gonna play, two truth one lie.” She told the game with joy.

“I never played this. What game is this?” Now Kiara asked excitedly from her.

Even I don’t know about this game.

“In this game, one person will tell us two truths and one lie, then we have to guess which statement is a lie.” She excitedly explained the game to everybody.

Kiara whooped, “wow! This is a unique game. I’m so excited to play.”

“So whose turn will be first?” Eve asked, raising her brows.

Max announced, “Kiara as she is a new member of our group.”

Kiara nodded, “Okay! Let me think. I kissed a stranger. I slapped Alex and… I sleep-talk.”

“I slapped Alex is wrong.” We all shouted in unison except Alex.

Alex whispered something in her ear, frowning and she held her ears, mouthing sorry to him,

Is he getting angry with my little sister? I wondered, staring at him warily.

Then Alex whispered something in her ear and she pouted sadly at him.

“Now it is Maxi taxi’s turn.” Buttery squealed before I could say something.

“Who is Maxi Taxi?” Max asked her.

“You Maxi Taxi.” She laughed out after saying this and I shook my head in disbelief.

She is already crazy and after getting drunk, she has become double crazy.

Everybody cracked up too.

“Don’t spoil name, Anna,” Max said to her in a serious tone.

“What? I’m giving you such a cute name and you’re saying I’m spoiling it. That’s not fair.” She pouted at him in anger.

“Max, don’t argue with her. You can see she’s completely wasted right now.” I tried to make him understand.

“Maxi Taxi, now continue the game because you’re wasting our time.” As she uttered, Max shook his head, giving up.

“I love to play with Lara’s twins,” he winked at her. “Second one, I want to try a threesome. The last one, I don’t like to spank Lara.”

Eve assumed, “I guess the second statement is wrong.”

“But I think the third statement is wrong. I don’t think he doesn’t like to spank Lara.” Alex uttered.

I nodded. “I second him.”

“No, the second one is the wrong statement,” Lara said with full confidence, looking at Max.

“Yes, the second one is an incorrect statement,” Max uttered, making us shocked that he doesn’t like to spank Lara.

“Who doesn’t like to spank their partner?” Butterfly suddenly uttered, looking at me through the corner of her eyes and grinning.

I shook my head in disbelief, recalling how much she had enjoyed while spanking me in the morning.

“Now my turn, please.” She implored, how anybody could deny her.

Everybody nodded and she clapped her merrily.

I have no clue what’s going on in her little evil mind.

My eyes widened in shock as she told the first statement, “I punished my Master.”

“Of course, this statement is wrong. Ethan can never let anybody punish himself.” Max uttered with full confidence and everybody nodded, agreeing to him.

Shit! It was my biggest mistake that I agreed to play this game.

I have to do something to stop her or else she will spit out everything in front of my friends.

Dev suddenly spoke up, “but anything could happen as our Anna has transformed him into a completely different person.”

That’s true but still, I don’t want them to come to know that I let my Butterfly punish me.

“First, let me tell you all the three statements, then you all tell which one of them is wrong.” Butterfly giggled and uttered, catching everybody’s attention.

They all nodded at her.

I’m scared now.

“I spanked my Master.”

Fuck! What she is doing? I have to take her out of here before she spits out all our secrets in front of them.

“She is completely wasted, so I’m taking her home right now,” I shouted, grasping Butterfly’s hand and catching everybody’s attention.

“But let us complete her turn,” Alex uttered, smiling mischievously.

“If you try to stop me, I’ll take Kiara also with us,” I warned him, shutting him up.

“I’m not going, I want to play more.” Butterfly cried out.

“Fine, you play, I’m going.” I left her hand and stood up before storming out.

“Ethan… stop.” She shouted behind me but I ignored it and came to the hall.

But suddenly as I realised that I shouldn’t leave Butterfly like this as she is so drunk, I turned around to go back.

What the fuck!

I froze and my eyes dilated in utter shock as I saw my Butterfly, hugging someone else from behind. I knitted my brows and my blood boiled.

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