Desire To Control Her (Part: 81 Punishing My Master)


The next morning, I woke up and a beatific smile flashed on my face as I saw my butterfly, sleeping hugging me like a baby sleeps hugging his teddy. We’re naked from down and a white duvet is partially covering our bodies. Our legs are entangled with each other.

I’d never been happier in this place before yesterday night. After my mom’s demise, for the first time, I have slept peacefully in this house again and this magic happened because of my Butterfly.

I’m profoundly thankful to her. I kissed her hair, smiling at her with so much love in my eyes. She’s truly a blessing of God in my life. Yesterday like magic she took away my all miseries.

I’m just gazing at her face with a peaceful smile on my face. My eyes aren’t ready to move away from her angelic face, it is glowing naturally in the sunlight which is peeking through the window.

I’m wondering, do I really deserve this pure innocent woman in my life.

What have I done that I got her?

She woke up, rubbing her eyes adorably and instantly a warm smile flashed on her face as she saw me.

“Good morning, Butterfly.” I wished her and kissed her lips with so much love, cupping her soft cheeks and hair which are coming on her face.

“Good morning, baby. How’re you feeling?” She asked me concernedly, placing her hand on my face.

My caring Daring!

No one ever took care of me the way she does after my Mom.

“You know yesterday you have freed me from my deepest agony that I’m feeling so relieved today. You healed me, Butterfly. Thank you.” I thanked her with a contented smile on my face and my eyes shining with ecstatic.

She beamed at me and whispered, touching her face with mine, “I love you so much and I’m so happy to free my love from the pain.”

Her confession touched the core of my heart and I felt like to confess my love to her right now. But I’m saving my confession for the special day and also I’ll show her my tattoo on that day only.

“Now, I’ll tell your punishment.” She suddenly chirped.

My cutie-pie butterfly!

“Go ahead, I’m listening,” I uttered, gently tucking her hair behind her ears which were blocking the view of her heavenly gorgeous face, then I placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“So your punishment is that you can’t say no to me. Whatever I do, you can’t stop me. You have to accept my all wishes. Today you’ll follow my all orders as I follow yours.” She told me excitedly.

This is not so difficult punishment for me because I have no problem following my woman’s order.

“Okay, Madam. Anything else?” I asked her, raising my brows.

“Yes.” She nodded, grinning at me

Now, what is going on in her little naughty mind? I wondered, narrowing my brows.


“If you don’t follow my order and stop me from doing something, then I’ll spank you as you do.” She smiled widely, showing me her all teeth.

Fuck! She’s taking good advantage of this. I must say my Butterfly is very smart.

Evil soul!

“Okay! Anything more?” As I asked her, she shook her head and hugged me. I embraced her, smiling with contentment.

“Today I can pull your cheeks how much I want. I’m so happy.” She squealed, pulling my cheeks hard, not ready to leave them.

Fuck! It hurts!

“Butterfly, stop it, you’re hurting me,” I yelled, grasping her wrists and glaring at her.

“It was a rule that you can’t stop me from doing anything. Now I’ll spank you. It will be so much fun to spank my Master.” She whooped, clapping her hands.

Shit! I have put myself into big trouble today but tomorrow I’ll certainly take my revenge on her.

Fuck! I’m such a monster!

And she will get to know tomorrow what a Monster I am.

As my lips curved into an evil grin, her brows narrowed bemusedly.

“Why are you smiling like this?” She asked, squinting her eyes at me.

“Nothing.” I shook my head.

“Whatever! I’m going to spank you and I’m so excited.” She squealed with overjoy.

“It’s your day, Butterfly.”

“Yes. Now turn around, baby.” She ordered me, grinning and her eyes are shimmering with excitement.

I turned around, having no choice because I deserve this punishment. I should have understood my Butterfly yesterday.

She sat on my legs, straddling me before squeezing my buttocks with her soft hands. Her touch feels so good, I’m getting hard. I’m gonna have her after this.

She can turn me on by doing anything.

“So are you ready, Master?” She asked me.

“Yes, Butterfly.” As I replied, she slightly spanked my both butts together and giggled.

Fuck! I never thought that I would ever let anybody spank me like this. My Butterfly can make me do anything.

She is doing some kind of magic on me!

And that magic is love, I know.

She spanked me again, laughing. “It’s so much fun to play with your butts.” Now she squeezed them.

She is doing nothing except arousing me. I want her right now, but I can’t even stop her, or else she will punish me more.

Dude! Are you even listening to yourself, you’re getting afraid of her punishment.

Dam! she is learning from me everything so fast.

“Butterfly, I never thought that you would be so dominating.” I suddenly uttered.

“I have learned this from you, Master. So it’s your fault.” She laughed out and this time she spanked me hard.

Fuck! It hurts!

How could she spank me so hard with her so soft hands? I wondered.

“Are you done, Butterfly?” I asked her, getting irritated because I need her badly and I can’t control myself anymore.

“Why are you getting irritated?” She asked me.

“Because I need you badly, Butterfly.” I looked at her over my shoulder and a mischief smile on her face scared me.

What’s going on in her tiny mind!

“Today I won’t give you what you want, as you do with me, Master.” She smiled at me evilly.

Fuck! She is so evil.

“My little devil, you’re going to regret it.” I gritted my teeth.

I’ll not leave her tomorrow so easily.

“I don’t care, I’m enjoying so much right now. It’s so much fun to punish my Master.” She laughed devilishly and hit my butts like they are drums for her, making me scream.

Today I’m regretting badly for asking her to punish me.

But she is forgetting about one thing, that I’m still her master.

I can do anything with her.

Tomorrow you’re gone, my love.

After some time we both got ready and settled down at the dining table to have breakfast.

“I don’t want to have it. I’m not hungry.” Butterfly uttered as I served her breakfast.

I glared at her. “Butterfly, I know today you can do whatever you want but I’m still your Master and you have to follow my orders. So have your breakfast if you don’t want me to punish you.” I warned her and she pouted at me.

“But still you can’t order me, today you have to follow my commands or else you know what I’ll do.” She warned me, moving her eyes at my butts.

“Don’t warn me like this, I’m not scared of you. Have your breakfast.” I ordered her in a stern tone.

She shook her head. “No, I won’t and if you force me, I’ll spank you with this.” She showed me the service spoon.

“Seriously!” I rolled my eyes.

“Today, you can’t roll your eyes.” She uttered and I shook my head in disbelief.

“Now are you taking the breakfast or not?” I asked her.

“Nope.” She shook her head.

I smirked as suddenly an idea popped into my mind and she narrowed her brows in confusion.

“And if you don’t have your breakfast today, then I won’t let you cum for a month.” Her eyes dilated in utter shock and I grinned with triumph as I know I have won this argument.

I have my ways to control my Butterfly even if it’s her day to control me.

“You’re so evil.” She cried out, making me chuckle.

“Now will you have the breakfast or not?”I asked her, grinning.

She nodded at me with a sad pout. “How do you always manage to control me?” She asked me in a disbelief tone.

My adorable baby!

I laughed out, throwing my head. “Because I’m a Master, Butterfly and I know very well how to control women, especially you,” I whispered, coming close to her lips and gazing into her eyes intensely.

“And I have given this right to you only.” She murmured against my lips before devouring my lips passionately, cupping my face. I kissed her back with equal passion. I never get enough of her luscious lips, they’re one of the reasons for my existence.

She stood up and sat astride me on the chair, deepening the kiss, yanking me closer to herself by clutching my hair. I squeezed her hips, making her moan in my mouth.

As she rubbed herself against my crotch. I broke the kiss for a second and made her remind, “we’re not at my place, Butterfly.”

The realisation hit her and she instantly stood up from me.

“I wish we were at your place right now, then we wouldn’t have to stop like this.” She uttered, settling down beside me before pouting at me innocently.

I kissed her pout, bringing a smile to her face.

“You both are such a cute couple.” Kiara’s voice caught our attention and we swept our eyes to her, smiling.

“Thank God! She didn’t come when I was sitting on him.” Butterfly murmured to herself and I chuckled, listening to her words.

Kiara settled down in front of us, her face is shimmering with joy today and the reason for her happiness is my Butterfly.

“Don’t you think someone’s face is glowing more today?” She teased Kiara, nudging me with her elbow, making my sister blush hard.

“And Kiara, get ready as tonight Alex is finally going to introduce his secret girlfriend to our friend group.” As I told her, she nodded at me.

“Gee, I’m so excited to see everybody’s reaction.” Butterfly squealed joyfully and I kissed her cheek, finding her super cute.

She is just like a kid, get excited with little things and I love this thing about her.

I’m falling for her more and more with every second and I have never been this happy in my life before meeting her. She completed me and now without her, I’ll be like a body without a soul.

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