(Beyond Love} Chapter: 42 (Manan)


Nandini’s P.O.V.

I’m still in shock after whatever happened today but at the same time, I’m also speechless witnessing the way Manik reacted inside and handled the reporters. It is commendable. He was so angry but still how smartly he shut the mouths of those reporters with his words.

I have heard, in your anger, you might mess up things but seeing him so smartly answering those questions which media threw on him, my respect has grown towards him, more.

Indeed, he is just not a pretty face, he is more than that. A brain with looks.

Deadly combination!

We settled inside the car and I can clearly feel his ragging breath. God, my man is literally very angry.

I was fidgeting with my fingers, being a little nervous seeing him. Should I calm him down?

“Baby girl, are you alright?” My trance broke down as he asked me, placing his hand on my face. My eyes softened, listening to him. He was so angry a few minutes back, still as soon as his gaze fell on me, he is all soft.

Before I could say something, he continued, “I’m sorry you have to face all this,” I shushed him by placing my finger on his lips. Is he even for real? He reacted that way for me only, right?

“You shouldn’t be sorry. What you did, it was right. That man deserves this only.” I said, softly rubbing my thumb on his stubble, trying to make him feel better. I know how much he likes these little things as I can clearly see his eyes softening a little which did make my heart smile.

My man, I know him so well.

“Do you have any idea how protected you make me feel?” I asked, smiling contentedly, entwining my fingers with his.

“But still you have to face all this,” he paused as his eyes fell on my hand. “You had to bear my anger also. I shouldn’t have hurt you.” He said guilty, caressing the mark on my hand.

“You didn’t do this intentionally, Manik and really it isn’t hurting me.” He ignored my words and placed soothing kisses all over my hands, making me feel so good.

“I’m sorry.” He apologised to me guiltily and I felt like someone has stabbed a knife into my heart.

I have to do something. I grinned as an idea popped into my mind. It is something bold but I can do anything for my Manik. Now I can go to any extent for my man’s happiness.

I suddenly sat over his lap, straddling him and his eyebrows raised in surprise.

“You never have to apologize to me for anything, Manik.” I breathed against his lips before capturing them, clutching his hair, making his eyes go all widen.

I just want to drown with his lips in the ocean of our kiss.

I kissed him passionately, pouring my all love in this kiss and slowly grinding myself against him. He kissed me back with equal passion and love, roaming his hand all over my body, sending shivers down my spine.

But next moment only, he squeezed my butts hard and yanked me closer to himself before devouring my lips wildly and biting them.

That’s so hot, man!

“You’re only mine, baby girl. I won’t let anybody lay eyes on you ever.” He whispered against my lips, gazing into my eyes possessively after breaking the kiss for a few seconds. I think he recalled how that person was staring at me, that’s why he became so wild all of sudden. But I’m loving his wild side as it’s taking my desires to another level.

He pulled my head back by grasping my hair roughly and attached my neck. He added more hickeys on my neck, making me feel incredible. I want him to mark every inch of my body like this with his love.

“Fuck, stop. You’re turning me on baby girl. I won’t be able to control myself.” He said, over my lips, panting heavily.

“Didn’t I say before that you don’t need to control, as whatever you’re feeling, I’m feeling the same.” I breathed, and those words automatically slipped out of my tongue before I could understand.

Well, I’m not complaining tho!

He suddenly uttered, “Gee, let’s go somewhere nobody can see us because today I’m not going to control myself, I’m really gonna mark you mine.”

“And I’m waiting for that moment only,” I whispered, clasping his face before again kissing him passionately.

Once, twice, until I’ve had a taste of his lips and realize I’ll never have enough. He’s everywhere up my back and over my arms and suddenly he’s kissing me harder, deeper tears with a fervent urgent need I’ve never known before.


We reached my place in no time and now I’m struggling to open the door because his hands are wrapped around my waist and his hot breath is falling on my neck. I’m fumbling with the keys in anticipation and I dropped it twice, feeling our proximity as his mere fragrance around me is enough to accelerate my heartbeat, blocking my all senses.

“What happened, baby girl, am I turning you on?”He chuckled on my neck, making me go all weak on my knees.

How can someone tease in this situation too?

“Let me do this.” He snatched the keys from my hand and unlocked the door, pressing his body against mine, arousing my carnal desire more.

This tease Malhotra!

As soon as he opened the door, I immediately pushed him against the door, capturing his lips into mine. He chuckled at my eagerness and pulling me closer to himself, he responded with equal affection.

“Damn, I’m loving this wild side of you. It’s fucking hot.” He breathed on my lips and I blushed. Even I was unaware of this side on mine. Only he can make me do things that I have never done before. Only he can evoke these emotions in my heart as well as in my body.

“God, you’re going to be the death of me, woman!” he groaned, lifting me from my hips, capturing my lips again, and I immediately responded, wrapping my legs around his waist.

Gee, my legs around his waist, damn it feels so fuckin’ good.

We devoured each other lips hungrily while I hastily took off his blazer and hurled it in the corner of the hall. Now I’m swiftly opening his shirt’s buttons while he is pulling the zipper down of my dress, I’m shivering as his cold hands are touching my warm back, sending the chills down my spine.

I can never put this feeling in words. His touch feels so intoxicating.

I can feel his manhood poking my stomach. His hands caressed my boobs, making my breath hitch. Leaning down he kissed them over the fabric of my gown, making me feel jitters all over my body.

I threw my head back, giving him more access pulling him more into my boobs. His hands gently started moving behind my back and in a swift movement, my dress is undone and it fell around my feet, making a pool around.

A shiver ran down my spine as soon as I felt his hands sexily unhooking my bra. I arched my back, giving all myself to him.

My entire body feels like a slave of his touch.

Our proximity is turning both of us. I want to feel his hands all over my body and I would be lying if I’ll say that my body, my soul is not craving to feel him all over me.

“Manik,” I moaned when he latched onto my left nipples, sucking them hard. God, it’s feels so arousing.

I pulled him more into it, asking him not to stop.

I moaned loudly when he bit them hard, I literally felt like I’m on the verge of orgasm.

His right hand slowly travelled down to my honeypot, and when he touched my clit, electrifying my whole body, I literally lost it.

“So fucking wet, already.” He sounded amused. His one hand is on my waist, pulling me closer to himself and his other hand sensually went between my folds, tracing the length of my honey pot, making me moan louder. I swear his hand must be drenched. I breathed heavily, I can’t take it anymore.

I was about to capture his lips, when I stumbled down, because of my dress which is falling around my feet.

“Baby girl, careful.” Manik breathed, holding me securely from my waist.

My breath hitched when I saw him kneeling in front of me.

“Manik—” I tried, moving my feet back when I felt his hands around my heels.

“Stand still,” he whispered, looking at me with so much affection, making my heartbeat quicken.

“Manik, you don’t need to do this—”

“Shhh… it’s my right, baby girl. Let me take care of my girl.” He said with so much love, touching my heart.

He smiled, locking his eyes with me and slowly took out my heels as if I’m made of glass.

“Stop wearing heels. It made your feet so red.” He scolded me, caressing my feet, making me feel so overwhelmed with his gestures. Pools of unknown emotions ran down my body, seeing his eyes which are saying so many things which I wanted to say. Same feelings, same love, beyond love.

My breath hitched the moment when I felt him placing soft kisses all over my feet before placing them on the ground.

How can someone show this much affection towards anyone?


This is so dreaming!

Then he stood up and hastily attacked my neck, pulling my head back by grasping my hair.

He sucked my sweetest spot, sending an intense sensation between my thighs. My core is throbbing for him, I’m so aroused, my soul is screaming, ‘I need you badly Manik.” Today I want him to complete me no matter what.

Pressing his body with mine, I literally ripped off his shirt, making his buttons fly in all directions, shocking him.

“Woah, sexy!” He said, amused making me blush.

“And here comes my cutie-pie,” he chuckled lovingly, caressing his thumb on my cheek, making me blush harder.

He laughed, throwing his head back while picking me in his arms in bridal style. “By the way, I never thought that my baby girl is so wild.” As he uttered, I blushed harder, snuggling my face in his neck.

“You feels so good in my arms,” he whispered, placing wet kisses all over my face while moving upstairs. I blushed and bit his neck, making him groan, “God, feisty woman!”

I blushed harder, hearing him, and taking his skin between my teeth, I sucked it.

We reached my room, he laid me down on the bed before gazing at my body with desires in his eyes. “You’re heavenly beautiful, Baby girl.” He complimented me, making me smile contentedly.

He makes me feel so beautiful. I opened my arms, gesturing him to come close to me. As he leaned down, I hastily captured his lips, throwing my arms around his neck.

He straddled me after lying over me, pressing his body against mine, driving me insane. He kissed every inch of my body, taking me to heaven. I’m feeling like he’s touching my soul with every kiss, this is so incredible.

“Are you ready for this, Baby girl?” He asked, clasping my face, now we’re lying face to face and gazing into each other eyes intensely.

“I have never been so ready for anything in my life before.” I honestly confessed, cupping his face in my palm, sucking it softly.

“You have no idea, what you mean to me, baby girl,” He huskily whispered, caressing his thumb over my lips, I closed my eyes, feeling a different sensation.

“Don’t close your eyes as I want you to look at me when I’m marking you mine.” I felt goosebumps all over my body, feeling the intensity of his words.

Suddenly he took my erect bud into his mouth and I breathed heavily. Oh god, I can’t get enough of him, whenever he is doing, I’m feeling so ecstatic. I have never had this feeling ever. Aghh! This feels so amazing. His tongue played along with my erect bud, licking and sucking it just like a newborn baby.

This feeling is driving me insane and making me crave him more. My whole body, my soul and my heart is yearning for him more and more.

After good torture to my boobs, he started moving down, placing wet kisses all over my body. I breathed heavily, pressing my legs together, feeling so aroused. His tongue lingered on my belly button, sending different sensations all over my body. My hands gripped his hair lightly, indirectly telling him not to stop.

Slowly, he went more down and my breath hitched as I felt him placing a wet kiss on my core over my undies.

After placing a few more kisses on my core over my undies, he finally remove the last piece from my body, making me utterly naked under him. Today I’m completely surrendering myself to him.

Closing my eyes, I breathed heavily, feeling jittery sensations. A red hue appeared on my cheeks as soon as I felt him opening my legs, caressing my core with his finger.

“I told you to don’t close your eyes, baby girl.” I instantly opened my eyes, listening to his words and saw him gazing at me with passion in his eyes.

“Manik,” I breathed, looking at him as he slowly started rubbing my bud with his fingers, making me feel so damn good.

I moaned, throwing my head and my whole body trembled as he buried his face between my thighs and his lips touched my warm honeypot. I can’t even describe in words what I’m feeling right now, it’s beyond words.

He is sucking, kissing, chewing and completely devouring my core, taking me to heaven with immense pleasure. I’m moaning, throwing my head left and right, grasping his hair. For the first time, somebody is pleasuring me like this. It’s mind-blowing, my whole body is on fire and this foreign pleasure is driving me insane. I just don’t want him to stop.

“Manik…” I moaned loudly, grasping his hair, pushing him more into me.

“God, it feels so good,” he breathed and continued his job down there.

Now I felt a bit shy and hid my face in the pillow.

I can’t believe it’s really happening, I’m feeling like it’s a dream.

Suddenly, I felt a knot building in my stomach and my breathing reached its highest point.

God, what’s happening?

My legs started quivering because of the intense pleasure but he isn’t stopping.

I need him, I need his touch more into me. I started grinding against his mouth to feel him more. But all of sudden he stopped and I stared at him, sexually irritated and closed my legs shut to control the sensation.

“Why did you stop?” I asked him automatically.

“Because I want you to cum when I’ll be deep inside you.” His words arose goosebumps all over my body.

He again came over me and kissed me passionately, rubbing himself against me while I opened his jeans button.

Now I just can’t wait to feel him inside me. I know I might be sounding desperate, but I need him and finally, my wait is going to be over.

I didn’t confess my love yet, but by submitting myself to him, indirectly I’m confessing and promising him our forever.

From this, there’s no looking back. It’s Manik and me, always together forever.

I bit my lips, feeling him just near my honeypot but suddenly Manik pulled away from me, shouting, “shit…”

What happened to him all of sudden? I wondered, staring at him confusingly.

I didn’t even close my eyes!

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