Desire To Control Her (Part: 80 The Hidden Agony)


Master’s P.O.V.

My Butterfly made me understand everything so perfectly. I was thinking so wrong and made my little sister cry so much because of my anger. Thank God, my Butterfly put some brain in my head.

I’m so blessed to have her. If she hadn’t come into my life, I would have certainly spoiled my life because of my anger.

We headed to Kiara’s room with a smile on our faces. My eyes fell into the room and guilt engulfed me as I saw my sister crying, sitting on the bed.

Alex is trying to console her, rubbing her back, but she is crying constantly, resting her head on his shoulder, “Alex, Ethan will never accept our relationship. He is so angry and hurt.”

“Kiara, he’s your brother, he’ll understand you. Just give him some time.” He caressed her hair, assuring her. The way Alex is consoling my sister, I’m feeling more guilty for accusing him and thinking wrong about him. He is best for my sister.

As Butterfly clasped my hand, I moved my eyes to her. She blinked her eyes, squeezing my hand, assuring me that she is with me. I gave her a small smile.

Then Alex and Kiara both froze as they saw me. Alex instantly stood up and I strolled to them with a stern look. Butterfly followed me.

“I can explain,” Alex paused as I suddenly hugged him with a smile on my face and looked at Kiara from the corner of my eyes, I found her staring at me in utter disbelief.

I broke the hug and Alex stared at me in shock. Why wouldn’t he be shocked as he certainly would have expected a punch from me?

“I’m glad that my sister has you,” I spoke after breaking the hug and both of their eyes widened in surprise.

They are certainly thinking that how my mind changed so quickly as they have no clue that this magic happened because I have an Angel in my life who guides me to the right path always.

“Guys, he has accepted your relationship.” Butterfly squealed joyfully and they both still looked at me for confirmation.

As I nodded my head with a smile on my face, a cheerful smile flashed on their face.

“I can’t believe, Ethan that you accepted our relationship. Thank you.” Kiara hugged me with overjoy. I embraced her in my warm arms and kissed her head.

“To be honest, I was so angry. I was feeling like killing you, Alex. But then my Butterfly put some brain in my head.” I uttered, clasping Butterfly’s hand, smiling merrily.

“Thank you so much, Anna for saving my life.” Alex sighed with profound relief, making us chuckle. “But Ethan, we had no intention to hide this from you but Kiara was afraid,”

“Her fear wasn’t wrong. I truly had reacted like a crazy person.” I said, cutting his words.

“Yeh! For sure you would have died today from Ethan’s hands.” Butterfly joked, making all of us laugh.

“Thank you, Anna.” Kiara hugged her cheerily while Alex and I smiled at them.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

After leaving Kiara and Alex alone, we came to our room. I went to the washroom and came out within a few minutes after peeing. I saw him, lying facing his back to me, I smiled and lay down, hugging him from behind after switching off the lights.

He clasped my hand tightly. “Good night, sweetie Master. I’ll punish you tomorrow as I’m feeling sleepy now.” I said in his ears and closed my eyes to sleep.

But the next moment only I opened my eyes as I felt a drop of water fall on my hand.

Is it his tear?

“Ethan, are you crying?” I asked concernedly.

“No, Butterfly, are you crazy? Why will I cry?” He answered me after a few seconds but he is sounding upset.

I’m sure he’s hiding something from me and crying.

But why? And why he’s hiding his pain from me?

“Then turn around and look at me,” I order him sternly.

As he turned around, I stared at him suspiciously, narrowing my brows.

His eyes are wet! So I was right, he was crying.

“You think I’m a fool, Ethan?” I asked him, frowning.

“What do mean?” He asked, acting innocent like he doesn’t know what I mean.

“You can’t lie to me. I know something is bothering you.” I said with full confidence and he stared at me with sadness in his eyes.

What happened to him all of us sudden? I’m anxious now.

“Baby, what happened? You know that you can share with me anything. If something is bothering you, share it with me. Don’t keep it inside you? Until you don’t share your pain with someone, it won’t leave you and it’ll kill you from inside. So please, tell me what is bothering you.” I asked him anxiously, clasping his face.

He suddenly hugged me and started sobbing like a small baby, burying his face in my chest. I froze, I have never seen him crying like this before and it’s hurting me to see him like this. I’m blank.

But I have to be strong from my love. He needs me.

I rubbed his back with one hand and with my other hand, I caressed his hair. “Baby, calm down. I’m with you. Whatever is bothering you, just take it out. Please, don’t keep it inside you.” I implored while he cried, hugging me tighter and digging his face more in my chest.

I have never seen him so vulnerable before. It’s hurting me so much. My heart became heavy and mechanically tears started trickling down my cheeks. I can’t see my love in pain.

“Baby, please, tell me. Please.” I begged him.

“I’m missing my Mom. This house reminds me of her.” He finally spoke up and sniffed after breaking the hug and looking at me like an innocent kid.

Who will say that he is that same strong and strict Master? And who knows that an innocent kid is hidden behind that Master?

Even I’m extremely shocked to his this state. My master is so broken from deep inside and I came to know about this today.

“I avoid sleeping here because her memories don’t let me sleep in peace. They keep me awake the whole night. I still miss her so much.” He finally shared his inner pain with me and I’m glad.

But I still can’t believe that he was holding so much pain inside him till now.

“Please, Butterfly, help me. I want relief. I want to come out of this pain.” He begged, screaming in anguish. I can’t able to control myself anymore and started crying with him, hugging him, hiding his face in my chest. He cried and cried, hugging me tighter, clutching my dress.

Oh God, my love is in so much pain. I have to do something fast.

After breaking the hug, I clasped his face and wiped his tears with my thumbs, not understanding how to console him as I know right now my no word will make him feel better.

But I have to do something as I can’t see my love in so much.

Master’s P.O.V.

I never wanted to show my this vulnerable side to anybody and fall weak in front of anybody but I couldn’t stop myself from taking out my all agony in front of my Butterfly. It happened automatically as my heart knows that only she can take me out of this grief.

I’m crying fretfully like a small kid in front of her who needs love and assurance.

Suddenly she straddled me after coming over him and started kissing every inch of my face, sucking my all tears. With every kiss, she is saying, “I love you, Ethan,” and taking away my pain a bit by bit, making me feel better.

Her touch is magical! It can make me forget any pain.

“I’ll help you to come out of this sorrow, baby, I promise you.” She gazed deeply into my eyes and whispered against my lips before kissing me chastely, giving profound relief to my soul. I just got lost in this pure kiss, forgetting everything, surrendering myself completely to my Butterfly. She is kissing with so much love that I’m feeling out of the world.

It’s heavenly incredible! I have completely forgotten about my agony.

The next moment, I felt our bare crotch rubbing against each other, I didn’t come to know when did she open my jeans, sliding them down with my boxer and when did she pull down her undies after yanking up her dress as I was so lost in our soul-searing kiss.

“I love you, Ethan.” She confessed, breaking the kiss for a second before easing me into herself, taking my lips in her mouth again, clutching my face and giving me immense peace and pleasure.

I love you so much, Butterfly, I love you. Saying this to myself, I broke the kiss and hugged her tightly, pushing myself deeper into her, feeling no pain now and smiling with utter contentment.

When I’m inside her, I feel out of the world and feel nothing except immense solace.

“I love you, Ethan.” She whispered in my ear, slowly moving up and down, taking me heaven.

I flipped her on her back, taking her under me, still deep into her.

“Thank you, Butterfly.” I thanked her from the core of my heart, gazing into her eyes intensely before thrusting her and kissing her with so much love. Right now I’m at complete peace and credit goes to my Butterfly. I’m so grateful to have her in my life and never want to lose her. I kissed her and thrust her, pouring my all love.

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