(Beyond Love} Chapter: 41 (Sidnaaz)


After having dinner with my parents, Sana and I are standing near the dance floor as I’m talking to one of my colleagues— friends and his girlfriend.

My one arm is securely wrapped around her slender waist and from time to time I’m moving my fingers, drawing a heart on her waist to make her feel special and showing her that when I said she is my world, I mean it. Though I’m talking to my colleague, I can clearly feel her looking at me from time to time, having affection in her eyes.

How well I know every single little detail of her, and without looking at her, I can see her smiling contentedly at my little gestures.

I know her so well!

A chuckle left out of my mouth when I saw her innocently looking at me as soon as I stopped moving my fingers.

Aww, she is so cute.

After shaking my head, I pecked her nose, making her eyes widen. She blushed at my friend and his girlfriend who hooted seeing this, making me giggle at her innocence.

“God, you guys are so adorable. And Sidharth I must say, you and your baby girl look so beautiful together. Meant for each other.” A contented smile came across my face as soon as his girlfriend complimented us. We both looked at each other and beamed, thanking her. Trust me, I literally got this same compliment with each and everyone person who approached us.

Again, I got engrossed while having a conversation with them and when suddenly my eyes fell on my baby girl, who is standing beside me silently and her eyes are fixed at something in front. I followed her gaze and a smile flashed on my face as I saw her admiring my parents who are dancing together, lost in their world.

“This oldy can’t take his hands off from my mother,” I murmured under my breath and chuckled when I saw my dad getting all romantic with my mom, moving his hand all over her back, leaning down, whispering sweet nothings in her ear, making her go all red.

God, who will say they are together for so many years? They still behave like a teenage—couple.

My dad’s eyes still shine seeing my mom getting ready. My mom still blushes to see his gaze on her. There is no remedy for love but to love more.

With passing time even, their love didn’t fade away, in fact, it grew stronger.

My dad calls himself and mom inseparable souls, which is kinda true. They are indeed inseparable souls. Their heartbeat sync with each other, their eyes shine for each other, their soul lives in each other. My parents, my inspiration towards love.

Every time I see them together like this, I feel contented. I always pray to God, to keep them like this, forever. I have seen my friends’ parents parting away, I have seen people cheating on each other, I have seen people talking that love doesn’t last long, it’s all delusional but my parents, seeing them like this, made me believe in true love, they made me believe in forever, I always wanted my love story last eternity, like them and I guess, that will happen for sure because seeing them like that, only one face crosses my mind, my baby girl.

Yes, My baby girl.

I see my future with her, earlier when I used to think about togetherness, eternity, I couldn’t see any face with me but now I have. It’s my love, my girl, my baby girl.

I love her. I love my girl so much. It feels like, from the moment I saw her, I started loving her. I always know this affection is something else but I never named it. But now I want to do that.

I can’t say that I didn’t fall for that pretty face, indeed I did but her innocence, her beautiful soul, and that shining eyes are the bonus for me.

It seems like, I fell in love with her the moment I laid my eyes on her. I fell in love with her the moment I felt my heartbeat syncing with her. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her face dripping in innocence.

She’s so pure, so fragile and so angelic that I fell in love with her in just mere seconds when I got to know we are breathing the same air.

Before her my life was beautiful but when she entered, she filled my life with her fragrance, she made it dreamy. She made me feel heaven on the earth. She made me feel like she was the missing void in my heart that I was patiently waiting for. She’s mine. She only belongs to me and I only belongs to her.

After meeting her I realised that the real paradise is on the earth only. She is my paradise.

How would it feel when we will be growing old with each other?

I smiled as this thought came across my mind. It is such an overwhelming feeling to be with her.


Stupid, Sidharth!

You didn’t even confess it yet. Huh!

Yes, I love her so much but I can’t say that to her, I know she needs time but I know whatever I’m feeling for her, she feels the same for me too. I have seen the same affection, same love in her eyes for me.

I smiled, shaking my head before again turning my gaze on her. She is looking so ethereally beautiful with an engaging smile on her face, still admiring them.

“Would you like to dance with me, baby girl?” I whispered huskily in her ear and bit her earlobe before pulling her closer. From the corner of my eyes, I saw my colleague walking away from us, giving us our time. Much, needed time.

“You never have to ask,” She breathed, closing her eyes, melting herself in my arms, making me smile. I nuzzled her neck, making her giggle.

I love it whenever she surrenders herself like this, in my touch. It makes me feel so special. God, she has no idea how much I love her. I can’t wait for the moment when I’ll confess that to her.

“Let’s go then,” She smiled and nodded as I took her hand and twirled her into my arms.

We walked to the dance floor hand in hand, completely lost in each other eyes, not bothered by how many people are looking at us.

“Copy cat,” My dad murmured under his breath when his gaze fell on me, making me chuckle.

“Oldies!” I teased, showing my tongue to him, making him groan.

“Such a kiddo you’re, Sidharth.” She laughed out.

“Only your Kiddo.” I rubbed her nose with mine and she smiled at me.

Drowning in each other eyes, I snaked my both arms around her body and pulled her closer to me, pressing my body against her, making her giggle.

“I thought we came here for the dance.” She blushed, encircling her both arms around my neck, making me smile.

“This is my kinda dance with my girl,” I whispered, biting her earlobe, making her heartbeat quicken with my touch.

“Mr Naughty Shukla, stop it.” She breathed, closing her eyes.

“Why? Aren’t you liking it, baby girl?” I whispered huskily, looking at her face. With her eyes closed, she is looking so aesthetic in this light. I saw her lips curving, forming a soft smile.

She opened her eyes, feeling my gaze. I’m loving it.” She uttered, turning into crimson, making me drown in her angelic beauty.

Leaning down, I pecked her forehead and we drowned in each other eyes filled with love, We both fell in step, letting the rhythm control our movements. All the scenery and people around us dissolved. It is her and I, alone, melting in each other touch, in each other eyes, in each other’s love, beyond love.

Her emerald eyes are glistening and her beautiful smile is reflecting on my lips.

I love her, I love her so much. Uncontrollable feelings surged through my body and my fingers tingles in delight. My hand brushed across her cheek. My body is acting on its own, with no chains to hold me back from this pure paradise.

As I yanked her closer to my chest, she tightened her arms around my neck, surrendering herself to me.

Her black locks fell over her eyes like a curtain, blocking out the sunlight, making her look ethereal.

She began to withdraw her hand to brush away her hair, but my hand clutched her, stopping her.

“When I’m here, you don’t need to do this. It’s my right to tuck them. Isn’t it?” I whispered huskily and delicately tucked her lock behind her ear, her emerald eyes twinkled back at me merrily.

Her lips went to my ear as she whispered so softly, “you’re the best I could ever ask for.” My heartbeat accelerated, hearing her words.

“Feelings are mutual, baby girl,” I replied as she moved her eyes to my face. Moving a little down, she placed her lips on my mole, making me smile.

“Agh, I need more.” I teased her, making her blush. Hitting me softly with her hand, she set her head on my shoulder, making me giggle at her shyness.

We continued to dance, utterly lost in the music and us. Time passed as our feet moved in the steps of the foxtrot.

But I got startled when she brought her head up and slowly opened her eyes. She moved up and planted her lips on mine after clasping my face and tilting it down. I wrapped my arms around her neck in return and held her tight as the kiss continued. This kiss felt so heavenly incredible like it is giving some kind of peace to my soul.

After what felt like an eternity, panting heavily, we broke the kiss, still drowning in each other’s eyes.

“Oh god, you’re making me addicted to this, baby girl,” I murmured, rubbing my thumb on her lips.

“Because I’m already addicted to this.” She whispered, copying my action making me smile at her cuteness.

“And what about this. Aren’t you addicted to my touch?” I caressed her thigh, sliding my hand up from the slit of her dress.

“Tell me,” I rolled my tongue to hide my smile, seeing her flushed face.

“Cute girls look cuter when they try to look hot, baby girl.” I chuckled, pecking her nose, making her blush harder.

“Naughty Shukla!” She pouted, hiding her face in my chest, making me laugh, still swaying on the beat.

God, this feels so beautiful. Her between my arms feel like heaven. I smile widely when I felt her pecking my chest over the tuxedo.

Leaning down, I pecked her head but anger ran down my spine when suddenly I noticed that same old man from the balcony, ogling at my Baby girl’s legs and I lost my temper.

How dare he could see my baby girl like this?

I shoot daggers at him before leaving Sana and marching to him. I just punched him hard on his face, not caring about the people a bit even.

“I already told you she is mine. Then how the fuck you laid your eyes on her?” I snarled at him, grabbing his collars and killing him through my looks.

Now he is just staring at me mutely like a scared cat.

“Never dare to even look at my baby girl again or else you won’t able to see the world again.” I pushed him away after warning him sternly.

Then I looked at my baby girl who is just looking at me, standing beside me. As she clasped my hand, I instantly calmed down because of her magical touch. I closed my eyes, feeling her touch. Her touch is relaxing my every nerve. Only she can control my anger.

I opened my eyes and frowned at that bastard. “Now apologise to her and leave,” I ordered him, glaring at him.

“I-I a-am so-sorry.” He apologised, stuttering. Sana just stared at him, not understanding what to say.

“Now leave.” As I growled, he rushed from there.

I looked at Mom and Dad. They are shocked to see my reaction. I walked to them, holding Sana’s hand.

“I’m sorry, Mom Dad for creating the scene but I can’t bear if someone stares like this at my baby girl,” I told them, shaking my head and gripping my Baby girl hand’s tighter.

“You don’t need to say sorry, Sidharth. Whatever you did was right.” Dad patted my shoulder to calm me down, and continued, “and I’ll make sure that bastard pay for this. How can he mess with my son.” He gritted his teeth.

I’m glad he understood me!

“Raj relax,” Mom placed her hand on his shoulder.

“No, Neyo, how dare he? How dare he messed with my son. He is Sidharth Shukla. Did that bastard forget that?” Again anger rushed down my spine.

How dare he did this? I clutched my hands and realised, I dug my nails into my baby girl’s soft skin. I instantly left her hand.

Shit! I left marks on her hands.

You’re crazy, Sidharth. Because of your anger, you forget about her.

“Stop it both of you. Control your anger. People are watching.” Mom uttered, catching our attention.

Dad and I glared at the people who are watching the show free of cost.

They all stopped staring instantly at us and dispersed getting scared of us.

“Sidharth, you go back home with Sana. I’ll handle here everything.” He blinked his eyes at me.

“And you don’t bother about anything, Princess.” Mom reassured Sana lovingly, placing her hand on her face.

I just love the way my parents call my baby girl Princess and also treat her like that.

She gave her a slight nod in response.

“Sidharth, call us as you reach.” Mom said, moving her eyes from Sana to me.

“Okay, Mom.” I nodded at her before walking out, holding my girl’s hand, ignoring all the stares.

“Fuck! These people!” I cursed, seeing the reporter standing out of the venue.

As they saw us, they rushed to us like we are their prey.

“Do you think, it is right to punch someone in the middle of the party, Mr Shukla?”

“Mam, you think, what Mr Shukla did was right?”

“Is it right to create a scene like this?”

They flooded us with questions. I closed my eyes to control my anger. I can’t lose my temper because I don’t want my baby girl to get scared. I have already hurt her unknowingly.

“Tell us, Mr Shukla, Just because you’re ‘Shukla’, you think you can do anything,? Tell us.”

I closed my eyes to compose myself. I have to shut their mouth anyhow.

“That person was looking at my baby girl with his lustful eyes after knowing that she is with me. I want to ask you all, if there was your girlfriend, wife or sister at her place, what you all would have done?”

As I questioned them, they all became quiet.

“I have done nothing wrong to punch that man. The man like him deserves this only.” I stated and walked from there, clasping my baby girl’s hand. Bodyguards made a circle around us, moving away from the reporters. My dad must have sent them.

He’s my saviour!

I love him.

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