Desire To Control Her (Part: 76 Awakening His Inside Monster) Sidnaaz


Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I’m standing outside Alex’s flat. I’m sure he also wants to meet Kiara as she isn’t well, I think I should help him because I know how it feels when you can’t meet the person whom you love the most needed you.

I knocked on the door and Alex opened it. He narrowed his brows bemusedly as he saw me.

“Hey, Alex.” I merrily waved at him with a smile on my face.

“Hi, Sana.” He greeted me, still confused.

“I’m sure Kiara must have told you that I know you and her…” I giggled and he scratched his nape, looking down.

He cleared his throat and said, “thank you, Sana for not telling him.”

“I have given you both two days. So you both better tell him or else I’ll tell him.” I warned him, pointing my finger at him.

“Sana, even I want to tell her but because of Kiara I have kept my mouth shut till now.”

“I can understand. Now you tell me, do you wanna meet Kiara.” I asked him excitedly because I have a plan.

“But how? Sidharth is with her.” He made a sad pout.

“Alex, leave this on me. I’ll handle everything. You just come with me and I’ll make you meet your Kiara.” I squealed excitedly and led him to the car.

His eyes shimmered with happiness as I told him the plan after settling down inside the car.

“Thank you so much, Sana, you’re a saviour.” He beamed at me.

“Alex, because I know it’s so difficult to stay away from the person whom you love, moreover when she is in hospital. I just can’t see two love birds staying without each other.” I said honestly.

“So it means you love Sidharth?” I covered my mouth and my eyes widened in shock as I realised that I have indirectly spit out in front of Alex that I’m in love with Sidharth.

“Please, don’t tell anybody about this.” I requested him, removing my hands from my mouth.

He chuckled and said, “don’t worry, Sana, your secret is saved with me.”

“Thank you.” I smiled at him before starting my car.

In no time we reached the hospital. I can clearly see that Alex is super duper excited to meet Kiara. I’m feeling so good to make two lovers meet each other.

“You’re doing great work, Sana.” I praised myself, patting my shoulder.

“I’m back.” I squealed merrily, stepping into Kiara’s wardroom.

I saw Sidharth, making his sister eat with his hand. Aww… he’s so sweet. Who would say that he is a Dom?

They both glanced at me after hearing me. Sidharth and I beamed at each other. We’re seeing each other after a long night and it feels so good.

As Sidharth’s eyes fell over Alex, his brows narrowed in confusion. And Kiara is shocked and happy both to see Alex.

“Sidharth, Alex’s car broke down. So I gave him a lift and brought him here to meet your sister.” I told him as he walked to us.

“Good to see you here, Alex.” Sidharth hugged him and I showed Alex and Kiara thumbs up with a smile on my face.

Then we all strolled towards Kiara whose eyes are shining after seeing the love of her life. So cute!

“How are you, Kiara?” Alex asked her.

“I’m fine now.” They both passed a smile to each other.

I have to do something, I have to take Sidharth out of here so that they can get some alone time.

“Sidharth, I have to tell you something important. Would you come out?” I suddenly spoke.

“Sure, let’s go.” He instantly agreed, making me smile broadly.

We walked towards the door and I sneakily winked at them after turning my face towards them.

Kiara mouthed, “thank you.”

We came out of the ward and I led him to the corner.

“So what do you want to tell me, Butterfly?”He asked, raising his brows.

“That I missed you so much,” I told him truly, encircling my arms around him.

“You could have told me that inside too.” He tucked my hair strands behind my ear.

“But I couldn’t have done this inside.” I suddenly placed my hand over his crotch and his eyes widened in shock.

“Butterfly, we’re in the hospital, don’t tease me here and did you forget the consequences of teasing your Master?” He asked, frowning.

“I have forgotten the consequences, Master. Don’t you want to remind me?” I asked, smiling mischievously. As I pressed junior over his jeans, he groaned.

I giggled as it’s so much fun to tease my Master.

“Butterfly, don’t awake my Master side here.” He warned me sternly as if I’m scared of him.

“What if I awake your Master side?” I pressed him hard, making him groan louder this time. He shot daggers at me.

Next moment he just grabbed my wrist and swiftly removed my hand from his crotch, killing me with his deadly gaze. “You gonna regret it.” He stated in a grim tone before dragging me to the storeroom.

My heartbeat quickened, thinking about what he is going to do with me.

He locked the door and turned around towards me, his eyes scorching with anger. Really, I have awakened his inside Monster today.

“Remove your fucking clothes right now.” He ordered me in a pure dominating tone, taking away my breath.

“All of it,” he added and I got goosebumps all over my body with his words only.

When he orders me like this, he looks so fucking hot that I can’t take my eyes off my man.

“Do it quick.” His words brought me on the earth back and I started taking off my clothes, my eyes are fixed on him. He is killing me through his eyes and my heartbeat is accelerating with each passing second.

“You love to tease me butterfly, right?”He asked and as I nodded, he uttered, “but after this punishment, you gonna think twice before teasing me.”

He is saying like he doesn’t know that I love to play with fire.

“Turn around,” he ordered and I obeyed him instantly like a good submissive.

I jumped on my place when he spanked my butt with his hand very hard.

“Hold the stand with your hands and bend down, pulling out your ass! Right now.” He instructed me, the words ‘right now’ in the last is warning for me that if I don’t follow his order, I’ll regret it. Therefore without thinking anything, I bent down, pulling out my butts and grasping the stand by straightening my arms. My breath became heavy and my heartbeat quickened in this position.

“Don’t try to turn your face towards me, keep it straight. Understand?” He warned me dangerously, taking my breath away from me.

“Okay, Master!” I answered him.

What’s he going to do with me? What’s going on in his mind? I’m constantly wondering with anticipation.

What is he doing? I’m waiting for him in this position for five minutes and I can’t even look back to see what the fuck he is doing. But to be honest, this is taking my excitement to another level.

Finally, I felt his hand on my butts, he is caressing them softly, I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath, getting utterly lost in his heavenly touch.

“I’ll spank you ten times with clipboard for teasing me and if you move from your position, I’ll add 5 more. Understand, Butterfly?” He instructed me, making me a bit nervous.

“Yes, Master!” I screamed when he smacked me with wooden clipboard not so hard, but I felt something between my legs.

I know he’ll never hurt me because he is my caring master.

As he again hit me at the same place, my breath got stuck in my throat.

He spanked my both butts in a raw rapidly, my twins bounced with every hit, my body is on fire with spanking and burning with desires. I’m staying in this position with difficulty by grabbing the stand very tightly.

I don’t even remember how many times he has already spanked me.

“Two more to go! Just hold the stand tightly as they will be hard.” As he warned me in a dominating tone, a shiver rushed down my entire body. He is softly stroking my warm butts, I’m enjoying his touch with my eyes are closed, I’m feeling so fucking good.

Without warning, this time he gave me two hard spanks, making me scream louder.

That was so fucking intense, very very intense!

He pulled my head back by grasping my hair with one hand and yanked me to himself by clutching my waist. His front body pressed against my back body. I felt so alive when his warm breath caressed my neck. I closed my eyes with a beatific smile on my face. His touch drives me crazy and I love everything he does to me, it increases my desires more.

“I think, now you must have learned your lesson, Butterfly?” He asked me in my ear from behind, biting my earlobe and I moaned his name softly. Next, he swiftly turn my face and sucked my lips passionately like he has been just waiting to do this for ages. I think my moan turned him on.

I moaned in his mouth as he pinched my nipples, we both are kissing each other crazily, completely forgetting where we are.

When we’re alone, we got utterly lost in each other, forgetting about the whole world. We only remember one thing, that is us, only us.

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