Valentine’s Day (Part: 3 Colour of Love) Sidnaaz


He looked at Shehnaaz and a chuckle left out of his mouth, seeing her flushed face. He explained to her, “baby, it’s not compulsory to read all the questions.” She blushed harder and immediately hid her face in his chest in utter shyness, making him giggle.

“Well, whoever has asked this, I must say, you have very wild thoughts.” He uttered, before looking back at the camera.

Shehnaaz composed herself and moved forward to read the next comment, keeping in mind to not read the questions which make her shy or embarrassed.

“Shehnaaz Mam, please tell Sidharth to post his picture more rather than food. Please.” Shehnaaz laughed after reading this. “That I can’t help it. His love for food is limitless.”

“My love for you also is limitless, sweetheart.” He uttered, coming closer to her and she just smiled at him.

He is only the reason for her smile.

“Please, post the shirtless picture.” Sidharth chuckled after reading this while she scowled at him, moving out of the screen.

“Guys, I have no permission to post those photos as Shehnaaz is very possessive for me.” He told the truth.

“Yes, I’m.” She possessively closed the buttons of his shirt which were open.

“I like it.” He grinned at her.

Her possessive side turned him on. She moved closer to his lips, forgetting they are live, their proximity is making them crazy. She placed her hand between their face, he softly kissed her hand, gazing at her lovingly.

As they recalled that they’re live, they moved away from each other.

“Sidharth, please try to post more pictures with Shehnaaz. We really wait for your photos together.” Sidharth read it and Shehnaaz assured them, “don’t worry, guys, from now I’ll post lots of photos of us for you all.”

“Please post the photo in the next outfit.” He promised them. “We’ll certainly give you pics of our today’s every outfit.”

“You both are best!” As Shehnaaz read it, She smiled, looking at Sidharth. “Yes, we’re best.” He stated, clasping her hand with a blissful smile on his face.

“Sidharth, we want your Valentine’s pics, promise us you’ll post them, please.”

“Guys, we’ll surely post our photos.”

“And video too..” Shehnaaz added.

He nodded, “yeah right, videos also.”

“@muskancreations yes, please post more pictures and video, I want to make some new edits.” Shehnaaz answered, “We saw your edit guys, they’re brilliant and this valentine’s, we gonna post a few best ones.”

“Do you guys ever stalk Sidnaaz fan clubs?”

“We didn’t stalk but we saw your edits and VM daily before sleeping. You guys are so talented.” She answered them merrily.

“Who speaks more? Sidharth or Shehnaaz?” Sidharth read it and they looked at each other confusedly.

“I think we both speak equally.” She said and he nodded, agreeing to her.

“And what do you guys do before sleeping?” Shehnaaz regretted it again after reading this comment and Sidharth stifled his smile.

“Nice question, guys and I think I have already answered it. I saw our edits done by you.” She innocently answered, smiling.

“Really you do this, Shehnaaz?” Sidharth asked, smiling naughtily.

“Yes, Sidharth.” She replied, giving him a tight-lipped smile and showing him her eyes, asking him to stay quiet.

“But I do something else, Shehnaaz,” he said, smirking.

His favourite hobby is to tease her.

She shook her head in disbelief and read the other question, ignoring his words. “When are you guys planning to visit Delhi?”

“We’ll soon visit and meet you guys.” He answered excitedly.

“Sidharth loves food and travelling.” She squealed cheerily.

“Sidharth, what about those fans who don’t stay in Mumbai?” Shehnaaz read it and cutely looked at Sidharth to answer this as she also wanted to know this. He smiled, seeing her cuteness and gave a quick peck to her nose, making her face turn to crimson.

He laughed and turned his gaze again on the camera, he answered, “we’ll travel different states and countries from time to time to meet you all.” Shehnaaz smiled, listening to him. He has a solution to every problem.

“Can’t wait to meet you guys.” As Shehnaaz read it, they both whooped in unison, “Either we can’t wait to meet you all.”

“Who is more possessive?” Sidharth read and they both pointed at each other.

“I think we both are equally possessive for each other. Right, Sidharth?” She asked, raising her brows.

“Yeah!” He nodded, smiling.

“Who is more romantic?” As soon as Sidharth read this, they immediately pointed at each other again.

“No, Sidharth, you’re more romantic. You bring romance in everything.” Shehnaaz shook her head, smiling at him.

“You’re not even less, Shehnaaz. Everyone also witnessed this a few minutes ago.” He teased her, biting the inner corner of his cheeks, making her blush hard. He chuckled, seeing her flushed face.

“You’re such a tease!” She said, slightly hitting on his biceps.

“I want to see how Shehnaaz became romantic.” Sidharth read it and chucked.

“You guys have already witnessed.” He teased and uttered, possessively, wrapping his arm securely around her, “now, more than that, only I have right to cherish.”

She beamed at him. “Yes, baby, only you.” She pulled his cheek.

“Shehnaaz, what are you doing? Not here at least. We are live.”

“Oh, that means you’re saying I can pull your cheeks in private?” She smirked, wriggling her eyebrows.

“Yeah right. As if you really care about my permission. You do it anyway.” He said in utter annoyance, making her chuckle.

Ignoring her teasing looks, he read the next question, “Did you guys get our gifts?”

“Yes! Thank you so much for your beautiful gifts, it means a lot, all gifts are so amazing guys. Love you all, you make us feel so special. I’m blessed to have such angels in my life.” Sidharth answered merrily.

“Sidharth, tell us what Shehnaaz was wearing when you had your first kiss. And Shehnaaz, do tell us if he was wrong. Okay?” As Sidharth read this, he smiled at her.

They both know every single little detail of each other.

“She was wearing white short Kurti, her eyes are brightly shining like stars in the darkness that I got lost in them and when our lips met each other, the fireflies glow around us. I remember each and everything of that night.” He answered correctly, bringing a broad smile on her face. She knew he knows this.

“Yes, he is absolutely correct.” She passed a blissful smile to him.

“Who confessed first? You or Shehnaaz?”

“He was the one who confessed first. That day we both planned a beautiful surprise for each other.” Shehnaaz excitedly told them about that day, recalling those unforgettable and precious memories.

“I can even tell that conversation too, her favourite line that day was, ‘Sidharth, no touching, no looking’, damn, hearing her those words literally drained the colour out of my face. I was like, are you going to repeat these same lines, all night?” He laughed, making her blush harder. Both felt nostalgia hitting them so hard.

“Tell us about your plans and where are you guys going, please tell us.” Sidharth read a fan’s request and instantly uttered, “yeah… Why not, so that you all can accompany us there, right? So smart! I must say my fans are smart like me.” He self praised himself and Shehnaaz chuckled.

“Guys, we have plans but we need some privacy. But promise you guys, I’ll certainly organise a fan meet of us meeting you guys.” Then he answered them, keeping jokes apart.

“Wow, a great plan, Sidharth, I would love to meet them.” She said excitedly and Sidharth found her cute and pecked her lips, shocking her. Now she is getting used to getting lots of lips peck in this live session.

“Omg! You’re killing us. Today is the best day. Thank you so much for coming live for us and please don’t forget to save this live,” as Sidharth read it, he smiled and said, “Yes, I’ll definitely share this live for you all. And also I have to tease someone later on through this.” He winked at the fans.

Shehnaaz hit his biceps and whined like a baby, “you’re so bad.” He pulled her into his arms and laughed out, finding her super cute.

“Who gets angry fast?” Sidharth read it and immediately Shehnaaz pointed her finger at him, and said, “It’s so obvious, my one and only, Monster Sidharth.”

“Very funny,” he said, giving her a tight-lipped smile, making her giggle.

“Stop it okay. Tell them the truth.” He said, making an annoyed face and pointing his finger at her, “guys, trust me, she isn’t less than a mini monster if she gets angry,” he said, looking at the camera, making an innocent face, and she chuckled.

“Who is more dominating on the bed?” Shehnaaz read this and pointed at Sidharth, becoming completely red, remembering how he dominates her on the bed sometimes.

Sidharth also pointed at himself with a smirk on his face, staring at his baby.

“Guys, if you want to ask these types of questions, then I’m going. Please, don’t ask these types of questions.” She requested the fan.

Sidharth shook his head in disbelief and wondered, “next time before coming live again, I’ll certainly make her understand properly that it is not compulsory to read all the questions.”

“Sidharth, do you love us?” He read the next comment.

“Of course, I love my every fan because today whatever I’m is because of you guys.” He smiled at his fans, giving them all the credit.

“We want you to see both together, humesha… forever!” Shehnaaz read it and her eyes softened, looking at Sidharth.

“We’ll stay together forever.” Sidharth clasped her hand. Then they get lost in each other eyes.

“Sidharth, you improved Shehnaaz’s dressing sense. You’re perfect boyfriend goals.” As Shehnaaz read it, she smiled, seeing Sidharth and rubbing his biceps as she knows how much possessive Sidharth is for her.

“That’s so rude guys!” Sidharth said, looking at the camera and continued, “Well, she improved my life, so I think she’s the perfect girlfriend goal.”

“Shehnaaz, you’re so beautiful, please marry me.” He became angrier and frowned after reading. Next moment he just pulled Shehnaaz to himself by cupping her face with his both hands and kissed her possessively on the live, surprising everyone, including Shehnaaz. Her eyes widened in utter shock, she wasn’t expecting this but soon she too gave in, as she knows he badly need this. First that comment and now this. Definitely, it was getting too much for him. She kissed him with her all love, slightly rubbing his biceps to ease him and it did work.

He broke the kiss and said sternly after facing the camera, “she is only mine Sweetheart and will marry me only in future.”

She doesn’t want to spoil their live, so she composed herself and uttered to change his mood, “guys, I think it’s time to play some game. Sidharth, are you going to tell them a game or should I?” She asked Sidharth who is still sitting there, bristling. She looked at him pleadingly with an innocent pout and it instantly melted the heart of her Monster Sidharth, bringing a small smile on his face. Only she has the power to make him smile in anger also.

“So guys the game is that you gonna ask questions from us about each other and if the answer will be right, we will eat chocolate and if the answer will be wrong, we gonna eat one bite of these green chillies.” She told them the game, holding the bowl of green chillies.

“But I want a peck on my lips if my answer will be right.” He suddenly uttered naughtily.

“You’re unbelievable, Sidharth.” She shook her head.

“I’m serious, Shehnaaz.”

“Sidharth, we haven’t decided this.”

“So what? Now I want this.” He said stubbornly, shrugging his shoulders.

“Leave him and let’s begin the game guys.” She moved forward to read the first question. “How much Shehnaaz scored in her 12th class?”

“95%?” He answered like he is asking the questions from her.

“No, Sidharth, it was 97%.”

“I was so close. Shit!”

“Now, Sidharth, you have to eat the green chilli,” Shehnaaz said, picking up chilli from the bowl and holding it out to Sidharth.

He made an annoyed face and bit it, “Come on guys, she’s my girlfriend, not my employee that I will ask her percentage,” he said, making faces and Shehnaaz giggled as she knows how dramatic his man became whenever he lost in any game. Kiddo!

“How many moles does Shehnaaz have on her body?” Shehnaaz again read a wrong question and blushed.

“Here you can be wrong but I can’t.” He laughed out. “Do you want me to answer this?” He teasingly asked her, raising his brows.

“Sidharth, shut up.” She hit his shoulder slightly.

But something came to his mind and he checked the user name of the person who asked this question to check if that person is a male or female. He smiled as the person is female while Shehnaaz nodded her head in disbelief as she knows what he must be doing.

“Which movie is Sidharth’s favourite?” She read the question and smiled widely. She squealed, “I know this answer, it is Rockstar.”

“You’re absolutely right, Shehnaaz.” As he uttered, she cheerfully clapped her hands.

Her eyes widened as he suddenly pecked her lips.

“I rewarded you for answering correctly.” He said innocently, making her

“You can’t change the rules of a game like this, Sidharth. That’s very bad.” She complained adorably, making him laugh.

“But I like it.” She whispered in his ear, making him smile.

“Now guys, we’re getting late for the date, therefore we have to end the live session but with a promise that we gonna come live again very soon.” He bid the bye to fans.

But Shehnaaz cleared her throat and interrupted, “someone was going to sing a song for me in the end.” She raised her brows at him.

“Oops, I forget. I just come.” Sidharth stood up and went to the room. Shehnaaz stared at him bemusedly, wondering where he is going.

Her confusion cleared as he came back, holding the guitar in his hand. Her eyes shimmered with excitement to hear his magical voice which gives profound peace to her heart and soul.

He sang only one line of his upcoming song as he didn’t want to reveal the full song. “Chahonge Tum jaisa ho jaaunga waisa, chaho toh vadaa yeh le lo.” she just gazed at him with a beatific smile on her face when he sang, looking at her with so much love in his eyes, tuning his guitar.

He kissed her forehead before turning towards the camera and announcing, “guys this is just one line from my upcoming song which is coming in two days. Don’t forget to watch and trend it.”

“Sidharth, let’s end this live with our surprise.”

“Yes…” they both passed a smile to each other before singing together, “Dil Ko Karaar Aaya, Tujhpe Hai Pyaar Aaya, Pehli Pehli Baar Aaya Oh Yaara,” gazing into each other eyes deeply.


(Listen to the song while reading the remaining part)

“Sidharth… What are you doing? Where are you taking me? Open my eyes.” Shehnaaz asked as she is blindfolded. Sidharth nodded his head in disbelief, hearing the same question for the sixth time in just ten minutes.

“Oh my god, have patience Shehnaaz.” He said, securely wrapping his one arm around her waist and with the other hand, he is holding her hand.

“I will but first tell me… What are you doing? What is your surprise.” She asked again.

“It’s a surprise.” Sidharth said, sarcastically, and continued, “And if I tell you, it won’t remain a surprise anymore.”

“But I’m curious to know.” She cried out like a baby.

“Don’t spoil the fun,” Sidharth said in a stern voice and suddenly yelped in pain as Shehnaaz punched him in his stomach.

“Just because you blindfolded me that doesn’t mean I’ll take your attitude, Shukla.” She said and continued, “don’t talk to me in this tone.” She pouted, making him smile.

Only she can shut him off like this. Only she has the power to shut his mouth like this. Only her anger can make this monster smile.

Shaking his head, he admired her. She is wearing a white dress, gifted by him, not looking less than an angel. Her eyes are blindfolded and her face is shining, making her look more beautiful on this starry night. Indeed, she’s the shining star. Sidharth can’t able to take his eyes off her, he softy sucked her lips after leaning down, making her startled. She wasn’t expecting this. Her breath hitched every time he came close to her.

“I think your plans are going wild, Sidharth.” She said and a red hue is clearly showing on her cheeks. Sidharth smiled, seeing her adorable girl, trying to be sexy.

“As in?” He asked, acting innocent, tucking the strands of her hair behind her ears, brushing her cheeks and hair.

“Kinky and all.” She blushed harder, saying this and hid her face in his chest, feeling utterly embarrassed by her own words, making him laugh.

“I think, I literally spoiled you.” He giggled, and she buried her face more into his chest.

After what felt like eternity Sidharth finally took off the blindfold in the hug, she didn’t even get to now until his words hit her.

He said softly, “look back, love.” She immediately turned around, facing her back to him and her breath hitched and soon tears slipped out of her eyes, seeing the beautiful set-up.

He proposed to her for marriage in such a beautiful way. She can’t believe her eyes. It’s so dreamy.

“Marry Me, Shehnaaz!” She instantly turned to him and her heartbeat accelerated, seeing her man, sitting on his one knee, excitedly waiting for her answer.

“You forget to add ‘Will you,’ in the beginning.” She whispered, kneeling in front of him. He chuckled, listening to her words.

“Because someone had told me, I don’t need to ask her for anything,” He lovingly said, wiping her tears, making her chuckle. He beamed, looking at her innocence and after pulling out a beautiful diamond ring from his pocket, he made her wear it, startling her but soon she smiled contentedly, seeing the ring. More tears trickled down her cheeks. Her heart is filled with joy. This feeling is so magical.

“I love you, Shukla. Just marry me whenever you want. I’m already yours.” She said, pulling him closer by his collars, pressing her lips on his, making him smile. He immediately responded, wrapping his arms around her waist, deepening the kiss.


They’re walking on the beach hand in hand, utterly lost in each other. The waves of water are coming and touching their feet. They are walking barefoot on the sand, lost in their magical world. He leaned down and kissed her hair, making her smile contentedly. There is utter silence and they can only hear the soothing sound of their heartbeat and the peaceful sound of water.

He led her into the water until their face remained out of it. They stood facing each other in the water, gazing at each other intensely. As his wet hands clasped her face, she closed her eyes, getting lost in his heavenly touch.

“I love you so much, Shehnaaz and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He whispered against her lips before capturing her lips for a long soft kiss filled with only love. She immediately responds to his kiss, indirectly telling him that she also wants to spend the rest of her life with him and also if there is life after this, that too she wants to spend with him.

They breathed heavily after breaking the kiss and beamed, looking at each other and their eyes are filled with love, honestly, passion and togetherness.

She breathed, “I love you so much, Sidharth and now I’m certain if we’re married or not, we will always be together but at the same time, I want to feel every moment with you, I want to feel that joy when I’ll be referred as Sidharth Shukla’s wife, the person who is my whole world.”

“And now I just can’t wait to call you my wife, Shehnaaz.” He caressed his nose against her, making her chuckle.

“Sidnaaz will be together till stars shine and fireflies exist,” Shehnaaz stated, placing her lips on his forehead, making him smile contentedly.

“Humesha,” Sidharth murmured, joining their heads, sealing their promises to be together forever.

…The End….

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