(Beyond Love} Chapter: 39 (Sidnaaz)


Sana’s POV:

From the beginning itself I knew it was something different and I can feel that whatever I’m feeling for him, he also feels the same for me and right now, at this moment, I named my feelings, it’s love. Yes, it’s love.

I just want to confess my love to him, I want to tell him how much I love him but at the same time, I don’t know why first I want him to confess. I know he always conveyed his feelings by his gestures but still, I want to hear those words from his mouth which he always confessed to me with his eyes.

Yes, I’ll wait for him to confess.

Wow, I’m in love with the best man! I just can’t wait for the day when we both confess love to each other.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and reciprocated the kiss. He let out a moan and grabbed my ass. I’m so turned on but I pulled back as I realised if he has hired his Dad’s PI, then he would have told him everything.

“Wait… Did uncle also know about it? Did you tell him everything? Shit. What he must be thinking about me?” I asked him, freaking out.

“Really, baby girl? You wanna talk about my dad when my hands are on your ass?” He groaned, making me blush.

He sighed, “don’t worry I didn’t inform anything to him, I directly talked to that PI. Relax, don’t stress yourself.” He reassured me before sucking my lips softly.

“And if he comes to know about your past, he will freak out and never let you stay here alone.” He uttered after pulling apart and stared at him confusingly.


“Because my innocent baby girl, my father loves me a lot and he cares about the person who matters to me. Moreover, you’re like a daughter to him and he cares for you double.” He explained to me and my lips curved into a contented smile. I’m feeling even more blessed now to have him and his family. My real parents never care for me, and he and his family cares for me so much. Auntie wasn’t well but still, she used to call me every day to ask how I’m and she misses me a lot.

It is said truly that relationships are not formed from blood, they form from the heart.

And connections of the heart is stronger than anything else.

He again kissed him passionately, pulling me closer, startling me. I kissed him back with equal passion. He lifted me and carried me upstairs to my room. He pushed me against the wall and started to kiss my neck, making me moan in pleasure. He made me feel things that I haven’t felt before. I didn’t realize, it would be this pleasurable. He kissed my boobs over my shirt before squeezing them. It’s incredible!

He lifted my top and looked into my eyes, taking permission from me like a gentleman before proceeding further. I gave him a slight nod with a big smile, indicating I’m more than okay. I’m ready to submit myself completely to him today because I love him so much and I’m blessed to have him.

“Make me yours, Sidharth.” I moaned as he sucked one of my boobs after taking off my top and tearing my bra.

“Fuck, I love the way you respond to my touch, baby girl.” I could feel him poking through my stomach which did accelerate my heartbeat. I blushed and I’ll be lying if I’ll not say that I’m feeling glad that his touch has this effect on me.

“So beautiful,” he praised, intensely gazing at my twins with desires in his eyes. I just blushed hard, closing my eyes.

He sucked one of my nipples hard, pinching the other one, making me moan louder with pleasure, throwing my head.

I never thought that boobs sucking would be so pleasurable and I would ever let anybody touch me there and let anyone even see them. But only he has the right to see, touch, kiss, bite, suck and chew every inch of my body.

It feels incredible how his mouth is sucking my nipples and his fingers caressing my tits. I just don’t want him to stop ever.

But suddenly his phone rang up, disturbing us.

Shit! Why this phone has to ring now only?

But he ignored it and kept pleasuring me by sucking my nipples and massaging my twins hard.

His phone is ringing continuously, it must be important.

“Sidharth, you should answer the call,” I uttered, pushing him away.

“Fuck! From now I’ll keep my phone on silent.” He cursed, taking out the phone from his jeans pocket.

“Who is this?” He answered the call without seeing the caller id and gave the phone to me after putting it on speaker.

As he again took one of my nipples in his mouth, we both froze, listening to his father’s stern voice from the other side. “Your father.”

He instantly moved away from me and we both stared at each other blankly.

He stammered, “Da-dad,” nothing is coming out of his mouth.

“Come soon with your baby girl, we’re waiting. Whatever you’re doing you can do at night.” As he spoke, our eyes widened in utter shock.

I felt so embarrassed and hid my face in my chest.

“We’re coming, Dad.” He hastily disconnected the call before his father could say something more.

He slipped the phone back into his pocket before gazing at my upper naked body with profound desires in his eyes. I blushed hard, placing my hands to cover up my twins. He’s driving me insane with his just mere intense gaze.

Suddenly he kissed me passionately and wildly, pinning my hands against the wall over my head, shocking me.

“Never ever hide these,” he said grimly, glancing at my twins before again moving his eyes back to my face, “from me.”

We gazed into each other eyes deeply.

He uttered, breaking the silence, “these are mine.” He left my hands and pressed my both twins together, making me moan.

He suddenly moved away from me. “Gawd, it’s so difficult for me to resist you, Baby Girl.” He stood, facing his back to me. ” Now go, otherwise I won’t be able to control and my dad will reach here and you know…”

I giggled and rushed inside the bathroom after picking up my dress.

I gazed at myself in the mirror, blushing. Before I was thinking to take a quick shower but now I have dropped the plan because I don’t want to remove my Sidharth’s touch from my body. I was just loving the way how he was sucking my twins. It was the out of the world feeling that I can never forget.

After getting ready, I stepped out of the bathroom. I tied my hair in a messy bun. My eyes stopped at my Man, he is standing in front of the dressing table in the black tuxedo, setting his hair with the dryer. Gawd! This man is so hot and he’s all mine.

As his eyes fell over me, he froze, holding the dryer at the same place. A smile flashed on my face and I shyly moved my eyelashes down, tucking my hair strands behind my ear, strolling towards him.

I stood in front of him and my hair started swinging in the air because of the dryer. He is still just lost in me. His intense gaze is making me weak on my knees.

“You’re looking stunning, Baby Girl.” He complimented me after turning off the dryer and keeping it on the table. He brushed off my hair from my face before planting a soft kiss on my forehead.

“Not more stunning than you, Mr brown eyes,” I said smilingly before setting his collars properly and placing a kiss on his cheek after standing on my toes. His lips curved into a perfect smile.

“Thank you, baby,” he said, lifting me from the floor by securely snaking his arms around me before planting a lingering kiss on my lips, touching my soul.

“Now let me do my make-up and hair,” I said, moving my attention towards the dressing table and after picking the comb and hair-pins, I made a sleeker side bun and I don’t want to do much to my face as I would like to go with the dewy make-up look. So for that, I gave proper hydration to my face by applying cleanser, toner and moisturiser. It is called CTM, it is most important before doing makeup.

I smiled as my skin already started glowing with only these three products.

And trust me, if it was a day time I would have just applied my sunscreen and lipstick after this and would have walked out but right now, it’s night time and I need to look best because this is the first time I’m going with Sidharth somewhere, like this.

I took a little foundation on the back of my hand and by adding 2-3 drops of essential oil in it, I applied it on my face with the help of my brush. After blending it properly, I did my eye make-up followed by my blush and after that, I completed my look by applying highlighter and my favourite nude shade glossy lipstick.

“Wow,” I moved my gaze at Sidharth and saw him standing behind me, keenly noticing my every movement, making me chuckle.

“You know I’m not feeling like going. Can’t we stay?” He said, wrapping his both arms around my waist, giving fishy kisses on all my neck, making me giggle.

“No, otherwise your Dad will come here.” I shook my head, teasing him.

He gave me a tight-lipped smile before clasping my hand. “Let’s go then.”

“Wait, first I have to hide your artwork which you have done on me,” I said, pointing at the hickeys on the collar bones and neck. He smiled with self-pride, gazing at them. I shook my head before taking out the concealer from the drawer.

He suddenly snatched it from my hand, making me look at him in confusion. “You don’t have to hide because I know you like them.”

“Yes, I like them but what if someone sees them, Sidharth,” I asked him in a worried tone and he shushed me by placing his finger over my lips.

“Don’t worry, I have a solution.” Saying this, he pulled out the pin from my hair, making them fall. He hid the hickeys with my hair by placing them on the front. I just smiled at him merrily.

I really didn’t want to hide his marks with the concealer.

“How do you always have a solution to my every problem?” I asked him in a disbelief tone.

“As I like my baby girl more with a beautiful smile on her face.” He tapped my nose, making me smile broadly.

I’m falling in love with this man more and more with each passing minute.


We reached the place in ten minutes and my eyes widened, seeing paparazzi flowing outside the entrance of the building. I’m not ready for this. He didn’t tell me about this. God! I’m going to puke out of my anxiety. This is crazy. “Sidharth, I can’t do this, Is there a back entrance or something?” I tried to breathe through my nose.

Sensing my discomfort, he immediately cupped my cheeks and softly said, “Hey… hey, look at me. Focus on my eyes,” giving me much needed warmth. I felt myself drowning in those pools of honey. Right there, all I could focus is on him and I forgot about everything outside. He relaxed me so perfectly, I’m amazed.

“Is it okay if I kiss you now? Because I don’t wanna ruin your lipstick,” He chuckled. But I know why he’s saying this. I know he just wants to distract me. How lovely a person could be?

“It’s transfer-proof.” I smiled shyly, admiring my man.

“I guess that means ‘Please kiss me Sidharth’,” he teased me, biting the corner of his cheeks. I rolled my eyes at his silliness and pulled him closer. He took my lips between his and kissed me slowly as if he is afraid to hurt me. This isn’t like any other kiss he had given me. It felt different and amazing. I’m literally a puddle in his arms. He devoured my lips passionately. I can feel the need through his kiss as well as the affection. I’m feeling tingly all over again. We both pulled back as we got out of breath.

“How are you feeling now?” He asked breathlessly.

“Hot and bothered?” I said out of breath and he chuckled. I bit my lips, feeling utterly embarrassed by my words.

“Definitely, I wasn’t expecting this. But I just want to tell you, that these feelings are mutual baby girl, even I’m feeling hot and bothered and trust me, I really can’t take my hands off you.” He huskily whispered, pecking my lips, making me blush harder.

Slightly pushing him back, “Let’s go, mister, if you don’t want another call from your father.” I teased him and he smiled, shaking his head, making me giggle.

“On a serious note, if you still feel nervous about this whole thing, we can go back. I just want you to be okay, baby girl.” He looked at me with concern.

“I guess I’m okay now, let’s do this,” I smiled confidently. When he is beside me, I don’t think I need to get scared. He had done so much for me, so even I can do this for him, for us.

“My strong baby girl,” he smiled, kissing my forehead.

This feels so soothing!

After that, we both got out of the car and in almost an instant, we are surrounded by cameras and I can see flashes going everywhere. Oh boy!

“Mr Shukla, Who is the mysterious woman?” “Are you guys dating?” “We have never seen any woman with you before in any party or exhibition?” I could hear questions coming from everywhere. He just securely wrapped his hands around my waist pulling me closer.

“She’s my baby girl,” he said, placing a soft kiss on the side of my head, making my eyes widen in surprise.

“Baby girl? Is she your girlfriend?” “Are you guys dating each other?” “Mr Shukla, please tell us something.”

I heard peps throwing more questions but my mind is still stuck on what he said. I know he used to call me baby girl but did he just call me his baby girl in front of the paparazzi?

“I already said what I had to, besides I don’t think, I need to say anything more. Now if you could excuse us.” He said, a bit irritated because of their questions. Then we walked through the tons of cameras and finally entered the building. I’m still looking at him in shock.

“What?” He looked at me confused.

“Are you serious Sidharth? Baby girl? That too in front of peps. God, what they must be thinking?”

“Do you think I care about that what they are thinking or not?”

“But still, ‘baby girl’? You could have said something else.”

“Really? What did you expect me to say? Friend?” He asked sarcastically, and I pouted.

“Listen, baby girl. I’m okay with telling the world that you’re my girl unless you’re embarrassed. Did you feel uncomfortable or something?” He asked concernedly.

Oh, God! This Man is mydeath! He cares for me so much.

“No, Sidharth, you can never make me feel uncomfortable.” I replied immediately and continued, “In fact, I felt butterflies erupting in my stomach whenever you call me that.” I blushed, making him chuckle.

“Let’s go inside, baby girl,” he said lovingly, wrapping his arm around my waist, making me smile and then we stepped into the hall together.

“Why is everyone looking at me? I’m feeling so intimated.” I whispered.

“That’s because you’re looking fucking gorgeous,” he said in a serious tone.

“Yeah right,” I rolled my eyes.

“Trust me, I wanna kill all those men looking at you lustfully, Assholes.” He gave them a murderous glare and it was fun to see his jealous side.

We approached his parents who are literally gazing at each other intensely in a corner, so close to each other.

His parents are dreamily romantic!

But I think we came at the wrong time.

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