Valentine’s Day (Part: 2 Instagram Live) Sidnaaz


As Sidharth opened the knot of her gown, she realised, it is not the right time, their fans are waiting for them, so she stopped him, holding his hand. She uttered, “Sidharth, we should continue this after live.”

“Couldn’t we do live some other day?” He asked and as she denied by nodding her head, he pouted sadly like a cute baby, making her smile.

She placed a hard kiss on his cheek after standing on her toes. “You’re a cutie, Sidharth.” She rested her head on his shoulder.

He glared at her, getting offended. “What I was doing a few minutes back, does a cute man do that?” He asked her, raising his brows.

“That was hot but when you pouted like a baby, then you look super cute to me.” She pulled his cheeks.

He clasped her arms and yanked her to himself with a naughty smile on his face. “You’re my cute little baby and I’m your hot monster. That’s it.” He stated, gently tucking her hair behind her ears and she made ‘O’ mouth.

“We’re already ten minutes late, Sidharth, we should hurry up.” He uttered as his eyes fell at his wristwatch.

“I didn’t want to get late, It happens because of you.” She complained to him.

“Yeah right,” he said sarcastically and continued, “I can’t control Sidharth, I need you,” he mimicked her, making her turn into crimson.

“Shut up! You started it. So it’s your fault, okay.” She said, pouting at him.

“Okay! Okay! It’s my mistake.” He gave up smilingly, seeing her pout and tied the knot of her dress before planting a soft kiss on her forehead. She just gazed at him lovingly, seeing his gestures. The way he always takes care of her things make her fall for him more and more with each passing second.

“Let’s go now.” He clasped her hand and laid her out of the room.

The phone is already set on the ring light in front of the sofa. They settled down in front of the phone. He opened the Instagram while she set her hair, looking at the phone’s screen and he got lost in her because she is looking heavenly beautiful.

He suddenly clasped her face and kissed her so softly and lovingly like he is worshipping them. She is taken aback by his sudden kiss.

After pulling apart, he stood up and she looked at him bemusedly. “I just come.” He dashed inside the room, leaving her confused.

“What happened, Sidharth?” She shouted, standing up.

“Oh, God, we’re already twenty minutes late and this man!” She shook her head in disbelief, complaining to God.

He came back, holding the kajal in his hand.

“Sidharth,” she stopped as he applied the kajal behind her ear. She loves the way whenever he does it.

“This is to protect you from all the evil eyes. You need it today because you’re looking ethereally beautiful.” She just became speechless after listening to this and hugged him. He smiled, embracing her in his warm arms before kissing her forehead.

No one can ever love her the way he does. If he considers her the blessing in her life, then she also considers him the fruit of her worshipping.

They again settled down hand in hand and finally started Instagram live. They got thirty minutes late, now their fans aren’t going to leave them for sure.

Sidharth started the live by apologizing to the fan and introducing his baby. Shehnaaz cutely murmured sorry, holding her ear while he apologized. “Hello, guys, sorry for joining late. So here I’m officially presenting my Sweetheart my whole world to all of you.” He kissed her hand, smiling at her lovingly.

Then Shehnaaz greeted them, “Hey, guys, I’m so happy to come live today. And do you know, today I was reading DMS sent by you all and seriously I got tears of happiness in my eyes, reading them? You guys love us so much and it means a lot.” She genuinely confessed her feelings, while Sidharth was sitting beside her, drowning in her innocence.

{Hello, Sidnaaz. You’re looking so great together.


Heya, beautiful people!❤️🙈

Finally, you guys came! Yuppie!

Wow, the way you both are sitting, holding each other hands, is so cute.

No need to apologise Sidharth, we are used to it.😂

You both are so cute.

Why so late?

We were waiting for you crazily.

Please, take my name, Sidharth.

Oh god, I’m dead seeing you in black Sidharth. It suits you.

Just look at them! Are they even real? God, they are looking like a fairy-tail couple. I love them so much.

We love you Sidnaaz!

Happy valentine’s Day.

Sidharth, your Shehnaaz is so cute. We wanna meet her too.

What are your plans for this valentine’s?}

These are fans comments on live chat when they were greeting them.


Smiling widely, Shehnaaz leaned towards Sidharth’s ear and cutely said, “Sidharth, let’s wish them in our style.” A chuckle left out of his mouth, seeing her excitement.

This girl finds happiness in every tiny thing which really makes her different from others and it’s one of the main reasons he got attracted towards her.

“As you say, my love,” He smiled, flicking her nose with his index finger, making her blush. Then he sneakily took some rose petals in his palm, hiding them from the camera, which Shehnaaz has kept on the side table as she had planned this surprise.

She did the same and then they slightly nodded at each other, smiling before squealing loudly, “Happy Valentine’s day, guys,” showering the rose petals over the camera together, making their fans amazed. They went more crazy, seeing their surprise. This is the sweetest wish ever anyone could do. They felt blessed to be crazy fans of a man like him.

Sidharth smiled, gazing at his love who is smiling brightly, reading their fans comments who are saying how much they loved their wishes. Biting his lips, he took some more petals and showered them on Shehnaaz, making her startled, but soon a beatific smile came across her face, as he whispered, “Happy Valentine’s Day, my Valentine,” placing his lips on her cheek.

“Same to you, My Valentine.” She wished, giving a quick kiss on his cheek, making him chuckle.

Then Sidharth looked at the camera and merrily said, “before saying anything further, first I want to thank all my angels who supported me and made this song a big hit. Thank you so much each one of you. I really can’t express my feelings that how blessed I feel, seeing all your love. And remember it guys, ‘Sidharth Shukla didn’t break the records, his angels do’. So a big big thank you to each one of you,’ Shehnaaz beamed and her eyes sparkled, hearing his monster.

“Yes, thank you guys for showering so much love on my man, he deserves every bit of it.” She said, placing a soft kiss on his hand, making him smile. She turned her gaze again on the phone and spoke, “but I want to confess something to you all, that is, ‘I’m the biggest fan’ of Sidnaaz fans.”

A contented smile flashed on his face, hearing her words and uttered, “okay so I’ve one more surprise for you all that we’re going to answer all of your questions and play the game with you all. So shoot your questions.”

“@mehaklovelystories wow, you both are looking so heavenly beautiful together.” Shehnaaz read the comment and smiled at Sidharth before answering, “thank you so much, Mehak.”

“@muskan_dhamija when you’re both are getting married?” Shehnaaz read the comment and instantly looked at Sidharth and asked him, raising her brows. “Sidharth, when are we marrying?”

He ignored her question and read the next comment, she shook her head. “Please read my stories on both of you.”

“Wow, you guys write on us? I’ll certainly read them.” She raised her brown in amazement.

“By the way she has fond of reading.” As he uttered, they passed a smile to each other.

“@shikhaacreations Your outfits are so smashing hot.” She read the next one.

“Thank you, Shikha.” They both thanked her in unison.

“We so want to see you guys again onscreen on any MV or series. Please consider that. PS- you both look so good together.” Sidharth read it and said, pointing at Shehnaaz, “please, request her because even I want to do with her but she is denying.”

“Now, you guys are requesting us, I’ll surely do.” She smiled at the camera.

“Look, she listens to you all more than me.” As he complained, she glared at him, making him chuckle.

“Sidharth, please sing a song for Shehnaaz.” She looked at Sidharth for the answer after reading the request of a fan.

“Of course, I’ll sing a song for my love. But after a few minutes, first, we want to talk to you guys and answer your questions.” He said like an excited kid, his energy is on another level today.

“Thank you so much, Sidharth. You really fulfilled your promise. I’m feeling so proud that I stan you. I love you.” After reading it, he answered, “We both are also proud to have such sweet fans like you guys.”

“Love you both.” Shehnaaz read this and then they together squealed, “we love you more.”

“Sidharth, tell us, food or Shehnaaz?” She excitedly looked at Sidharth for the answer.

“Food made by Shehnaaz.” Sidharth smartly answered this question.

“I must say Impressive Answer, Sidharth.” She praised him and he smiled with self-pride.

“We’re waiting for you both, why did you get so late?”

“Tell us what were you doing before joining live.”

“Where were you both, we were dying to see you together?”

“Sidharth, do you wanna answer these questions?” She asked Sidharth, controlling herself hard from blushing.

“No.” He shook his head and then answered the fans. “It’s top-secret. We can’t reveal as we want to keep something for you guys to imagine.”

Such a tease!

“Correct, just imagine.” As she uttered, they both laughed out.

“Our imagination is going wild, please tell us.” One of the fans requested, making them smile but they ignored this question.

“Why are you not replying to my question, Sidnaaz🥲” Shehnaaz read this and instantly apologised, “I’m sorry, sweetie, there so many comments are coming, we’re trying our best to reply to each one of you.”

“Sidharth, any Valentine’s day plan? You guys seem ready, are you guys planning to go somewhere after this? Tell us, please. We want to know everything.”

Shehnaaz uttered, “you fans are so curious.”

“Yes, we have plans but we dressed up for you guys. We gonna change after this live. Right, Shehnaaz?” He asked her.

“Yes, and he has gifted me all these dresses. Thank you, Monster.” She gave him a quick hug.

“This outfit is super hot, why you both will change?” She read and instantly answered, “because I want to wear all the dresses gifted by my monster.”

“What did you gift Shehnaaz on this valentine’s day?” They read the comment and Sidharth answered, “We gifted each other happiness, love and togetherness, by showering lots of kisses on each other on this valentine’s day.” Sidharth started placing wet kisses on her cheek.

“Sidharth, stop it.” She pushed him away, blushing.

“Omg, you both are so dam cute #couplegoals.” They both beamed at each other after reading this.

“We like the surprise you gave her this morning.”

“Wow, even I like it so much. It was so unexpected. Thank you, my Monster.” She merrily thanked him.

“Anything for you, my Sweetheart.” He kissed her hand and a contented smile flashed on her face.

“Mam, please show us more photos of the morning surprise.” She read it and said, “wait, I’m just showing you.” She opened her phone gallery and showed them a few photos by sliding.

Fans are going insane, seeing those beautiful photos and they also caught the glimpse of the photo in which they were kissing each other lips. Shehnaaz hurriedly turned the phone while Sidharth shook his head in disbelief, seeing his overexcited baby mistakenly showing their private photo to them.

She turned her face smiling shyly and Sidharth asked naughtily, “what happened, baby? Why are you shying?” He turned her face to himself by holding her chin.

“Nothing, let me read more comments. We don’t have time.” She again looked at the camera.

“Shehnaaz Mam, tell us what would you do when your monster gets angry?” Sidharth read and immediately answered, “she gets angry with me whenever I get angry with her.”

“Sidharth, this question is for me. So let me answer.” She glared at him.

“Okay, fine, you answer.” He getting scared of her anger, gave up.

“I try to distract him with my sweet kisses.” She sweetly answered, bringing a bright smile to his face.

“Then he smiles exactly like this.” She pointed at him, grinning.

“I do the same.” He placed a kiss on her cheek and then they both passed a smile to each other.

“Aww.. she’s so sweet. Who will not fall for her.” Shehnaaz smiled sweetly, as Sidharth read it.

“Yeah, indeed she’s the sweetest.” He kissed her lips, making all the fans go crazy and widening Shehnaaz’s eyes in surprise.

“You have already shown them that photo. So it means now I can kiss your lips in front of them.” He grinned with triumph and winked at fans.

“Sidharth…” she cried out like a baby and he pulled her in his protective arms, smiling to the fullest before placing a kiss on her head.

“Why you tease her so much, she is so sweet?” Shehnaaz read it and said to Sidharth, “Tell them, Sidharth.” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Because I love to tease her. It’s so much fun, guys. Believe me, sometimes I feel like gobble her up.” She glared at him.

“She has given you the correct name ‘Monster’ it suits you.” They both laughed after reading this.

But suddenly she started coughing and he became anxious. He dashed to the kitchen and hastily came back with the glass of water for her. He made her drink, rubbing her back.

“Are you fine?” He asked her, staring at her with so much concern in his eyes after keeping the glass on the table.

“Now I’m fine. Don’t worry.” She reassured him, caressing his cheek and coming closer to him, almost forgetting that thousands of people are watching them live.

“We’re in the middle of live, Shehnaaz.” As he reminded her, she instantly pulled away, shyly smiling.

{Fan comments while this was happening,

Wow, Sidharth cares for her so much.

Hence proved, how much Sidharth cares for his star.

I’m just speechless.

We’re so glad that today we experienced this.

I just love the way he went to bring the glass of water in the middle of live. You both are love.

Oh my God, we all are going crazy with the happiness, the way he pecked her lips after Shehnaaz showed their kissing photo by mistake. They’re goals, seriously! This live just made my day. Love you guys.

For me, it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore, it’s a Sidnaaztine’s day!

Oh, God, I’m dead today.

I’m gonna make a VM on both of you. You’re giving so many scenes for that.

Oh, my God, Shehnaaz is so romantic. Today we got to know.

The way she is blushing! Haye! }

“You both are super cute guys! We are sure your baby will be cutest.” They blushed at each other when he read this.

“Who is wilder on the bed.” As soon as Shehnaaz read it, Sidharth spitted his coffee, which he was sipping as one of his servants bought for them.

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