Desire To Control Her (Part: 76 Punishing her on Video Call) Sidnaaz


“Okay, I’m giving you two days. After that, I’ll tell Sidharth myself if you don’t tell him.” I stated, bringing a broad smile on Kiara’s face.

She squealed merrily, “thank you so much, Sana. I wish I could hug you right now but my hand.” She pointed at her fractured elbow.

“Don’t worry, I’m there to hug you.” I hugged her tightly with a cheerful smile on my face.

But my smile vanished as I wondered, will I keep my mouth shut in front of Sidharth for two days? And is it right to hide this truth from him for two days?

“I’m back, girls.” As we heard Sidharth’s voice, we pulled apart.

“Butterfly, now you should go home.” He said, strolling towards me.

“What? No! I’m not going. I’m staying here with you and Kiara.” I instantly denied, nodding my head.

“Butterfly, why don’t you listen to me. You must be tired.” He uttered concernedly, holding my arm.

“Why she must be tired, Sidharth?” Suddenly Kiara asked, catching our attention.

“Go on, Sidharth, tell her, why I must be tired.” I stifled my giggle.

He grasped my wrist and showed my palm to her. “Because her hand didn’t heal properly, look.” He smartly answered her.


“How did this happen?” Kiara asked concernedly as soon as she saw burn marks on my palm.

“Because she is stupid.” As he called me ‘STUPID’, I glared at him.

He is a kid! He always fights with me anywhere, anytime but I’m also not less.

“No, this happened because your brother is an angry bird.” I fought back, pointing my finger at him.

“Did you forget what you had done?” We started arguing and stopped when we heard, Kiara laughing.

“You both look adorable when you fight like kids.” We also laughed out after listening to her words.

“But Butterfly, please, now you should go home. I know you want to stay here because you want to take care of my sister. But first, you should take of yourself and don’t worry, I’m here for her.” He explained to me, placing his hand on my face and stroking my cheek with his thumb.

I just love this Man!

How can anybody deny to him when he explains so lovingly?

“Okay! Now I’m listening to you, so don’t say that again that I don’t listen to you.” As I said, he smiled.

“Okay, my obedient Butterfly.” He pulled my cheeks, making me smile.

Omg! Now he also behaving like me.

I just love this precious guy!

First I kissed his cheeks, wrapping my arms around him and then I kissed his lips hard, cupping his face. I don’t care where I’m. I just felt like kissing him, so I kissed him.

We beamed at each other ear to ear after pulling apart.

“Now, let’s go. I’ll drop you.”

“No, you stay here with her. I’m calling Eve, she’ll pick me up.”

“Okay.” He nodded at me, smiling.

Then I called Eve and she came to pick me up.

Sidharth came out of the hospital with me and went back after kissing me chastely. It is so difficult to go away from him.

On the whole way, my stomach was hurting so much because I’m dying to tell someone who is Alex’s submissive.

Should I tell Eve?

I think there is no harm in telling her.

“Eve, I want to tell you something,” I uttered in a serious tone as we stepped into our flat.

“What?” She asked, narrowing her brows.

“I know who is Alex submissive.” Her eyes glinted with excitement.

“So what are you waiting for, Sana? Tell me, who is she?” She asked enthusiastically.

“Try to guess!”

“I don’t want to guess, just tell me.”

I smiled broadly, seeing her excitement.

“She is…” I’m creating suspense.

“She is? Who?” She is getting curious with each passing second.

“Eve, Sidharth’s sister is Alex’s submissive. Can you believe it?” I finally told her and her eyes widened in shock.

“Oh, fuck! Therefore he was hiding this from everybody. But how did you come to know, Sana? Does Sidharth knows?” She reacted like me and flooded me with so many questions.

Then I told her in full detail how I got to know about this and why I didn’t tell Sidharth.

“Impressive! Detective Sana!” She praised me, I smiled with self-pride and flipped my hair with my hand in attitude as today I cleared the biggest mystery.

“What do you think, am I doing right by hiding this from him?” Suddenly I asked her.

“You should tell him about this. Or else he will again get hurt if you hide this from him, and you also know about his anger.” She explained to me and I pouted at her confusingly.

“Even I don’t want to hide this from him but Kiara was pleading to me to don’t tell him because she wants to tell Sidharth herself. I just don’t want to create any misunderstanding between them. So I gave her two days.” Now I explained to her.

“I have an idea, Sana.” As she squealed, my eyes shimmered.

She has the solution to my all problem!

“What? Tell me, tell me.” I asked curiously.

“Why don’t you tell Sidharth half-truth?”

“Means?” I narrowed my brows confusedly.

“Just tell him that you know who is Alex’s submissive and then say to him that you can’t tell him.”

“And you think he will leave me after knowing the half-truth? Eve, he gonna force me to tell him who is she.”

“You have to handle this as I feel you shouldn’t hide the whole truth from him. He deserves to know.”

I became thoughtful now.

I nodded, understanding her. “I think, you’re right. At least he won’t get angry with me after knowing the whole truth. Thank you, Eve.” I hugged Eve cheerfully.

“Now I’m going,” I uttered after breaking the hug.


“To tell Sidharth the half-truth.”

“Are you crazy? Tell him tomorrow.”

“But now my stomach is aching to tell him.” I showed her my teeth, placing my hand on my stomach.

“You’re crazy.” She slightly hit my head, shaking her head in disbelief.

I giggled. “That I’m.”

“Now go straight to the bed and sleep. Tell him tomorrow.” She ordered me sternly.

“Now you’re ordering me like my Master.”

“Effect of living with my Master, Dev.” As she said, we both laughed out.

I came into the room, laughing and lay down, sighing deeply. Then only my phone beeped. I took out my phone from the pocket of my shorts.

A huge smile flashed on my face, seeing the name.

Sweetie Master: Reached Home?

I instantly replied to him.

Me: Yes.

Sweetie Master: So did you forget the rule that you have to message me when you reached home, Butterfly?

Me: It just skipped out of my Mind, Master.

Sweetie Master: Now you will be punished.

My old master is back! Yippee! My heart is dancing with joy.

Sweetie Master: Remove your shorts and undies right now.

I became all wet after reading his message.

Me: Okay, Master

I smiled and excitedly did what he ordered me to do through a message.

Me: It’s done.

He did the video and I instantly picked it up. I saw him, standing in the bathroom.

“Show me your wet honeypot.” He uttered in a husky tone over the phone, arousing my desires.

I shyly and slowly lowered down the camera to show him what he wants to see.

Shit! I never thought that I would do something like this but nothing feels wrong with him. Oh, God, what he is doing to me!

He is gazing at my honeypot intensely with an evil smile on his face. What is going on in his mind, I have no clue.

My eyes widened in shock as he ordered, “now spank your wet core five times in a row for breaking the rule.”

Fuck! He wants me to spank myself. I can’t do this. This man is unbelievable.

I stuttered, “I… how wi-will I do this?”

“If I was there, I would have spanked you but now I’m not there, so you have to punish yourself for me, Butterfly.” He grinned mischievously.

“You’re evil.”

“Yes, I know and I also know that you love my evilness.” He gave me a monstrous smile.

He knows me very well that his evil punishments excite me and take my desires to another level always.

“If you don’t spank yourself within a minute, I’ll increase the number of spanks. Then don’t blame me.” He warned me.

I cried out, “Master, at least give me some time to prepare myself.”

He laughed devilishly. “I’m giving you a whole one minute.”


“Okay, I’m doing. First, let me set the phone.” I agreed, having no choice.

Master’s P.O.V.

For the first time I’m punishing my Butterfly on the phone and it’s so exciting. But I’m hell turned on after seeing her dripping wet honeypot.

First I thought that I would just ask her to sleep after calling her but then I recalled she likes my strict Master side, so I decided not to leave this golden opportunity of showing that side to her.

As she set the phone with the support of a pillow, I ordered her sternly, “spread your legs wider and just spank yourself right now.”

She splayed her legs before raising her hand and spanking herself. She moaned, “oh fuck!”

That’s so fucking hot! Her moans and the way she is punishing herself. My junior twitched inside my pant, seeing this.

“Don’t stop, just complete the task, Butterfly,” I ordered her, taking my hardness out of my pant.

She spanked herself non-stop four times more while I groaned, seeing her and rubbing myself.

It’s so mind-blowing and another kind of fun, watching her spanking herself.

“If you were with me right now, I would have fucked you so damn hard that you couldn’t walk properly for a week,” I told her truly what I would have done if she was there with me. Really it is a big turn on for me to see her punishing herself.

“Please, could I come to meet you right now, Master as I also need you badly?” She asked, making me grin.

I wish I could call her but she needs rest now as I have already exhausted her enough.

“Now just put on your clothes and sleep, Butterfly,” I ordered her.

“You’re very bad.” She complained and looked at me with an adorable pout.

I chuckled. “See you tomorrow, Butterfly.”

“Bye.” She sneered at me before cutting the call.

I just smiled. My Butterfly is so damn cute.

I just love her so much and now I’m finding the perfect day to confess to her how much I love her and also to tell her that I want to spend the rest of my life with her as her Master, boyfriend, even as her husband after a few years.

Next morning

I messaged Butterfly as soon as I woke up.

Me: Good Morning, Butterfly.

I kept the phone on the table and saw Kiara, she is still sleeping. I went to get fresh after kissing her forehead.

I came outside and checked my phone. A smile flashed on my face, seeing Butterfly’s messages. She is the only reason for my smile.

My Butterfly: Good Morning, Master.

My Butterfly: I’m missing you so much. I’m coming there in a few minutes.

My Butterfly: By the way how is Kiara.

My smile grew bigger after reading the messages.

Me: Kiara is fine and she is sleeping. Come soon because I’m also missing you so much.

She instantly came online and started typing the message.

My Butterfly: Just coming.

I laughed when she sent the car sticker.

I shook my head, smiling like an idiot.

“I have never seen you, smiling like this before. I’m happy for you, Sidharth.” Kiara’s word caught my attention and I looked at her.

“All credit goes to my Butterfly,” I told her the truth.

“I know you’re in love with her.” She stated before giving me a warm smile.

“Yes, madly and deeply in love with her,” I told her merrily.

“I’m glad you found her. Now come here, I want to hug my brother.” As she ordered, I rushed to her and hugged her.

After some time, I’m feeding the breakfast to Kiara as her right elbow has been fractured.

“I’m back.” Then I heard the cheerful voice of my Butterfly and looked at the door.

We beamed at each other ear to ear but I narrowed my brows bemusedly as I saw Alex, standing beside her.

What do you think about why did Sana came along with Alex?

What do you think, how will Sidharth react after knowing that Alex and Kiara are in a relationship.

And also what do you think, how he will react after knowing the half-truth?

How much do you like the Part.

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