(Beyond Love} Chapter: 38 (Sidnaaz)


I’m literally in awe of the collection of the store. Everything is looking so pretty here and I bet they would cost a fortune.

What was the need to come to such an expensive store? I wondered, shaking my head.

“Pick whatever you like, baby girl.” He whispered in my ear from behind, making me shudder with delight.

“All are so pretty, Sidharth. I’m so confused.” I pouted.

“Whatever you wear will look beautiful on you, baby girl. Choose whatever you like.” He said, giving a quick peck on my lips, making my eyes widen.

“As I said earlier, get used to it, baby girl.” He laughed, flicking my nose seeing my expression, making me chuckle. I can’t believe this man! He always does things that make me feel all jittery.

Chuckling my thoughts, I started going through the dresses when I saw a tall and slender woman walking up to Sidharth asking if we would like any assistance. She looked gorgeous but my blood boiled when I saw her deliberately pulling her dress down from her cleavage.


“No, thank you.” He declined politely, not even looking at her.

Aww, that’s my man! I blushed, recognising my words.

Ignoring everything, I again started looking at the dresses but that bitch is literally trying too hard to get his attention by following him everywhere as if he is the one going to wear the dress. I’m literally getting annoyed by this woman. Having enough of her bullshit, I took a few clothes randomly and went to Sidharth.

“Babe, can you help me in trying these on?” I asked, glaring at that woman. I know I’m reacting too much but what should I do? I’m definitely do not like this bitch throwing herself on my man. Huh!

“With pleasure,” he beamed and followed me.

“This is the first time you are calling me ‘babe’.” He stated with an amused look on his face, making me shy.

“Well, get used to it,” I winked. I didn’t know where I got this much confidence but Sidharth made me comfortable and bought out a new side of me that I didn’t even know existed. I’m loving every second of being with him. He is my happy place to be.

“Were you jealous?” He smirked as I took a dress from his hand.

Of course, he is not dumb to not notice what I was doing!

“In your dreams, mister,” I rolled my eyes, hoping he would let it go and then I went inside the dressing room. I tried a dress that stopped mid-thigh with a v-neck, showing my cleavage. It looked a bit slutty. No way, I will never wear such a dress.

“I’m changing, this looks inappropriate,” I shouted from inside.

“Then you should definitely come out and show me, baby girl.” He shouted back. I could clearly imagine his teasing face. I smirked and peeked outside, finding him walking back and forth. He stopped walking as he saw me.

“Fuck!” He cursed under his breath.

“I know right, it’s too slutty,” I tried pulling the dress a bit down, though I could clearly feel his burning gaze all over my body and it’s arousing my desires.

“You look smoking hot!” He said, making me shiver at the intensity of his voice. His eyes roamed all over my body and I would be lying if I’ll say that I’m not enjoying it secretly.

I bit my lower lip and decided to tease him a bit. He always teases the hell out of me, so even I’m allowed to, isn’t it?

I went near him and wrapped my arms around his neck, making him startled a bit. He immediately snaked his strong arms around my waist as I heard him intake his breath and swallow hard.

“What are you doing, baby girl.” He breathed heavily as I deliberately ground our lower parts together, leaning close to his ear.

Shit! I can’t believe that I’m doing this.

“I was indeed jealous of her.” Pushing him lightly, I immediately pulled back and went inside to try another dress.

“Holy shit! You’re gonna be the death of me, woman and we are getting that dress because of your little act.” He shouted from outside and I giggled.

What has happened to me? I’m literally feeling like a new person with him. I can’t believe I’m doing these things. I can’t believe I can tease him like this but god he was looking so cute when I pushed him and indeed he made me like myself more. I always feel so happy being with him. I was afraid I might jinx my happiness but now I know that him being around me will never let things go wrong.

Chuckling my thoughts, again I tried on another dress. It’s a black dress that went till my ankle and have a slit from the mid-thigh. It looks elegant and sexy. It fitted me like a second skin and I’m looking so pretty. God, I hope it isn’t costly. I came out without announcing to find him on his phone. He is talking to someone.

“Keep me updated James and let me know about…. holy fuck!” He paused as his eyes landed on me.

“I’ll call you later,” he instantly cut the call and took a second to look back at me again. What happened to him? Am I looking bad?

“Is it okay? I kinda like this one but if you think it’s bad I’ll go change. I think it might be costly too.” I went on rambling.

“You look breathtakingly stunning, baby girl.” He smiled, tucking the strands of my hair behind my ear, making me startled a bit. He looked at me with so much passion and affection in his eyes that literally I felt shy under his gaze. And he is the one who is looking breathtakingly gorgeous in a simple button-down shirt and jeans.

“So it’s done, right?” He asked, gazing at me up and down. I smiled and nodded my head. “Do you need any help changing out of it?” He smirked and I felt a red hue appear on my cheeks.

“No thanks, Mr Shukla.” I rolled my eyes, biting the inner corner of my cheeks to control my blush and immediately rushed inside to change.

“Your loss, Ms Gill.” As I heard his groan behind my back, I laughed out.

After changing my dress, We went to the bill counter. I saw him holding both the dresses in his hands.

Was he serious when he said we gonna buy the red one too?

“Sidharth, why are you holding this one,” I asked him, pointing my index finger at the red dress.

“Someone really did blow off my mind in this. So I’m buying it for some future fun.” He said dreamily while I nodded my head in disbelief.

“I’m not gonna pay for the red one and also I’m not gonna wear that.” I shrugged while he rolled his eyes and chuckled.

He is unbelievable!

“How much was the bill?” I asked him when we were about to leave.

“Does it matter?” I knew he would not tell me the correct amount so I went back and asked the lady at the bill counter.

“$6000 ma’am,” My jaw dropped on the floor. I glared at him and walked out of the store pissed.

“Baby, come on, it’s not a big deal.” He followed me out, carrying the bags.

“Not a big deal? It’s more than my rent. I’m never gonna be able to pay you back, Sidharth.” I sighed in defeat. Gawd, how will I let him understand this? I really don’t want anyone to think that I’m with him for his money.

“As I said, I have all the time in the world. This is honestly nothing babe,” he pulled me to his chest and I inhaled his musky scent.

“Well, it’s more than something to me. I don’t want you or anyone to think I’m with you because of your money.” I blurted. But I think I did right. I know he will not judge me and will definitely try to understand my inner turmoil.

“Hey, I would never think that. Is that what you think of me? If I had thought like that I wouldn’t be here with you, baby girl.” He sighed and I felt guilty suddenly. I decided not to bother him more.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” I pouted. I know my pout will definitely gonna melt his heart. And it did. He pulled me closer and kissed my forehead before embracing me in his warm arms.

“I wanna spoil you with everything you deserve.” He said softly, making me melt in his warm and heavenly arms.

“Spoil me with you,” I smirked and bit my inner cheeks to control my smile.

“You’re so dirty, let’s go home, lady.” He fake gasped as if he is offended. I laughed and followed him. Once we got in the car, we’re driving around the block to find a place to eat.

Obviously, if you are with Sidharth Shukla, you cannot compromise on food.

We settled for a burger joint and had a heavy lunch. It is so easy to be with him. I don’t even get to know how time passes with him and I never knew I could talk this much with anyone. He is really rubbing off on me. I can talk to him for hours without even getting bored even for a second. He literally brings out the best of me. Every second with him is like a dream and his cute playful side is really a major turn-on for me. I forget my every problem because of his mere presence. After enjoying our heart out, we reached my place and we both sank on the couch, exhausted.

“Shall we take a nap?” I snuggled closer to him. I realised how close we have come in a short span of time.

“Sure, baby, let’s go to your bedroom?” He questioned.

“Mmmmm hmmm,” My eyes are already closing. A small smile appeared on my lips when he carried me to my bed and we both got under the sheets. I snuggled closer to him and he immediately wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head. I fell into a deep sleep with his warmth surrounding me.

This feeling is so blissful!

I woke up and it is almost 7 pm. Woah, well generally I never sleep like this but really I’m feeling so refreshed now. It was much-needed sleep.

Anyways, after shopping, I always feel extra tired by all those changing and stuff. Huh.

I turned around to find his side empty. Where did he go leaving me alone? I frowned, looking around and went downstairs into the living room, searching for him and found him on the call with someone. Again on phone? And why he is looking so serious? I don’t think it’s something related to his work. It seems something else. It feels like he is sternly ordering someone about something. I kept looking at him suspiciously and as soon as his gaze fell on me, he immediately cut the call and strolled towards me.

“Who was it?” I narrowed my eyes at him. He was on the phone when we went shopping too. I found it odd and I’m sure it’s nothing to do with the music producer otherwise he won’t hide that from me like this.

“No one,” he gave me a tight smile. I nodded my head in disbelief, he sucks at lying and he should know about this till now. I decided to ignore him and went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.

“What are you doing, baby girl?” I felt him behind me, trying to pull me close.

“Are you seriously gonna lie to my face?” I asked him angrily and he sighed.

“Fine, promise me you won’t freak out if I tell you the truth,” I’m freaking out already. What would possibly make me a freak? A million things are running in my head and I’m becoming anxious. After so long I started living my life happily, now I don’t want any problem again.

“Just tell me the truth, Sidharth. I won’t be mad,” I looked at him with worry written all over my face.

“Well, I wanted to tell you earlier but I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything. I mind of hiring a PI and bodyguard for you.” He rushed through his words.

“A what?” My mind became blank. What the hell is he talking about? He scratched the back of his head, feeling embarrassed. He is looking so fucking hot. Okay, focus Sana!

“A private investigator to investigate this Raghav guy and a bodyguard for you so that you are safe at all times. But don’t worry, you won’t even know he is there. He is good at his job. He won’t be invading your privacy in any way.” My jaw is on the floor. Is he for real? I can’t believe he did this for me, a girl whom he barely knows for a few months. I can’t believe someone can ever think this much about me. What did I do so good in my life that I’m with him? He literally makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world.

Every time I see him only one thought crosses my mind, do guys like him still exist? I don’t think so. I have the exception I guess. I mean, How can this guy be so selfless? He not for once tried to flaunt his things which he is doing for me, in fact, he always tries to hide them.

He really made my life so dreamy. Every time my heart flattered, seeing his gestures for me. Earlier I used to be sad that why no one in my life ever cared about me, why I had to go through these miseries but after finding him, I found myself as the luckiest girl on this planet. He is a blessing in my life, my treasure, my man and I would be lying if I’ll not say that, this is the most romantic and thoughtful thing anyone has done for me.

“Sidharth… I… I mean… Oh my god.” I can’t able to find words and started to stutter.

“Please don’t freak out. I know how you feel about this but trust me these people work for my dad, they are trusted and good in their job, they won’t even let you know that they are following you or something. I know it’s difficult for you to understand this but trust me, baby girl, I did all this for your safety. I know, I should have asked you before doing anything like this but I didn’t want you to get scared of anything. I didn’t want you to freak out. That day when I saw you so shattered and broken, trust me, baby girl, it really pinched my heart. I felt like someone is stabbing a knife in my heart.” He said, sending goosebumps all over my body with the intensity of his words.

“Trust me, baby girl, I can’t see your tears and I promised myself that I’ll make sure that I’ll not let anything affect your peace, your freedom. I took the vow to fill your life with happiness and will make each and everyone life miserable whoever is responsible for your pain. I’m sorry, baby but I can’t take risks when it’s about your safety. I can’t let anything happen to you when he is out there somewhere. All I want is your safety and happiness. Baby, I want you to live your life like a free bird. I don’t want you to take stress about anything when I’m right beside you. It’s my duty.” He looked at me with so much concern and affection. My heart fluttered when he confessed his feelings so honestly. That is a lot to process and I realised how much effort he put into this. How can someone be so perfect? I felt so overwhelmed with his words that I didn’t even get to know when tears slipped out of my eyes.

“Baby girl, I’m sorry. Please don’t cry.” He said with so much concern that at that moment I knew why what we felt for each other is beyond words because it’s beyond love.

Yes, it’s beyond love!

He is mine. My Mr Perfect. I smiled admits my tears, pulling him closer to me by his collars, making him startled a bit.

“You’re mine, Mr Perfect,” I murmured on his lips and captured it for a soul-searing kiss. I’m so blessed to have him and I don’t want to lose him ever. No matter what, now I won’t let him go out of my life.

I will fight for us. I won’t let anything separate us.

Because… I love him.

Yes, I love him.


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