Desire To Control Her (Part: 75 Revelation)


“I have to go, my sister, Kiara met with the accident.” He told me tensely, putting the phone in his pocket.

“Okay, I’m coming with you.” I jumped down the dining table.

He said concernedly, “Butterfly, you must be tired. You stay here. I’ll give you the update after reaching there.”

In all this, he is still thinking about me! Who won’t fall in love with a person like him?

But I’ll go with him because I know he needs me.

“No, I’m coming with you. I’m fine.” I spoke sternly, hastily putting on my clothes.

“Okay.” He gave me a slight nod after taking a deep breath.

“She’ll be fine,” I reassured him, rubbing his biceps. He just stared at me blankly.

“Let’s go,” I said, clasping his hand after wearing my all clothes.


We reached the hospital in no time.

“She is fine now, Don’t worry. Just her elbow has been fractured.” The doctor told us and we took a sigh of relief.

Thank God, she is fine.

“Could we meet her?” Ethan asked her.

“Of course.” He nodded at her before smiling at me with relief.

Then we stepped into Kiara’s wardroom. She is lying on the bed with her plastered elbow. She is beautiful and has dark brown hair with big hazel eyes.

“I told you to take a driver with you but you never listen to me, you always want to drive yourself.” Ethan chided her, walking to her and she pouted at him sadly.

This man scolds everyone like this! But he also cares for the people to no extent who are important to him.

“Ethan, she has just met with the accident and you’re scolding her. Very bad.” As I said, Kiara narrowed her brows at me bemusedly as she doesn’t know who I’m.

“Kiara, she is my girlfriend, my Butterfly ‘Anna’.” Before I could say something, he introduced me to her sister, making my heart filled with joy.

Wow! He introduced me as his girlfriend, not as his submissive. Brilliant! I’m on cloud nine. I’m feeling like jumping and dancing crazily.

“That’s great! Finally, you have a girlfriend.” Kiara squealed cheerily and Ethan just smiled shyly, rubbing the back of his neck.

Oh my God! Is he blushing? So adorable!

“Hello, Anna.” Kiara greeted me, catching my attention.

“Hi…” I waved at her smilingly.

Suddenly my eyes fell on the curtain and I saw a glimpse of shoes. I’m sure someone is hiding behind it. But who? And why he is hiding?

Now my detective mind became curious to know who is hiding behind the curtain?

I stared at Kiara suspiciously and she looked at me like a scared cat.

“What happened, Anna?” Kaira asked me and it is clearly written on her face that she is worried.

Certainly, there is something fishy which I’ll surely find out.

“Nothing.” I shook my head, again glancing at the curtain dubiously, narrowing my brows.

I strolled to the curtain and suddenly Kiara started coughing, making me more curious.

Ethan hurriedly filled the glass of water for her while the person who was hiding behind the curtain ran out of the window.

Oh god! I want to know who he is or else I’ll go crazy with the suspense.

I pulled the curtain and looked outside through the window and my eyes widened in shock after seeing the person running, hiding his face with his hand.

He is Alex, Ethan’s friend.

“What he was doing here?” I wondered, narrowing my brows bemusedly.

Oh, fuck! Kiara, Ethan’s sister is Alex’s secret submissive!

So finally it is revealed who is Alex’s submissive. This suspense was even more mind-blowing than any movie’s suspense. I’m stunned because it was unexpected for me.

“Butterfly, what are you doing there?” As Ethan called me, I came on the earth back.

I looked at them and saw Kiara, sitting tensely.

I walked to them and then only an aged lady with an aged man stepped into the room. They must be Ethan and Kiara’s parents, I assumed.

“How’s you, Kiara.” That lady asked, hugging her.

“Mom, I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

Ethan uttered, “you both shouldn’t have allowed her to drive.”

“Ethan, stop it. Accident happens sometimes, it doesn’t mean it is always the fault of the person who is driving.” I explained to him while now her parents looked at me confusedly.

“Hello, Uncle Auntie, I’m Ethan’s girlfriend. His Butterfly, Anna.” This time I introduced myself to them merrily.

They both smiled at me warmly.

Auntie said, “Nice to meet you, Anna.”

“Ethan, why you never told about her to us?” Uncle asked Ethan, raising his brows.

“Because he’s an idiot.” I blurted, making everybody laugh while he glared at me.

“Now don’t give me looks. Why didn’t you make me meet them earlier?” I pouted angrily at him.

I smiled with glee as Auntie said, “we’re highly impressed, Anna. Only you have guts to talk to Ethan like this.”

“Ethan, why don’t you bring her for the dinner tomorrow with you?” Uncle asked him and my eyes glinted with happiness.

“Of course, why not?” Ethan answered him, making me smile broadly.

“Thank you for inviting, Uncle, I’ll surely come tomorrow.”

I’m so happy to meet his family. They’re so nice.

“Kiara, why don’t you call your boyfriend also for the dinner.” As I said, her eyes shot open in shock.

“Butterfly, she has no boyfriend,” Ethan uttered with full confidence.

“You’re saying like you know everything.”

“I know my sister. If she had a boyfriend, she would have certainly told me.” As Ethan said, Kiara’s eyelashes moved down in guilt because she is in a secret relationship with his friend and breaking her brother’s trust.

But why she is doing this? Why she is hiding this from him? I’ll talk to Kiara before telling anything to Ethan as I don’t want to create any problem between them.

After sometime

Ethan said, “Mom Dad, you both go and sleep at home. Tonight I’ll stay here with her.”

I reassured them, “yes, I’m also here with him. So don’t worry you both go.”

They nodded before standing up from the sofa and walking to Kiara’s bed.

“Take care, my child.” Auntie kissed her forehead and Uncle caressed her hair lovingly.

My eyes became teary, recalling my parents. They also used to treat me like their princess.

Suddenly Ethan entwined his hand with mine and I looked at him with wet eyes.

He blinked his eyes, assuring me that everything will be fine. I just gave him a small smile, slightly nodding my head.

“We’re going, take care of her,” Auntie said to us.

“Bye Auntie. I’ll meet you tomorrow.” I hugged her, smiling with glee.

“Bye, Uncle.” After pulling apart, I waved at Uncle. He just smiled at me.

“Such a sweet girl you’re, Butterfly.”

“Mom, it is only my right to call her Butterfly,” Ethan said in a stern tone and I just smiled at his possessiveness.

“Okay! okay! I’ll call her Sweetie.”

Aww… she gave me a new nickname. I just smiled at her cheerily.

Then they both left after last time smiling at me.

“I just come after bringing some medicine.” Ethan also went out, leaving Kiara and me alone. So it’s right to ask Kiara about Alex.

“I know who was hiding behind the curtain.” As I uttered, she stared at me in utter shock.

“Please, don’t tell Ethan about him.” She requested, staring at me with pleading eyes.

“But why are you hiding this from him, Kiara?” I asked her.

“Because I’m in the BDSM relationship with his friend and he won’t like it.”

“Why? Why won’t like it when he is also in this relationship?”

“I feel like he will be against it.”

“You’re thinking wrong, Kiara. You should tell him. He trusts you so much.” I tried to explain her.

“I know but I’m scared to tell him about Alex. I’m afraid that how he’ll react.”

“Don’t worry. He’ll be angry but he’ll certainly understand you.” I reassured her.

“Okay, I’ll tell him but I need some time.”

I freaked out. “What? You still need time! How will I hide such a big truth from him, Kiara? It’s so difficult for a chatterbox like me to keep her mouth shut. I can’t hide this from him. Tell him now or else I’ll tell him.”

“Please, Anna, try to understand. It isn’t so easy. Please, give me a few days.” She implored and now I became thoughtful.

I can’t hide this from Ethan. He deserves to know this. But what to do, Kiara needs time? I don’t want to create a misunderstanding between them by telling him about them.

And It is also one of the rules of our relationship to tell him everything no matter what. I can’t hide this from him. What if he comes to know, he’ll be so angry.

What I should do, God?

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